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August 2 2007
Thank you so much for your fabulous books. I've read the Automatic Millionaire Homeowner, Start Late Finish Rich, and the Automatic Millionaire Couples workbook all in the last 6 months. Since then I've loaned them all to friends and family. Although we are not 100% where we want to be, my husband and I are making huge progress towards our goals. We even (finally) updated our will.

Our biggest "latte factor" has always been food. Since reading your books, I have committed to cooking at home at least 6 nights per week. My husband has started taking his lunch to work every day and I have stopped my frequent McDonalds trips with the kids. I've also started using nap times to compare prices in the weekly fliers, so my grocery bill has gone down! That was an extra $500/month!! We have been using that money to fast track our emergency savings. We have just hit our 3 month cushion.

I've also been looking for an "out of the box" way to bring in extra money (per Start Late). I found out today that by working even part time at my son's preschool, I can get free tuition for my kids. Once my daughter is old enough to start (in January) I'll be applying for a position. That would enable me to make money and save money at the same time.

You have really inspired me to start looking at everything I do with my money, and recognizing that each choice I make today can really influence my tomorrows. Thank you so much for opening my eyes!

- Angela Harper
Vail, AZ

August 2 2007
Dear Mr. Bach, I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for all of your financial guidance in your various books. I have read three of your books thus far and adopted the procedures recommended therein much to the benefit of my family's financial well being. So thanks again for taking the time to share your wisdom. Continued success in both your personal and professional endeavors.

- Joshua Girton

July 26 2007
I would like to start out by saying that I LOVE all of your books. I first read "Smart Women Finish Rich" as a recommendation from my best friend who thoroughly enjoyed this book herself. I moved on to "Smart Couples Finish Rich" and am almost done with "The Automatic Millionaire".
Mr. Bach, your book is the FIRST financial book that I could not put down. I usually read through a couple of chapters of other economical books and get lost in the terminology. I work as a head teller for a local east coast bank and never quite understood some of the products that institutions offer until I read about them in your books.
"The Latte Factor" has really helped me in reducing the amount of money I spend on "small things". I have always been a saver. I started working at the age of 15 and always saved at least half of my paychecks. I had no bills and was able to save $25,000.00 in savings accounts and certificates of deposit. At the age of barely 22 I bought my very own townhouse. Now four years later it has almost tripled in value and I cannot believe how much equity I have!
I try to motivate others into saving their money. Most of the reactions I get are the same as you talk about in your books. "I don't make enough money to be able to invest." etc.
I read to them the section on your "Latte Factor" and most of the time you can see the light bulb go off. It's as if people don't want to even think about their finances because it causes them so much stress.
I want you to know that I am out here in the real world "singing your praises" and doing my best to share my experiences with everyone I can.
Thank you for letting me share my story with you. I hope to hear from you soon!
Thanks again!

- Erin Kelly
Baltimore, MD

July 20 2007
Success is sometimes measured in small steps. I just started listening to your books on Audio at work. I am a pretty frugal person; I don’t eat out or smoke or make un-necessary purchases. I buy my clothes at Resale stores and clip coupons and price check every thing. After hearing the first chapter of your book I was afraid that I found another book with great advice for every one but me.

When you started talking about cutting unnecessary expenses I thought “this is just another dead end” but I kept listening. The Double Latte factor was the answer for me. My husband and kids would never speak to me again if I got rid of the Cable all together, so I called and spoke with the Cable Company and told them that I needed to cut my cost by loosing some of the extra movie channels and extra stuff. The representative tried the old “but it is only going to save you $6 a month to cut these items”. I got pretty up set and told her to just turn off the whole thing, (I would face the wrath of my family when I got home) When the representative saw how upset I was, and that I was going to cut it off completely, she changed her tune. She said “let me look at some things and see what I can do to try to save you a little money”. She said that she could cut my bill from $89.00 a month to $65.00 a month by giving me an “In house discount”. I said “can you do that” she said “sure, we do it all the time” The discount of nearly $25.00 will be for 1year saving me $300.00.

Tomorrow I am calling my Cell Phone Company to see what I can cut there.

I can’t thank you enough for giving me hope

Best Regards,
Future Millionaire Homeowner

- Carey Taylor

July 19 2007
It has been about 1 and 1/2 years since my wife and I first listened to you. Since then, we have paid off nearly...$17,000 in credit card debt as well as paid for our own wedding (nearly $11,000). We have purchased our first home together and currently contribute about 12% of our salary to retirement. We are building our emergency fund at current. As we returned from a recent vacation, we laughed at how stupid we had been. A year from now, we will have over $12,000 in retirement savings and over $5,000 (I'm 27 and she's 25). Thanks for helping us take the steps necessary to become financially secure!

Jamie and Sarah
Blacksburg, Va

- James Garst
Blacksburg, VA

July 19 2007
I was able to get 1 of my 3 credit cards interest rate cut in half from 29% to 15%. I also got the other card with 2 months interest free. I had a late fee taken off as well. I have always paid more than the minimum. I have paid one card off entirely! I used your DOLP system to accomplish this. I found my latte factor and I was renting, but am now seeking to purchase a home. Thanks a million!!! I have been a tither for some time also.

- jessica demby
Jackson, MS

July 17 2007
I bought your book, The Automatic Millionaire today and just finished reading it. I am feeling such a sense of control and relief now! My husband and I have credit card debt and I've been feeling like I was drowning!

We used to have a very different financial situation. Then, through a series of job changes and layoffs, our savings dwindled, and finally evaporated. We began to supplement our income with credit cards. We have a 14-year-old son with Muscular Dystrophy and the expenses associated with that condition add up. We also have 3 daughters and college expenses to worry about. I am a former bank officer and I am ashamed that I haven't managed our money better. Neither my husband nor I are financially disciplined. We've tried elaborate budgets before and we've tracked things on Quicken, but nothing ever stuck. We did cut up our credit cards and closed our retail store credit accounts.

Your book is the first financial resource I've ever read from cover to cover. Your recommendations are so practical and easy to follow. I really feel that we will be able to dig our way out of this mess. My husband is 52-years-old and I am 42. I have been so worried about retirement....I so wish that we had implemented these steps years ago. I am going to order copies of your book for our three daughters...I cannot imagine a more valuable gift to them than to have these tools now, while they are in their 20's. Thank you so much for writing a valuable, potentially life-changing book!!

- Tracie 

July 11 2007
I'm a single parent and have been since high school. When it came to the simple facts about spending money I was lost. While growing up my mom was a single parent too, so she never had savings and she couldn't even think of a Dream Home. When my son turned about four I thought I was going in the same direction. I was tired of the same hampster wheel and no energy to keep going. That winter I bought your book "The Finish Rich workbook". And it has been a Dream ever since! I have changed everything! I have cleared up my credit, started a budget,Roth Ira, and even a savings plan for My Dreams. I cant begin to thank you for your sharp wisdom! I have made a plan, and it feels GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom! My son is nine now and everything that I have learned I am teaching him! the "latte factor" is a great place for him to start! (junk Candy everytime we go to the store!)

Thanks again,

P.S. I bought my family your book and a blank "Dreams List" attached, for Christmas!!!!!!!

- Heather Shipe
Phoenix, AZ

July 11 2007
It's been 1 year since I was bit by The Automatic Millionaire bug. Prior to reading TAM, I had read several other money books and was inspired to get out of debt. I was in the midst of paying off about $5,000 in old credit card and other debts when I began to read TAM. It hit me that, being in my thirties, I could no longer wait to really get going with my retirment. So, I started by having 9% of my pay deposited in my 401K. Well, one year later and I now have $5,000 towards retirement, and that $5,000 in debt is gone by starting a side business! But that is just phase 1 on my road to getting debt free and getting to my million dollar net worth. Next, the car note, and finally $30,000 in student loans. I am going to continue to take the extra income to pay down debt while still contributing to the 401K, steadily decreasing my negative net worth. TAM was the kick in the tail I needed to start paying myself first. David's no nonsense advice is on point! I cut out many things to achieve my debt paydown and to be able to contribute to my retirement. People think your crazy when you cut off the cable, brown bag your lunch, and live within your means! But I've learned that no one is coming to save you...and you must stop the digging and simply do not create more debt while you're in the paydown mode. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I won't stop until I am completely debt free and paying myself first the maximum...which is what I really want! I can't wait until David's new book, Start Young, Finish Rich comes out...I will be giving it to younger family members so that they will learn these principles at a very age. If I only knew then what I know now...but that is okay...I'm still claiming my millions...I still have time!

- Tee Phillips
Stratford, NJ

July 5 2007
I started reading and using your advice from Oprah's debt diet. I can't believe that you have helped me become debt free! We haved saved so much money- my husband and I have such a different life because of you. Every day our finances increase. If you would have told me that just signing up on your web and taking a few key suggestions would have allowed us to have a dream life, I wouldn't have believed you. Believe me when I say a most gracious thank-you!

- Deborah Turk
Venice, CA

July 3 2007
I started reading your book Start Late Finish Rich book 2 weeks ago. I reached the Latte Factor section and read through it and said "oh this is not for me" so I disregarded it for a few days. However, that week each penny I spent on breakfast, lunch and snacks outside I kept the receipts because I was noticing my checking account was always overdrawn. This week I did my latte factor to discover I spend an average of $23.98 on food a day. OMG I could not believe it that is $469.00 a month that I could be saving. I calculated that in 20 years I could save $115,104. It is not that I can not make food at home- I already have the groceries at home just never put in the time to bag my lunch. After using the calculator I have been bringing my breakfast and lunch to work and have encouraged my partner too. We are going to put the money in a bank account and begin an account for our 8 month old son dedicating $25 a week. Thank you!!!

- Jori Quintana
Brooklyn, NY

July 3 2007
In 1996, my wife and I started out together with $50k in student loan debt and another $19k in credit card debt. We were in awful shape. Now, at ages 40 and 36 with two kids (5 & 7), we have:

**$0 credit card debt (but use a Rewards Visa for everything...saving or investing the rewards checks);
**over $380k in savings ($25k in an emergency cash account earning over 5%) and 401k/403b/taxable investment accounts (355k);
** $1.1 million each in life insurance ($500k each VUL (which we hold now for estate planning flexibility); $600k each term);
** Combined $22k in 529 plans for our kids which are linked to UPromise for additional, "no-brainer" contributions.
** $95k in home equity;

We paid off my high interest (9%) student loan and are paying on my wife’s down which is at about 4%. We have been able to max out our 401k/403b accounts as well as fully fund Roth’s and save $700/pay check in HSBC’s online savings account (5.05%). Over the past two years we bought 2 hybrid cars to replace our old ones and benefited from federal and state tax credits.

Our secret has been simple: we read your book and others and we pay ourselves first, and don’t carry credit card debt.

Contrary to others who may comment that ideas like the Latte Factor and paying yourself first are quaint or won't work for most, we say NONSENSE! We really enjoy our life – we eat out, go to movies, and travel…we’re just preparing for a nice retirement as well.

I’d be happy to share the rest of our story. Believe me, if we can turn it around, so can anyone else. Thanks, David!

- Peter Vint

July 3 2007
Hi David,
In May of 2006 a good friend of mine that worked for Wells fargo gave me your book The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner! I first have to tell you a bit of my background- in the past 5 yrs I have had a car repossessed by the bank a foreclosure of my home and my husband had a levy on our bank accounts because of back child support. So if anyone reading this thinks this only works for people with good credit and money think again. I have to say, I read the book in 2 days sat with my husband to figure out our latte factor. We cut down our AOL, coffee and bottled water and saved $161.00 a month. I was so pumped with your book with out having money or credit began looking for a mortgage approval and a home. 2 months later David I was moving in to my new house!!
Here I am 1 yr later reading the book again just ordered the Automatic millionaire book looking for more latte factors and hoping to go to Boston in December to the Annex Learning Expo!!! David may the Lord continue to bless you thank you for all the info that you have available to us at no cost.

- Amarilys Rivera
Southbridge, MA

June 25 2007
I just wanted to let you know that I usually skim through books but I found yours at the local library and could not put it down. Your book is the FIRST book in at least 10 years that I have read in ONE sitting. I can wait to put all the information to use. I will definitely buy it and give it as gifts for family and friends. Thank you for inspiring me to live beyond what money can buy, security and peace of mind. God bless!

- Ana Stallings
Chesterfield, VA

June 25 2007
I'm a 19 year old college sophomore and I first saw you on Oprah a couple years ago. I asked for "Smart Women Finish Rich" and "1001 Financial Words You Need to Know" as a couple of my high school graduation gifts from my parents. They were pretty surprised because most 17 year olds don't ask for those kinds of gifts! :D I read both and became OBSESSED with planning my future and Finance in general. I decided to declare Finance as my major in college. Without all the starting knowledge you gave me from Oprah or your books I wouldn't have been able to discover my future career goals so quickly! I currently work as a part-time teller for a national bank and become more and more educated on finances everyday! I absolutely love it! With this job comes MANY great benefits such as tuition reimbursement, 401(k) plan, great pay and AMAZING hours! ;) This upcoming year, I'm proud to say I've saved enough money to NOT have to take out ANY student loans. I have multiple savings accounts, direct deposits, and a great understanding of how to use a credit card to build a good credit score for future loans.
Everything I've learned from you has snowballed into becoming a large portion of my life! I even give my parents financial advise!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read more of your books in the future! :)

- Erin Dostert

June 18 2007
You book was the shell-breaking breakthrough that I needed. Since reading both Automatic Millioaire and Automatic Millionaire Homeowner, I now live and will continue to live an "automaitic lifestyle".

My pre-tax 401K contribution is maxed out, I've automated transfers into 2 Roth IRAs that I have been successfully managing for the past 8 months. Every bill that I have that is fixed each month is paid automatically. I'm not disciplined, I'm automated!

Also, I have instituted a bi-monthly mortgage payment on my condo as well as paying a little extra each month (found a little latte money running around).

You have encouraged me and my NEW business patner to educate ourselves in the area of wealth building.

I podcast your daily FinishRich Minute and can't wait to hear what I will learn/reinforce through your audio casts.

I honestly see the world differently now and a great deal of credit goes to you!

Thanks for all you do. I look forward to shaking your hand at a seminar in 2008!

- Michael Fleet
Riverside, CA

June 18 2007
I've only been reading your book for a day. It's an easy read, yet packed with great ideas and action steps. You said if you're a day late on a credit card payment, the credit card companies often charge $39 and you loose that great introductory rate. That just happened to me. But you also said, if you call them, they almost always waive the fee. So ... I called them! Just like you said to do, I explained that I am very good about paying my bills on time (and I am), and would they consider waiving the $39 late fee. The woman at the other end stated that they "want to exceed my expectations" and not only waived the $39 late fee, but also reinstated my interest rate of .99%. That one 8 minute phone call saved me $157.80 in late fees and annual interest charges. It's not a million dollars (yet), but it all adds up.

Thank you!

- John Fonte
Richmond, VA

June 18 2007
We discovered your book after deciding we needed changes..if we were ever going to retire.

Short story, already may and we have both IRS's maxed for this year and last, plus we are in the process of securing another duplex(today), to cushion our retirement and hopefully educate our children that money can work for you!

We've also contacted credit cards, phone companies, insurance companies and the like, and have either reduced or eliminated to all of them. Again, putting more money into our retirements and perhpas additional rental properties!

Thanks So Much!!!

- Gregg and Linda Thompson
Sauk Rapids, MN

June 18 2007
David: I just got your book in my hands and couldn't put it down anymore. You should have your own TV shown. Since the age of 23 until now, and I am 42, I work hard like crazy, and could never have savings. Today, I have 12 dollars in my savings. Your book turned my life upside down. I am now opening an IRA, and will buy my first house before the end of the year. Now I have a concrete plan thanks to you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

- Eden Cisse
College Park, MD

May 30 2007
Dear David,

May 30, 2007

I'm 42 years old and currently deployed to Iraq as a civilian contractor, supporting the armed forces in "Operation Iraqi Freedom". I had just started reading your book ("Start Late, Finish Rich") when I decided that I'd better read "The Automatic Millionaire" first so that I didn't miss anything. So, I ordered it and went through it within a fews days of its arrival. Being here in Iraq, my first thought was that I didn't have a latte factor because I eat, live and sleep within a small military camp that is enclosed within several layers of security guarded fences and gates. The only time we leave the gate is when we get to take our 10 days R&R (every 120 days). Because the military provides meals, snacks, housing etc., there is hardly any opportunity to go out and spend money. After reading th entire book, I realized that I really do have a latte factor. I began to go through my bank statements that showed my $47.99 charges each month for Netflix (movies), my cell phone bill that averaged $129.99 for the service for 5 lines alone, my gevalia coffee subscription that has grown to $75 monthly (with all the teas, special coffee, seasonal coffee, etc.). I immediately decided to reduce my Netflix subscription, decrease my cell phone plan, and discontinue my coffee subscription. The math looks this:

NETFLIX - was $47.99 monthly, now $4.99 monthly = savings of $43 monthly or $516 yearly
TMOBILE - was $139.99 monthly, now $79.99 monthly = savings of $60 monthly or $720 yearly
GEVALIA - was $75 monthly, now $25 monthly = savings of $50 monthly or $600 yearly.
That's a total savings of $1836 yearly. I've opened a Mutual Fund/IRA account, purchased some savings bonds, purchased a money market account, and automated everything. Once I mobilize back to the US, I'll be working in the corporate office where I will have the opportunity to take advantage of the company 401K plan (you'd better believe I will max it out).

Thank you so much David. I would have never dreamed it possible to become a millionaire. Once I saw it in black and white, I went from possibility to probability.....and now it is a reality. I'm so excited.

- Stephanie Fluellen
Katy, TX

May 30 2007
Dear Mr. Bach, I am now in the process of re-reading your amazing book: "The Automatic Millionaire" and I am seeing the changes that I have made in my life after having read your book initially in 2005.

I was a college student at a local Community college here, and I wasn't sure about my future and I wasn't very driven toward any particular goals until I read this book. I was given the awesome opportunity to start with a company immediately after High School, and I worked with them part-time through college, and after I had completed my education, I then decided to enroll in the 401K program with their company.
That was in July of 2005.

It is now May, 2007 and I have over $5,000.00 in that 401K and I had only applied 6% of my bi-weekly income into the account with a 50% employer match.

It is amazing that just having made the decision to "Pay myself first" has made such a difference in my life.

Also- I am 21 years old, and I have owned my own home for a year now. I got approved through a first-time homebuyer's program with a 5.125%Interest rate, and I have to say that I got the strength to do it after reading your book.
I have to credit my Macro-Economics professor for recommending the book to me initially, and I just wanted to share with you and your readers what a mark your words have made on my life.


Proud Homeowner

- Ashley Oltman
Manor, TX

May 21 2007
Dear David,

Like most success story entries, mine of course starts with reading your book, "Smart Couples Finish Rich". It was recommended to me by a co-worker over a year ago...I'll try to be brief with how it has changed the lives of my family.

First and foremost, the constant advice throughout the book regarding taking full advantage of your companies 401(k)program has been the most glaring change. My wife and I were doing what most couples probably do...put in about 4% to 6% and think you're doing okay. In reality, it is "okay", but we went from putting in about $300 of our income per month to over $730 in less than a year. Each of our accounts are averaging over an 11.5% yearly rate of return!

At this rate (ages 33 & 31), we are on pace to retire as millionaires!

The other notable from your book is the fact that you encourage the reader to write the goals, values, etc. down on a piece of paper. By doing this, I jotted down one particular goal that I knew my wife would look at me as if I was out of my mind (and she did by the way). The goal was to buy a nicer, newer (bigger) home for my family.

I did finally convince her that it was the right thing to do for our family, but we couldn't find any homes in our small town (15,000 pop.), so we took the necessary steps to buy a lot and are now planning on building a new home next March (2008). This never would have been possible if I didn't buy your book and read it and take your request of course.

I now find myself constantly giving you and your book credit for opening up our eyes to what is attainable. It might be driving others crazy, but what can I say...I'm awfully proud at where we stand financially now and in the future.

- Matt Rader
Canton, IL

May 18 2007
My husband and I met in 1997 married two years later in Sept 1999, and are a combined family of 3 children who were 3,4 & 5 at the time we met. Since that time we knew that we needed to buy a home and start building equity. We saw what our family members were doing and wanted to be the same way. It was not until early 2002 that we were able to find something affordable and the loan made sense. We had to move almost an hour away from the big city of Sacramento and commute back in for our jobs. The only thing in Sacramento that fit our budgets was over 20 years old and needed more work than the loan or our pocket books could afford. My husband does outside sales and while out driving in Yuba City came upon a small sign posted to a telephone pole by one of the local builders. 1st phase now released it said. He called me immediately after making a phone call to the builder and said.... Are you ready to move??? After asking my questions and getting comfortable, said yes. We put $11K down on a $175K loan, purchased a 4/3 1723sq ft home on .08ac, and closed in Jan 03. 2years and 3 months later we sold for $349K and are now onto our next home. We took some equity out of our 1st home to begin with because we had a dream of owning land 5 ac or more. We found a piece and were ready to go but still not deep pockets and not really 100% sure but kept telling ourselves that the long term results would out weigh our odds. The equity we took out was to cover the 20% they want down on the land loan. We paid 3 mortgage payments for 6 months until we could make the move. We purchased a camping pull trailer, put the house up for sale (sold in 2 days at that time), secured a construction loan to build, and moved the 3 kids, 2 dogs, and cat, onto a vacant land lot and camped for 1 year while building our dream. We commuted together everyday to work to save gas and while he drove I was on the phone with subcontractors and scheduling for the next day. The laundry was put into plastic bags and we would have "Laundry Saturdays" at the laundry mat in town. There was a water hose hooked up to the neighbors, as well as a 220v power cord so we did not have to run the generator all the time. My husband is 6'4" and it was extremely difficult for him to function is the small trailer. Then on top of that trying to have an adult personal life when your kids are sleeping right next to you. We both had to try and keep our professional careers and the clothes were hung with care all over the trailer on those exceptionally useful removeable hooks. We have been in our new home for almost a year now and love it. We are still ahead of the curve even though real estate has fallen by about 25% in our area. Our son will graduate high school in 2 years, daughter in 4 years, and other daughter in 5 years. We anticipate that at that time or before we will be ready to sell again and do what it says in the book. Invest back into Real estate, and buy one or two rentals, depending on the amount rec\'d from selling. We grew to love real estate so much that I went through school and became an agent. I have been growning my business for a year now and everyone questioned why would I make a move in a down market. I simply said I believe most agents never learned to really work over the last 5+ years and I was going to build my business by learning to do it while things were normal and not jump in like most did when it was booming and just fly by the seat of their pants. My husband is currently studying but will probably not make a move for a while considering he is and has been the back bone to me builing up my business. I LOVE Real Estate, did I say LOVE, I'm infatuated! Thanks David,for allowing me to find another tool! Your book is great and I still haven't finished it yet. There are all sorts of underlined and highlighted parts I am going to share with my clients, family and co-workers.

- Michelle Haney
Marysville, CA

May 15 2007
Hello all
I am 33 this year and just started getting interested in personal finance, investments and savings. Read the Start Late Finish Rich book and its been awesomely inspiring.

I relooked into all my Lattes and cut the following:
1. restructured my life insurance policies to term policies - that saved be $2k plus per annum
2. Cut out the maid cleaning service
3. Ate at home more often
4. Put away in savings any salary increments that came along; i.e dont allow your expenses to expand with your monthly wage.

Thanks very much David!

- Michele Chen

May 11 2007
I am very excited to share my story with you. It was exactly one year ago that my husband and I read “The Automatic Millionaire”. We had been through a series of difficult financial events in our family. We both work full-time and were working long hours and had little or no savings. We had lost hope for our future and felt that there was no way we were going to ever be able to recover. After reading your book (which we did over 2 days – we could not put it down!), we were truly inspired to make some financial adjustments in our life and set new goals for our family.

We were amazed by how easy it was to increase our 401(k) contributions and start an automatic savings plan. The actual difference in our paychecks was barely noticeable, and after we cut out a couple of unnecessary expenses, we actually had more spendable income than before! I am proud to say that one year later, we have managed to save over 15% of our income into our 401(k) accounts, have no credit card debt, and we are moving into a brand new home. I have been blessed with a new job with over a 30% increase in income, and we have received stock grants from our employers as well. But the greatest gift we have received has been our ability to donate more to charity and help the children at St. Jude Hospital. We have found a greater purpose in our lives, and we truly feel that we have been blessed in return tenfold.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all of your advice. Your books “Smart Couples Finish Rich” and “The Automatic Millionaire” empowered us to change our lives. You have made finances interesting and much easier to understand! We know now that there is nothing that we cannot accomplish, and we look eagerly to growing our wealth and building a strong future together.

- Shelly Williams
Houston, TX

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