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February 24 2012
I would just like to say that Jesus loves you and that I have a better understanding of how much money I could be saving and how much I am really losing. You are truly and inspiration.

- Angela Knoll

February 24 2012
Hi David,
I have been reading so many books about how to succeed. I'm still shocked on what I have found, my latte factor was $2,956 per month for the last 5 years. So what that means is I have wasted $177,360 instead of putting it in my bank account, I feel so bad! I didn't get the amount of how much I could have in 10, 20, 30, 45 years because the limit on how to calculate was $20 per day my latte factor it's $98.53 per day! Please help me on how to manage my money, I'm starting to put my expenses on automatic, but I still need help on how to manage my money. I'm making over $10,000 per month at the end of this year it'll be over $20,000. I know I can do this and I can succeed with your mentoring and teaching, right know I'm watching videos of you also, I need to be prepared for the upcoming years on my business because my earnings will double or triple just to start, if I have had not read your book my latte factor for the next 5 years it could be the same, reaching the amount of $354,720 in 10 years. Thanks a lot David! I'll be waiting on extra information on how to invest my money for the next months I think I could invest over $30,000 per year!

- Jesus Dominguez

February 24 2012
I just wanted to say that I now have most of my bills automatic and am working on making my investments automatic too. I love the concept and wish I had read your book years ago, but I have now and I am working on my fortune! I will have my one debt paid off, then all I will have for debts is my Mortgage. Then I will be working on paying off my Mortgage and putting 10-12% of my income away a year. I would like to get it to 15% and 10-15% extra on my Mortgage as well. I am on my way to getting to this point. By the end of the year I will have my consumer debt paid off and an extra $500 extra on my Mortgage and $2000-3000 in investments. 2012 will be a very profitable year!

- Darin Johnson

January 4 2012
David- About 7 years ago I purchased Smart Couples Finish Rich. At the time I just got married and was doing my best to get our finances in order. I’ve always been a saver, but your words gave me the added drive and focus I needed to meet my #1 financial goal of home ownership. I remember being blown away the first time I read about how the #1 financial mistake couples make is having a 30 year mortgage. At the time all of our friends were buying homes. But instead of taking the mortgage debt plunge we decided to wait and save instead. It was hard at first being one of the few people who were still renting. But in the end it paid off huge. After five years of very disciplined saving my wife and I purchased our first home. We paid a big down payment on the house so we would have a small monthly mortgage payment. In fact our mortgage payment now is half of what we were paying to rent! Not only that, but we still got a great price for the home (post housing crash), a great rate, and a first time homebuyers credit from Uncle Sam. After we purchased the home we took our savings and started making some big additional principle payments on the home. It’s absolutely amazing what we’re saving in interest! In less than 2 years we took our 30 year mortgage down to 6 years. Now we’re at the point where we could easily pay off the mortgage with plenty of funds still left in our emergency reserve. But we’re going to wait just because of tax purposes and amazingly low amortization rates. I’m 33 years old and I’m proud to say that I could flat out own my house free and clear tomorrow if I wanted to. Thank you for your advice. I know it ended up saving me tens of thousands of dollars. More than that I have a great home for my wife and two daughters. You’re right, debt-free home ownership is a goal worth striving for.

Nick Foerster
Madison, WI

- Nick Foerster

January 3 2012
Hi David,

I am 31 now and until last year I havent done anything to develop a nest egg or additional savings. In Germany, you have to do your own private saving as the compulsory retirement savings account for everybody isnt enough. After reading your books I started to pay myself every month with money going to a special account. Also I got the German version of a Roth IRA and a stock investment plan to which I automatically contribute. Plus I downsized my personal consumption by growing my own food, not eating out anymore and getting rid of useless stuff I own at ebay. Thanks to all this I was able to buy finally a decent car to get to work, pay down 6000 Euros in student loan and develop a little emergency fund of 1000 EUR! Thank you!

- Martin Pohle

January 3 2012
Dear Mr. Bach,

I want to thank you for writing your books. As with all creative endeavors, I am sure you felt uncertainty as you began. I am so glad you set aside that uncertainty and wrote anyway! You have made an enormous difference in my life. I came across "The Automatic Millionaire" at the library book sale. Some generous soul was parting with it and thank goodness. You see, I am an artist, and I have a wonderful daughter who was born 4 months early. Although very bright, she will always struggle in this life so my prospects to go out and earn a living have been curtailed. Paintings don't always sell, so by the time I found your book I was feeling pretty concerned about the future. Thanks to you I have a ROTH, and I set up a recurring contribution through Those two actions improved my life immediately, in the way I felt about myself and the future. In fact, I was so excited about this book I gave it to one of the young ladies who works at Panera as I was saying farewell to my latte factor. I hope she uses it and shares it with all of her friends.

Then, I found "Start Late and Finish Rich"...and now I am filled with hope and excitement. You have shown me many ways in which we can not only survive, but actually get rich and dare to dream! When I read about REIT's, I immediately went to my financial advisor and had my Roth purchase a share in one. Rebalancing will come later, but now I have all the three pieces of the pie in place. At nearly 50 I am indeed starting late but you threw me a lifeline and I'm grabbing it.

Thank you!

Melissa Pierson

- Melissa  Pierson

January 3 2012
Dear David,

Once you have lived in the country, it is difficult to return and live within the boundaries of city life. But live in the city we did for many years, caught the trappings that seem so unimportant now. Leanne, my wife, grew up in Budgeree – a glorious place of rolling grassy hills that in the closing decades of the the 19th century was cleared and carried dairy cattle, and is now home to an eclectic mix of dairy and beef herds, market and hobby farmers, and simply those seeking a quieter life. She left for city to study teaching in her late teens, but home was never far away. A two-hour drive would see her at the kitchen table of her parents, with coffee in hand, catching up on the local news.

I had but fleeting experiences of the country compared with Leanne, but those experiences have stayed with me to this day. Most memorable were pineapple farms, friendly people that would treat you as one of their extended family, bare feet, and living most of the day outside made me feel as though I was truly home.

This feeling of wanting to return the country grew inside Leanne and I up to the point where we were unable to ignore it anymore. We wanted to reconnect with nature, with each other and to live a life more simple. This is our story of success.

In moving to the country, we have totally changed our life and our thinking. We self-built our family home using sustainable materials. We invested in sustainable energy systems (wind and solar), and solar hot water that heats our home (boosted by a wood fired boiler) - all costing less than connecting to the electricity grid. Consequently, we have no energy bills other than fuel to run a backup generator. Life is simpler. We spend a lot of time in the fresh air outside, tending to the garden, planting trees, or exploring the natural wonders of our local area. Living 30 minutes out of town means that we need to plan our shopping in advance and ultimately save money in the process. Leanne and I have found jobs close to home and although our collective take home pay has dropped by 25 percent, we have more money in the bank than we ever had. Our children catch the bus at our front gate, instead of us driving them 15 minutes each way to get to school. We keep a brood of hens, and they feast on our food scraps each night. Hens are easy to keep and provide an abundant supply of eggs. The land around us gives opportunity for growing our own vegetables, fruit and herbs. We are at the very start of this journey and have so much more to do.

The list of benefits of living closer to nature is endless - the list of opportunities even greater. It’s a choice that has brought abundance into our lives and for that I am eternally grateful.

Luke Potter

- Luke  Potter

December 13 2011

I read Automatic Millionaire after graduating university, and incorporated it with brilliant results! I'd paid off some $20,000 in student loans inside of two years!

For some reason though, after the student loans, I stopped with your system. But I recently bought Debt Free For Life, and I'm inspired once more!

One huge breakthrough for me came when I tracked all my purchases in Quicken for a few months. I was able to identify all my hidden bills, like bank fees, that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise but were draining my accounts just as much.

I then automated it so half of all my bills would be transferred to another account every paycheck. That way, instead of having more bills in the last half of the month, and having to check the couch cushions and return my empties, it's a constant load throughout the month!

David. Thank you.

-Phil Boycott

- Philip Boycott

November 23 2011
Today is 11-11-11 and I have just completed your book, The Automatic Millionaire. I am in my late twenties and my fiance is in his early thirties...there couldn't have been the more perfect time for all this knowledge. We are purchasing a home, debt free and ready to build a future for ourselves and future children.

Thank you!!

- Jennifer Collura

November 23 2011
I just completed my Latte Factor Challenge and wanted to share my experience in hopes of winning a free mug to enjoy my Latte's at HOME!

Well, real simple and plain, basically my Latte Factor was wrapped up in eating out EVERYDAY and a bunch of other things like a Sprite from the gas station, that ice cream cone or a random end cap item at WalMart that caught my attention on the way out (which I didn't intend on buying when I went in).

My Latte Factor monthly number is approximately: $157.63 ($160)

I didn't intend on coming up with a number so high but I truly can cut back on my spending this much or more on nonsensical things.

Thanks a million for helping me to realize this!


- Jerome James

November 23 2011
Well I wish I had a Great start to my Story. But Unfortunately everything is not going as planned in the past year. It's Okay. Obstacles are opportunities, and that's how I will continue to look at things until I notice God working for me which I plan on working for him* I was hanging out with the wrong "friends" and found myself in trouble twice too many times. I actually read your book while I was in CCNO jail serving some time. I truly Thank God I did not hurt anyone. While in there I read your book, before I went in I had started my business plan I was attending college for Business Management, to be an enterperneaur and I waitress Full-time. My goal and Dream "Living or Existing" is my business plan which will help people be healthy and happy and I cannot wait to get it started. So, when I saw your book I knew it was a must read! I really liked the Latte Factor. I never really considered all the little things I had been spending my money on, money which I could start saving. Also, how you mentioned if your not owning a home then your paying the land lord money that could be going towards my future! Also with the helpful self- employed tips that A can consider once I get my business rolling. I took a bunch of notes from your book " The Automatic Millionaire". Unfortunately, the day I was getting out my Dad Passed away and that was truly heartbreaking to me. But also very expensive. I will not let this hold me down though as soon as I get back on my feet and continue taking care of business I plan on applying many of the smart ideas you had in your book to my daily life and I cannot wait to see the changes for a better.... Thank you again for taking time out to write a book that will help anyone if they just take the time to accept the knowledge and read it. :) God Bless you* Alexia

- Alexia J

November 23 2011
Dear David,

I read your free copy of Start over, Finish Rich. My latte factor was $5.00 per day. I started automating my bills. I also went on my state treasurer website and found money from dividends I forgot to put on reinvestment. Thank You. I will continue reading your books.

- H oneale

November 9 2011
My story begins in December of 2009. I was charging when I wanted something, then it evolved to charging when I ran out of money…until it evolved to the point of getting a paycheck, paying my bills (minimum payments only) and not having enough money left to live on until the next payday. I felt as if I was in a state of perpetual broke-ness! NO FUN! A 41 year old with a decent job should not be living like that. I realized that I was behaving like a petulant child who felt like she deserved to have what she wanted right now, buy now – pay later. I realized that I was making my present life very stressful and killing my future. I realized (finally) that “treating” myself to some shopping, was not treating myself at all! I changed the way I was thinking about my situation….I had gotten myself into it and could get myself out of it. I recalled the Oprah’s Debt Diet. I’d diligently watched every week, taking notes, seeing families that were in way worse shape than myself slowly work their way out AND see that they had a future with retirement savings! At the time of the show, I was in denial, (I felt that as long as I could still pay my bills, then I was ok – ha), but it all came back to me when I realized NOW is the time to change my habits.

I decided that for the entire year of 2010, I would not charge and I needed to do monthly updates on Facebook to keep myself accountable.

I started my journey with $27,440 in CREDIT CARD DEBT. The two things I had going for me was that I have never been late on a payment in my life, so my FICO was decent at 733 and all of my credit cards have LOW interest rates (all under 10.25%). I had 5 credit cards and have DOLP’d two. The remaining ones I call my three kids – AmEx, Citi, and WF Visa – they are big. My lowest credit card is the American Express at $3200, then after that is the Citi Visa at $5900, and then the Wells Fargo Visa at $12645.00.

Each month, I gave a status update about how I was still charge-free, how much I had paid down on the cards ”kids”, and how much total paid on debt (including house and car)...part way into the year I got into investments! I had a Fidelity IRA and rolled it into a WellsTrade account and picked some stocks. I started with $29,778.00 in that account and it is now up to almost $36,000 as of today. I also have 401K that I max out. By then end of the year, I’d whittled away $4,600 in credit card debt. I have kept going with my fiscal frugalness 2011 and have paid of another $1,400. Due to large vet bills during 8 months of this year, my progress was hindered, but now I am back on track.

Progress on my debt free lifestyle is slow, but I know I will get there. I am very serious about this and am proud of my progress. I thank you for showing me way back on Oprah’s Debt Diet that even the worst cases have hope! After hearing you speak last night I now see that I need to research my investments in my 401k and understand them better. I also need to do the folder system to be better organized.

Thank you for coming to Des Moines!! I am so glad I met you in person. Here is the picture that was taken last night. It seems a little hazy for some reason. Maybe the picture from your camera turned out better. I’ll email you again down the road to let you know when I have become DEBT FREE!!

- Jennifer Hampton

October 20 2011
David, I wanted to let you know I have been listening to your books on cd on my way to work. I was so inspired. I wrote down the websites to check for unclaimed money on the weekend, when I am off. I really didn't think I would actually receive any. The form asked for proof that the account was mine. No info was provided about the account. Some I had taken the time to print the forms and had started filling them in before I realized account proof was needed, I filled in what I could and mailed it. I didn't think anymore about it. About a month later I received a check in the mail for $801. I was quite surprised. I have decided to put the money in my Start Late Finish Rich ROTH IRA. Thank you!

- Twila McClure

September 14 2011
Hi David,

My name is Tracy from NY. I just finished reading your book fight for your money. When I saw this in the library I just knew I had to read it. I am the type for person that's always looking to save and fight for money whenever I need to. I am so happy that I did, I learned so much from this book. I told my friends how great it is and we actually bought a copy each because it's such a great book to have as a reference. When I read the section on TV and Phone that was a personal experience I dealt with. I totally agree with you cable TV is truly a joke. My family had Cable vision for several years and I tried several times to convinced them that it was not worth the money we are paying. Finally, last year I did the calculations showing how much money we were wasting, and we canceled our bundled service and only kept the internet and added Netflix. So from pay $200+ a month now we are pay $58 for internet and Netflix and I never been happier paying the bill until that change was made. I feel like we are getting what we are paying and enjoying the services as well. After reading Fight For Your Money it inspired me to fight for my money even harder. I also read the Automatic Millionaire, loved that book as well. Next on my list is Smart Women Finish Rich. I want to thank you so much for writing this book, it is truly a great help for anyone looking to help themselves for the better. I love the way it's written, you not only showed us the problems but also the solutions and where to look for help.

Once again thank you for writing inspirational books.


- Tracy  Forbs

September 12 2011
Hi David

I was at the library yesterday to pick up a computer book when I saw your book on the shelf. I think the book just came in yesterday at the library. I went over the last chapter of the book and just out of curiosity searched the website with my name. GUESS WHAT. Surprisingly my name showed up. It turned out that I bought some shares of a company in 2002 and totally forgot about it. The finance company was unable to contact me since my address got changed. I just talked to the Department of Treasury, Unclaimed Property Division and they will be mailing the check (around $2000.00) in next 30 days.

Thanks a ton for the book.

Muks (MI)

- Mukul Mitra

September 12 2011
Hi David Bach,
I go by the name of Lucy Kariuki,from Kenya,Nairobi area. Your book Smart Women Finish Rich has really blessed my life. I am wiser, you caused me to dream again, my dreams are now measurable, and specific and I must attain them. I have to say I never liked finance in campus but you took it and made it look simple yet profound. When I finished reading it I prayed that God will truly add into your life, like you did to mine. Thank you so much and the 12 commandments for attracting greater wealth?! Wow!!!!!!

- Lucy Kariuki

August 30 2011
Hi David!
I read Debt Free For Life and followed your directions for getting my rate lowered on my credit cards. I called Sears and followed your steps and got my rate reduced from 25.24 to 19.24%. I also signed up for DebtWise and I am so looking forward to getting out of debt! Thank you for your wonderful advice!
Karen Hastings

- Karen Hastings

August 30 2011
Dear David,

We have definitely been in a good place, a lovely house in a pretty neighborhood. A holiday every year. But after our business went belly up, we went broke. I saw the other side of life. Hardly able to buy groceries for my family. Heartbreaking. We decided to sell our family home to pay the looming debt and now we are in a more balanced place. We are 40, renting a nice house, in a nice neighborhood. But we are debt free. I am writing to tell you two things..
Today I started your book, Start Late, Finish Rich. Very excited to start looking ahead again, instead of being weighed down by the past. I will let you know how it works out for us!
The other reason is, while we were getting on our feet I went to work at Starbucks. (great company by the way!) I can't tell you how many people charge their purchases! I would cringe when I would see someone charge their vente latte and muffin every day, 5 days a week! That is a huge 'Latte Factor'!!
My mantra now is, if we can't pay cash, we don't do it. Nothing is charged. I think I'm the only one of our friends that wasn't in debt after Christmas, and paid cash this year for a trip to Disneyland.
Today I start our journey to save for our future, thank you for the inspiration!
Kind Regards,
Christine Musgrave
Vancouver Canada

- Christine Musgrave

August 30 2011
David, Just picked up your book while browsing at the bookstore and enjoyed it! I made the commitment to get out of debt by the time I turn 45...which gives me 3 years. Reading your book made me feel good that I am on the right track; however you also provided additional tips that I am now trying out to make my goals occur sooner. I plan on keeping this book for my son to read when he is older (He's only 7.) I will do whatever I can to make sure that he does not get overwhelmed with debt as I did. My parents were unable to be the best role models for me at times and I find myself now providing them with about $200 a month to help them. I know this is money that I could be using to pay down my debt, but they are my parents. I am just doing what I can (and busting my butt to do it!) so that my son will never have to feel what I have gove through the last 15 years. I want to be a better role model for him...insisting that I am paying in cash and I explain to him why. Thank you for keeping me on track! I am excited to read your additiional books.

- Lisa Draper

June 22 2011
Hello, I'm not sure if this is a success story or not, but I purchased your book a few years ago and only read a few chapters, but was inspired then. I entered the gov't after retiring from the military in 2006. I contributed towards my TSP when I first signed on, but did not contribute the max until I read your book. I'm happy to say that in such a short time of contributing to my TSP since 2006, I have just short of $100k and I'm not due to retire from the federal gov't until 2027. I'm currently credit card debt free, but I do have two car notes that I'm working hard at paying off. Your book is so basic and to the point about how to become wealthy that this should be taught in high schools across the country. Thank you so much and I do plan on giving updates with my progress.

- Angelo Jones

June 6 2011
I read Smart Women Finish Rich and Smart Couples Finish Rich several years ago, unfortunately I didn't follow them. I loved the books and wanted to do them. However now I don't have much choice. I have mounting debt between a student loan, and other small debts that might be reaching the statue of limitations but I'm also now a divorced mother of two and Iraq veteran who doesn't make very much regardless of my software engineering degree.

So I will be starting immediately and slowly putting away as much as I can in savings no matter how small the contribution will be. Don't know when I'll start paying off debt but at least I'll be paying myself first. And eliminating my latte factor of Diet Coke. Plus teaching my kids to be more financially responsible than I was.

- Angela Kloss

June 6 2011

I just wanted to let you know that when I watched your interview with baker @ man vs debt at the beginning of April, I had just been told by Sallie Mae that I needed a co-signer in order to get a loan to go back to school – even though I’m 26 and had a solid credit score of 716 and I’ve worked for the same company for 6 and a half years. I watched the interview and checked out the equifax debt wise tool, which I’ve been using ever since. The tool REALLY puts things in perspective and I was able to make some adjustments and pay off ALL of my credit cards leaving just the previous student loan debt and car loan debt. I am happy to say that today’s (may 17 – just one month after beginning to use debt wise) updated score is 764!!!! And thats not even including the $1000 I paid down on my car loan and the balance increase I got on one of my cards tilting the debt to credit ratio even further in my favor! Equifax now rates me as having EXCELLENT credit and only a 4% risk for loan default – greatly improving my chances of getting a loan to go back to school next fall (premed!) Thank you so much for posting the interview, it has made such a difference for me!

- Liss Hyde

April 1 2011

I just want to thank you for your latest book! It has been a life changer. I have implemented many of the techniques from your book. I have automated my bills and my savings. I already had the 401K automated, but I bumped up my contribution to 10%.

I am using DebtWise and the Credit Protection. It has been about a month and I used my tax return to pay off my car loan and I have reduced the first credit card to the point where it will be paid off in two months. Then on to the next one!

Your simple techniques are already making a significant differnce in my life.

The only thing I was not able to do, was to get the credit card companies to reduce my interest rate, but I will keep trying.


- Chris Brindamour

March 22 2011
Dear David,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

My mom taught me “cut your coat according to your cloth.”

You showed me how to do it.
I don’t have Latte Factor thanks to you,
I don’t have a credit card debt thanks to you,
I never stopped investing in the recession market even my investment value became 1/3rd. Everyone called me fool but I never stopped. Thanks to you
Your books made me survive laid off, cancellation of job contract, unemployment for the last 5-years. Today March 2011 I am reading your book Start Over Finish Rich 10 Steps to get……..2010. Cheering myself. Thinking how well you trained me. Thank you.

Last but not the least please please keep on writing.
You are the source of inspiration, courage, and strength for people like me.
Your writing always telling me there is a light at the end of the long dark tunnel.


- Durre Jabeen

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