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August 5 2005
I have read your book 'The Automatic Millionaire' (Canadian edition) and found it to be quite an easy read. A lot of the solutions are quite simple, however I was not acting on them. Yes, I am one of those 2 out of 5 people with $3000.00 credit card debt. I have taken a few steps since reading your book. I have started an RRSP (albeit a small amount) each month, but it feels like I am taking control back of my life. My next step will be to take into account my latte factor. I am almost scared of looking at those facts beacause i know what it is going to show me. Regardless, I am determined to change my life for the better.

Thanks David,

- Ronald F.

August 5 2005

Actually, my "Latte Factor" is how I came to own your book "Start Late, Finish Rich". Renewed my membership w/ANOTHER book club (as my husband growled about this "addiction" to books) & was pretty upset when, instead of the book I'd ordered - I found this one in the box. I even called the book club to complain & they told me to "keep it, give it away, whatever". Funny thing is? IT'S THE ONLY BOOK IN THE ENTIRE BOX THAT I'VE READ... actually read TWICE, in four days! It's now on the way to Chicago, to my youngest son who's psyched to read/live it.I've ordered another for my other son as well as talking you up to every other person I meet! In the meantime, I've borrowed "Smart Women Finish Rich" from the library. I'm more than half way through it & have at least 3 dear friends in mind who would benefit richly from this knowledge.

David, I'm sure you must hear this all the time, but you have literally changed my life! I was never one to pay any attention to finances, other than trying to stay ahead of my own debts. Since finding your guidance, I've been so excited about consolidating debts, moving my savings around to higher interest bearing accounts, and soon seeing a sizable return for the hardwork I do each day. With your help, I'm sure my family can achieve the financial freedom that everyone strives for.

You're an incredibly real writer with a talent for touching the soul of your reader. It's wonderful that you've found your calling...for you, for those of us who can breathe easier because of what you've taught us.

Thank you so much,

- Rosemary C.

August 5 2005
Dear David,
When i picked up your book several years ago I was a twenty something making pretty decent money and wasting virtually all of it. Mired in credit card debt, the thought of a retirement account and savings was laughable. After reading your book, my life completely changed. I always thought it was so cliche when people would say stuff like that but believe me, its true for me. Thanks to your expert advice through the Smart Women Finish Rich book, I have made a complete turn around. I went after a job making more money to start with. Then I made the goal list and posted it where I could see it every day. I made eliminating credit card debt a personal motto and wrote the last check for them today. I bought a Roth IRA last week and have set goals for my savings account. The biggest thing i want to thank you for is control. I am not very good with numbers and all of those things just frightened me before--it was simply ignorance. Once I started researching what I needed to know, it was so simple. I can not thank you enough for the change you made in my life. My goal is to retire with a million and with some good planning, and my financial advisor said it's totally within my reach. By the way, I only make 40,000 a year so if you share this with others remind them that it's not how much you make. You can create real wealth on very few dollars a day and I am living proof. I don't always do everything right and i still spend a little crazy sometimes but the point is I took control and in the end, I will be winning.

Thanks again,

- Kelly E.

July 29 2005
I wanted to let you know about my personal success with the latte factor. We used to go out to eat 3-4 times a week- $105/week. This took a lot of time to cut down on, but I realized we were spending nearly $5500/year to eat at restaurants and another $100/ week at the grocery store because I was too tired to think of and cook meals each night. Now I sit down each saturday morning and make a meal plan for the week, run to the grocery store and can feed my family of four breakfast, lunch (we bring it to work)and dinner for seven days for about $80 per week because I just look at the week's plan and know I have everything I need to make dinner that night.

Although it takes an extra 10 minutes once a week, it's all automatic every night. No more wasted food and money. Because of this and a few other things I have looked at in our spending we are able to afford a nice home in a good school district (that has gone up in value over $50K in less than a year), take annual vacations, save in a 401K, IRA, money market, and two 529's. We have no credit card debt. I now look forward to our future instead of dreading it.

- Julia H.

July 29 2005
I just discovered through using your calculators that I can retire a millionaire in just 25 years by contributing 10% of my income pre-tax which my employer matches 50% at an annual rate of return of just 10%. I'm 38 and I can do it on my present income!

Thanks David!

- Christy W.

July 29 2005
Mr. Bach,

I first was tipped off about your book, Smart Women Finish Rich, by a male dental resident this past July 4th weekend, when my wisdom teeth were giving me problems. His wife had made him read it, and he insisted that I find it and absorb every word. Well, since then I have, and I gained a great deal of knowledge about money! Being a 19-year-old college sophomore, I felt very ignorant, and knew that I had better learn quickly, so the book recommendation could not have come at a better time. Instead of buying that Chanel quilted bag, I'm going for my first payment to a Roth IRA by the end of the summer, and plan on putting the rest of the money I have set aside to invest in a money market account until I figure out which mutual fund I'd like to invest in.

Your book has also inspired me to stick to my goal of starting a Women's Center on my college's campus. It is something that is necessary on so many levels, and finance is just one more thing we can help women my age become more aware of!!

Thanks so much for everything you've taught me, and maybe, when my idea gets off the ground, I can rope you into making an appearance!

Take care,

- Alli Booth

July 29 2005
Greetings David,
Just wanted to tell you that your book "Automatic Millionaire" was excellent. I finished it in a few hours and immediately opened an account with ING Direct - this account will be for my emergency fund. When I opened the account a few weeks ago, the rate was 3%. I received an email from ING Direct stating that they have raised the rate to 3.15% (what a blessing). I used to receive offers in the mail from ING, but always threw them away. I am now saving 10% of my salary in that account. Thank you for your sound and practical advice.

- Renee J.

July 22 2005
Hi David,

When I first read your book about 11 months ago I was almost $40,000.00 in credit card debt and was paying an average of 17% interest. Part of this was done by renegotiating the interest rate and the rest was done by taking avantage of the special offers that the credit card companies sent us. I now have less then $16,000 left and my interest rate averages less then 1%. We also refinanced our home and went from a 30 year to a 15 year mortgage and are paying the same amount. We also pay an additional amount toward the principal each month and will have our home paid off in 11 years.

- Ted Fall

July 22 2005
I was absolutely blown away by the discovery of my wasteful spending eating dinner out after work. I am ashamed to say I highlighted over $600 in restaurant debits on my bank statement. My husband and I are newlyweds with no kids, and have no desire to cook after a long day of working and sitting in traffic. We decided to sit down and plan out a weekly menu so that we know what to expect when we come home, and won't have that temptation to buy a meal out. I was amazed when my groceries for the week totaled only $52 (considering that is one restaurant meal for us). I now pack our lunches and plan breakfast and dinner.

We will save hundreds of dollars doing this and it feels great coming together to find a solution.

Thanks so much!

- Jami Price

July 22 2005
Dear David,

Youíre the best thing that ever happened to me! My life has been consumed by credit card for almost 6 years now. I was divorced in 1999 and went to one income of $35,000 and being a single mother. I agreed to settle for $40,000 in credit card debt and a car loan of $8,000 just to avoid further legal fees. Everyone told me to file bankruptcy since the cost of living in New Jersey is outrageous, but Iím happy to say that I didnít. And very proud too. I spent 4 years trying to research financial books etc to find a way to get out of debt, learn about investing and saving, etc. I found it difficult to understand and frustrating since there was never enough left after making all my monthly minimum payments. But, I just kept persisting away. After I paid one card off, I would close it, cut it up and cheer. Then would send that payment to another card etc, but quite frankly, I wasnít saving a penny. So, if a rainy day or emergency came, boom, back to the use of my credit cards. A lose-lose situation for me, win-win for the credit companies. I had a full time job and decided to work 4-5 nights also for 3 1/2 years for tips. I figured cash was quicker. With every penny I made I went to the department store and paid the credit card down. Every birthday check and income tax check also went directly to my credit cards. I felt like that was all I was living for and it was very depressing. Especially always saying no to my daughter for things. Well, when I saw you on Oprah I stopped in my tracks. Quite frankly, I just happened to get done work early that day for no apparent reason and flipped to her show. I just listened to you in awe. Especially the other folks you had on and I finally felt like I wasnít the only one in debt. Nobody I know talks about money unless they have tons of it. When the show went off, I called my best friends and told them about you. I drove to the store and bought automatic millionaire. I only put it down to sleep a few hours that night. I finished it the next day. I felt so refreshed. I just knew I could do this. It was so easy to understand. I set up my latte factor sheet for the week, I set up a DOLP schedule and I called and lowered my interest rates too. Not everyone was nice so I closed their accounts. For once I felt good about working toward my goal of no credit card debt and I went at it with enthusiasm. I won! As of June 29, 2005 I officially made my last credit card payment and was thrilled to call the company and close my account. I cut the card up into as many pieces as I could and was dancing around crying in pure joy! It seemed like it took an eternity, but I did it! Yeah! I actually felt like I lost 100 pounds. I used to be up at night crying over my debt. Not any more and I go out of my way to make sure the one card I have left maintains no balance ever again. It stays at home strictly for emergency purposes. Iím also proud to say that Iíve set up an account with Ing Direct, which I never heard of till you, and am saving automatically a little each week from my paycheck. Thatís awesome! And I have opened my 401K at work and was putting in 7%, but we got a raise last week of 3%, so I increased it to 10%! I love it! Now, Iíve read your start late finish rich book too, since Iím almost 30. Iím working on my next goal of buying a condo for my daughter and I. She loves your site and goes to every link you give for kids and cash. Weíre still packing our lunches, eating at home, working overtime as much as I can, and always finding free, but fun activities to do at libraries and through our community too. I feel like I have a whole new outlook on life.

David, youíve given me gifts I never knew I had. Iíve accomplished a huge goal, found happiness, control over my life again, power in myself, and determination again. Being a single mom with those great characteristics will only help my daughter to achieve much in her life too. So, youíve touched us both.

Thanks again and God Bless you! Youíre the best! And thanks for taking time to help others!

- Dawn K.

July 22 2005
Continued from my previous submission:

What I really wanted to tell you is how your chapter called Make More on Ebay has assisted me in advancing my corporate career. Currently, I work for a major insurance firm and almost everyone must start at an entry level position my education is in marketing and I really want a marketing position at the company. (I am doing this career until I start my own investment firm and become a financial advisor since you have inspired me to change gears!) Well my company is huge and it is hard to get positions and meet important people. As I was reading your chapter about ebay I was thinking I have always wanted to sell stuff on ebay but what? Well, I have a collection of baseball cards--at first I thought that would be perfect, but then I changed my mind because of time constraints and little knowledge or interest in baseball. Well I decided to sell the collection on our corporate classifieds website. Although it took a few weeks to sell the collection the experience has been priceless. I have met so many important people over these cards. As I was responding to inquirers about the cards I began learning about the company new projects and key players. I even had a director offer to spend some time with me going over a possible position in his department. I can not even begin to thank you enough for sharing your inspiration and knowledge, again I must say you are so AWESOME!

Thanks a million Mr. Bach! You're the greatest!

- Christina Vaughan

July 22 2005
David, I read your book "Start Late, Finish Rich" just at the right time...particularly the section on asking for a raise.

I work for a world-wide IT business as a supervisor. My background is in application development and management, and my job was managing a team of application developers and an escalated support helpdesk for a major account. My salary at that time was $76,000.

Recently I was approached by my director about taking a position in another group as the manager of engineering... a technical area where I felt completely unqualified. I told my director about my reservations, said that I would consider the offer, and would let her know my decision soon.

At that time, I was reading your book, and decided it was time to go for the challenge. Since the new job was the same level as the old job, my director had hinted that I would move laterally without a raise.

I waited about a week to give my answer, and when I did, it was in writing. I said that although I felt unqualified for the technical aspects of the job, I have excellent skills as a project and people manager. I agreed to take the job only if I received an accompanying promotion and pay raise.

Imagine my surprise when I received a resounding "yes" as my answer, and also a $10,700 pay raise! I was completely floored!

The real success in this story is that, also because of your book, I immediately maxed out my 401K plan with my raise, and still had money left over to contribute "catch-up dollars" to it also. I can already tell a big difference.

I was also carrying credit card debt on several cards, most of which had 12% interest rates, and one was 18%. I used your advice and researched competitive rates on the internet, and was able to get 2 of my interest rates down below 4%. I then consolidated all my cards onto those two. Using the DOLP process, I am working on paying off one card, and will start on the last one next. This really works!

David, thank you for giving such common sense advice that has changed my financial future. Your book has a permanent home on my desk!

- D. Latham

July 22 2005
Thanks a million for writing all your books! My husband and I are always proud tell others that we have never had a disagreement about finances. But reading your book made us have an even more in-depth conversation about the values and goals that money has for each of us. After reading "Smart Couples Finish Rich", we are now living by our values. We are proud to say that we've made the following accomplishments in the past two years:

-bought a house... with a very reasonable mortgage.

-I am currently putting over $120.00 into a Deferred Comp account automatically every month

-My husband contributes 7% into his 401K automatically and plans to raise that to 10% eventually.

-We both have opened up Roths that we make contributions to.

-We have a few stocks that we continue to buy shares of periodically

-We are putting money into a money market automatically every month in order to accumulate 3-months worth of wages

-We put money into a savings acct automatically every month to save up for vacations, so that we never have to touch a credit card

-We've paid off our cars

-Paid off one student loan

-We have no credit card debt

-I joined a reasonably priced gym because I "valued" health, but I wasn't completely living by this value

-We bought additional life insurance and made a Will because we have a beautiful 1 year old daughter now!

And the list goes on. I feel so good about our financial future. We are both now 30 years old, so we will continue to increase contributions to all our accounts as we get older. I know that if an emergency happened with our health or our house, I now know what our financial picture looks like! Thank you so much.

- A. West

July 22 2005
I read your book the Automatic Millionaire, when I was nearly 5000 dollars in credit card debt, had no saving. I even had to borrow money from my very small 401k.

Thanks to your book I started changing my spending habits and paying off me credit card debt. I now have less than 900 dollars on my last credit card, 9600 in my 401k, and paid off my loan early, and I have 3900 in a savings account with ING direct.

I know try to get other people to read your book or at least follow a few of the ideas in your books.

Thanks again.

- Phil Satterfield

July 15 2005
David, I am very inspired by the Automatic Millionaire. My wife who worked hard to earn a MPA has a chronic debilitating disease and can't work. So I support my family of five on less than $40K a year working in my families business. Yet with the encouargement I have recieved by listening to the book we have decided to come up with the money to pay off credit cards in about 5 yrs, put away for a "rainy day" (which may come sooner than we thought since we just found out our infant son may have cancer), retirement and get the house paid off as fast as possible. I can't afford much money now but it is better than putting away nothing and doing nothing with the couple of thousand we now have in a mutual fund. My young family will get through these hard times with a little faith and some fantastic finacial guidance from you. Thank You so much for not being a rip off and offering real solutions to saving money for the future that are easy to follow. This was the first finacial book I have ever purchased and I am glad I did. I am 33 with little savings but if all goes well I think I can retire in 17 to 22 years and live a very comfortable life thanks to you.

- Shawn Woodrow

July 15 2005
I just figured out my Latte Factor -

I have a good job (~100K per year), I put $500 per month into RRSP and 10% of my net into a high interest savings account for emergenices (I haven't had a real emergency yet). I have no credit card debt as I pay off the cards every month. I thought I wasn't doing too bad, until I read Start Late, Finish Rich. I realized that just because I didn't have any debt, didn't mean that I was on the right track for Finishing Rich.

After reading the book, I stopped purchasing bottle water that I drank by the caseload weekly. I stopped the excessive credit card spending. I started putting $1000. per month into my RRSP. I have a plan to work up to $1500. per month. I started putting 10% of my gross into my emergency fund.

Thank you so much for the good read and advice.

- Mimi Drabit

July 15 2005
Dear Dave: Thanks for the roadmap to success. I am 58, married with 3 children including mid teens still at home. I read your Start Late Finish Rich this spring and would like to share the following. Last year I earned an extra $18,000 and spent it all plus an additional $11,000 on my line of credit. It was a year of new vehicles, trips, house renovations, and RRSP contribution . . . spend, spend, spend. When my wife and I looked back, we couldn't believe how much money we had gone through and then I read your book. First item on the latte factor to go was newspapers for $475 a year because in reality I was reading most of the same news items on the net. Next was cutting weekend spending money in 1/2 for a further $2500 a year. Finally, we just stopped meeting everyone's wants rather than their needs. Being self employed I always considered everything I made as paying myself but I see now I was wrong. Since we setup your system 10 weeks ago we have paid ourselves over $2200 into a savings account, put an additional $2200 into my RRSP, reduced the L of C by $1000, have the credit card paid off and reduced my tax payments by 5%. It was really quite easy . . . we just had to stop spending. Your book helped us see clearly how to enjoy life blessings and still get ahead. My only disappointment is that I didn't read it and follow it 20 years ago. Thanks again.

PS Although I didn't follow it myself before, I have always encouraged my children to bank at least 10% of everything they earn. The result was that my oldest son graduated from 3 years at college with minimum debt (paid off with first 2 paycheques) and at 24 is now position to use your leverage, buy, live, rent method to purchase a house in the red hot Toronto housing market.

- E. W. Van Sickle

July 15 2005
David, it was great to meet you today in Costa Mesa. You signed my book and I told you I would let you know all of the things I have done. I realized that before reading Smart Women, and listening to the Automatic Millionaire CD's, I was automatically paying myself about 7%, but that is going to change.

1. A few months ago, I lowered my interest rate on my American Express card to 10%.

2. I called Visa today and they lowered my rate from 15% to 11%

3. I am a state employee so I already have an automatic retirement account, but I also have a 401k. Last week I increased my contribution by about 30% and I called a financial advisor to get advice on what different allocations I should make.

4. I own my own home so I am going to pay one extra house payment a year.

5. I already had an automatic payroll deduction to ING Direct which I'm using solely for real estate investments, I am going to increase that before the end of the year. I also have automatic payroll deductions for my niece and nephews' college accounts, I'm going to increase that each year.

6. I have one IRA account of $2,000. I called my fin. advisor and we are going to invest it differently since it's made basically NOTHING!

7. I have been investing in real estate the past 3 years, I own or co-own several single family houses, and I just purchased a few multi-units (all out of state of course since it's hard to get cash flow here in Cal.), I plan on increasing my real estate portfolio.

8. I already give my time and money to charity, however, my main goal in making more money is to start my own foundation, so in the next few years I hope to do that.

- Cindy Lopez

July 15 2005
After seeing you on an "Oprah, After the Show" I purchased an audio version of your book and downloaded it to my iPod, technology is wonderful! I'm almost finished with it and you've opened my eyes to a whole new world of financial freedom. You helped me to realize that the amounts I was already saving and putting into a 401k were pretty good, but showed me how to do more. You finally, once and for all, taught me what Roth IRA's were and the differences between them. I am well on my way to becoming the Automatic Millionaire by retirement, and maybe even an early one at that. I'm even considering going back to school to become a financial planner myself. I love the stuff! Thank you.

- Scott Morwitz

July 15 2005
My name is Mary. I just finished reading two of your books, both of which a friend recommended that I read, "Smart Women Finish Rich" and "The Automatic Millionaire". I feel SO enlightened. I came in to work this morning, thanks to the Automatic Millionaire, and contacted HR to change my retirement deduction from 10% to 21%! I just started this job, after 2 years working part-time, and, since I survived financially for the last 2 years on a part-time salary, I can sure afford to up the payroll deduction now that I'm working full-time. Just think of the tax benefits besides! I'm going to share the "Smart Women Finish Rich" book with my 17-year-old niece. She's smart. She'll do well thanks to the concepts in David's books!

- Mary Rudzinski

July 15 2005
I first heard about David and the Automatic Millionare on Oprah. I was excited to read that i could learn how to save and become finacialy stable for retirement. But somewhat uncertian how I could completly accomplish this I decided to take David's online coaching program and so glad i did. I not only learned what i needed to do but also that i was on the right track. I started paying myself first and now have a 403b plan started at work and have maxed out that plan. My husband started a retirement plan at work saving 17%.I have paid off my credit cards,and now have a appointment to get my mortgage on biweekly plan that will save me seven thousand dollars. I started a Roth IRA and have six months of expenses in a savings account. I bought a rental property i am fixing up for extra income. And most of all i have a ease about the future knowing i will be finacially stable when retirement comes. I thank you David for being a great coach, motivator and teacher. Diana

- Diana Woodard

July 15 2005
Dear dear David, I hope calling you "dear" isn't disrespectful but you are dear to me. Here is my story. For months and months I tried to avoid you. You were everywhere, Channels 3, 5 and 8 and on CNN and Fox News. I didn't want to hear what you had to say because I knew you weren't talking to me. So why waste my time listening to a rich man talking to other rich men about how to become more rich? I was too poor, too female, too under educated, too under employed, too under paid and most importantly it was TOO LATE for me to finish rich so I searched for the remote every time I saw your face, heard your voice or saw the cover of one of your books. I did that everytime I saw you until I saw you on "GOOD DAY LIVE". On this day I tried but I could not turn away, turn your down, turn you off or hit mute. Why not? I couldn't find the remote. I rolled off the couch, saying not him again, crawled on the floor searching, searching, searching for the remote. I crawled to the t.v. prepared to manually turn you off when you spoke directly in my ear. You said, If you start late you can finish rich and I knew you were talking to ME. Instead of turning you down, I turned you UP! You got my attention but I still didn't act right away. Why not? Your book was never "in" at the library. I didn't think I could afford to buy it so what I did was read a page or two every time I went to the mall. It made a whole lot of sense but I didn't have the cents to purchase it. Then I had a bright idea. My birthday was coming up and your book is what I asked for. That's ALL I asked for.The good news is I got it. The bad news is I waited three days to read it. When I did read it, I read it in one sitting and it changed my life. OH MY GOD. I have read it three times since June 17 and I've read Smart Women and the Automatic Millionaire but Start Late is my baby. I went throught the woulda coulda shouldas not for all the years that I wasted, but for the months. All those opportunities I had to hear this wisdom was washed down the drain. I try to laugh but it isn't funny! You were following me and you finally caught up with me. Now here's the deal. I am still under employment and under paid but I am not under educated. I know what to do and I am slowly doing it. Now I look forward to seeing you on the T.V. I check my email everyday hoping you've sent a newsletter. I visit you website evertyday sometimes twice a day. I talk talk talk about finishing rich to anyone who wlll stand still long enough to listen. I am so serious about this that I would un-nerve Y-O-U. I plan to see you in Dayton in August.
I have a long way to go but I am on the road and you will hear from me again. I promise.

- Pauline Hill

July 14 2005
I had already read the "Automatic Millionaire" twice (after seeing David Back as a guest on Oprah last year) and started applying the principles to my finances at that time (so I had a head start). I am so pleased to have been allowed the opportunity to participate in this Coaching Program, as it was an eye-opening experience for me. I have found out how to curb the "high maintenance woman" inside of me, by approaching items that I purchase more methodically, rather than emotionally. I am 48 years old and not working outside of the home. My husband, 44, is our sole breadwinner. Last year, after watching Oprah, I decided to PAY MYSELF FIRST and started with $1,500 per month PLUS, 30% of my husband's salary. (His company doesn't offer a 401(k), so the monies taken were after tax). In about six month's time, I was able to save over $30,000!!! And because of that savings, I was able to help out my mom (terminally ill with lung cancer) pay some of her medical bills, and ward off literally being forced to "sell the farm". In addition, we have been able to put the maximum allowed into our IRA's for the year 2005; and have no credit card debt. We have no payments, other than our Interest Only Mortgage. I am so pleased to find the "Automatic Millionaire" and "Start Late, Finish Rich" books in an easy to read and understand format. In applying these principles to our finances, I am feeling the magic of peace of mind, knowing that I am doing all I can NOW to retire rich, and wait to enjoy my retirement comfortably.

- A. Hoffman

July 14 2005

What a great exercise--to take all the changes and the successes for the last 5 weeks and record them in one place. This program has not only been a turning point in my financial life, it's been a catalyst for healing in other areas in my life.

Ten years ago I buried myself in my job to get over a broken heart and when I came back to the surface, I'd left more than a heartache behind. I'd quit living. I've gone from a $35k a year job to $100k a year in 7 years--but I have no life. As I went through the homework, the reading and the created my values circle, it became so apparent to me that I was spending money in a vain attempt to fill in the empty places in my life. I grew up with hand-me downs, so having nice things is important to me. But every time I was bored, or lonely, or feeling bad about my life I went shopping.

Now my money is out of my reach--or at least where I have to go past my values circle to get to it. (There's a copy in my wallet and my checkbook). I went through my home over the last 2 weeks and piled up all the stuff I'd collected that I don't use or love and I gave it all away. Instead of missing it, I feel relieved. The success I've gained in this program has given my the courage to face the other areas of my life that are out of control--and get them headed back in the right direction.

Thank you for your balanced approach--for talking about living richly, the value of relationships, living according to your values and dusting off your dreams. I know that when I sit down on my 6-month anniversary of this program to review my financial situation, I'll have more changes in my life to talk about.

"For all of us, the miracle isn't that we finish, the miracle is that we have the courage to start"-John Bingham, author.

God Bless,

- D. Windom

July 14 2005
Hi David.

I have created my values circle, which was really helpful! :) I also have requested an increase of 2% of my pay to go into my 457 plan. I thought about canceling the YMCA because we don't go, only to have others in the family complain - so, I'll work on them later! I changed the funding in my husband's retirement accounts to have some bonds in them! I put all our accounts on Wachovia (One Stop feature) and really like seeing them all up there together. I have printed out a form for my husband to use to increase his military TSP to 10% contribution - their maximum. His civilian TSP (thrift savings plan) is at 15% and they match 5%. (20%!!!). I filled out my SuperCharge form and will fax later. I think that's all for now.

Thanks so much! I figured out I only HAVE to work another 15 years really (I'll be 59 1/2 and my husband will be 63) Perhaps we won't even HAVE to work that long but there is a light at the end of the tunnel AND I can focus NOW on having a job I want now and not waiting until then. I had this whole idea that work was torture and I've been trying to figure out how to change my way of looking at it. The values circle helps!

- L. Van Horn

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