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July 7 2009
Dear David,

Thank You.

My name is Kim Aswani, I am from India. I saw your show with Oprah a few years ago, That night I could not sleep. I thought to myself, I want to be Rich. So I took the next day off from work, went to my local bookshop and bought your Automatic Millionaire. I packed up some Lunch and rode down to a local park and sat myself down and started to read, I\'m not a fast reader and I also wanted to get to understand everything you said in those few minutes that I saw on TV. I started at about 11:30 AM, I was through by about 3:00 PM, I read a few pages a couple of times. When I reached home, I spoke to my wife, as she tried calling me at office. She was worried. I just told her that I have read something that is going to make us rich.
She was not at all interested, she is the old fashioned type who only works for her money and does not even try to believe that one can get rich any other way.
Anyway that weekend, I took her back to the Park and made her read your book, She had a smile on her face that told me that we were going to get to where we want to be soon.
We had about $18,000 in debt, not only credit card debt but personal debt too, now I must tell you in India, thats a lot.
We set your principles in motion, I can go on for pages, to get to the point, I fast Forward 4 years.

Today I have NO Credit Card Debt, I dont use any credit cards anymore, I pay only with Cash, or I dont Buy, No Personal Loan, I bought my own house with very little down payment,and I have only about $14,000 in Mortgage to pay in the next 6 years, but the best part is my house today is worth over $165,000. Thanks to the Boom in the Property market in Bangalore, India.

We have moved to Dubai, UAE. We are very happy and have got great Jobs, we live very comfortable lives, I have now got Insurance coverage both Medical & Life for myself, my wife and daughter who is almost 15 years.

We pay ourselves first, by saving 5 days of our monthly salary every month towards our retirement plan, even though we have 100 times more than we expected, we still save so that when we do retire maybe 10 years from now, we both want to tour the world and enjoy every minute as we have earned it.
Both my wife and me are ONLY 40 Years Old.
I have to say before I thank you again David, I would like to thank God, for bringing you into our lives, with just One Book, who in turn has fulfilled every dream that we both had in such a short span of time, which would have never happened if we had continued without any direction, which we got from your book. We worked hard at every aspect and cut corners at every step to get where we are today.

We remember you and mention your name as if you are family to all our friends everytime they ask us, how come we are always happy and content with life. I also have helped a few of my friends with your plan and they are thankful to me and I am to you.

To end it David, we pay back 1 Percent of My Monthly Salary to my Local Temple as Donation. We are God Fearing people. Without his Will Nothing can be done.

Thank You David. God Bless You and Your Family.


Kim, Jitu & Aarpita Aswani.

- Kim Aswani