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November 23 2011
Well I wish I had a Great start to my Story. But Unfortunately everything is not going as planned in the past year. It's Okay. Obstacles are opportunities, and that's how I will continue to look at things until I notice God working for me which I plan on working for him* I was hanging out with the wrong "friends" and found myself in trouble twice too many times. I actually read your book while I was in CCNO jail serving some time. I truly Thank God I did not hurt anyone. While in there I read your book, before I went in I had started my business plan I was attending college for Business Management, to be an enterperneaur and I waitress Full-time. My goal and Dream "Living or Existing" is my business plan which will help people be healthy and happy and I cannot wait to get it started. So, when I saw your book I knew it was a must read! I really liked the Latte Factor. I never really considered all the little things I had been spending my money on, money which I could start saving. Also, how you mentioned if your not owning a home then your paying the land lord money that could be going towards my future! Also with the helpful self- employed tips that A can consider once I get my business rolling. I took a bunch of notes from your book " The Automatic Millionaire". Unfortunately, the day I was getting out my Dad Passed away and that was truly heartbreaking to me. But also very expensive. I will not let this hold me down though as soon as I get back on my feet and continue taking care of business I plan on applying many of the smart ideas you had in your book to my daily life and I cannot wait to see the changes for a better.... Thank you again for taking time out to write a book that will help anyone if they just take the time to accept the knowledge and read it. :) God Bless you* Alexia

- Alexia J