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March 25 2005
Mr. Bach,
This is a copy of the e-mail I sent Oprah Winfrey. I send my thanks to you as well for making it possible for us to achieve this dream:

Today my husband and I took the biggest leap toward making our own 'Wildest Dream' come true, and we have you to thank for it!

Last May I caught the last 15 minutes of your program featuring David Bach. I donít think it was just a coincidence that I happened to turn on your show that day. As I watched Mr. Bach the light turned on. I caught the vision of what he was saying and it inspired me.

That night my husband and I made a plan to cut out anything that wasn't critical.

"I can do anything for a year!" I told him. Reading Mr. Bachís books got us going and helped us through some of the harder months. We've used his model to create our new financial plan.

It has been exciting to see the numbers go down as we keep making course corrections and rededicating ourselves- our motto has been, "Donít trade what you reallywant for what you think you want now."

We've been able to meet our goal 3 months AHEAD of schedule! My husband likes to tease me and say, "Iíve been trying to get you to do this kind of thing for 12 years and all you had to do was listen to Oprah for 15 minutes???" Working together to achieve this goal has brought so much joy and serenity into our marriage. There's hope
now where there wasn't any, there are possiblities where there was only frustration. Now not only will we be able to enjoy life a little fuller, we will also 'FinishRich' and make that WILD DREAM of being completely debt free come true!

Thank you for letting me share my 'success story' with you. We have become yet another family among the thousands who have been helped by YOU and your show. You reach out so generously to so many people. We are thankful to be among them."

- Laura Smith