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March 20 2007
I just wanted to start out with I'm absolutely amazed at how much your books helped me. My name is Jon I am 22 years old. I am currenlty deployed to Iraq and thought that while I was over here I should get my finances squared away and start saving for retirement. So I purchased "Start Late, Finish Rich" and "Automatic Millionaire". I read both books in two days and a week after I read those two books I had saved myself a total of $285 a month. Basically I was able to switch banks and get a lower interest rate on my car loan (From $419 to $342 a month), I was able to get my insurance lowered from $113 to $26 a month, and last but not least I paid off one of my credit account which was costing me $121 a month. I just want to thank you for the great advice and I am going to continue to read your books. I also took your advice and instead of increasing my spending I take that $285 a month and invest it. Thank you very much david, I appreciate everything you're doing.



- Jonathon Thomas
Fayetteville, NC

March 15 2007
Hi David! I've been trying to get the nerve up to add my success story for months, so here it goes! 3 years ago my new husband and I were renting an apartment in a city we didn't like in jobs we didn't love. We had over 3k in cc debt and a dream to buy a house. We decided to pay off our cc and start aggressively save for a house, we had a plan and we were a team together! Fast forward 2 years and we had just had our offer accepted on our house, when I came across The Automatic Millionaire. Man, do I ever wish I had found it earlier! We quickly worked to establish an emergency fund-we had saved everything for a downpayment, but nothing for emergencies! We then set up automatic retirement contributions for both of us though RRSP's and set out to make our first 'offical' budget.
I'm happy to say that I've reread your book 3 times, checking it out of the library whenever i need inspiration. By rereading it this fall, we got inspired to up our RRSP contributions to reflect the raises we both got with our 2 new wonderful jobs! Our emergency fund continues to fund itself and our retirement accounts are getting healthier. A year ago we switched to biweekly mortgage payments, shaving 4 years off our ammortization. We watch our Latte Factor, while allowing room for the things we love, and pay cash and budget carefully. The best thing about all of this is that we are on the same page about money and talk openly with eachother about finances. We hope to start our family within the next year and when we do I'm positive your advice will have helped us reach that dream financially secure.

- Lori G
Ontario, Canada

March 15 2007
David Bach has changed my life. Today I am debt free and on my way to my own coaching business.
I love Him!

- Selena Valentine
New York, NY

March 15 2007
Thank you David. I am 43 years old and have read plenty of personal finance books - but this is the first time I have read one and took action. First I read Smart Women...then Automatic Millionaire...then Start Late...
As a result I took action. I now have a money market account; (I work two jobs and have two 401k's) I increased my part time job 401k contributions to 20% and my full time (primary) job contribtions to 12% - and you know what, increasing to 12% (double what I had previously) only cost me $77 per pay period!
For the first time I feel empowered and in control over my finances, not my finances in control of me!
I am going to Finish Rich!

- Stacy Spetter
Phoenix, AZ

March 12 2007
Smart Women Finish Rich jump started my financial stability. About 4 years ago I moved to Canada from the Philippines. I was 22 years old, a new university graduate and have nothing but dreams and guts. I had relatives helped me out in letting me stay in their place and lending me money to start. Because of life being tough when you are starting up I was desperate to know as much as I can to "smartly" save my money and still enjoy my life. I have asked people and read as much as I could but I was not getting the direction I really need. I bought a life insurance for 100K for about $50 a month (with some savings vehicle) at first to make sure that I have something just in case. Then I continued pursing my career as a licensed pharmacist in Canada.

A banker lady (she is a blessing) who works across my on job training one day intoduced me to a book called "The Wealthy Barber". She suggested that I read it when i started asking her about what do I do if I wanted to save to buy a house. It sparked my interest big time, it gave me a strong foundation of understanding my finances. It was so interesting I decided to find other books to read and I came across Smart Women Finish Rich. I was like "Hey, I think I am Smart, this probably is the book for me" I have never regreted buying this book and after 2 years I am still lending it to my friends. The book gave me a plan. I was just earning a decent salary then, and still supporting 2 siblings to school. I was living with my relatives still which helped me to saving more. I started by opening up a RRSP account, organizing my filing cabinet and getting my CPP reports. I started investigating what my company offers I signed for everything that is automatically deducted. First was the stock shares, a maximum of 4% off my paycheck every week and in return will give me 25% guaranteed interest. Then the pension plan that deducts 5% from my paycheck and the comapany matches it everyyear I am with my work. I then opened a non-registered savings account where I forced my self to save 12% every month. Then I have to buy a car, which I manage to get a good deal financing for 4 years at 5.2% interest. I then increased my life insurance to 200K. My other sibling finish school and 1 more to go. Then I got myself a good accountant.

After close to 3 years: I moved to my own rental apartment (still working on saving for that house thru The Automatic Millionaire Book), share stock year to date 10K, yearly maximized RRSPs and non-registered savings and pension plan now combined worth 27K. After a 1 year of becoming a licensed pharmacist my annual income has increased to 120K. I feel very financialy secured as I have never been before and I still feel that I have not been even "disciplined" so much and still able to shop for the 'good" stuff, i have 1 credit card and a credit line which now has 5K in personal debt (I know Im just a girl I love to shop but I do keep as much myself in check, lets just say my debt is relatively small than what I saved). I just recently went to Cuba for a week. After all those 4 years of work that I actually felt I did a good job. At 26 years old I feel I am "rich" in comparison to other gils my age. Time is probably my best ally, I made a good start and I know my money will grow even when I am partying. My next best partner is knowledge and I do thank David for sharing his expertise and made it to a book that is made it so easy to understand a follow for the rest of us.

I have not stop learning, I guess I have advance into actually reading on different investments hardcore. I also just did my Will and be able to also participate with my charity organization.

David, I heard you are making a book geared towards my age group, I will be happy to be featured:)I hope I can see you in person when you come to Toronto to personally thank you for helping me shape my future! Keep up the good work!

- Anna F.

March 12 2007
I am a 23 year old college student. Although I have watched my finances over the years, I am always up for advice. I have learned so much from you! So much, that I returned to finish college and I am getting my degree in Finance. I will graduate in the Summer of 2007, and I will not stop there, I intend to go back for more. I feel that your knowledge has saved my from any future financial problems. As a student I watch all the people around me struggle with loans, and rent. I also make it a point to pass on my knowledge of you to others who could benefit, just as I have. Having this degree will not only help me be a mentor to others, but it will hopefully help me get thay "higher paying" job so that I can make more, and save more! Thank you for everyting!!

- Michelle Burford
Memphis, TN

March 12 2007
I am so excited to tell you our story. I'm 28 and my husband is 31. In April of 2005 my husband graduated from Law School. At the time we had 5 children, and our 6th was born in September of 2005. After taking the Bar and waiting for results, my husband started his job as a lawyer for the Air Force in January of 2006. We had a little over $100,000 in loans! Luckily we didn't have any credit card debt, and all of our loans have very low interest rates. (the smallest is 4.76%, then 2%, and the biggest loan is only 1.625%) We bought our first house in June of 2006. I decided to start paying any extra that we could scrape up, on our loans. At the beginning of 2007 when my husband got a slight raise, it automatically went onto the bills. So now it's March of 2007. And in just a little over a year, and thanks to a large tax return (having 6 children helps!), we paid off over $16,000!! There are going to be a few increases in our income over the next few years. (2nd job teaching during the school year, an expected bonus, etc.) But with following our plan, we will be able to have everything paid off, except our house, within the next 4 years!! Our next move is to have my husband go in and talk to his finance office about changing our withholdings so we get to keep more each month instead of lending money to the government. And once that goes through, we'll have our debt paid off even faster.

As an Officer in the Air Force, my husband makes good money. But still, with 6 kids, we defintely don't have a lot of extra. And we don't have a lot of 'nice' things. I would much rather be out of debt and working on having a secure future, then buying new furniture or clothes. Our biggest student loan was for a term of 30 YEARS! We'll be done with that one, and the other loans, in a total of 5!

Some of these things I started before I had even heard of you. But after reading your books I had even more motivation, and understood a little more about what I should do. I'm still a little unsure about retirement accounts and investing, but I'm going to re-read your books and really take notes this time.

Thank you so much.

PS: In Smart Couples Finish Rich you have a table showing how a 7 year old could become a millionaire. Well I showed it to my oldest son, whose 8, and he got very excited. And it's already his goal to be a millionaire.
You're going to be a new family tradition!!

- Nanette Sparks
Brown Mills, NJ

March 12 2007
Dear David,


Thank you for these unexpected gifts.

Little did I realize that by following the steps in your "Start Late, Finish Rich" book, I would achieve so much more than "financial" results.
Wow! Double Wow!

I really thought I would be stuck with only a Social Security check when I retire.
Now I contribute to my 401K program with money I thought I did not have. I switched my mortgage payment (which I was already making anyway) to a bi-weekly program. I am saving thousands of dollars and look forward to actually retiring without a mortgage. Miracle! And so simple with your guidance.

All this without even changing my current income. Just little tweaks here and there.
Instead of concentracting on my debts, I now concentrate on how to grow my income.

Thank you to David and his staff.

- Mary Hinckle
San Diego, CA

March 12 2007
Hi David, I received your book "The Automatic Millionaire" from my banking institution. My 31 year old son borrowed the book then made me an offer - give him my book and he would give me a gift, which turned out to be - "Start Late Finish Rich."

He swears by your methods and during one of our usual healthy debates, we talked about the perception of wealth. The real success story is two prong:
1. I got rid of my high interest credit cards and have made strides to secure my financial future.
2.I am a teacher and after preparing a lecture on identity formation/values clarification, I realized that the activity which required learners to rank order a prepared list of perceptions of poverty could use a contrast. It then hit me...why not ask learners to list what they think about wealth.

Lo and behold, almost all of the [mis]perceptions of wealth that you state in your book were mentioned - inheritance, marriage, lottery etc.

I seized the moment [giving you credit of course] to help my students understand that none of the above yields wealth - "ya gotta pay yourself first, and invest wisely!!"

- Moreen Jones Weekes

March 12 2007
I signed up for a first time home owners information session a week ago sponsored by a local bank. The information session was so uninformative that i was very disappointed. One good thing came out of it though; they gave us a free copy of your book. It had everything I was looking to know and more, and answered all my questions. I wish there was a law that mandated all renters and first time home buyers to read the book - its worth it! I wish I knew this long ago, but better late than never.

- Patricia M
Minneapolis, MN

March 12 2007
Hi David,

First of all let me say thank you for setting me on the path towards financial security. A few years ago I came across your book, The Automatic Millionaire, while browsing in a local bookstore. I bought it and read it in a day and immediately set out to putting some of your recommendations into action. In particular, I moved back home with my parents to get out of the rent situation; I set up an automatic savings account with ING; and I increased my 401(k) contributions at work. I've read a couple of your other books and have seen you in person during your Automatic Millionaire Homeowner tour. All of these things helped keep me focused on my financial goals.
Now, here's the biggest part of all:
I submitted some of my savings ideas to Kiplinger's Personal Finance, a magazine I began subscribing to a couple of years ago. And guess what? Not only did they include one of my methods of saving, I made the front cover of their April 2007 issue! What an unexpected surprise! Friends and people who know me are coming up to me now and asking me for better ways to save. I hardly consider myself a financial expert, but I do tell them how I began on my road to financial freedom and always refer them to your books, which I found so helpful.
I hope you get to check out the magazine (I\'ve heard it's on newstands now). If you get the chance let me know what you think.

Thanks a Million,
(p.s., I did mention you and your book in the interview with the magazine as one of my influences that got me interested in saving more; unfortunately, that, along with some other information from my interview, did not get printed.)

- Michal Sharabi
Encino, CA

March 12 2007
Just by picking up your book. I saved $16,368.28 on my home loan. Not only the money but I knocked 2 years 5 months off of a 11 year loan. I purchased The Automatic Millionaire, unfortunately, I am 41. I am going to purchase Start Late, Finish Rich. I run a small trucking business and need to learn more. Thank you!!!

- lesha breeding
Columbia, KY

March 8 2007
I wanted to pass along a big THANK YOU for saving me money on my car insurance. I've been with the same car insurance company for almost 14 years and didn't bother to shop around because I figured they were giving me the best deal for sticking with them so long...BOY was I wrong! I took your advice and shopped around on line (It was really easy an fast!), and found BETTER coverage for a price $600 less a year then what I was paying. I couldn't belive it. I called my current provider to see if they would match the rate - no such luck so I switched. Now I save $50 a month AND feel safer on the road knowing I was able to add roadside assistance to my plan.
Thanks for helping me out- a grad student out trying to make the most out of a paycheck.

- Charmaine Dahlenburg
Baltimore, MD

March 8 2007
I am a Realtor in San Francisco (Paragon Real Estate Group) and I specialize in renovation and relocation. I also work with first-time home buyers and move-up buyers.

Last year I was introduced to a couple who were about to have a baby and who wanted to buy their first home but were not certain they could afford it. I gave them a copy of The Automatice Millionaire Homeowner. At the time I gave them the book they had decided to wait to move forward until after their baby was born. After 8 months went by I got a call from this couple - they wanted to get into the market and a lot of their inspiration came from the book! I give the book to almost all of my potential and current clients!

The book opens eyes and changes ways of thinking about home ownership not only the benefits but also the possibilities.


Paragon Real Estate Group

- Lisa Thompson
San Francisco, CA

March 8 2007
Last January 2006 we saw David at a Mortgage seminar with Wells Fargo in Phoenix, then we also watched him on Oprah and listened how he did the debt diet. At that time we had $50,000 of debt. Right away we took a saturday and a marker board and put all of our debts, credit cards, overdue taxes, business expense accounts on the board.
Then we followed his plan. It took us a little over a year to get rid of $40,000. We still have $10,000 of past taxes that we make payments on per month. At that time we had no savings, we now have a emergency account of $14,000, and we have set aside $31,000 to pay our self employed business taxes for 2006.

Our next step it to start an investment and 401k's and save for a home purchase.
Thanks David we are so thankful we could find help to reach these goals!!

- Jacqueline Baker
Maricopa, AZ

March 8 2007

My wife and I have read a number of your books, the latest being The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner. At that point we decided to make our financial future automatic. We started making automatic bi-weekly payments on our mortgage and extra payments to pay off my wife’s car. We continued to make monthly car payments (investments) “automatic” plus a little extra to good growth stock mutual funds. One year later, we were able to purchase an SUV for my wife for cash, and we continue to make monthly investments automatic in the hope that in 3 yrs we will be able to purchase another car for cash. We figured if we replace the car every 3-5 yrs for cash, we will never have another car payment and in 20-30 yrs we will have $400,000 to $500,000.

We also opened up 6 ING accounts and made that automatic as well. Every week we get paid, money is automatically taken from our checks and deposited into our ING accounts. If we don’t see it, we don’t miss it. A couple of those accounts are our “Vacation Fund” and “Christmas Fund”. Next month we are going on another cruise with the same group. A few years ago around Christmas we were trying to buy gifts for everyone and not spend too much. My wife started the Christmas account first. Since Christmas comes the same time every year I started making automatic investments to our ING account. This year each of us will have money set aside to buy gifts for family and friends.

Lastly, because we have made our financial life automatic, we are in the process of building our dream house. Thank you for your books and guidance. We have been given your books as gifts and recommend them to anyone that wants to get their financial life on track.

- Alex Pugh

March 7 2007
I have only finished reading Start Late, Finish Rich. I am only 21 years and I have big plans because of that book. I did my Latte Factor and found out how much I waste on contious shopping with the girls. I am cutting down on my purchases and decided to save a quater of my income. I am a student and get my income from my parents. It's quite enough with a suplus to save ofcourse. I am in Botswana Africa, my yearly income if i save 300 Pula a month and 20 pula weekly is 2900appx if my calculations are correct. In addition, my small profits from the small business I am about to open on my dad`s farm will also go towards my savings. I also intend on buying a house in the next year. The next time i will be writing in this column I will have a real sucess story. im so excited that i came across this book so young!!!

- kgabiso senau

March 7 2007
I don't have a success story yet, although I hope to soon! I just wanted to say that before I even finished reading "The Automatic Millionaire" I had ordered eight more copies and have already given them out to friends and relatives. Now my husband and I are looking forward to our own journey!

- Deb Solis

March 7 2007
David, you have changed my life! I always thought that those 'self help' books were short term feel good band aids. After reading, Start Late, Finish Rich, I'm transformed - a true believer in changing your financial future! I have finished a marathon, a huge accomplishment and let me tell you - your book/advice is right up there with the inspiration I received from running a marathon. I instantly connected with you and your style of helping ourselves to achieve much more out of life.

I now 'pay myself first', contribute 50% more to a RRSP (Canada), I am obsessed with mutual funds and other avenues of making my savings grow - not to mention eliminating the power of high interest credit cards. My husband laughed at first then recognized the same look he saw when I mentioned that I was running a marathon. I am driven, inspired and truly grateful to you.


- Anne Canario

March 1 2007

I attended your workshop in Seattle, WA last year, and I am about to become a homeowner! I close on April 19 on a 2 bedroom condo with a view of the sound!

I would not have been able to doit without your book. I read each chapter and I gave myself a week to do homework - the checklists at the end of every chapter.

I created an automatic plan to pay off all my credit card debt and opened an automatic savings account with ING direct for my house ( thanks for the suggestion!)

I also started a game with the latte factor. Every time I wanted to buy a latte in the coffe shop downstairs form my office I would walk across the street from my work to the bank and deposited the money in my house account.
I also had a garage sale and put all the money I made in the house account. Tax return house account!

All of the sudden I had 1000, then 2000 and then 3000.

I found a great loan officer and real state agent and attended a couple of workshops for condo and home buyers in my area. I also checked the programs offered by my credit union and the State Department of Housing and I found a great loan!

I got so into this that my friends started to ask me for advice and a couple of them already have anough to cover their closing costs!

Anyway, I found a place, made and offer and, oh boy! This has been the most stressful thing I have ever done!

I am stretching myself, but hey! I figure that a year of not going out to dinner every night, bringing my lunch to work and not taking trips here and there every month are worth letting go for a future of financial security.

Your workshop made such an impact in my life that I am even thinking on becoming a loan officer so I can help others to start their path to wealth.

Thank you so much!

- Jacque Larrainzar
Seattle, WA

March 1 2007
I spent about 5-7$ a day on coffee so did my wife wow...Well we already own our home but needed a new car, we so drink our coffees at home now and the difference well pays for the car.

I bought my townhome less than 9 months ago. We have gained about 40k in equity over that time. Put 0 down 100% financing. Now we are looking into pulling the equity and buying an investment prop!

- aaron graziano
Kihei, HI

March 1 2007
Hi Mr. Bach! In one year, I paid off my car loan early and two credit cards. I was about $6000 in debt...and I am a teacher! The awful thing is that I had the money just sitting in a regular ol' savings account (at .75% interest - lest to say I don't "store" money in this low earning account anymore). Now that I am debt free, I opened up a money market account and tranfered a good chunk of my savings. I also set up an automatic ING savings account which withdraws $200/month out of my local account, and I am planning on upping that amount in April so that I have a vacation savings plan as well. I finally paid attention to my accountant and opened a Roth IRA, and then upped myself one by buying a CD ladder! I also "give" more money away, and devote an afternoon to driving to my favorite charities and dropping off checks - that is kind of fun. All this within one year! I attribute my personal growth to being given the task of creating a money management workshop for adults on probation. Please appreciate that before being forced to teach a "budgeting class" my idea of handling money was to always keep $1000 in my bank account so I would never overdraw! It didn't always work! As a single working woman I totally enjoy ALL my latte factors too much: Dinners out, $50 tickets to a charity event, a $300 shopping spree for something I really didn't need THAT much...I just was not "thinking" about my future (thankfully I have a state retirement plan that will save me....somewhat). BY developing a workshop called "Show Me The Money" I had to walk the walk and talk the talk. By throwing myself into reading and watching all I could on financial management techniques (and listening to you speak in Tucson in 2006) I dove in and began to lose my fear of money (my father was a farmer so I learned a lot about fear of losing money). My workshop is a success not because I teach budgeting (I hate the word and don't use it in class), but because I inspire others to dig within and find self-motivation. I help them remove their fears and enjoy life as they work to reduce debts, pay off court fines, and live life more fully. My students are challenged by all the things we each face, but there is so much more weight on their shoulders: counseling, drug checks, reporting in, and community service are added responsibilities - most are to exhausted to think about how to save money! Hopefully my class gives them hope by giving them knowledge and returning them some control. Thank you for re-enforcing that saving money does not have to be as hard as we make it.

- Shanon Easterday
Tuscon, AZ

February 28 2007
Since I've read your books, The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich, my life has been changed. I've taken action to achieve my goals. Before, I was only putting $50.00 per pay period in my 403B account, now I put 12.5% per pay period. I've openned up a ROTH IRA account, I've opened up a MM savings account, I've now purchased a share in REITS (Cohen & Steers) and a share in 1-3 year Treasury Bonds. You see, I've always had money to play with, so thats exactly what I did. PLAYED. I did not think in terms of long-range goals as far as my finances were concerned. Now, I am serious. Your books made me look at myself, ask myself some honest questions, and I found that I really needed to take action. I am also in the process of purchasing a home (1st time home buyer)So although I am starting Late, I WILL finish Rich.

Thank You David.

- Wanda Hegens

February 21 2007
Dear David,
I have just recently read "The Automatic Millionaire." By reading and understanding this book it has opened my eyes to what the future may hold for me if I take advantage of it now. I now save $150 a month and what ever else I have saved that month in an ING Mutual Fund along with $2500 I have saved since the age of 10. I now understand what little I do today could result in an automatic, financial free future. Also by reading this great book I now know not to start little bad habits that result in a catastrophic lost that could help me later on in my life. I only read about 20 minutes a day of this book but got years of information on how to live a financial free, happy life. By understanding the "Latte factor" I now see and realize the importance of just a few dollars a day. At the age of 15 I understand this book and put it to good use "NOW."

To all of the people reading this, if I can do it, you can do it to. This book has made a life changing experience mentally, physically, and spiritually and I'd like to express my thanks to David for making a difference in my life. I’d also like to give a special thanks to Jim and Sue McIntyre for inspiring me to live life happy in one way by being financially free.


- Juston Knaust
Mesa, AZ

February 21 2007
David, I think someone must be watching out for me. I saw you on the Oprah show in January which is amazing because normally I am at work at that time and can't watch the show. But on this day it snowed and I couldn't get to work. The next day I bought the Automatic Millionaire and Start Late Finish Rich. I couldn't believe I'd been so stupid. You see, I make 91,000 a year and my husband makes about 20,000. He has a heart condition and works here and there as a carpenter. I work in a barber shop which I own. But for some reason I was always struggling to pay bills. We own a house and have no other bills. When I refinanced a year ago, I paid off all our bills, including our two vehicles and his hospital bills. I couldn't understand it until I read your books. My latte factor was in the form of guitar lessons, cd's to learn new songs, and eating out. I was spending 100 dollars a month on guitar lessons when I learned I could go to weekly and monthly jam sessions held locally where there were always more advanced pickers than myself whom I could learn more from than my lessons for free! I've cut my eating out down about halfway and cut corners in other areas and opened a Roth Ira account.(I know you don't like those as much as a traditional IRA but my financial advisor convinced me it was right for me.) I will be opening one up for my kids too and teaching them what you have taught me. I don't worry so much about their future or mine now; in fact I look forward to being able to retire comfortably at 65. (I'm 43, and my husband is 51.) I've added extra principle to my bi-weekly mortgage and should have my house paid off in 15 years! Whenever my husband or kids whine about why we can't buy a new bass boat or whatever, I tell them one day they will thank me for saying "no" and thinking of their future. By the way, everything I am doing is automatic! Thank you so much for your passion and dedication to teaching us the value of money. And continue to fight for our childrens' financial security by pushing for mandatory financial planning courses in public education. Thank you,

- Pamela Smith
Louisa, VA

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