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May 31 2012
Dear David,

As I finish CD 9 I am thrilled to let you know how you have changed our life.

We changed our Mortgage to a line of credit 3 years ago. BIG no, HUGE mistake. Talk about Budget not working, discipline not working. Yikes.

We make 18,000$/month gross. Really good money. Get this. We didnít think we had enough money to pay ourselves first because of Credit Card debt we wanted to pay off, payments we took on, the expense of raising 3 kids. All the wrong reasons.

So, thank you. We have renegotiated our Mortgage, to a traditional mortgage, 25 years accelerated. We are paying 5% to RRSPís, 5% to Credit Card debt and 5% to our TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account).

It's funny, all the principles you talked about we already knew. I have seen you on TV and I guess we had to get our heads out the sand. Thanks so much for giving us the kick we needed.

You are an angel.

Tenniel Bacon
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

- Tenniel Bacon

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