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May 31 2012
Dear David.

I have read all your books and they really haved changed my life. I'm 32 and was spending about $30,000.00 per year on eating out and coffee trips to Starbucks. After reading The Automatic Millionaire I have totally cut this out of my life.

I opened a Roth IRA for both myself and my wife and we are putting $400 a month into it. I also raised our 401k's to 12% and to my surprise my actually pay didn't go down as much as I thought.

Also we are in the process of being homeowners. Because of the Latte Factor we have been able to save about $50,000 for a down payment on a home. We plan to buy in about 6 short months.

Your books and knowledge have totally changed my life. Without your books and your knowledge I would be on the same path to nowhere. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because of you I'm on the way to becoming the next automatic millionaire.

I think it would be awesome if you wrote a book for kids. I have two cousins that are graduating high school next month. I'm planning on sharing what I have learned with them. How cool would it be to have a book on how kids can get started investing.

Many blessings.

Glenn Templeton
Seattle, Wa.

- Glenn Templeton