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May 11 2007
Dear Mr. Bach,

My story is one of many you published in your book, "The Automatic Millionaire Workbook". To update you, I've used what you teach as my financial guide ever since I've read "The Automatic Millionaire". I don't look back very often, but I'll give you a quick glimpse into my current situation. It amazes even me how far I'm going.

Your book made me realize I could actually buy a house on my current income. Well, I have my own house now! I bought it in December 2005. I used just very bit of info you teach in order to do it, and it worked. I'm now planning to pay off my mortgage early, just like you teach. Owning a house is, as you say, the biggest investment most people make. Also, the home is a person's "castle", protecting him from the world.

I contribute the most possible into my 401(k). I can't believe how fast money is accumulating, and I'm only 27! I already saved over 6 mo. worth of Emergency Funds in a high-yield savings account, also. I have you to thank for this. Your practical teachings really work.

All my debts are set on automatic payments, meaning no checks to write. What a relief! No one likes writing checks, and now I don't think about payments; the computers are doing the work.

Now, I'm working extra and saving all the extra money into savings and into my new venture, a real estate investing company, one where I will rent out houses to families. I've read several books by other financial experts, and Mr. Bach, you ARE the expert.

- Blair Mahoney
Cleveland, OH

May 11 2007

Here is my real life story - In 1985 I was hired by a large automotive firm fresh out of college. The HR person doing the hiring gave me 401K paperwork to fill out. I told him that I wasn't making enough money to save for retirement - I was just out of college!

The man looked me in the eye and told me that if I didn't sign up with 6% of my income right then and there, he wasn't going to hire me! So, I signed up, and when I left that company 4 years later, I had a small nest egg of about $6,000, which I rolled over to a brokerage house. I never added any more money into that account, but it has materialized into six figures!

So to the people who think that it's not possible - it is, and it doesn't take much - I got my quarterly statements, re-balanced the account every couple of years, and let it grow! For those folks, individuals such as David Bach provide simple instruction on how to be this successful - because we all don't have smart HR employees when we get jobs.

I took my savings habit with me as I went from job to job - and remembered to ROLL OVER, and not cash out, the 401k's and 403b's (not for profits) that I accumulated along the way - I still max out my 401k, and should hit my first million within about 5 years - what a feeling that will be!

- Maureen Niemiec
Shelby Township, MI

May 11 2007
Last year I first took your advice from watching the Oprah's debt diet. I applied many of the ideas given and took a conservative approach to addressing my very real debt, one thing was a student loan that had haunted me for more than 10 years. I got a low interest loan and paid off my debt. I made my payoff arrangements for the loan very agressive. I gave myself 1 yr to pay it back. This meant I would have to learn to live without almost $700 per month of my income. My friends and family thought I was crazy but I felt like I could make the sacrafice. Turns out I was right, I am now 4 months away from being "almost" debt free. Right after I paid off these bills I went to look for a new car, I got a brand new car at a 1.9% intrest rate and believe me when I say with my credit that was a Miracle from Almighty God. This has given me a new lease on life. Recently, I went to a personal financial planning seminar at work, I paid close attention to the speaker and he asked a question to be sure we were listening. I yelled out the answer and won a prize. What was it? The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach. When I started reading the book, I was so excited. I thought WOW sounds like I heard some of this before. Yes, I did because it was the same David Bach from Oprah. So then I was sure I could trust the information. I will admit, I cheated and read the "latte factor" chapter first. I was sooooooooo upset with myself to learn I was drinking my future away. I am a die hard Starbucks's fan and this was going to have to be the sacrifice of a lifetime. More so than the money for the loan. Well, I made an agressive move. I hired a personal financial advisor who I insisted get David's book as we would be following his lead. I opened up a Roth IRA after reading that one chapter. I put it on auto pilot and I am on my way to becoming a automatic millionaire. My co-worker and friend even caught hold of my enthusiasm and went with me and opened up a Roth IRA too. So this advise and book has been a blessing to me and well as my family. I went back like a good girl and started reading from the beginning and I am now building a savings that I can use for emergency. I do not want to retire in poverty. I am currently working 11 hours per week of my 37.5 hours for myself. I cannot tell you how empowered I now feel. I will be gifting this book to some special friends for Mother's Day. You are a life saver!!!!!

- Angelic Edwards
Orlando, FL

May 1 2007

I am just now getting a handle on saving and mutual funds but I am finally saving! I used the latte factor and save between 300.00 and 500.00 personally a month! I have purchased a number of your tapes and books and given them to friends I know are in need of your help. It is a positive uplifting program. Start Late Finish Rich did it for me and I also have the series for couples, although my husband has not bought in on it yet!

I picked up the tape series for Smart Women Finish Rich in Barnes and Nobles and have been listening over and over! I have a mutual fund and CD in just a few months and had nothing up to last year in savings! I have also started a SEPP.

Thank you so...much! Blessings to you and your wife!

- Barbara Lisiewski
Newport News, VA

May 1 2007

I would like to thank you for changing my life. I started reading your book Start Late Finish Rich and in the past month I have completed The Automatic Millionaire and The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner as well. I am addicted.

I have always thought I was pretty good with money but, I wasn't saving or paying myself first. I was unemployed about 5 years ago during the downturn of the technology industry. For several months I lived off my credit cards. I racked up over $25,000 in Credit Card debt. Well, I transferred the balances to a 0% of the life of the loan account. But, it didn't end there. I was now paying off the 0% card while racking up my other cards.

After reading your book I decided to take out all of my credit cards from my wallet and only use cash. I figured out a round about budget for myself which I know you go against, but, I needed an estimate of how much I can afford to save each month. Well, I decided to stretch that savings by 15% over what I thought I could save. Now, let me tell you, it's not easy, but, I have gotten use to not using my credit cards and saving like a mad man. I realized that I waste way too much money on lunch and dinners. Living in New York as you know is an easy place to eat out every night. I decided to cut back going out to dinner to once a week. I had to since I was now putting all extra money into my savings account. Let me tell you, it is amazing to see how quickly my savings has grown in the past few months compared to my credit card debt growing. I know have a good little nest egg that I can use as my security fund.

I am now saving to but my first home and I wanted to tell you I have my girlfriend, sister, and parents all reading your books. Thank you for changing the life of me and my family.

Best regards,

- Daron Balducci
New York, NY

April 26 2007
Hello David,

I wanted to join the troops in truly thanking you for how much you have helped shape my financial future (and at my suggestion, the financial future of my sister, my friend and my fiance turned husband). In 2006, I bought "Smart Women Finish Rich" on a whim at a book store. I had read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and was thirsty for even more information.

I was mesmerized by the book. At the age of 36, I felt financially awakened and empowered. I read it, then I read it again with pen in hand, and then I took immediate action. I have saved all my life and am relatively organized, but upon doing your quiz in the book, I realized how much further I had to go. I immediately:

--organized all of my financial files better, and in the process found accounts and CDs that I didn\'t know existed

--moved my main savings from a .5% savings account to a high yield money market that I automatically contribute to monthly

--reviewed how my retirement savings was allocated and what I was earning, and then better allocated the funds to maximize the yield

--purchased disability insurance

--reviewed my mutual funds and reviewed exactly how they were performing

--moved my emergency fund from a .5% savings account to a 4.43% 13 month CD

--stopped buying lunch every day and started making myself sandwiches at work for a fraction of the price, or bring my lunch (my Latte Factor)

--asked for a raise (and got it!)

--figured out my values and wrote down all of my goals with specific starting points and ending points

For Christmas that year, I bought my boyfriend "Smart Couples Finish Rich". Within a month, we were engaged (which coincidently was one of my goals I had written). Then for my wedding gift, he got me a cute, used convertible (which coincidently was also on my goals list I had written). Then we both read Smart Couples Finish Rich, and I read two of your other Automatic Millionaire books as well. Since then, we have:

--gotten my now husband to max out his 401K

--opened up an IRA account for him as well to help him 'catch up"

--opened up a Charles Schwab account that we plan to use both to automatically save for my husband's emergency fund, and also use to for investing purposes

--looked into creating wills, and getting life insurance

--joined a credit union and then moved our high interest home equity lines of credit to a low interest home equity loan

--put the above loan on a bi-weekly payment plan

--have started working on our values and goals as a couple

--I have moved some of my mutual funds around to get the best yield after evaluating them

As you can see, you have really motivated us to start taking control of our financial future, which seems now very achievable and real, if we just keep "moving the ball down the field" as we like to say. We also own five properties now, so we are using your principles to help us determine how and when to buy/sell, etc. and maximize our profits for our future financial freedom.

David, thanks so much for putting all of this valuable information into easy to understand, interesting books that really drive these important points home.

- Cathy Broadwell
Alexandria, VA

April 26 2007
I started with Smart Women Finish Rich, then Smart Couples, then The Automatic Millionaire (plus the workbook). I am now on my way to retiring at age 48 with a million dollars in my 401 K, plus an extra $7,000 a month income from my rentals, and my kids educations will be completely paid for. I didn't think that I could find extra money each month to put away, little did I know that by using the latte factor I am able to save at least $2-3,000 a month! And the best part is that my lifestyle hasn't been affected in a negative way!

- Kristy Morgan

April 26 2007
I just wanted to Thank David for being such an inspiration. I saw him speak in Philadelphia at the Learning Annex. My plan is to become a huge success in a short amount of time and be able to provide you with an awesome success story. However, right now, I just wanted to show my gratitude to David and let him know that he is making a difference in the world and there are a lot of people out there, me being one of them, that really appreciates what he has done.
Thank you David!!!

- L.A. Warner
Allentown, PA

April 23 2007
Hi David,

I've brought two of your books. The Automactic Millionaire and The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching you speak at the Learning Annex Real Estate Expo in Philadelphia. I had the opporuntity to meet with you after the show. I want to thank you for taking the time to sign books and shake hands with your fans.

This spring I worked at CPA firm during tax season for a internship for school. While my Gross Wages was 5,000 dollars I saved 2,100.00 dollars because of paying myself first and putting into a saving account and looking to put it in high interest yeild saving account.

Your book and seminars were amazing. I want to thank you.

- Bruce Caulder
Prospect Park, PA

April 23 2007
I had already figured many things before I got hold of Automatic Millionaire book. I consolidated my remaining two credit card debts, total 3.100, with a personal loan of 3.400. So, I got my interest rates down from 12% regarding the credit card debts and for some reason bank also decreased my personal loan interest rate from 6,7 to 5,1 (and I didn't even ask!). I am debt free within a year. My cash flow has improved significantly, I have increased my monthly savings and I can afford extra surprise costs without having to a credit card.
Now that my annual interest rates and other card related costs have gone down I use that extra cash so that 50% goes to extra savings and 50% is used for extra payments towards the personal loan.
I have plans for the near future once all the debt is gone and am already enjoying life better. I switched back to commission-based work because now my financial situation can tolerate income highs and lows better than before and in total one always makes better money with commissions compared to fixed salary.

- Sara Rose
Detroit, Michigan

April 23 2007
Dear David,

Im only twelve but read your book because of a recommendation and completion bonus from my dad ($20). For about the last year he has been reading money books and magazines and encouraging me and my sister to also.

After reading your book I was inspired to take the half of my allowance I was not already placing in a savings account towards retirement. Your book also inspired me to discuss finacial plans with my dad and look further into stocks.

The self employed section and the latte factor really hit home. The self employed part because after completing college I plan to start my own bussiness and am glad to know that two can allow my retirement fund to vastly grow. The latte factor really caught my attention because I watch people and also personally waste money on unneeded items.

Thanks to you I am already looking towards my future and further investment. Thank you.


- Colten Fox

April 16 2007
I wish when I was growing up I had had a Grandma Bach...

I wish when my daughter weas growing up she had had a Grandma Bach...

The good news is my sister introduced your book Smart Women Finish Rich to me a few months ago.

When I was in the Dallas Airport I purchased Start Late Finish Rich... BEST $16.00 I have ever spent.

Would not put it down until I read it cover to cover.

I just bought Smart Women Finish Rich and the Workbook for my 25 year old daughter. We just finsihed DOLPing her credit card debt.

David thanks... she now has a goal and a light at the end of the tunnel which does not have a train attached to it!!!

We are working on her latte factor(s) now.

As for me... I now have a plan to become a mentor to young women by helping them understand the three kinds of people that go to McDonalds. Those that work there, those that eat there and those that own.

- Gina Owensby
Brunswick, GA

April 16 2007
It was costing us about 70 for three months of trash pick up service. I told my husband to start taking the garbage to the dump. It now cost us about $10.00 every three months, a savings of $60.00 for three months or $20.00 per month. The biggest savings was to cut out my cell service from $100. + per month for minutes that we were not using. I cut my phone down to the emergency call rate of $10.00 per month and my husband’s service to a pre paid plan that averages about $20.00 per month. This now is saving us $70.00 per month. I cut down on the cost of satellite T.V., a savings of $15.00. I also cut and color my hair saving $240 every three months or $80.00 per month. Now I have saved $224 a month. Now I put it on my retirement account. Yea!

- Linda Russo
Crescent City, CA

April 16 2007
Less than six months ago I found myself depressed and frustrated with my financial situation, work and personal life. I woke one morning so depressed and frustrated that I called off of work in hopes that the time off would help in some way, but I didn’t know how it might help.

After I called off of work and then headed to the book store to “browse” and somehow forget about my life for the day. That is when I saw your book Start Late, Finish Rich “yeah right” was my thought at that time. I’m 45, a single Mom with NO savings, in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, no home of my own and a car on its last leg. However my will to be better and have more had more power than my sarcasm and I purchased the book.

I returned home and began to read. I read the entire book that day! I found my Latte Factor, and started putting that money aside. The biggest thing I did was to return to work the following day and ask for a raise! This took courage on my part as I have never done anything like this in the past. I amazed myself. When I asked for the raise my boss was kind but said that he was unable to give me a raise as I already “made too much”! I told him I did not know whose check book he was looking at for those numbers, but I understood his situation. I then surprised myself again; I gave my notice. I told my boss that I understood where he was with giving a merit raise and that I was sure that he would understand that I could no longer afford to work for them. I gave my two weeks notice with no job on the line to go to. I stunned myself. I was gripped in fear, what would I do now?

To my amazement the following Friday someone from HR Corporate Office called me and made me an offer. The offer was to do what I absolutely love doing, (I teach photography and train photo labs) this job tripled my salary! I also received better benefits, a company car paid in full and a gas card that even covers my personal miles! I received stock and a bonus package as well. This was an amazing offer that I accepted. Not three months after the offer and raise, I received a bonus and ANOTHER RAISE! All this because I had the courage to step out of the “normal”, I had nothing to loose as I saw it when I gave my notice. Even though the fear was great, I knew I could do better, even if I didn’t know where or what better was.

I have never owned a home. Now I am working on getting qualified for this. I am scared again. But I have to try. I now have a savings, stock and a 401K. Sometimes I feel alone in this new financial adjustment as I never learned any of these things before from school or my family or friends. Not how to save, how to buy a home, all of the things that may seem normal to others. Now I am going to buy the workbook and also other books by you. Thank you for putting things into easy language and showing those of us that seem lost the way. Thanks for the helping hand.

With much Gratitude,

- Patti Kretschmer
Chicago, IL

April 12 2007
David, I've been watching the real estate market since I was 20. I knew that I couldn't afford to NOT buy real estate. I am 23 now and I own a 5 bedroom 2100 sq ft house with a basement sweet and about 1/4 acre of property. In the process of buying the house with my little brother I stumbled across your automatic millionaire book (Canadian edition) in the Vancouver air port. I haven’t read a book since graduating high school but I must say I read it all that weekend! In the end it calmed my nerves on such a commitment to come. I managed to get a mortgage and buy a house for my brother and myself while living on employment insurance and attending trade school five hours away from home. We could only afford a no down payment mortgage but we accomplished home ownership at the ages of 22 and 19 without help from the bank of mom and dad. Our plan is to sell the house after five years and go our own ways with our money. I want to buy or build a full duplex to start. As my home equity increases I want to borrow against it and build my own house only to rent both sides of the duplex. After that who knows.

I tell my friends I don’t want to be working by the time I’m 35. Am I crazy?

Inspired home owner

- Lance Petty

April 12 2007
David, I just read your book Start Late Finish Rich yesterday. I checked it out from the local library for free. I wanted to see if in fact my family and I are on the right track. And, I was pleasanty surprised to see that not only are we doing everything right, but that we are actually ahead of the game. My husband and I have lived frugally enougth over the years that at our age (mid 30's) we have no car payments, no other bills except our essentials, i.e., utilities and house payment, my husband contributes to his 401(k), we have investment portfolios for us as well as for our children, our kids contribute every week to their savings account thru their school(s). (even if it is just a nickle)AND I was able to finally quit my office job and stay home with my children while I run our home business this year. Even though I gave up a sizeable salary, when you factor in the time, auto expenses and daycare costs, I wasn't making that much money. And yet, even without my salary, we still pay ourselves first and have a few dollars left over to play around with. Every day we watch our neighbors buy more and more. We also hear time and time again how they are in debt up to their eyes! Last month one of our neighbors who is close to retirement announced that they can't retire and afford to live in their house! That shocked us! I am so glad that we will never be in that position! Your book was wonderful in that it really went a long way in justifying our life of living frugally. To be honest, the coffee my husband makes at home is 100 times better than that of any coffee house! But it is nice to know that if I do want to go and sit in a coffee house and spend $10.00 for a cup of joe and a scone, I can go there and pay cash for it and not have to worry about it later!

- mary dunkley
Linden, MI

April 12 2007
I just went to the library to take out the Start Late Finish Rich book. I know it sounds cheap but it is a way to read books for free. I just read the section about calling your credit card co. and telling them you have an offer to transfer you balance at a lower rate. I have a card with a rate of 32%. I explained to the rep. that another bank was offering me 15.9% to transfer. I almost fell out of my chair when she lowered my rate to 14.99%. It works!!!!! I am going to Start Late and Finish Rich!!

- Shawn Stevens
Dartmouth, MA

April 12 2007
A regular coffee from the gas station is $1.69. If you bring your own travel cup, it is $.73. It is not much, but add's up and fuel's savings.
Thanks for writing your books.

- mark priskorn
Traverse City, MI

March 29 2007
3 months ago we had credit card debt of $22,000 which we had not been able to make a dent in - even though my husband made a respectable salary. The problem was that we had always operated without a budget and had no clue where our money went...I am a financial illitrate - money scares me so I picked up your book as I was starting this financial "makeover.

The first thing we did after we tracked down our all our expenses and realized that the "Latte" factor was enormous in our lives. We made a series of budgets on a spreadsheet and color coded them. The first one was an "inflated" one where put in all the luxuries we wanted and were we did not downsize on anything. The saving potential on that budget each month was 2%. Then on each subsequent budget on the spreadsheet we started cutting down on things that we did not really need - our expensive phone plan was dropped for a cheaper one, a lawn service we did not need, cutting down on some of our eating out etc. till we reached a savings potential of 40%. There was also a "Survival" budget if ever my husband lost his job how we could survive with the bare minimum by cutting down the gym, cable, childcare, one car etc. AND a "Dream" budget - to finance going back to school for me or my husband without taking a loan.

Some house cleaning and decluttering of our finaces was also required - we closed our multiple bank accounts at work, online etc - and opened a single account with a local bank with no fees or minimum requirements. We had over $600 in coins that we used to pay down the debt - thanks to the free coin counting service at our new bank. I closed out all our infrequently used credit cards after cashing out my reward points in these credit cards for cash and paying down my debt. I also cashed out around $700 in rewards points from the two credit cards that we did keep. I started using your principle of paying the rent twice a month to paying down my Credit Card debt twice a month. I started paying bills online with my new bank and made sure I paid my credit cards in each pay-cycle - I made sure that I paid in full every 15 days - all charges I had incurred on the credit card in the past 15 days + some portion of the debt. By Supercharging my "Latte Factor" (ie - no expensive maid service - cut down on eating out) I also managed to pay off my credit card debt - my husband thinks I am a hero but I must say thanks to your book for opening my eyes. Seeing our bank balance grow has also become quite addictive :-)

The next step is to start paying myself first -- with a twist - since I am a stay-at-home mom and have no 401K or IRA - my husband has agreed for me to have my own account where I can pay myself at least 10% - this is different from all of our finances that is held jointly. I am now trying to see if there is some fund that will allow me to put in some money twice a month. Since my debt has been paid off and I have a better grip of my finances - I feel really empowered and am also planning to start something soon that I love and am good at and know will be be a source of fulfillment as well as income.

- M B

March 29 2007
Dear David,

Spending 25 cents has changed my life! You see, I found your book, Smart Women Finish Rich on a table at our town's recreation office where my sons play soccer. I knew nothing about you or money, until that fateful day!

I'm 43, my husband is 60, and we just started our family. We have two sons, ages 6 and 3. Life is full! I'm a stay at home mother and I home school. My husband has dedicated his working career to the city we live in with the hopes of retiring in the near future. Happiness abounds as we enjoy one another and our boys. Yet always lurking in the back of my mind was this gnawing feeling that I really need or wish or pray that I could someday get an understanding of money. And perhaps have some, too. Money has always, for me, been the nebulous fantastical idea that danced around me in life. First, I never had any. Lived paycheck to paycheck. Found myself in debt to the IRS for back taxes and the State of New York for student loans that had been borrowed in 1983 at $5,000 and had accrued to $14,000. I would get physically sick thinking about bills, money, and the like. My husband, we're married just close to 8 years, is a saver, a planner, much more responsible and educated about money. The most amazing question in your book was I believe the first one - find out what you value about money? This had me stumped. I had no idea. For days I pondered this in my head. Nothing came to the surface until one evening I said to my husband, “ I was never taught anything valuable about money in a positive way.” There it was. I actually didn't want to want it because growing up there was always this "we'll win the lottery and everything will be great" mentality from my parents. No one taught them appropriately either. So, for me just the idea of "wanting" money had a negative feel to it. So I hid from it, peeking around the corner, hoping by some miracle that I'd get some! Sounds ridiculous? It is.

Your book has altered my perspective 360 degrees! A complete turn around. My husband is so glad that I'm interested in learning about our finances. We met with a financial advisor recently. Our life is forever changed now for the better! What changed most dramatically for me is my mind!!!!!!!!!!! And throw in some action and we are on our way! I feel this great desire to share what I am learning with my nieces and nephews and friends and other family members. Really anyone who will listen! Including the librarian where I just picked up The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich!

Your books are clear and not at all overwhelming! Thank you!

Here are just a few of inspiring changes in my life:

IRS bill was paid off in 2000.

My husband and I are paying off my student loan, deducted from our checking account each month. It will be paid off in four years.

By making the two last payments we just paid off our 2000 Toyota Sienna!

We will be automatically making our mortgage payments every two weeks, paying it off in less than 10 years!

My husband was just offered a promotion (age 60!) However, we learned about SSI from our Financial Advisor (thanks to YOU!) and he\'s decided to retire in two years instead.

Since reading your book I have NOT purchased anything frivolous, spontaneously, or out of shopping emotion!!!!!!!!!!!!! A complete MIRACLE!

All of this has affected our 6 yo son. When he asked if he could get a new knight costume for a birthday party he was invited to I responded by saying, “sure if you take it out of your allowance”. He groaned a bit and said, “well, I'll have to think about that. I was saving for a trip to Scotland to see castles!”

My LATTE FACTOR? Home and garden magazines EVERYTIME I went to the grocery store! Over $1000 a year! Now I get a subscription! Found a great deal – 3 years for $20 for one of my favorite magazines!

Our children will be able to go to college and be financially stable for the rest of their lives!

We can sleep at night – well, almost – three year old, remember?!!!

Thank you again for sharing what you know! PS – I LOVE YOUR GRANDMOTHER!

- K. Carlson
Upstate New York

March 29 2007
I am a 24 year old single mom of two little ones under the age of 6yrs old. I got divorced about a year ago. I have been rebuilding my credit since then. Thank goodness for your books because they really gave me hope and helped me to make a plan and start thinking about the future. As of March 2007 I am happy to say that I have money saved in a money market account for emergencies, I have life insurance, I recently paid off all credit cards and should have 2 loans paid by the end of the month. I am so proud of myself because now I will have lowered my monthly expenses at least $400. I will be saving that money but also putting some aside for a vacation fund. Thankyou again. Also I am really interested to know when you plan to write a book for young people Start Young:Finish Rich! I have all your books and share them every chance I get.

- Jacqueline Morris
Gaithersburg, MD

March 29 2007
I call my success story, "Show me the Latte Factor" My apologies to Jerry McGuire. I spend money in the vending machines at work almost every day. Sometimes only $1.00, but often $2-$3. I've stopped putting money into the vending machines for the past month, instead depositing $1 a day into a glass jar on my mantle at home. This may not sound that unusual, but I'm pretty convinced that just saying I would stop putting money in the vending machines wouldn't have been enough to get me to stop. I needed to SEE the money growing in the glass jar at home, knowing each time I put money in the jar I was putting it to my new home.

- Daniel Model
Santa Cruz, CA

March 23 2007
I remember seeing you David in Oprah awhile back talking about the advantage of paying your mortgage bi-weekly. I said to myself what a nice "idea" too bad I don’t have a house. That time I was still renting a 2 bedroom apartment with my sister. And I ask myself why still I don't own a house.

Well everything changed after I got a hold of your books: Automatic Millionaire and Automatic Millionaire Homeowner. Within 6 months me and my sister finally bought our very own brand new 3 bedroom house.

Not only that, because of the principles I have learned from your books I was able to identify at least $500 of "latte factor" a month. I have learned to "pay myself FIRST and make it AUTOMATIC". I have DOLP (Dead on Last Payment) several credit cards. And have negotiated the remaining cards to a much lower rate.

And the best thing is I’m on my way of becoming debt free with the help of the home based business I have started. I'm so grateful with all the things that I have learned from you that last Christmas I gave your books as presents to all my close friends.

Thank you very much David! See you in the Learning Annex here in NY!

- Ian Saludares

March 23 2007
This is not exactly a success story, YET. I wanted to express my gratitude to David. I attended the Wealth Expo the weekend of 3/17 in San Francisco. David was an extremely motivational speaker and was not allowed enough time to share his powerful message. Hopefully the Learning Annex makes an adjustment next year to allow him at least an hour!

Although I have recently sold my first home and am not in the real estate market at this time, David's advice regarding the importance of knowing your "Latte Factor" and building wealth were inspirational and can be applied in any way on the road to success. I am heading to the bookstore immediately!

Thanks David!

- Lisa Giannone
San Francisco, CA

March 20 2007
It was awsome hearing you speak at the Learning Annex San Francisco. I went to see both you and Jack Canfield, so I left happy.
I wanted to also say "thank you" I read your Smart Couples Finish Rich and also passed on your Smart Women Finish Rich to two of my women firefighter friends who are single parents, and they greatly appreciated the books.
I also recently gave my mother and father your Start Late Finish Rich late Audio CD and book and to my suprise my father who is a grave yard working Registered Nurse has been listening to it on his way to work. It was so funny to hear him talk about the "Latte Factor" to me. He greatly appreciates it, as he is 62 and probably going to have to work until 70 when they force him out, because lack of retirement... And this man makes $130,000 per year by himself! My mom unfortunatley also is in the same boat as a Registered nurse who is unable to retire for about 15 years. Your book has given them the hope that they lost back. To see the smile on my fathers face when he was talking about the "Latte Factor" made my day David.
One last thing I want to thank you for coming out with your book Smart Couples Finish Rich, because I have read it and am now begining to use it, before I get married this July. Now I really feel like I will be on the Road to success with my Firefighting and Realtor career, because of your simple Financial Guidance.

Thank You,

- Deya Leta-Pombo
Oakley, CA

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