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July 7 2009
I just wanted to write and tell you how your books have changed my life. I am a 26 yr old single mom of 2. I love your book the, Automatic Millionaire. I find that it helps to have everything set up automatically. I have direct deposit. I have set up all my bills to be paid automatically. Right now, I have all my bills charged to one credit card every month. I do this because I earn rewards points. These rewards points will be redeemed for gift certificates towards clothing for back to school shopping in August. My bill is always paid in full every month. I have also had my employer set up an automatic deduction every pay period to send money to my savings at my credit union. At my credit union, I have set up about 9 savings accounts. Each one is for something different like: emergency fund, vacation fund, school shopping, summer camp, holiday, car fund, house fund, my personal fund, and birthday fund. I decided on how much I need every year for those goals, and I allocate $25-$50 a month towards each thing. It is empowering. I feel more in control. I plan to buy my first home early 2009. I plan on taking trips with my kids because of my savings. Saving automatic has saved my life. Without it, I probably wouldn\'t have saved at all. I feel better in the midst of these tough economic times. I just want to add that I have been able to save a lot more because I have gone through my budget line by line and cut out all the excessive spending. I pack our lunches everyday and I cook dinner every night. I use gift cards from my rewards points to go to the movies. Life is great.

~Jackie Morris
Montgomery Village, MD

- Jackie Morris