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January 16 2007
Hi there David,

My name in Amanda Wilkinson, I just wanted to say that...WOW!!!, your book "the Automatic Millionaire" inspired me to save and to start investing in realestate and paying myself first. I am a nineteen year old, and i LOVE reading books that can modivate and get me excited about saving up and planning for my future. Ive read a lot of books about becoming rich, such as "think and grow rich", "the millionaire mind", and Donald trumps "why we want you to be rich". But nothing has hit it home until i read your book the automatic millionaire... that book is the best book for me to read, i understood every single word of it, and not to mention i have set up an RSP account and i am putting 150$ into it every month when i get payed. Your book has inpired and encouraged me to do just that and i have also been reading on how to set up my own cleaning buisness. The one story about the McIntryes was the most powerful and most motivating for me and it gave me hope that i can do just that, and what better time to start then at my age. I Thank-you SO MUCH for writing such a powerful, to the point easy book to read. I am looking forward to reading all of your books... the next "smart Women Finish Rich".

Thanks again, and keep up the GREAT work from one of your readers,

- Amanda Wilkinson

January 9 2007

Thank you for your books, I have read Smart Woman Finish Rich and now the Automatic Millionaire Homeowner and enjoyed both. Here's a couple of my successes in the latte factor:
1) have your utility company come in a do an audit. Some small changes that they recommend can really add up to savings and they do it for free.
2) we made a list of all our soap, health and beauty and toilet products that we use (toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, washing machine detergent, etc.) and we go once a month to major "Mart" store to get it all. We never run out, it's cheaper than in grocery stores and it saves time and aggravation.
3) shop for car insurance. You may think you're getting the best deal but without periodically shopping around you might not be. This can save you hundreds and have no impact on having to give up something.

Thank you for your advice. You've got my brain power working.

- Jo Luppino
Panama City, FL

January 9 2007
Hi David,
Last Christmas I was in Puerto Vallarta celebrating my parents 50th anniversary and I brought your book to read on the beach. By the time I got through it I had declared 2006 to be "the year of real estate!" I had been talking about getting a rental property for years but needed a push. Well, on Dec. 1st we took possession of a great 2nd house in a town up the coast and it is currently rented and managed by a property manager. I also increased my husbands and my own automatic retirement savings from 12% to 18% taken directly off our paycheques and put into an RSP. We got our life insurance reviewed and changed and our disability reviewed. I ended up not changing my coverage as what I had I discoverd was as good as I could get.
We also switched our financial advisors. Our old one was very upset and unprofessional in the way he handled it. It was a really hard thing to do.
Your book empowered us to take charge of our financial life. I look forward to learning more and taking more active steps to improve our life.
Thanks very much for your book.

- Carolyn Bentley
Vancouver, Canada

January 9 2007
I operate my own Educational & Motivational Speaking Practice in Mississauga. Since business is slower than I like, I also teach part-time.
Needing the teaching job to help pay for my bills and afraid to ask for more money, I sacrificed other things in my life. In other words, I often went without. After reading "Start Late, Finish Rich", I approached my boss and asked for a raise. Guess what? I got it. Thank you for given me the push I needed to become a clue creator and to be able to provide a little more for my family. PS: I am the guy in the middle with the white shirt.

- Mike Pickles

January 4 2007
I have always dreamed of owning a home, but as a renter I never thought it would become a reality so soon.

In Septemeber I was in the library searching for an apartment to rent on the internet, when I came across your book "How to become an automatic Millionaire in real estate"...yes I thought, I would love to own a home in a few years. I started to read your book and I finished it within a few hours...You inspired me so much, I had no idea that home ownership could be so attainable. Then hearing the stories of every day people like myself, on small incomes and credit issues that became home owners I decided that I was not going to rent anymore. I called my bank that evening and couldn't believe that we were approved for a mortgage on my husbands small income of $30k. This was a shock as we were finding it difficult to even get people to rent to us on this income. With the guidance of your book I shopped around for different mortgages and was able to understand the mortgage jargon that banks use. I want to especially thank you for explaining the mortgage jargon as the banks assume you know what an APR and ARM is, even when you say you are a first time homebuyer. We than started saving for the downpayment. We cut back on premium cable, going out to dinner and I stopped clothes shopping!! We even moved in with my husbands parents to save and as hard as it seems sometime to live with relatives the joy of knowing that we will become home owners in a few months is worth the sacrifice. I have now just been searching for our first home knowing that we can own a home and I have you to thank for this. Similarly to yourself I would like to help other people become homeowners and I have been working on a presentation that I would like to give to renters on small incomes like myself to show them too just how easy it can be to become a home owner. I am looking forward to starting 2007 just knowing that by the time 2008 comes round I will be sending you another email from our first home.

- Sabrina Ramirez

December 28 2006
Hello David,

First off, I would like to thank you for bringing your truly inspiring and powerful books to all of us readers. Your book, "The Automatic Millionaire", is one that I will never forget. It will undoubtedly change my life when I am older.

Being that I am still in junior high, I never expected that I would read - let alone enjoy - a book about financial advisory. But, being as worrisome as she is, my mother assigned me to read your book - The Automatic Millionaire. She had read it herself and said that I would enjoy reading it. Now, I was an avid and fervent reader, but I would never have thought I would be anywhere near remotely interested in a book about money. But, following my mother's advice, I cracked open the book when she handed it to me. The very first page had me hooked and, regardless of what I expected, I enjoyed the book from beginning to end.

In the simple manner that you presented your book, I quickly learned how to become an 'automatic millionaire'. My mother had already adapted your techniques, and I was well on my way to implement them too, when I become of age. Your book inspired me to take advantage of saving early and to act upon fiscal matters now, so I may have an easier financial life later. I have a student savings account to build upon for now (No little piggy bank for me!).
I look forward to living the American dream when I am older!

- Joseph Nawrocki

December 28 2006
I'm reading The Automatic Millionaire for the second time, and doing the workbook as well. I took one suggestion - about car insurance - and ran with it. I received quotes from one of the sites that David recommends - and found that I could cut my car insurance by over $500! Then I called my insurance agent (with my quotes in my hand!), said that I'd LOVE to stay with them, but had quotes that would cost me less than what I was currently paying. My agent did some number crunching and lowered my rate by more than $500 a year!!! YIPPEE! Now to work on my cable bill and my Latte factors (magazines and going out for lunch!).

David - Thank you SO MUCH for making these ideas understandable! And for giving us steps to follow to make saving money happen!

More good news to come!

- Patricia Bergen
Chatham, NJ

December 27 2006
Hi David

Thanks for the courage you give me and now I feel I still got hope, I'm in my 33 years old, I just called my CC company to waive my annual fees, they did it for me with no question asked.

I changed my cellphone plan and unsubscribe the cable TV. Last month, I returned 2 cards that I do not need anymore which are pitfalls for me to be drown in debt. For next month, I will clear one of my cards and am left with only one last card to deal with.

- Keith Chong
San Francisco, CA

December 27 2006
About 8 months ago my sister Darlene came to me with The Automatic Millionaire. She told me she had read the book, loved it, and recommended it to me. At the time I received the book my wife and I were renting oneside of a 2 family home from my parents. Darlene was renting the otherside with her husband Don and their son DJ. The rent was very cheap for both us. Thanks to the caringness of our parents. At the time I started reading the book I was 26 years old and had been married for 2 years. By the time I finished the book I had set up an IRA account, automatically depositing $200.00 a month. My wife had fully invested aggressivly in her works 401K. We opened a high interest saving account with ING Direct, and were able to cut our debt almost in half. Inspired and determind, I purchased David's latest book about homeowning. My sister also bought the book. 1 month after reading the book, my sister made an offer on a house. She went on and bought the house. When I found out about the news I took David's advice and approached my parent about selling me the 2 family house I was renting from them. They agreed to sell the house to me for $508,000. I found a loan, got approved, and purchased the home. The house was appraissed for 635,000. My father had given me a gift of $127,000 in equity. I still live in the smaller unit of the house, and rent the larger side for $1700 a month. I would just like to thank David for getting me to start thinking about my future and tackling it full on.

- Dave Mulik
Wilmington, MA

December 27 2006
I'm 36 years old and had not put any money away for savings or retirement. I had short-term thinking: living paycheck to paycheck, and NOT paying myself first. Something hit me like a freight train one day though. After securing a well paying job in my profession that I truly enjoy, I decided to take the next step and get this savings plan going once and for all.

I researched a lot of books. They seemed to deal with people who already had money stashed away and were looking to make more money. I just wanted to start somewhere! I wanted to get a book that was not intimidating, asking me to set unrealistic budgets, or hiring a financial advisor, etc. I needed something that was pretty much "automatic".

I found your book and decided to download your audio book version. I listened on my mp3 player in my home stereo, while in my car, or working out. Your advice really hit home.

Because of your book, I immediately opened up an "automatic savings" account linked to checking account. I am taking one step at a time by putting in 10% of my income. I realize with so much optimism that I can get out of this rutt and towards better handling my finances. Your book helped me to plant seeds for my future.

Thank you for showing me an easy, quick way to start taking control of my money NOW.

- Corey H.
Smyrna, GA

December 27 2006

I attended your Automatic Millionaire Homeowner event at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, NY on March 9, 2006. I found your words to be very motivating. I received a copy of your book at that event and read it shortly afterwards. I look forward to reading your other titles. We need more people like you to share the wealth of information. Too many people hold on to information; for they know that information is power.

Well the year has not yet ended and I am now a homeowner. My other half and I decided to look outside of our box. We did our research and found that Binghamton, NY offers very affordable housing. It is within our range and we found a home that we like. We are so happy.

I just hope that you continue the work that you're doing and later mentor someone else to continue this work. No one should not be cut off from valuable information.

- Abigail Ryan
Brooklyn, NY

December 27 2006
My success story revolves around my passion to learn all I can about saving money, investing money, philanthropy and preparing for the future of my wife and children. Mr. Bach's books have been both insightful and inspirational and I certainly intend to continue to utilize the lessons learned to walk along the path that I know will lead to a sound financial future for my family and those we try to help.

- Jamie Shoemaker
Avon, NY

November 22 2006
Hi David

I bought your book "The Automatic Millionaire" and guess what, I finish reading it only for two days!!! I couldn't put it down because I find this book so informative, direct and very practical. In the middle of the third chapter "Learn to pay yourself first", I immediately went over to the internet and change my 401K contribution rate from 4% to 10% (which after a year, I would change it to 20%). It was so fantastic!!! I even open a money market account in ING direct which is a dream come true when I found out aside from the fact they offer higher interest rate, it is FDIC insured!!!

Thank you very much for helping us to secure our future. I may be 27 years old but life is too short. I am planning to buy "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner" which I think it will be a great investment.

- cindy macalinao

November 14 2006
I was truly inspired by your book The Automatic Millionaire and I just finished The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner, in about 3 hours! The chapters are short and very straight forward, I just can't put your books down once I start them. Since reading the first book about a year ago, I have paid off all my credit card debt and my car loan. I'm 25 years old and feel great about being debt free and contributing a combined total of 17 percent to my 401K and Roth IRA, both of which are set up to be automatic. Since paying off my car, I have continued to automatically have those same funds directed to an ING Direct bank account that pays great interest rates, as well as adding another $100 each paycheck. My rent is very cheap so I hope to save enough money in the coming year to purchase a home. I totally agree with your opinion that budgets do not work and that's why I now pay myself first, have my monthly bills taken from one account, have my savings deposited into my ING account, and live on what's left. And I still have a decent amount left to go out and have fun! By the way I make less than $50,000 a year, so it is possible. I wish I had read your books, as well as others dealing with the same topics, when I was just out of high school, I would be so much further than where I am know. But your books make me aware that I should not dwell on my mistakes and they also gave me the confindence to learn from them in order to become wealthy. I wish more of my friends would read your books, even though I suggest them, because I realized that someone should not be embarrassed by their less than perfect financial situation if they are willing to take simple actions to correct it. Your books definitely motivated me to do just that. I'm looking forward to your next book, hopefully I don't have to wait long! Good luck and thanks a MILLION!

- Chris Ott
Allentown, PA

November 10 2006
Hi David, It's been quite a few years since I've read Automatic Millionaire, along with ALL of your other books. I only recently checked out your online resources after reading Automatice Millionaire Homeowner. After reading Automatic Millionaire and sharing with my wife, I made many positive strides based on your advice. My wife and I started cooking more food for dinner so that I had left overs for work, saving more than $7 per day - this included cutting out the soda per day and switching to water. I increased my 401K match gradually from 2% to 16% and you were right, we didn't even feel it! We started a saving account and started contributing automatically, we setup automatic payment on all of our debts and eventually paid off our $10K+ in credit card debt which allowed us to pay off our last car loan early! I just want to say THANK SO MUCH! Now, after reading Automatic Millionaire Homeowner, I have just decided to take my condo off of of the market and keep it! I have had it for 6 years - it will definitely be a source of cash flow, I just had never considered keeping it.

Thanks again

- Buddy King
Bowie, MD

November 10 2006
In April, 2005 I met David at the Mark Victor Hansen Mega Book Seminar in Los Angeles, CA. David autographed a complimentary copy of his book "Start Late, Finish Rich". At that time David was offering a course entitled
"Smart Authors Finish Rich". It was the best investment I have ever made in my entire life. Along with the authors' course David coached us on his very smart money concepts. At the time I was over $25,000 in credit card debt, rented an apartment and had less than $10,000 in the bank. I believe the awareness David brought to all of us was beyond any dollar figure of value. That was a year and a half ago. Since then I have reduced my credit card debt
purchased a home as my personal residence as well as an investment home. I have just written offers on two additional homes yesterday and am awaiting responses from the sellers. In addition I have saved over $35,000. Bye the way I am 65 years of age and work as a mortgage broker. I share David's books with my clients constantly. I have not written the book I intended to write yet. I have however put David's strategies into work financially and am moving forward in a way I never dreamed possible.--Thank you David.

- Dolores Davis
San Antonio, TX

November 6 2006
My name is Tara. I was working at Barnes & Noble a few months back and saw your book on the shelf. I am currently going to school for interior design and I was hoping to flip houses. After reading your book, I started really considering homeowning (rather than flipping) as the smart investment. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were driving home and saw an open house sign. I grinned, like always, but this time he finally gave in and we stopped. I have saved $600 in the last two weeks using your latte factor and have interviewed several lenders. We are leaning more towards brokers, since we are 18 and 19 years old and have no credit. (We've found that the big banks really aren't geared towards us) And my dad... who negotiates multi-million dollar contracts for a large company is FINALLY impressed that I have gone through all the research and steps needed to begin such a large investment... all thanks to your book! Everyone says I need to enjoy my youth and taking on a mortgage isn't the way to do that. But in my opinion... if missing a couple of movie nights means I can jump-start my life and quit throwing money away at my shoe-box apartment... I'm all for it. Plus this way, my puppy will have her own fenced in backyard to play in. My boyfriend and I are planning on having roommates also. We sat down and ran all the figures and it turns out, OWNING would cost less (monthly) than RENTING. I can say, even the process of looking for a house is much more exciting than the Vanilla Bean Frappucinos I was having at Barnes & Noble every day.

I'll post back with pictures once we find the first home of our dreams.

Thank you... so much.

- Tara Nordbrock
Omaha, NE

November 2 2006
After reading your book I finally had the courage to buy a condo. I owned one about twenty years ago, which turned out to be a disaster. This time I was a lot smarter, and the interest rates were not in the double digits.
Thank you for demystifying homeownership.

- Sandre Maxwell
Kent, WA

November 2 2006
Hi David,
Since the young age of 11 (wish I'd had your book then)I have been working and saving, something I have always enjoyed doing. Making my share of mistakes young, I have owned an in home daycare since age 19, only now being 23 I know so much after reading all of your books AT LEAST 3 TIMES EACH.

I always knew that when I got married that I was to budget off of the secure income only and I am now a 5 month newlywed with my 9 year highschool sweetheart and we are very grateful to have your advice starting out this young. I have always monitored our credit monthly and We bought our first home 2 months after marrying, and we pay 12% extra a month, as also hoping to go to a weekly automated payment resulting in the extra payment a year too! I am working on my personal debts which will be paid for in Jan 2007. Which I will then be putting at least $500 aside for an emergency fund, which will then be seperated into catergories such as emergency fund, childrens fund, etc.. My husband and I make a combined income of around $60,000. We are maxing out his matched retirement account at work and also put another 5% into the companys Profit Sharing account. I plan to open a Roth IRA for myself in January and then we plan to buy our first rental this June in 2007.
So getting started was tough and we have a long way to go, but so worth it to know what our SECURED future will be like and the thought of being able to pay for our children to go to college someday when we have them. I have given your books to everyone I know and make certain my 2 sisters and even my parents and in-laws know what they need to be doing to end up like I will. In which case my in-laws are now also paying 10% over on the 8 remaining years of their 15 year mortgage.

So we wanted to thank you for making our future the most important thing next to family, so that we can relax and enjoy our family when we have one someday.

Wishing the best for You and Your Family,

- Kayla DeHerrera
Guymon, OK

November 2 2006
I found my latte factor in my gym club dues; I was paying $55+/mo b/c it had a pool, steamroom, and towel service. I've used their pool twice in 6 years! I can bring my OWN towel, and use the steamroom in another club for only $19+/mo. Also, since reading Start Late, Finish Rich, I've signed up for auto/pre-tax VIP, increased the deductible on my auto insurance, signed up for automatic "add" to a certificate, and learned to use my library more efficiently rather than buy every book I see. I'm still keeping my eyes open for other opportunities to get richer.
Thank you.

- Graf Draclan
Seattle, WA

November 2 2006

I can't thank you enough for giving me the motivation to buy my first home after reading your book. I've known for awhile that I wanted to buy a home, as I was tired of paying rent every month. I didn't know where to start or have the motivation to do so until reading your book. Thanks to your book, within 6 months, I was able to purchase a condo in what everyone's calling a "buyer's market." I negotiated a great deal and my condo has been appraised at $18,000 more than I paid for it before I even moved in. Thanks again for your motivation. I'm off to a great start already.


- Ryan Faloon

November 2 2006
I am in the process of reading your book and I am at FIND YOUR LATTE FACTOR AND DOUBLE LATTE FACTOR. I am a mother of eight little children and I could not figure out where my money was going. I started the worksheet and determined that every morning I arrive at work I purchase a bagel with cream cheese and a small coffee for $ 3.72 per day - 5 days a week - 52 weeks out of the year. I am literally spending about a $1,000 per year. Once I realize what I was spending on my morning treats - I immediately begin depositing $20.00 a week into the household account - within three months I had saved over $300.00. Now when a go for my weekly shopping at the Supermarket I buy 4 - packs of bagels for .99 each and a container of cream cheese - a large container of coffee... This adds up to only $ 15.00 per month compared to $ 80.00 per month - What a revelation....This is my Latte Factor..


November 2 2006
Hi David!

THANK YOU!! (just wanted to get that out of the way!) ;-)

I really donít even know where to beginÖ since buying The Automatic Millionaire a year ago, a lot has happened! Iíve always been very conscious about my Latte Factor (letís call it my diet coke factor), but there were so many other areas of my financial life that I was just too lazy to deal with. Itís funny how once you start making positive changes in your life, things just fall into place!

The thing that struck me most about the book was the chapter on buying your own home. Iím 38, divorced, with no kids, living paycheck to paycheck, and I just made a huge move from Nebraska to Chicago three years ago. And I honestly believed that there was no way that I could ever own my own home. Once I read your book, it made the entire process seem so simple!! So I set out to get my finances in order.

I double checked my Latte Factor and made a couple of minor changes. I changed my I-Pass and CTA cards so the charges would come out of my checking instead of going onto my credit card. I stopped charging gas. I consolidated a couple of my credit cards and dropped my monthly payment by $100Ö and it will definitely be paid off in 3 years, instead of carrying an eternal balance. Once I felt like I had better footing, I worked on becoming a homeowner.

In February 2006, I bought The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner and started studying. Every time I had a conversation with someone, I told them about wanting to own my own place. Most congratulated me, some gave me tips, and others gave me references! My boss was so glad that I was planting roots that she gave me a promotion, an office, and a 10% raise!

On March 1st, my roommate and I gave our landlord 30-days notice. On April 13th, I became a homeowner!! My realtor and mortgage broker were recommended by a friend and they really went out of their way to help me. They even helped me work out a deal that I could move into my new place two weeks before my closing by paying the seller prorated rent for every day I lived there before closing. It sure beats living on a friendís couch!

Fast forward to OctoberÖ I am now the proud owner of a Studio condo conversion and parking spot in a 5-story building with only 28 units total. I know half of my neighbors by first name, and weíre already doing Progressive Dinners together every other month! Iím living alone for the first time ever and discovered that I have a ďstyleĒ! Itís all mine!! My house payment is double what my rent was, but I have money left over every month. My credit score has increased by 100 points. One of my new neighbors referred me to his insurance agent and my monthly payments are half of what they were now. And best of all, when I see my house payment come out of my checking account, I imagine that Iím paying myself instead of someone else! And even though my payment is much higher, I imagine that Iím putting that money into savings.

My latest financial self-audit is making it abundantly clear that I need to get rid of my car and stop commuting 3 hours a day. That will eliminate my car payment & car insurance. A monthly CTA card will match what I pay in gas, and I can rent my parking spot! (itís also an investment!) Not to mention that it will enrich my social life and give me more downtime.

The thing that I like most about the experience so far is the feeling of accomplishment! I am capable of so much more than I could have ever imagined! This has given me the fortitude to branch out and take more risks. I am currently researching a new job field and hope to get the job in the City. Iíve already made great contacts and am working on letters of recommendation for my new field!

Thank you for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnelÖ and for the strength to run for it! Thanks to you and your books, I no longer feel that freight train of debt bearing down on me.


- Kathy Myers
Chicago, IL

November 2 2006
I was having dinner with my boyfriend and his two brothers. They were talking about how they are investing their money and talking with a finacial adviser so that they will have no worries in 10-20 years. Then here I sat... amazed and horrified because at 38 I still live paycheck to paycheck. Recently I changed jobs from home health nurse to clinical researcher with an amazing company. At 38 I started my very first 401K with the company and stock purchase in the company. Now I thought, after listening to Rick and David talk,I need to do something more. I purchased your book two days later and can not believe how much money I waste everyday. I did my Latte Factor and $465 - $625 wasted on things that are not life or death items. It is very difficult to suddenly stop everything but I am making a gradual change over the next two - three months. The very first thing I did was to "pay myself". This made more sense to me than anything and it was the easiest to do immediately. Thank you so much for guiding me to my finacial freedom. I will keep you updated on my success. Thank you again.

- Melanie Joyner
Carolina Beach, NC

November 2 2006
Dear David,
Once I read the first page of "Smart Women Finish Rich" in the bookstore, I found myself unable to stop. I bought it and I am so glad I did. As a 33 yr old single woman, I am very much concerned of how I will live out the rest of my life and what kind of financial protection I can offer to my family. Reading your book has given me a lot of tools and sound advice. Not only do I contribute the maximum amount in my 403(b), but I have also enrolled in our 401(a) plan. I have also started investing in several mutual funds to fund my dream basket, and changed my non-interest bearing checking account to one that gives a 1.25% yield. Furthermore, I bought 5 copies of your book and gave it to my 3 sisters and 2 girl friends, and 3 copies of Smart Couples finish Rich to 3 of my husband-wife buddies. And they warmed up to it so well, all of us remind each other about the Latte Factor, it became a mantra for all of us.
Again, thank you so much.

- Maria Aileen Alfaro
National City, CA

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