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April 8 2005
Hi David,

I have noticed most of your readers are from USA - and would love to hear from readers from Aussie Land!! I too saw your segment on Oprah who I might add it was fantastic (saw show on March 31st 2005 and I thought I must have this book. I am sure there a lot of readers from here that have no idea what they are doing in regards to saving on small expenses that we do everyday.

My Latte prob is magazines - I am hooked but when I worked out how much I spend a month I was shocked. I knew I had to stop but this was the trigger I needed. Your book will also help with weight loss I might add as people will probably go home and make a cuppa instead of grabbing their "latte" out which is about the same price here.

I have already set up my mortgage payment to come out weekly instead of fortnightly as you stated in your book as I use internet banking over here and we can set up our transfers online. I am not sure if you have that over there but that's a thought for your readers. Our automated service lines are very slow here and am so glad we have that option here as saves time and money!!!

I am also interested in your other books and they are available here as well.

I wish you all the best and many thanks for your brilliance and expertise!!!

Kind regards,

- Anne Mole

April 8 2005
I just want to thank you David for all you have done for my life. I recently happened upon your book by accidently a few months ago and once I began reading it I couldn't put it down. Before I read your book, I was completely hopeless. I work in a job that granted probably doesn't pay as much as I should be making, but I still get paid very well. Yet I had absolutely no money saved, I was living paycheck to paycheck, I had some credit card debt (not a serious amount, just under $1000 worth, but I had been still carrying that debt for a quite a while, only paying the minimums each month), and I was constantly being charged late fees on all my bills from forgetting and paying things late. Thanks to you I have managed to finally start putting my life on track and in control.

Before I even finished reading your book, I contacted my boss about setting up a 401k plan through work (which I contribute 7% of my pay and will increase to 10% before the end of the year), I began saving my money using a money market account through Ing Direct, I'm about to open an IRA account as soon as I finish paying off my credit card debt (which will be within the next two months), and I set it up where I now pay everything automatically.

Not only have you helped me, but you've also helped my relationship with my fiance. We're already living together in a house that I rent and we have decided to take the plunge and buy a house instead of renting the apartment that we've had our eye on for a while. Probably the most remarkable thing about this is that I'm only 21 years old. You have helped me to totally reshape my life and to start preparing for my future. I cannot thank you enough David and encourage everyone to read your book so that they to can get their lives on the right path.

- Mandy M.

April 8 2005
Dear David:
I'll start by repeating what I'm sure you have heard a million times...Thank you for changing my life! My story is a bit different from the others, for now.

I immigrated to the USA two years ago. Before then I had never heard of you and was one of those who never saved a dime. I'm 39 years old and my wife is 34. She has been supporting both of us for the last 2 years as I waited for permission to work in this country, I'm from Canada.

Anyway, I read your "Automatic Millionaire" and it got me to seriously thinking. I am now reading "Start Late, Finish Rich" and I'm dedicated to using your ideas to make our lives better. My wife has just started investing 10% into her 401(k) divided between 5% in a balanced fund, 3% in a equity value fund and 2% in an equity growth fund. Myself when I'm eligible to contribute to mine I will invest 25%, but as yet not sure exactly where I will put it. I am shooting high because we are both under her insurance plans so I need not worry about paying that. Also, we have very little debt and will be buying a house soon and instead of wasting our money on a new vehicle we will be getting a good used one. I am also hoping to have a direct deposit for my paycheck and right away have an additional 25% put into an R.E.I.T and possibly a simple savings acct.

God bless you and yours and thank you for helping us to help ourselves. I look forward to attending one of your seminars as soon as possible.

- Calvin Braun

April 4 2005
Dear David,

Talk about “procrastination”…My friend Cindy and I had the pleasure of meeting you on October 26th, 2004 at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

You asked my girlfriend and I to send our “story” to you along with our picture, so that we may appear on the Oprah show with you the next time you’re on. (I might have added that last part, but hey – you can’t get what you don’t ask for?:)

Smart Women Finish Rich inspired a group that I formed with five other ladies that we now call our Smart Women Success Group. Our intention is to take control of our lives and destiny in a supportive environment while referring to your Quantum Leap System! Once a month, at a set time and place our meeting commences with the five of us sitting around a coffee or work table with our “SMART” goals written down. Every meeting we start off by sharing our specific goals and discussing what action steps we’re prepared to do pushing us that much closer to achieving them. Our goals aren’t specific to money, although that certainly is a category that we incorporated. Our goals reflect our values (thank you VALUE ladderJ) and what’s important about LIFE to us.

It’s almost been a year that we’ve been doing this and have now added a new member, of course if you’re a member one HAS to read either Smart Women or Smart Couples Finish Rich. The success that we have realized by taking this systematic approach to planning our lives has been AWESOME!

Starting with myself – Michelle (30 years old), I was laid off at the beginning of last year and not financially and emotionally prepared for it. Almost a year later, I have started my own business, I’ve been able to fund my Dream and Security Baskets (slowly, but surely) and have enhanced my personal relationships by aligning my goals with my values!

Cindy (31) – Started a new job that she loves and has prepared herself financially in the event that she gets let go unexpectedly ---again.

Rhonda (30) – Her biggest accomplishment since the start of our group is ‘taking action’! Now divorced, Rhonda has joined a sports club, taking singing and keyboard lessons. In the past she would have said she had no money or time to do these activities, but no more! She’s paid off her VISA and bought herself a beautiful new home – “Smart woman” or what?

June (36) – Has also experienced a layoff with high mortgage and car payments. She was the one that read your book first and highly suggested we do the same. June’s goal is to strive for freedom and is working to aggressively pay her home off within a six year period at the same time funding her security and retirement baskets!

Ingrid (30 somethingJ) – Is married and has a daughter of 2 years old. She brings a different perspective to our Smart Women Success Group by being a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur. The book Smart Couples …has enabled her and her husband to reevaluate and speak openly about their own values! Ingrid is one of our newest members but brings a great deal of support and accomplishments that helps all of us to pummel forward.

Tamara (31) – We conference in our girlfriend Tamara as she now resides in New Jersey (instead of her hometown – Toronto). This group has been able to offer her support and guidance both financially and personally as we read and re-read your book and ask ourselves questions as it relates to our goals, values and desires.

Your book Smart Women Finish Rich helped us to initiate this group, taking your words and placing action to it! If this is something that we can help other women to start based on your practical theories, we would love to do so!!!

Thank you for sharing your story and making a difference in our lives above and beyond the financial aspect!

Sincerely from,
On behalf of The Smart Women Success Group,

- Michelle Lovelace

April 1 2005

Thank you for the free book. I have quit my job at age 50, rolled my 401K into a self directed IRA and used my home equity line of credit to buy and sell fixer-uppers which I call my retirement hobby. I also keep my credit card balance at zero and drive a 4 year old truck (part of my "latte factor"). I now have time to play and/or work with my father, wife and two boys any time I want. I'm starting to sound like my father which is a good thing.

We didn't go through the Great Depression or World War II and haven't learned the valuable lessons of frugality taught in those two schools of "Hard Knocks" and I darn sure didn't learn it in college. These lessons are now being passed on to the next generation through your book and through our example. Life is good again.

Thank you,

- Craig Huizenga

April 1 2005
I can't say thank you enough for the motivation and inspiration you have brought into our life. After receiving your book, we put it into action. We sold our money gobbling, 4 bedroom house and downsized to a beautiful little ranch in the mountains. We were able to eliminate 5 D.O.L.P.'s, increase our IRA contributions and have the peace of mind, knowing we're on our way to retirement debt free. We're not "latte" people, since we see it as a waste of our money for another's gain. Instead we used the latte factor, cutting back in other areas to enable us to purchase a used but new vehicle (in cash) for our extended drive to work. We have taken advantage of the library in our new area for movies, books on tape (for the drive to work) and many other resources. Your advice works, if you work it. It doesn't have to be hard or leave you with a feeling of scarcity. Just a sense of awareness that our time is money and our money at that!

Knowledge is power and your book has helped us to refocus our priorities, confirm goals and achieve a lifestyle that is a living dream! Thank you for your book that serves as a reminder that with a little determination and a lot of creative thinking, anyone can have it automatically if their willing to do some homework!

- Christine Ward

April 1 2005
Hi David,

I remember the first time that I saw you on The Oprah Winfrey show almost two years ago. You were launching your new book The Automatic Millionaire for the first time. After the show aired I immediately ordered the book on Amazon. I made a very obtainable New Years resolution two years ago. I was going to learn all I could about money, how to save it wisely, invest it wisely, etc. I was 25 years old, had landed a very successful job here in New York City, so I knew it was time to start thinking wisely about my financial future.

I am proud to say since watching that show I have eliminated my credit card debt completely. I have opened a Roth IRA, and for the past two years I have funded it to the max. My current employer does not offer a 401K plan, so I needed to start thinking about my retirement. I also have saved over four month’s of savings in an ING Orange Savings account for my rainy day fund. On top of all of that, I have been able to save a very nice amount of change in a home fund. My partner and I have a goal by 2007 to put a down payment down on a nice condo here in NYC, which we all know is not easy to do. It’s ridiculous to continue to rent. With the amount of money we pay in rent, we could have an amazing condo.

Since watching you on Oprah, calling in to talk to you on your radio show, and reading your books, I can honestly say that money no longer scares me. I have become admired by many of my friends. It’s rather funny, for many of them have come to me over the past few months to become a financial advisor for them. Before I consult with them, the first text they must read is The Automatic Millionaire!

Thanks again for everything!


- Scot Wisniewski

April 1 2005

I went through a divorce 3 years ago and found myself sinking further and further into debt. The saving grace was that I had my two wonderful boys to keep me going. I was always trying to figure out to get in a better situation, but just decided I would just take one day at a time and do the best I could.

A few months ago, I was making breakfast for the boys and saw you on Good Morning America. You were so positive and upbeat. I immediately went out and bought the book. I became glued to it. I was determined that there was hope.

I was in 20,000 dollars worth of credit card debt. I thought that I did the right thing by turning this over to a debt consolidation company. They gauranteed me that I would have this paid off in 7 years. When I looked at the fine print and looked at the percentage rate, I was only paying
$50 towards my debt, the other $436.00 was going straight to company. While reading the book, I went to I found a wonderful company to help me manage this. I am now at a 5% rate instead of a 23% and will have this paid off in 5 years. (They are a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce). Your book taught me to research companies and to understand where my money is going. I also kept my (2) of my oldest credit cards open by just calling, I went from a 23% APR to an 11% APR and a 20% to an 8.99%. I have learned to pay myself first. I have more than doubled my savings,
I have learned to place my debt in order from smallest to largest and double up on payments as I get them paid off.

I have a ways to go. But you gave me the start I needed.

David, your book has given me hope again. I am taking charge of my life. I will be sharing this with my boys so that they will be prepared.

Thank you...


- Holly Woods

April 1 2005
I just got your book, "Start Late, Finish Rich" and finished the latte factor chapter this morning and saved $84.00 per month this evening!

We sat down tonight and shaved $70.00 per month off of our cell phone plan and $14.00 per month off of our cable bill. I also found that my husband's cell phone was listed under the service address of his former office in NYC. We have been paying extra taxes to NY for years for service address that doesn't exist anymore (WTC).

I threw the cell phone company people for a loop and they are now calculating the credit for several years of taxes per month. They will let me know how much money they owe us on Monday!

It pays to read all of the phone bill and ask questions! I think trying find the latte factor on a couple of bills a weekend will keep it from becoming an overwhelming task.

Thanks for the advise. I'm still ready and eager to save more!!!

- Eileen Callahan

April 1 2005
Dear David,

A friend at work was reading your book, and I got interested in it. I'm really glad that I did. I'm only 21, so I don't feel that I am starting late but I have learned so much from your book. I just bought a house right before I started to book. When I read about biweekly payments I made sure to sign up for that. I also just set up my 403b at work. Thanks for all the great advise!!

- Brandi Venable

April 1 2005
Dear David,

A few years ago I expereinced the incredible emotional and financial devastation of a divorce. I lost my home, my kid's college funds and all my savings (not to mention my job).

For 4 years I wandered through financial struggles and fear for my future. Then one day I turned on "Oprah" and caught the last half of your interview. It was enough to motivate me to buy "The Automatic Millionaire".

Upon finishing your great book, I signed up for our church's (did I mention I'm a pastor?) automatic withdrawal program and matching funds by contributing 10% of my income. I didn't think I could afford to but I knew I couldn't afford to live in fear. Guess what? I hardly missed the money! And I passed the book around as required reading to all of my staff.

Six months later i upped it to 15%. I still survived! Two months ago I raised it to 20%! And I'm a single parent raising 4 kids - 2 in college!

Last week I bought your new book "Start Late, Finish Rich" and next month my contirbution goes to 25%. You see, I'm 48 and I have some serious ground to make up. But now i know i can do it.

I want to thank you so much for your influence in my life. I no longer live in fear that I will be a burden to my children. Now I know I will be a blessing! (Especially since this is now required reading for my college girls).

Furthermore, I have decided to organize a Coaching seminar for all 400 of our church's members. They need to know what I know.

Thanks a million David,

- Tim Greseth

April 1 2005
David, first I thank you for your dedication to educating the masses on the importance of paying yourself first and securing your financial destiny!

I had the opportunity to attend your 2004 Scotiabank seminar in Montreal, QC and I knew that you were right about so many things yet I was a procrastinator when it came to much of it. But boy did was I spurred into action as two months later, we got approved for our mortgage at the lowest interest rate possible. My husband and I are debt free except for the new mortgage we'll be starting to pay in May - paid accelerated bi-weekly of course. All our bills and savings are now on AUTOMATIC while we are submitting the paperwork to re-start our RRSP contributions. I shaved off $50/mth on our Television/Internet costs by calculating our Double Latte Factor and getting a better package with the service provider.
I also managed to get a 10.3% raise by doing much of what you suggested in Start Late, Finish Rich.

Again thank you David for the powerful simplicity of your message.

- Kassandra Dasent

March 25 2005
Hi David

Let me introduce my self first, my name is Jefferson Loren from Indonesia. I would like to thank you for your book that I had just read, Smart Couples Finish Rich, and even if I am not from USA, but the paradigm of Finish Rich had great impact on me.

Especially at the section when you guide your readers to do the task, it seems that I am having a private consultancy with you directly, it's amazing!!

I never know, or being inform before about the REAL Value of money in my life, and how important it is to determine the REAL value of money in our life. After I read your book, I had determined the Value of money in my life already, and the top 5 value that becoming my Value Circle are : Love, Freedom, Spiritualizm, Helping the Other, Self expression.

Indeed, it really give a great changing within me on how to be smart on managing my money. Personally, since Junior High, I do like so save and save already, I may call my self a stingy person, but I never tought that I could go to the investment area, which is exciting, challanging, fun , and the most important, it is Profitable !!!

After I finish to read the Smart Couples, Finish Rich, I had made my first investment already in the one of the most well known Financial Services at my country.

The book is so good, and I am making the summary of the book now, even it is still in the progress, but I will finish it soon, so that in the near future, if I need to take a look back to the book again, I do not need to spend much time on it, I just grab the essense of the book, and practice it in my life.

Curretly I do have business that I am promoting, that I do believe that it will even make me more faster to acheive the stage of financial freedom that I want, beside that doing all the task and absorb the paradigm of Finish Rich.

Once again, thank you David for your fabulous book and guidance, I will keep on practice on all the hands on, as well as keep on motivating my self, and the others as well.

Best Regards,

- Jefferson Loren

March 25 2005
Mr. Bach,
This is a copy of the e-mail I sent Oprah Winfrey. I send my thanks to you as well for making it possible for us to achieve this dream:

Today my husband and I took the biggest leap toward making our own 'Wildest Dream' come true, and we have you to thank for it!

Last May I caught the last 15 minutes of your program featuring David Bach. I don’t think it was just a coincidence that I happened to turn on your show that day. As I watched Mr. Bach the light turned on. I caught the vision of what he was saying and it inspired me.

That night my husband and I made a plan to cut out anything that wasn't critical.

"I can do anything for a year!" I told him. Reading Mr. Bach’s books got us going and helped us through some of the harder months. We've used his model to create our new financial plan.

It has been exciting to see the numbers go down as we keep making course corrections and rededicating ourselves- our motto has been, "Don’t trade what you reallywant for what you think you want now."

We've been able to meet our goal 3 months AHEAD of schedule! My husband likes to tease me and say, "I’ve been trying to get you to do this kind of thing for 12 years and all you had to do was listen to Oprah for 15 minutes???" Working together to achieve this goal has brought so much joy and serenity into our marriage. There's hope
now where there wasn't any, there are possiblities where there was only frustration. Now not only will we be able to enjoy life a little fuller, we will also 'FinishRich' and make that WILD DREAM of being completely debt free come true!

Thank you for letting me share my 'success story' with you. We have become yet another family among the thousands who have been helped by YOU and your show. You reach out so generously to so many people. We are thankful to be among them."

- Laura Smith

March 24 2005
I was in debt for years and once I started reading your books, I was able to save and invest more in my 401k that I now rolled over to a roth IRA. I have a savings account for my kids, so they could learn how to save. My fiance is investing into stocks and his 401k plan more. We have made this program a family project for our future and plus the children's future. Thank You.

- Schamel Brand-Lawrence

March 24 2005
I saw you on Oprah,discussing "Automatic Millionaire." During the show I called my not very responsible 20 year old daughter and asked "If I buy you this book, will you read it?" The answer was "NOOO!!! I don't need someone else telling me how to live my life!"

Today I attended the Womens Financial Conference in Portland Oregon, with my daughter (after much begging on my part,) to see you in particular. My daughter worked until 4:00 am as a cocktail waitress and then jumped in my car at 7:00am to head to the seminar.

She was sullen, tired and extremely surly. We sat through the speakers, all who were wonderful in my opinion, but she did not perk up until you started to speak! She is the girl you spoke of, living paycheck to paycheck, tip to tip and she recognized herself immediatly! The "Latte Factor" story rang true for her and she immediately embraced the idea! She was so astounded by what you proved, that she not only vowed to make immediate changes, but she bought Automatic Millionaire for her best friend, another less than reliable bill payer.

I want to thank you for putting this simple strategy in such terms that she finally "got it!" I'm looking forward to watching her improve her fiscal responsibility!

I own all of your books and will continue to follow you advise and hopefully so will my daughter. I only wish that I had the opportunity to hear these strategies when I was 20.

Thank You So Much,

- Kathi Rota

March 24 2005
After my business failed I felt hopeless and at age 40 having to start from scratch seemed nearly impossible. A friend recomended that I read 'Start Late, Finish Rich'. I not only have hope now, but I step with a bounce and smile at the future that awaits me! My Latte Factor is right around $300.00 dollars a week and within the year my wife and I will be able to put nearly $700.00 dollars a week in investments!!! It's amazing how a change in perspective can reorder your entire life. We should be deca-millionaires by age 57-60.

It's not about fancy trips or big houses... it's about being in a position to help others and enjoy the little things that stress has robbed us of!

- Dave Armstrong

March 24 2005
I truely enjoyed reading your book and have signed up for tickets to your Rosemont show,I'm bringing my husband (the we can't do this now man) to see if we can change his mind about investing in our future. I'm also having my 17 year old son read the book.

Thanks so much. I can't wait to retire rich!!

- Dori Miller

March 24 2005
I just finished Start Late, Finish Rich. While I started aggressive saving and investing in my early 30's and got to retire at 55, I still really appreciated the ideas I got reading the book. Here's what I've done:

Latte Factor: stopped satelite TV (in the mountains this means no TV)---saves 44 per month, plus a few more dollars electricity from the turned off power strip.

Cut my junk food even more---already quite low.

Will do my own income taxes next year on IRS free e-file, and do my state forms by paper(been volunteering as tax prepared for 3 years and now feel comfortable).

Bundled up 30 books to donate to library.

Am investigating selling some items at my communitiy's upcoming flea market

Learned that by above mentioned cuts, I can continue to add money to my taxable investment account, even as I am VERY aggressively paying off a 30 year mortgage(in about 9.5 years)

Thanks for the kick in the pants!

- Ann Baldwin

March 24 2005
I read "The Automatic Millionaire" and I just want to tell people, this stuff works! We have lived beneath our means for several years now. We are within twenty grand of a paid off house, have monies set aside for kids college, and have retirement well on the way. We did deplete our emergency fund with medical expenses last year, but are in the process of rebuilding it. It is possible, people! Listen to David. He is pointing the way for you.

- Ann Dee

March 24 2005
David, what a blessing your book is. I am starting late in the savings game but after reading your book, I am inspired and have no doubt I am a Automatic Millionaire. Who knew how simple it could be. Thank you for your wisdom. God Bless!

- Jan Watts

March 24 2005
I am a 28 year old mother of four. I am a cosmetologist and have only been in the field for about two years. Last year I read your book and I can't believe the impact it had on me. I started asking my friends if they had savings or what they were going to do with their futures and no one knew. I tell everyone to read this book. Within days of reading Smart Women Finish Rich I made a few goals and accomplished them in days. I wrote them all down and couldn't believe I got them done so fast. I thank David Bach for writing such a great book!!!

- Carrie Gilliam

March 18 2005

I am sooooooooo glad I bought Smart Women Finish Rich. It has been such a good and exciting experience. I am 24 years old and have been telling anyone who will listen (only smart women) of course about what you are saying. I was so excited I sent my mom an e-mail asking about her finances. I know she is happy I am asking because I have a 9 yr old brother who needs to get right about money now, and being the oldest I need to know what she is doing and wants to do later. I have decided to buy this book for all my friends and my mom. Also the smart couples book for all my married friends. hopefully there will be 8 or so women telling u how they are gonna finish rich. Thank you for a book like this one. So many women feel that money is a man thing and now we are being told by one that its not. I love this book because it makes all this complicated stuff much simpler and makes it seem within reach. I am working in Japan right now so that will give me the time to make certain decisions about my financial future.


- Alanai Parham

March 18 2005
I will be a success story....just read both books and in one week I have transferred to a higher interest money market account, transferred 3 credit cards to almost half of the interest I was paying, set up "Automatic" deductions for my rainy day money, made an appointment with my financial advisor and cut up all the creidt cards that i have except one that we use for our business. We are late starters with alot of debt, but a nice income that is going to allow us to get out of debt and invest. Thanks for the inspiration. My "latte factor" is off the charts.......I am so excited by what we will be able to do now that we are informed by your wonderful books!

- Teresa Aguilar

March 18 2005

Mine is a success story in the making. I just (tonight) finished being inspired and motivated by your book "Start Late, Finish Rich". At 54, I am in a rather unique position. I just left a dead-end job at Wal-Mart I have held for 11 years. I also have recently finished an A.A in Multimedia/Broadcast and am set to complete my Bachelor's Degree in the next 2 years. For the last two years I have been living with and caring for my father, who passed away in October. I don't own or rent a home of my own but I'm completely out of debt, having just finished paying off my car (5 months early!). I have a little over $11,000 invested in an IRA. I have 5 different credit cards with available credit of almost $10,000. Most are tucked away in a file and not used. What little I do use to purchase on the internet or take advantage of local store offers for store credit cards is paid in full EVERY month, no exceptions. I got the cards to help improve my credit rating which took a beating after a divorce in 1990. I have to admit I get a real kick out of looking at them and knowing I have the knowledge, willpower and restraint NOT to use them. I have been down that road before.

After reading your book, I am beginning research on real estate in the area where I will be going to school in anticipation of finding something that will enable me to not only avoid paying rent for myself but also for my son, who is attending school in the same place. We may even find something big enough to take on a couple of extra "boarders" to help with expenses. Financial resources from my father's estate should allow a modest investment.

My biggest problem, aside from the fear generated by being a "jobless" entrepreneur , is the pressure from the "nay-sayers" who are too conservative to invest aggressively in real estate. That and a definite lack of self confidence. Even as I say out loud to myself "YOU CAN DO IT, MARY!" I'm shaking in my boots.

Here is where your book comes into play, providing me with the tools to organize and plan the direction to take toward financial independence. Not only will I be investing in real estate, but also developing my own business recording living history videos for families and "Story Time" videos - recordings of grandparents, absent parents or other relatives reading stories from favorite children's books for young children whom they don't get to see often. All that you say about living rich and with joy applies here. My heart fills to the brim when I talk with people about doing this work.

I have registered for your seminar in Rosemont, Illinois on March 25th and look forward to the added inspiration of hearing you speak. A copy of this email will be placed in the files relating to my financial planning. A year from now I hope - no, I PLAN to send you another email detailing my success.

Thank you for all that you do and for taking the time to read email from folks like me.

Until next time,

- Mary Houghton

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