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March 11 2009
Just wanted to share with you a couple of thoughts:
I am just starting the coaching program (finishrich coaching) next week. Our orientation call is on Monday and I just finished reading FFYM.
I just hung up with my cable and phone providers and because of your book:
--I am now saving $25 per month on home phone,
--changed plans on cellular and saved at least $30 per month just on the monthly portion, also got unlimited texting in the plan which I was paying about $20 a month for text over usage.
--The cable company cut my rate by 50% at $49 a month for six months then $20 a month cheaper after that without cutting service at all. We do like our HBO.
Total yearly savings are at least $1320

While I am very glad to be saving I feel like an idiot for allowing it to go own in the past. THe good with the bad you know.

The book also helped me update our wills, verify social security earnings, spend all of our gift cards, roll over an old employer\'s 401k to my fidelity account, and validated my buying my car that is two years old, lease trade in for 50% off the new car price (Cadillac DTS for $27,000) (this was a few years ago and I have preaching the practice to everyone)

All from reading your book the last couple of days. I would read it and then go to the computer, read some then to the computer. My wife thought I was nuts until I showed her the work I was doing. She still thinks it but not due to this behavior.

This really explains people dislike \"the system\". Banks, credit cards and just big business in general are all inherently bad and need to be regulated. As a small business owner I was more of the less regulation the better in the past but....

I really look forward to the coaching sessions and just wanted to thank you for helping us and many others.
Tom and Wanda Kennedy

- Tom Kennedy