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February 21 2007
Dear David,
I never knew that I could...achieve things and get my life somewhat organized until I have met you, here in Baltimore Convention Center with your latest book. The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner(I read all of your books)...Since then we bought our vacation condo in Ocean city and we took advantage of 401k and 403b.
We came to this great country 1989 with two suitcases (I wish we had met you then- I know we would have been millionaires by now). We made lots of mistakes and it is costing us dearly but that is life:"Live and Learn".
Now we have the american dream:3 mortgages, 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 house with 2 car garage and condo for vacation. But thanks to you we also have: will, retirement basket, saving basket, security basket. Now my goal is to get rid off "Credit cards" since they are not helping me to get a STATUS!!!My bills are still working progress but in few years hopefully we will DOLP them down.

Thanks again,

- Silvia and Peter Petrik
Bel air, MD

February 21 2007
My husband and I were recently married on 4/29/06. I read your book the Automatic Millionaire while on our honeymoon! I started reading sections of the book to my husband on the beach and we were both in agreement that the minute we get home we will take your advice. We both work and I take care of all the bills. I set up every last bill on autopay so every month no matter where I am or what I'm doing I have no fear of a late payment or a late fee....ever. I've also set up our ING account which now collects 4.5% to take $1,000.00 weekly from our checking account. Every now and then I take a peak and transfer an extra thousand or two to plump it up even more. Now we have $52,000.00 in Savings in ING alone, not including our other accounts such as IRA's, eTrade, and Fairholme Fund. We are so pleased that we have been able to save this money in under one year. It could have gotten lost in haphazard spending, but instead we pay ourselves first!! Thank you for all the fantastic advice. I wish more people could read your book and realize how truly simple it is to save if you think of yourself first and take the first steps. We also own 2 condos, 1 we rent out and the other we own. We are looking to buy a house now.
Our best,

- Debra and Jim Hall
Boynton Beach, FL

February 20 2007
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My Dad shared the Automatic Millionaire with me about a year ago. At that time I had 4 credit cards with a total balance of about $10,000 and no money in the bank. Not only did your program have great tips and ideas but mostly it motivated me to look at where my money was going and take control of it.
Since then I have paid off my entire credit card debt, and have made all my payments automatic.
I am now debt free at 26 and am looking to purchase a home this year!
David, you rock!

- Ann B.

February 20 2007
Hi David,
I just had to e-mail you to let you know how your book "The Automatic Millionaire" has changed my life. Once I started reading the book, I just could not put it down. I have shared this information with my husband who is in the credit industry, as well as friends. My husband is a chairperson of a Finance Ministry at our church, who I am also involved with, we give
monthly workshops on Credit and Finances. I could not wait to tell other's at the workshop about your book. I also told them to purchase the book and give it the a young person. I
am so anxious to read your other books. Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and your experiences with the public.

- Wyn-ne Carter
Sicklerville, NJ

February 20 2007
Hi, I saw your book while browsing the bookstore the other day. I picked it up and started reading the first couple of pages and was hooked. I bought it and read it in 3 days!
Even though I'm from South Africa, the book still made so much sense to me. I even read some passages to a friend of mine who needs financial help urgently! You have really inspired me to make an effort to get saving and its great to know that I can be a millionaire even though I am just an employee.
Im now looking for your "start late" book as I am already 32 and need some more direction!
Thanks again!

- Lizanne Spencer
Durban, South Africa

February 14 2007
I am a Financial Advisor working for a large canadian insurance company, I picked up your book at a grocery store and read 3 pages, I was instantly hooked, and I share it with everyone I meet, I went as far as buying 4 copies to lend to clients to read. I am currently reading the Smart Couples finish rich, and although I am not married. I find that it is a huge benefit to help my clients.
Both books have helped me be a better person, and reading about value based financial planning is incredible, and has helped me become a better advisor.
As of January this year I obtained my CFP designation and along with David's series of books I feel I am much more capable of helping myself & more importantly my clients.

- Grant Galloway

February 14 2007
This is not a success story , just writing to say thank you. I finished reading your book "Start Late finish rich" and am reading it a second time. Have started my first IRA, started an account with Emigrant Direct, for the first time have brought IBonds. No one ever told me that I could finish wealthy, I never considered it. I'm actually looking forward to buying my 1st home. Just writing to say Thanks for the encouragement and giving me the tools to do this for myself. I'm doing this because you made me believe this can be done so....Thanks

- Avie Howard
Virginia Beach, VA

February 14 2007
Mr. Bach, I too want to thank you for your inspiration and suggestions on how to StartLate/Finish Rich. I found your book while browsing in the airport and have been totally caught up in making a direction for myself. I lost my husband 11 months ago and have started on a journey none of us expect to have to go on so early. My husband and I had been on an adventure of life since marrying 18 years ago and did not plan for either one of us being left alone. However, with the help and support of my employer who has allowed me to stay in my present job, I have been able to start saving, pay off all our credit cards, pay off our vehicle and become totally debt free. I have maxed out my IRA with a tax-free deduction from my payroll, have joined a flex-spending program which allows for tax-free deductions for health insurance and $3200 medical expenses. This brings down my earned income to allow me to collect the full amount of survivors benefits with social security. I have increased my actual cash flow and are saving over $14,000 a year which will certainly help my situation.

One of the perks of my job as a resort manager is to be provided housing and utilities. This saves me a huge sum of money each year, but in the meantime, I am not buying a home which is one of the main things you suggest to increase your retirement savings. I am not sure what part of the country I will retire to so therefore, I am unable to purchase a home. I am 62 years old and feel that my best option is to save as much as possible and then when I retire in 3-5 years, I will have a good sized down payment for a home or condo. This is the only part of your life plan that I am unable to do at this time and sometimes, I wonder if I have thought it all through properly. Anyway, thank you for making my direction clear and the answer will be there when I am ready. Wonderful books--have sent them to my son--I want him to get excited also.

- Nancy Bomers
Hurricane, UT

February 14 2007

Four years ago, I migrated from the Philippines to Canada..and starting a new life in a foreign country was really tough. Working double jobs, going to school at the same time - that's how I managed to establish myself on my first year. But I think I got pretty lucky to have read your book "Smart Women Finish Rich."

On that same year that I was working really hard, I started to pay myself first for $137.00 a month (Automatic bank withdrawal), and little did I know of, I have $5,000 in my account, three years later.

With the portion of that money, I was able to invite my parents to come over and visit Canada. We have celebrated Christmas together and right now, we are cherishing our happy moments together. Without that extra money, I wouldn't be able to pay for their plane fares/tickets - $2,800.

That money may seem to be so small amount but it has a significant effect in my life and my parents. I am so happy whenever I see them enjoy the beauty of "snow" (sounds funny but we never had snow back home. My parents are 62 and 60 years of age, and it's their first time to see the snow.

Thank you David for sharing your knowledge and experience to all people, no matter who they are or where they come from...
More power to you.

- Ana Daquiz
Etobicoke, Ontario Canada

February 8 2007
Hi David
My Name is Mel Witharana; I am 28 years old when I participated to one of your seminar in Salt Lake City UT(summer of 2006). I received a free copy of your book.
Your book has changed the way; I look at the life, finances. I was more like living paycheck to pay check, even though company I was working offer 401K I did not participate for that, well my excuse was I am in collage, after collage I told my self this is not the job I really want to be doing in the future.
After I red your book, I figure out places I can be saving money. I went and talk to Human resources department, add 20% + company match 8% to my 401K, I regret the fact I did not did that 7 years ago.
Since last summer, I own 2 houses. I am living in one and rent other one. Currently I am working on buying another house.
When I was going through the your book (part about the credit card) I call my credit card company and I follow word to word what you say on the book IT WAS AMAZING, I had 16% INT on my card and I have them low the rate to 6% for me it’s like winning a lottery. That time I realize David know what he is talking about.
Your book has changed not only my life but also people around me. Two of my close collage friends, after talking to him about months; finally I convince them to buy their first home. Now I am working on convince them to setting up a 401k plan.
I just want to say Thank you, please let me know when you are coming back in town I would love to come and hear you.
Again thank you Very much

- mel Witharana

February 7 2007
I just saved $35 a month on our cell phone bill! I had previously been too lazy to do anything about our $153/month bill even though this new family plan was costing us $30 more than our old separate plans. There were features we were paying for that I wasn't even aware of, plus over 900 minutes a month that we weren't even using. I can't believe it took reading your book to get me to do this. Thanks!

- Patricia Mulanax
Harrison, AR

February 5 2007
I read your book almost a year ago b/c I had no clue where to start working on my finances. I was a recent college grad with so much debt, I couldn't breathe! My credit score was below 500, and I owed EVERYONE!

Luckily, I had a good paying job right after school and I picked up your book shortly after realizing I was making/spending a massive amount of money! I learned everything I know about taking care of my finances by reading your book, and as of today, I have $8,000 in an IRA, $3,500 in an Emmigrant Direct acct., $2,000 in a CD, $2,400 in regular savings, $1,500 in a Health savings acct. through my job, and $1,200 in checking, I paid my car balance, and not to mention I have a zero balance on everything except my student loans! Also, within 7 months, my credit score went up almost 100 points and just last week (after reading "Automatic Millionaire Homeowner") I was approved for a $125,000 mortgage! I am just turned 24, and I am role model for my friends(I bought "Automatic Millionaire" for all of them). Thank you so much for sharing so much important information with all of us! Thank you for your inspiration! Please don't stop writing great books!

- Tasha T.

February 1 2007

Just finished "Start Late, Finish Rich" and my wife and I are so inspired by your advice and how simply we can make these positive changes. Just in the last week, we upped our 401 K to 10%, we are adding 10% extra each month to our mortgage payments, we have opened up 2 mutual funds that are automatic withdrawls and we are committed to putting money aside each month for an emergency fund. We have picked one day a month to eat out and are going to try these changes for a year and track each red cent. My wifes' company already puts aside 15% of her pay into an IRA so we are off to a good start. By actually looking at all our expenses, we saw that we were really frivolous and stupid with our money. It just feels good to have a plan and take those first steps. If we cannot pay cash, we will wait until we can. This is pretty exciting! Thanks for the inspiration.

- George Samms
Aurora, CO

January 29 2007

Thanks is all I can say, (and not enough). My story: I am proudly serving in our USN active duty. I was approaching 30 and 6 yrs into my career with no retirement path, living paycheck to paycheck. I read "Automatic Millionaire", and 5 years later I had accumulated a house which doubled in value, making me 90K, and approximately 50K in cash and retirement investment vehicles. I did all of this by simply putting the ideals of your book into practice. I made everything automatic, virtually never see a bill. I pay extra on my house principal (2 extra payments a year), and will own it outright in about 6 more years, a total of 12 versus the 30 on a standard mortgage. At 43, I will have between a quarter-million to 300K, a pension, and will own my house with no mortgage. I will be financially comfortable with all the time in the world to enjoy life, and research other buisiness and investment opportunities. I plan on attending your seminar in LA March 10-11 coming soon. Look forward to meeting you, and thanks again!

- Marc Boucher
San Diego, CA

January 29 2007
While reading "Smart Women Finish Rich" I became a big fan of David Bach and his simple, easy to follow advice. I own a mortgage company and a real estate company in Southern California. So many of my customers over extend themselves and make planning for emergencies and their future very low priorities. I thought you'd like to know that as a New Year's gift to my clients, I gave each of them a copy of "The Automatic Millionaire." The best gift I can give them is information which will help them build a secure future.

- Valerie Van de Zilver
Tustin, CA

January 29 2007
I've only been reading the book for 2 days. The first think I did was to actually read my credit card statement and found a dial-up internet service, video service and credit service that I never used and was costing me $50.98 per month. I called and cancelled the video and internet accounts. When I called to cancel the credit service, they offered me the same service for $5 verses $13. I also found that I was paying for caller id (that doesn't work) and call waiting on my home phone and never used either of them, cutting my phone bill in half. I realize that I've got a long way to go but I wanted to share my joy and amazement with the amount of money I saved in just two days. You'll hear from me again.

- DaVelle Gilbert
Port Hueneme, CA

January 26 2007

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for changing my whole outlook on life. Since the moment I first perused Smart Women Finish Rich, I knew I would never deal with money in the same way ever again.

As a college student, learning to balance my spending has been a challenge, to say the least. I had managed to spend over $5,000 in the first semester on absolutely nothing significant. My check card seemed like never-ending gift card, that is, until I looked at my dwindling account.

I was chatting with my best friend about my spending issues, and she handed me her copy of Smart Women. I opened to the Latte Factor chapter, as I knew my unnecessary spending was the main culprit, and I could not put the book down. I managed to finish the entire book in a matter of hours, and re-read it the next day. The rest is history from there.

I felt so incredibly inspired, that I immediately gathered $550 worth of clothing I had not yet worn and returned it all. I took the money, along with some other savings, and opened up a Roth IRA. I cut up my check card and have resorted to using cash, as it is much harder to spend twenty-five $20 bills. It feels so great to already have a handle on my financial issues!

I started a Dream Basket, in addition to my IRA. Investing is much more exciting and rewarding than a shopping spree! With some of the money, I have purchased several copies of Smart Women to give to my dearest friends. I want them to be financially savvy and smart too! We are in the process of starting a student organization at our university to help other women understand their finances and educate them on your principles!

I am so grateful that you have taught me these principles at this point in my life. I look forward to achieving my goals and maintaining my values, as I have so much ahead of me. You provided invaluable information on never settling and earning what I deserve, along with advantageous advice on controlling my spending and enhancing my savings. I am so glad that I have a “Smart Woman” mind-set before entering into my career and ever facing any debt! I feel so prepared to make the most of my earnings in the future!

With gratitude,
Smart Woman Convert for LIFE!

- Kelsey Duda

January 22 2007
I just recently purchased The automatic millionaire and am blown away at how much I blow away Daily! I have been able to find a minimum of $1,200.00 of expendible cash (improperly used cash) and this is before I determined my Latte factor. Suddenly I have great hope that if I use my glossy bald head right I just might finish rich much sooner than I ever imagined. I immediately contacted Fidelity and am in the process setting up my savings plan. The dream of owning my own business actually seems possible. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

- David Howard
Bristol, VA

January 22 2007
Mr. Bach, I wanted to let you know that you have changed my financial life. A boss of mine loaned me your “Automatic Millionaire” in October 2005. I was $14,000 in credit card debt, $11,000 in car loan debt, and saving only 10% towards my 401k. Soon thereafter, I bought several of your books, and made a deal with myself that I reread every book of yours until I finish paying off my credit card debt and my car loan. I was very happy when you came out with your “Automatic Millionaire Homeowner” book so that I would have a new book to add to the mix.

As of December 2006, I have one last payment to my credit card (my Xmas gift to myself), and then I begin making double, and hopefully triple, payments towards my car loan. I hope to pay off the car loan by December 2007. I am currently putting 18% of my salary towards my 401k, and I will increase this to 25% in January 2007. My ultimate goal is to max out my 401k with 33% of my salary over the next several years. I also reevaluated the holdings in my Roth IRA in early 2006, and this year it had the best performance since I opened it 10 years ago. Thank you

- Geoffrey Mohlman
Gainesville, FL

January 22 2007
After taking the Latte Challenge, I was shocked to discover that I ate out everyday and spent an average $10.92 per day. It works out to $39,858 for 10 years. I was shocked and figured it was HIGH time I bagged it most of the time. As a reformed shopper, I thought I knew better. I contribute 12% to my 401K and I save $904 per month but I still have a lot to learn. Thanks David!

- Caroline Kemper
Alexandria, VA

January 22 2007
My name is Sridhar and I live in London, UK. It was late August in 2006 when I turned 31 and was remorseful of the fact that I was growing old and not owning enough real assets. Somehow I was thinking hard on the asset bit that I guess the law of attraction led me to your website to download your audio program on the Automatic Millionaire. I was so engrossed that I must have listened to it a dozen times. At the same time, I also reading the print version to complement my learning, and started discussing your techniques with my wife and parents. My dad (who is an investment consultant) joined the act, and over the next couple of weeks, the discussions (dawn till dusk) were centred around the automatic millionaire. We read, re-read and compared notes and came to a conclusion that what you were suggesting were in fact the best investment techniques and extremely easy to implement.

Fast forward, Jan 2007: My wife and I are proud first-time home owners of a small apartment (Condo; American speak!) in London and we are thrilled to bits to satisfy your Rule #1: Buy a Home! But trust us - there is no stopping... we have recently purchased copies of Smart Couples Finish Rich and Smart Women Finish Rich, and I am glad to say that we have become David Bach aficionados.
We have also decided to spread your message in the UK, and we are encouraging colleagues and friends to purchase a copy of your books and I think nothing gives us more pleasure than people thanking us for our recommendation.
My guess is finish rich series will occupy prime space in our book shelves for ever. Thank You!

Sridhar & Preeti Krishnamoorthy

-  Krishnamoorthy

January 22 2007
I had always heard about making biweekly mortgage payments with the mortgage company, but was always disillusioned by the cost of setting up the program. Then I read about it in Mr. Bachs book, and seeing how much it could save I decided to finally do it. And to my surprise, when I went online with my mortgage lender, Wells Fargo, I found out that the program was free! There is a great sense of accomplishment when you take the initiative to do something for yourself and for your future. I just wanted to let everyone know that Wells Fargo Banks offers this biweekly payment program FOR FREE! Thanks for your great advice.

- Cindy Morrow

January 19 2007
Dear David (& Team),

You should get the Nobel Peace Prize. I just read Smart Women Finish Rich and Start Late Finish Rich within a month-period. I ended both books with sobbing at the feeling of emancipation and empowerment. And, then I immediately created a 40-page quick-reference manual for Smart Women Finish Rich, including the worksheets and have since been forwarding them to family, friends and co-workers. And, their passing it on to other people, too. They’re telling me they’re changing benefits contingencies with their HR department, eliminating Latte Factors and starting processes for Living Trust already ….and its only been 3 weeks! You are changing the world and what people think is impossible!
You take the information and make it bite-sized. This is a mark of a great teacher. But more importantly, you infuse so much encouragement, connection and belief (in your message, your readers & goodwill towards life) that the energy is contagious and permanent. Only a real financial Elvis can do that.

Until now, I had virtually no money education. In fact it remained last on my mind even though I mirrored these lyrics to a song, “I never had a day where money didn’t get in my way.” 22 years ago, I managed to get a full scholarship to USC. It was more than college, it was an urgent ticket out of difficult circumstances. I achieved it while through my senior year I was occasionally without a home. Yet I stayed in school, did the homework no matter what or where; worked 2 jobs and took a leap of faith that I should just do my best, and the Lord would do the rest. My EVK dorm room was the first place of security and safety I’d known in years. But, I have to share, the feeling of accomplishment of reading your two books was even more powerful than getting that scholarship despite adversity. It took what seemed like a long time now, 22 years, to get my consciousness right; and first work on eliminating all the life factors that kept me in damage-control or limiting mode. But, it was right on time that your books came into my reality. For me, the last frontier to tackle from my past was my inner blueprint about money. Those who know me, especially old college friends, know how symbolic it is for me to study personal finance and investing.

I thank you for the precious wealth consciousness and education (compound interest! compound interest!) I thank you also on behalf of every person that will now experience a fuller, more purposeful part of me. David, you have completed my great life and the financial knowledge is a springboard to more abundance. Thanks for everything! Now my new expression is “My biological stock is ticking!” Wait and see, this is just the beginning.

Your friend,

- Jenniferlynn Lomboy
Los Angeles, CA

January 17 2007
Hi David,

I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
I am 24 years old and recently read smart couples finsh rich with my wife. It has changed the way both of us look at our finances. Shortly after I read Automatic Millionaire and Automatic Millionaire Homeowner-I increased my RRSP contibution to 14%. I bought a home 2 years ago and since then the value has increased by about 50%. I was going to sell my house and build a new one but after reading your books we refinanced our house and bought a condo for rental property and are in the process of buying another one. As well we have been on track to pay our mortgage off in 12 years. We would just like to say thanks for changing the way we look at our money and making our money work for us. Hopefully we never have to work a day past 50!!

- Carson Guenther

January 17 2007
Hi David:
My success was that I came to the USA for 1 month only and I found your book "smart women finish reach" really accidentally. This book was so good that I can't decribe it, I'm so happy to have read it!! I ll take it to my country, Poland, and force all my girlfriends and my sister to read it!! Thank you so much for all your advices!! Never has any book helped me so much !!

- Anna Burgiel

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