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May 31 2006

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I am what i like to call a motivated procrastonator. In my head and on paper I think and write about doing the "right things" with my life and money, but some how dont get around to it. Your book has changed that. I downloaded an Audio version of your book Automatic Millionaire 2 days ago and with my commute I am almost finished. Wow. As you mentioned in the beginning, there were a lot of things I already knew, i just didnt know how to start.
I am not an Automatic Millionaire yet, and I am just about finished with your book, but i will tell you that i am already a success in my eyes. I am currently a 26 (going on 27) year old with not one penny in any investments, not even a 401(k). My parents always told me that credit card debt was bad, but until a few years ago watching a financial advisor on TV, i didnt even know what a FICO Score was. From that moment i was hooked on educating myself financially and i have hooked my friend as well as giving my 19 year old sister the tools that were not given to me. My fiance and I once had FICO scores of low to mid 600's and now he is at 750 + and im a little over 700. To sum it up, because of your book I made my FIRST EVER investment today. It wasnt much and its not automatic yet, but i just wanted to test the waters and see how easy it was. I invested $25 in an I Bond and $25 in an EE Bond and in May I am enrolling in my 401 (k). My fiance and I have a savings account and I realized our money just isnt working for us. I am now proud to say that my money will start working for me and I will start working a few hours a day for myself all because of your book.

You have turned this "Motivated Procrastonator" into a motivated Financial Investor.

So again, thank you for opening my eyes and helping me secure my future.

- Lisa Stone

May 31 2006
David -
Thank you for your presentation at the Great American Homeowners Challenge in Denver on Wed. One of the many things that impressed me was your final point - giving back. If you accumulate wealth, don't hoard it, share it. I spend 2 weeks a year in Cambodia, working at orphanages that our church supports. This not only involves my time, but financial resources. Cambodia is a very depressed, corrupt country. When I come back to the United States, I realize how truly blessed we are to live in America.....and how wealthy we all are! So I am always trying to get my friends, family, etc to share their financial resources with some organization for which they feel an affinity (even to the point of tithing). Thank you for your support of that same philosophy. We are truly blessed to live in America, and we need to share those blessings.

- chuck cole

May 31 2006
Recently I read Start Late Finsish Rich, and Authomatic Millionaire. As soon as I understood the difference between bi-weekly and monthly mortgage payment, I immidiatelly called my bank and transfered to bi-weekly. I also negotiated the interest rate that me and my husband were paying on our credit cards. Next thing we will do is to increase his RRSP contributions, as he works for the company that matches 50%; to open a RRSP account for myself.
Our Latte factor was dinners with friends every weekend, which we cut it down to twice a mounth.
Thank you for the motivation. McIntyre's story inspired me to save and pay off my mortgage earlier. I am thinking of the things that I can do with the money I'll have when I will be living in my mortgage-free home.

- Jasmine Todorova

May 31 2006

You have no idea how you've saved my life and future. Iím a 26yr old single woman and for so long I've felt like I would never get out of a vicious financial cycle of debt, senseless spending and no savings. I make $65,000/year so it didnít make sense to be struggling from month to month. I was literally house rich and cash poor. After reading The Automatic Millionaire and TAM Homeowner, I don't even recognize my bank statements anymore! I see so much green now instead of so much red!

First I started with finding out what my latte factors were, and boy were there many: Magazines, junk food, fast food, costume jewelry and unnecessary home decorating items: $60/week = $240/month! Then I started thinking of other things I can save on and put them into action:

1. Moved from renting at $1,700/month to $1,150/month = savings of $550/month!
2. In new apartment I donít have to pay for heat and water = savings of $75-$100/month.
3. Changed Federal withholding from 1 to 3 = savings of $100/month
4. Got rid of home phone line (I only need my cell phone) = $55/month

Total Savings: $1,045/month!!

With the first monthís savings I was able to pay off 2 credit cards and open up an Emigrant Direct savings account with an initial deposit of $100. From the 2nd month on Iíve been depositing $850/ month into the account automatically. In a year Iíll have $10,200 in there (not including the 4.5% interest earned on it!). I also started contributing 6% of my salary into my 401K automatically (the maximum my company will match 50% of is 6%) = retirement savings of $5,778/ year! With all these savings, I still donít feel deprived of life and fun because I give myself an allowance of $150 a month to spend on absolutely anything I want (groceries, gas, etc, are not taken from this allowance. They have their own spending account). I track all my expenses on an Excel spreadsheet.

In a year I will have paid off all my debts (student loans of $2,500, personal loan of $3,720, and $3600 of my car loan). With the $10,000 in savings by next year, I will be using $6,000 as a down payment on a condo in 2007 plus additional for closing costs and fees. Even if I have a mortgage payment of $1650/month on a $200,000 condo (mortgage, interest and taxes included), I will still be able to continue saving at least $500/month and even up my allowance to $200/month! And as a homeowner, I will have huge tax breaks that I donít have as a renter. My 5yr goal is to use equity from my first home to buy another condo and rent it out using the techniques in the Automatic Millionaire Homeowner.

With a clear plan in action and with a future bright and welcoming, life could not get any better. Itís all thanks to you David. No other financial expert has been able to make things as simple and easy for millions of people to do as you. You are an Automatic Hero, and Iím well on my way to becoming an AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE!

- Diana Stone

May 31 2006
Dear David,
I've read the Automatic Millionaire, and own a hard copy and an audio copy of Start Late - Finish Rich. I listen to it regularly, especially when I need motivation!

One of my success stories includes spending a half hour online, and a phone call.

Looking for my double Latte Factor, I have been systematically going through all of my expenses. I reviewed my auto insurance (same insurer for 15 years now) and found I was paying for coverage for towing, that was already covered by my car dealer - this amounted to a savings of $6.00 a year, but I didn't stop there. I decided to get a few quotes online, including from the company I am already with. I was quite surpised to find out they quoted me over $50 less per year, as a new customer, than what I am paying now. I also got quotes from a few other companies. Armed with all of this information, I called my insurance representative. I started slow, dropping the towing coverage, gently asked about any other discounts that might be available, then dropped the bomb about the fact that I could get a better deal if I wasn't a loyal customer. I also made it very clear that I was looking into other insurance companies. You know the rest, but the time I got off the phone (less than 10 minutes) I had saved $156.00 on next year's premium. I can't retire on it, but I can invest it, and I'm going to.

Thanks for the advice and the inspiration. There will be more success stories from me, I'm sure!

- Pamela Berardino

May 31 2006
Hi David,

I don't know if I would say I have a great success story to tell, but I can say it was a real awakening...

I am 54 year old man and for some time have been much aware of similar concepts. However, knowledge without action is of little value.

Thanks to you're automatic millionaire audio series and my daily 1hour and 15 minute commuting you and I spent a good deal of valuable time together. During that time you were able to add to my knowledge base, stimulate my emotions, and inspire me to take the action steps I should have years ago.

Today, thanks to you I not have in place a monthly giving program and a monthly purchasing plan for I-Bonds. I have opened and IRA, I open and emergency fund with ING, met with my CPA to fund a SEP account with over $7K for my initial investment, converted my health insurance plan to one the is HSA compatible for further tax savings, and have started shopping for a home to purchase.

Thank you for sharing your heart felt feeling in your program. I am sure these changes will make a real difference in my financial future.

- Steve Browning

May 31 2006
Dear David,

I am writing to thank you for being such an inspiration and for helping me to keep on track with my financial planning. I, like many others who have written to you, find your writing style easy to read. It truly feels as though I am listening to a friend give me advice.

I first picked up your Smart Couples Finish Rich and Automatic Millionaire books a couple of years ago. The titles of both peaked my interest and I was looking for a way to jumpstart my retirement savings which had taken a hit after the tech stock bust. As I was reading, I was pleased to see that I had already implemented many of your strategies.

From the time I was very young, I decided that there were only three things worth going into debt over: a house, an education, and a car [since you need transportation in order to get to work]. However, I hated the idea of debt and so, I worked part-time as an undergrad and full-time in grad school so that I would be able to finish my education debt free.

I really like your Values Circle idea. I had not tried the technique until about a year ago but when I did so, I realized that I didnít have any financial plans to align with my value of my children except for having life insurance. So, that very day, I opened up 529 accounts for both of my children. By the time they finish high school, I should have enough in their accounts to pay for state university tuition for them.

- P Carrington

May 30 2006
Dear David:

My husband and I have been married for 3.5 years and I had struggled with credit card debt from college until about six months ago. My husband and I are both in sales making good money, but are finding it tough to establish a savings. Last year I finally said "enough is enough" and began paying $1000 a month to get my credit cards paid off. After about 10 months I finally paid them off!! With the sense of a "new beginning," I was eager to learn how to get ahead financially and stay there. That's when I began reading Smart Couples Finish Rich. I couldn't put the book down--After 3 days I had read the book and was eager to get started with my "automatic" savings plan. Without delaying a moment, I went online and maxed out my 401K contribution (I was only contributing 6% of my income before)and set up an automatic Money market (4.5%APY)account which already has over $10,000 in just a few months. I enjoyed the different investment options you suggested--I could find one that worked for my husband and I at this stage in our lives. Your book really opened our eyes to where our money was going on a daily basis and how easy it really is to start saving when you make it "automatic." We're now looking at our next investment. Thanks so much for getting us on the right track!!

Amy Moomey

- Amy Moomey

May 2 2006
My wife and I are both police officers in Virginia. We worried about our retirement because of the low, basically fixed income in the law enforcement profession. We used our latte factor, which was eating out at work, and saved enough money to purchase a beach house in South Carolina. Thank god we purchased "The automatic Millionaire." We rent the beach house out, which covers the mortgage and provides us with a nice vacation home and asset. Our home has appreciated so much, we used this money to purchase a second home, which is a golf condo. The way we have it figured both will be paid off through rental money before we retire. It will be nice to have an income producing home during our retirement. Thanks for the advice.

- chris cochrane

May 2 2006
Dear Dave,
My name is Shawn Margerison. My wife and I have struggled with debt over the years, but because of reading your book, I now have the knowledge to change our future forever. Your Automatic Millionare book really opened my eyes on how to get the life I truly want. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us and because of you, I WILL retire a millionaire.

- Shawn Margerison

May 2 2006
Hello David. I went to one of your live by remote semenars the last time you were in Vancouver, B.C.. I went and thought, "Yeah, right. I am so broke I don't even have a latte factor." Well, long story short, we have purchased a house and when we were doing up our paperwork with Scotiabank, we rec'd your book. We have now in 3 months tripled our 'do not touch' savings and are planning a 1.5% increase at every 6 month interval until we are at 15% of our gross earnings. I have signed up for our pension plan available at work and doubled my RRSP contribution. My husband is also doing the same. I have recommended your book countless times to friends and family.
I come from a single parent family where my Mom struggled to put food on the table and clothes on my and my sister's backs. Now with a child of my own I refuse to get caught in the make-ends-meet lifestyle. For the first time in my life I am not stressed out about money. The best part was that it was easy to get it all together. Thank you very much for giving us the push that we needed in the right direction towards a stress free life. I am now even helping my Mom to get some more freedom with her finances.
Thank you David.

Carin Richardsen
Nanaimo, B.C.

- Carin Richardsen

May 2 2006

Please allow me to share my story. I think itís pretty typical of your readers but it may help or inspire some. Iím 37 years old, divorced, remarried, five children and live pretty much paycheck to paycheck. Three weeks ago I bought Start late Finish Rich and read it over the course of two days. Immediately after finishing Start late I bought the Automatic Millionaire Homeowner which I read in another two days. The information in your books has had a profound impact on my thinking and spending. I immediately eliminated my Latte Factor (scratch lottery tickets $50.00 / week). That money will be going to an emergency fund account at Emigrant Direct, automatically, of course. I have also started selling items on E-bay for a second income stream. Actually, Iíve been doing this for quite sometime but will now be actively looking for items to re-sell at a profit. This week alone I made close to $100.00 by cleaning off my book shelves. I also have several people who want me to sell their items for which I will charge them a commission of 35%. Last week I hired a real-estate coach and contacted a mortgage company to purchase a rental property. Iím also looking at investment properties at the beach and have had phone meetings with principals there. Most importantly I have begun saving my first two hours of pay each day, splitting the money between savings and retirement. Thank you for your work and inspiration. You truly did give me and my family hope. Before reading your books I never would have thought that a teacher with five children could finish rich, now I not only believe it is possible, I am taking steps to make sure that it happens. Thanks again.

Scott Ziegler
Virginia Beach, VA

- Scott Ziegelr

May 2 2006
When I picked up Automatic Millionaire at the library, I kind of chuckled at the title, thinking it was a gimmick. But I devoured the book in a few hours and for the first time in a long time, began to believe in the possibility of wealth in my life. With Automatic Millionaire, I realized that any income can grow to a significant amount as long as it is steadily invested. I have read all of your books, but the one I liked best so far is Start Late Finish Rich. The biggest help you have been to me is to help me to pay cash for everything. I've never been a big spender, but once I got my first debit card, I ran into some trouble. YOu see, when you have morgtage money or grocery money in the bank and you see this fabuluos pair of shoes, it's easy to blow the budget. Now that I pay cash for shoes, I've learned that I don't need seventeen different pairs of black pumps. Two or three is plenty. Plus, it brings the joy back of shopping when you wait and save up for something. It makes it so much better when you finally buy those shoes. Another thing I used to do was to keep pushing my mortgage back. It's due on the first but they don't charge late fees unless it's later than the 15th. Often, I would blow my budget on shoes or even groceries that I didn't shop well for, so I'd be paying the morgtage later and later. Now I set it up to come out of the bank on the first and I make sure the money is there. I am looking so forward to seeing you in Philadelphia in a couple of days. I've passed your books around the salon I work at and everyone raves about it. We all want to finish rich and thanks to you, I'm on my way!

- Lisa Schaeffer

May 2 2006
Thank you very much Mr. David Bach,
I first found out about you and your teachings through my friend. I got your Automatic Millionaire book from my friend when he went to one of your free events back in 2005 in Los Angeles. Even though I learned to save at a very young age (Thanks to my Parents), you made it so much simpler for me to follow and even do better on my savings. Thanks also to your very simple and easy to follow book, my girlfriend is doing the same. I gave her the Automatic Millionaire book, and now she understands how important it is to save. She paid off all her debt and is doing everything automatic, even raised her 401k to 10%. I also gave the book to one of my friend, the most skeptical and hard to convince kind of person. Now he's a changed man, very different mindset, good mindset. Made everything automatic, open multiple accounts at ING and raised his 401k. He also doesn't spend a lot on signature things now, thanks to the Latte Factor.
Me and my Girlfriend also would like to thank you for the Automatic Millionaire Homeowner Edition. We finished reading it. I always dreamed of having multiple properties(rentals). I currently own 1/5 of a 4 bedroom townhouse(since 2001). Me and my girlfriend own a 4 bedroom house in Moreno Valley, we bought it in oct. 2004. We had a goal to buy properties at least 1 per year for the next 10 years but last year (2005) we failed, because of Fear. Thanks for the new Automatic Millionaire Homeowner Edition, me and my girldfriend are on the way of closing our first rental property in Phoenix AZ. You just made it so simple for us to understand and for us to just go ahead and do it. I told my friend about that AM Homeowner Edition the same day I bought it from costco and he went and bought it too. When it came to homes it was hard to convince him because he was again skeptical, especially what's going on with the martket. But after he read the book, that weekend we went looking for the new properties in our neighborhood in Moreno Valley Ranch and now he's waiting to close on his second home. Me, my girlfriend and my friend and his girlfriend are so thankful that we found out about you and your book, you definitely change mine, my gf's and my friends life. It's a 360 degrees turn for me. I know 10 to 15 years from now, I will be financially independent and I'll still be very thankful for you teaching Mr. Davich Bach.
Thank you again.
I hope everybody that reads you're books follow it and put an action into it. Becausse Knowledge is Only Power if YOU ACT on IT....

- Walter Balasan

April 20 2006
One day I saw David on a show discussing the latte factor and that started it all. I began to think about what that REALLY meant.
At the time I was in sales and my pay was "readjusted" every few months. What that meant was the compensation portion (20%) was going down in what seemed to be every quarter, so I had to rethink my life style. That is why the latte factor clicked for me.
I began to evaluate every bill and every expense. I made some immediate changes in our expenses and put that extra money toward paying off the mortgage. We had no credit card debt at all, we pay in full what we charge so that was not an issue.
I knew one day that my physical limitations would force me to retire. (I'm 49 years old and have had five hip replacements).
So a number of years after starting this concept, the house is paid for and I am retired (and loving it) and we are able to make it on my husband's pay.
But it didn't end there. With all the free time I began to re-evaluate the expenses. I purchased disposable phones for my husband and I. I also called the phone company and asked about their current promotions that they offer and reduced our monthly bill while making improvements to our dsl speed. I made the calls necessary to change some perscription meds to generic brands and lowered our co-pay. With just these few steps I was able to find a yearly savings of $1250. We put that extra money in a home improvement savings account.
So thanks again.
Sally R. Bain-Picard

- Sally Bain-Picard

April 20 2006
I am 21 years old and I getting ready to graduate from UCR next week with a degree in math. Over the last 4 years i have accumulated almost 6,000 dollars in credit card debt on 6 different cards. After reading The Automatic Millionaire, I was motivated to get that down and keep it down so I can buy a house when I start my job this summer. In a matter of 1 week and calling all of my credit card companies a number of times, I have consolidated all of my debt onto one card where my interst rate is 0 until march of 2007. This is down from interst rates as high as 24% on some of my department store cards. Now I am able to make a 250 dollar payment every month on my 0% card and still have money left over that I have automatically tranfered into a money market account where I am earning 4.5% a year. I have already down the research on my employeers 401 k plan and filled out the paper work for a 10% tranfer every month when I start in june. I would have never done any of this if I hadn't read the book. Now I am trying to pass on my new knowledge to my parents who still do not have a savings account and only put 50$ a month into their 401 k plan. I will keep you posted on my progress with them. thank you so much for opening my eyes to my debt problems when I still have time to fix them and finish really rich.

- Maso Lara

April 20 2006
I just finished reading Start Late, Finish rich. It was the first Debt Reduction/Investment Book I have ever read and WOW! was I impressed! I am 31 years old and have been investing a little for 8 years. However, I never felt like I was getting ahead. After reading your book, I went through my spending per month and so far have found $502 in savings - AND THAT IS OLNY MY FIXED BILLS - I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN TO MY SPENDING YET! In addition to this I called my credit card company and with one phone call got my interest rate reduced from 22% to 0%!!! To say the least I am thrilled. I already have an appointment with my financial advisor about increasing my SEP Contribution and setting up a ROTH IRA! I am so excited about taking control of my future and finding additional savings I can invest. Thank you so much for the easy to follow steps in your book - I am ordering Smart Women Finish Rich - AND I INTEND TO!!! Thanks again, Bethany

- Bethany Ashby

March 31 2006
Hi David,

I can't help but laugh at myself for truly being a, "starstruck teen" when my husband and I met you at the Baltimore, MD Homeowner Challenge Seminar. I am usually so professional and composed in any situation, but you must have thought I had ADD or way too much coffee! The financial security you have helped us achieve is life altering. My zeal in meeting you was genuine and I guess my emotions got the best of me.

As per your request, I am attaching a picture of our family for your website. We are the West family that you highlighted in your Yahoo (or "yoo-hoo") finance column titled, "Meet the Millionaires" several months ago.

We have made even more financial gains since that column ran. Here is a snapshot what we
have accomplished:

--We have no car payments, but will need a car in the near future now that we have a 2-year old daughter. So we are actually making a $400 "car payment" to our money market account every month. We will buy our car only when we have enough to purchase it with cash.
--Joe switched jobs in Oct '05 which is now enabling him to put a full 10% away for retirement through a combination of 401K and Roth IRA.
--I have increased my 403B contributions to 7%.
--We continue to put money away into a money market for emergencies. We actually had a plumbing issue and a hospital bill that were nice to be able to pay outright.
--We continue to put money away into our dream basket, which will enable us to take a vacation to California this Thanksgiving.
--And lastly, we are excited about '07 because we plan on renting out our current townhouse and buying another property for us to live in for awhile (as discussed in your seminar!)

PS.... And this one is good!!!
Without our personal financial plan in place, we wouldn't have had the guts to start our own business. We recently started a new children's book publishing company. From one author to another, we'd like to send your son a copy of our first publication. We will be doing book signings at Barnes and Noble Stores throughout Virginia in June so we are excited about our future in this endeavor as well.

Thank you for being our "Grandma Bach".
With much thanks and admiration,

- Athena West

March 24 2006
Hi David,

I'm actually a Filipina (yup, I'm a 28 year old married woman and a professional from the Philippines!) and an avid fan of Oprah. I've been following the debt diet plan and with the help of your books The Automatic Millionaire and Smart Women Finish Rich (yup again, I bought both in just a single purchase!), I've aligned my values with my need for money and I have goals written down for the next 3 years. I'm so excited to really see myself through the entire program based on your books. I know that your advise will help me achieve an improved financial footing. It will take me a year to zero out my credit card debt and 2 years to finish off my personal loan but im very much hopeful because now i know where to get the funds and how to automatically pay them. Though married, I recognize the importance of building my own wealth, step by step. You have given me hope and a fiesty fighting spirit to really reach my financial goals. It will be tough but I know I can make it. Sometimes though I do get confused on how and when to start investing (mostly because of the excitement) but continuously reading your books make me more calm about approaching my investment objectives. Also, I'm sharing my books to some friends here in the office. It's great talking about your book! Thanks for all the help!

- Cons Babas

March 24 2006
Dear David...
Your book "Smart Women Finish Rich" inspired me to start a financial literacy class in my daughter's school. With your help, I planned and implemented an 8-week course for 1st and 2nd graders that covered topics such as the history of money, what things cost, allowances and budgets, ways to earn money, dreams and goals and ways to save for them, and wise spending. I used the links in your "Kids and Money" section of your website, along with others, and found a wealth of knowledge on the subject (pun intended). I'm just so amazed that so little of this is usually covered in school. But, I hope to help change that. Monday, I'm taking my message to my daughter's Brownie troup and soon, I hope to structure my lesson ideas into easy-to-follow plans that can be used anywhere. So, thanks for all the help and inspiration.


- Kimberly Hazen

March 24 2006
I was waiting for my sons medication at the Pharmacy & spotted the Automatic Millionaire Book. At 39 i've been feeing an ever stronger sense of urgency to get my retirement plans into high gear. As a homeowner & regular contributor to RRSP's I was still hearing my wife saying "We need to start saving money soon". I knew with a 3.5 & 1 yr old we'd never do it unless I got help. I've started an automatic bi-weekly withdrawl from my checking account into a high intrest savings & it feels darn good.

- Russell Salo

March 24 2006
For the last 6 years we have been a one-income family with my wife, Margo, staying home to raise our children. Needless to say, our financial situation has always been a problem for us, particularly since we came together over 13 years ago with debt in tow.

We figure we've been a major success story for the banks-- get loan, pay down loan and interest, obtain another loan, and another... consolidate to free up money then get another loan!! We have owned the viscious circle called "debt"--only we never got the T-shirt.

This has started to changed in the past year--In February 2005 (one month after being turned down for another 'final' consolidation loan as part of our mid-life pay-down scheme) we were at our wits end and turned to a book that I had picked up at an airport while on a business trip-- "Start Late Finish Rich". We loved it so much that we got the previous edition "Automatic Millionaire" and after reading these books we have finally gone from numerous lines of credit ($57,000 total) and a history of late payments to paying down over $20,000 and setting up our bank payments automatically--what a great idea that is!! To deal with the rest of our loans we consolidated into a second mortgage, using the equity in our home to get a great rate which now means we have $150 per week going into a savings account!! We are finally able to start saving for the future.

We're not on track to be millionaires yet (we still don't have a clue about investing yet), but we're moving upward and to the right!! Money is still tight , but imagine how deluded we have been to continue in the cycle of debt. We have a long way to go and hope to stay on track--keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks David!

- Brian Smith

March 24 2006
I received your book the Automatic Millionaire as a gift from a friend 2 years ago. I followed your advice and immediately opened an emergency fund at ING Direct. I pay myself 1 hour of every day worth of wages each week automatically deposited. Since then I have repaired my car several times and did not have to worry about where the money would come from. Last month I paid off the car and I am going to continue paying myself the amount of my car note. My husband and I recently decided to buy an investment property and I bought the Automatic Millionaire Homeowner let me say that I wish I had the book when I bought the home we currently live in. You have aforded me a wealth of information and I cannot say Thank You enough.

- Loretta Arthur

March 24 2006
Dear David,

I just got back from the Great American Homeowner Challenge at the Phoenix Civic Plaza and I am SO EXCITED!!!! I got to meet you and have you sign my book!!! I was so EXCITED to see you in person, that I got all star-struck and just rambled on about how much I love your books and seeing you on Oprah, I didn't get to tell you my story!!!!!

Well, here it is!!!

My name is Amanda and I am 27, my husband is 35. I am reading "Smart Couples Finish Rich" for the 3rd time in 2 years. Each time I read it, I "get" something new!!! I love the way you write - it feels as if I am sitting and talking with a friend and getting everything explained to me in a way that makes everything just make sense!!! THANK YOU so much for that - it is so helpful because I can help others with the things I have learned because I can actually understand it!!!

Reading this book has changed our lives and the way we think about money. Because the things that you wrote,especially about the Value Circle, it helped us make a VERY big decision to sell our house and take the profit and move to a place we've always wanted to live - Colorado!!!

With the profit from the sale of our house we will be paying off all our debt - including 2 new cars, put 6 months of expenses into savings, save 20% of my husband's income (I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom) AND buy our DREAM HOUSE!!!! AND pay an extra 10% each month toward the principal so we can shave YEARS off our mortgage and save us THOUSANDS in interest!!! It will not be a "win the lottery" dream house, but it will definately be a place we see ourselves raising our 3 children for many, many years!!! But hey, we can always buy that type of house once we finish - RICH!!!

None of this would have even crossed our minds if it weren't for your books!!! My lightbulb moment came when I was reading about how TIME makes a BIG difference when it comes to money and compound interest. I had read the book twice before, but for some reason, this time around, I just GOT IT!!! Once I realized that my husband was ALREADY 35 and 40 would be here in no time and then retirement age soon after, I really woke up and went into action. I started finding our Latte Factor and soon realized that we have more of the Double Latte Factor!!! So we got our priorities in order and and will soon be living our DREAM LIFE in our DREAM HOME in a new and exciting place!!!

If it weren't for Oprah, I would have not known about you and your wonderful books!!! If it weren't for you and your wonderful books, we might have never had the courage to change our lives and live the way we really want to live!!! Thank you for showing us the way to make our dreams come true!!!

- Amanda Cowherd

March 24 2006
I saw you on Oprah 2004, I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids. My husband & I had just bought a new home 6 months earlier. That day, I immediately set up the biweekly payment. After alot of convincing, my husband raised his 401K contribution from 7% to 10% - soon there after we were up to 15%.In just 2 years, we have over $75,000 in 401K, 7,000 in savings, and we are paying $380/month additional to our home. We will own our home in 8 years,or less. Your book changed our life. I have read "THE AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE HOMEOWNER" and am looking forward to the next step. Thank you for making our lives rich. I share your book with my family & friends, and let them know they cannot afford to not follow your plan. Thank you for changing our lives.

- Cynthia O

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