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February 7 2008
Mr. Bach,

As a college student, a daily coffee fix seemed like something that was just part of the routine. My friends and I would go to Starbucks or the local coffee joints on an almost daily basis, and I confess that I would spend around four dollars each time for my favorite iced coffee concoction. However, after using the Latte Factor calculator, I realized just how much I was spending!

After finishing my undergraduate studies, I plan to attend medical school, which is by no means an inexpensive proposition. By investing the money I spend on coffee (according to the calculator), in five years I can have an extra $5855 to put towards my tuition. Once this fact was made apparent, I went to my local grocery and bought my OWN coffee and flavored syrup (which, by the way, costs about as much as two coffees at Starbucks, and makes many times more).

Now that I make my own coffee, I can't imagine paying for each cup anymore. Plus, I know that it will always be made PERFECTLY; that, plus the savings on gas and paper waste makes it the obvious choice for the money-minded student or consumer.

Thank you for saving me from some future student loan debt! Your article opened my eyes.

Best Regards,

- Alicia Fuhrman
Waco, TX