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March 18 2005

Loving your new book Start Late, Finish Rich. I have been sharing it with lots of students and teachers where I teach. It's amazing how many teachers have no financial background. I think your next book ought to be Savvy Teens, Finish Rich.

They need this so desperately.

We have been in a network marketing company for 12 years and the tax benefits even for the beginner are wonderful. We are starting to pay ourselves first out of the 90% that is remaining after our tithe. It is so refreshing to read your message.

- Gary Gillespie

March 18 2005
I am 32 years old and have been struggling with saving and holding onto money for years because I never had the right training about money. I lost money on poor spending and an ill-advised business. No matter how low my expenses, I never seemed to keep money. After reading your book, the light-bulb went on and I took some simple steps immediately to change my life forever. I max'd out my 401k at work, immediately started a manditory savings deposit every pay period and focusing on buying my first piece of passive income property by year's end.

Those 3 easy steps have already improved my financial future and I am working on now destroying my mortgage by paying more per month. I am listening to your book over and over again and I appreciate it. I have already been giving 10%, but I am also dedicating myself to helping as many people as I can in my own way.

Get Rich Now !

- James Merritt

March 14 2005
Hi David,

My name is Joanne, 47 years young, and I've recently purchased your book, Start Late, Finish Rich, and could and would not put it down till I finished reading it within a week even if I was so busy with MINOR THINGS.

Today, on my day off, I completed the book and admit it took me about and hour to pass page 288 at the question session and totally in tears of joy by page 293 to see how honest you are AND that I've realized the progress I made only since I purchased your book a few short weeks ago.

Since then:

-I found my Latte factor

-been paying myself 10% of my wages AUTOMATICALLY, feels great.........

-taught my 23 year old daughter, (actually convinced)her to pay herself

NOW AUTOMATICALLY (and use that chart on page 39 as incentive........Wow).

Her birthday gift next month will definitely include your book. I changed my life in year 2001, month of December, and it feels great, but once I purchased your book, I realized I was on the right path but can accomplish much more now, faster, personaly and financially.

Thank You VERY, VERY much for your candid insight and JOY of sharing your new found life with others.

Hope to meet you some day,


- Joanne Blood

March 11 2005
Reading your book, "The Automatic Millionaire" has changed my financial future. I have read many other personal finance books but none of them motivated me to actually start planning for the future. I immediately opened a money market account for an emergency fund (which we didn't have before). We opened IRA's and contributed the maximum. We increased my husband's 401K contribution to the maximum...and we're overpaying our house payment by $1,000 a month!!! Even though I'm a stay-at-home mom, I feel like I have contributed so much to our retirement because before I read your book we weren't doing any of these things. I have such peace of mind that we're on the right track. I'm confident that we'll be millionaire's by the age of 50. I rave about your book to all of my friends and family and have bought your book for some of my friends. I was so excited to see that you wrote "Start Late Finish Rich". I've already bought it for my mom and she loves it!

- Amanda Salgado

March 11 2005

Picked up your Automatic Millionare at the library while waiting on a waiting list to read your "Start Late, Finish Rich", which I first saw advertised in the Washington Post while on a business trip to DC.

I must say, you do a wonderful job motivating people to do things the automatic way. The first work day after reading your book I contacted the colleges I teach (yes, that's plural) and completed the paperwork to increase my retirement contributions (from the 7.5%, which is matched by the colleges, to 20%). I'm now contributing 27.5% of my gross income to my retirement. Thanks for putting things in a way that's easy to comply with :-).

- James Peet, Ph.D.

March 11 2005
Hi David,

I bought your book on a Tuesday and finished reading it by Fridy. I have already started paying myself 1 hour per day, automated my regular bills, have set up my rainy day fund. I am so excited in knowing that I have taken steps to take care of my future. Under your guidance in the Automatic Millionaire Workbook, it is scary how simple it was to follow your steps to securing my future.

Thank you so much for your help. I am already set on giving your book out as birthday gifts this year!!

- Susanna Jung

March 11 2005
My name is Mary, I received two tickets to your seminar. At first I thought just another one of those people out to get you.

I thought I will give David Bach the benefit of the doubt and I will purchase a book and read it first. I purchased the book "START LATE, FINISH RICH" and before the end of the first chapter I was signing up for the seminar. I also purchased "THE AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE" and "SMART COUPLES FINISH RICH". I have also been all over FINISHRICH.COM website.

I have been writing notes and marking pages. I have been working on putting everything that David says in perspective. What David has to say is so right and easy to understand.

I had read Suze Orman's books and I would get so lost. I believe that God has put David here on this earth and David is fulfilling his mission and God will reward him. I have never been so motivated to make my money work for me.

These have been the best books I have read and I can't wait to go to the Seminar. I barely had a smile about how the finances were looking over the here the now and the future. I can't tell you how much better I am feeling. Would you please write a book on what to do with our money when we retire.

I have also taken all my savings from my bank and transfered it to ING's Money Market and also set up Automatic Transfers with them. I increased my 401K and was even inspired to call my representative and change my 401K around. I even arranged the file cabinet folders following David's method and they have never looked so grand as they do now.

I can't wait to share this information with my sister since she is younger then I.

I am very interested in signing up for the meetings held here in my home town and very ecstatic that there is a group here.


I am so motivated that now I am talking with my husband and trying to motivate him so intead of it being me that it will be us. As soon as it becomes more the us factor I will send another letter with a picture. I will let you know how all of our accomplishments have been paying off.

Go David Bach,

- Mary Talbot

March 11 2005

You are simply the best! I've read tons of financial books, but Start Late, Finish Rich really motivated me. Even though my husband and I are only 25 and 26, we felt like we were behind everyone else in the money game. You showed us that we are in the perfect position to finish rich! No credit card debt, automatic contributions to his 401(k), and living below our means are the key.

Here's a neglected Double Latte Factor for you- tuition! We moved to another state, which was going to increase my college tuition from nothing (due to a special aid program I qualified for due to my grades) to 16k. We're expecting our first child in August, too. Instead of seeing this situation as a burden, we are seizing the chance to turbocharge our Latte Factor!

I'm transferring to a college that offers online classes for only 6k. This will not only allow me to stay home with my baby, but to babysit for someone else, earning $400/month for our index fund!

We are already close to buying our first home, and are delighted about finishing rich! This Christmas, everyone we care about is getting your sound advice wrapped in a bow. What better gift is there than financial freedom?

Thanks a MILLION, literally!

- Amber Touch

March 11 2005
David, I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate people like you! I think you are one of a kind. I attended one of the investor's workshops held in Palo Alto, CA. I knew from the info you shared that you were for real! After reading your book, that you so graciously gave to those in attendance, I'm own my way to a secure retirement. Thanks again!

- Vincent Burkes

March 11 2005
I decided to max out my contributions to my 401k plan starting in January. I thought I would have to lower my contribution in a few weeks because I wouldn't be able to afford it but then it became a challenge to keep it going. Now we are in March and I am paying for my daughter's wedding and I am able to still keep the contributions going by cutting out the latte factor. I gave up buying pop from the vending machines and now make my own smoothies at home and bring them to work. It is cheaper and a lot healthier.

- Donna Branchaud

March 11 2005
After reading The Automatic Millionaire, my husband and I now take advantage of my companies 403B. I put away 10% of my paycheck and am building very quickly. My son is 20 years old and currently serving in Iraq. He left me in charge of his finances. Because of this book, I started investing his money in a Roth IRA so when he gets out of the service, I can explain to him the importance of putting money away for his future. He will be so surprised that all his efforts overseas didn't go to waste financially and he'll be off to a good start. I sent him the book to read also because no one ever taught me as a young person how to manage my finances. Now I am also teaching my 17 year old son too. What a great gift to give your children!

Thank you so much for making your books easy to read and understand at any age!


- Juliene Klem

March 11 2005
Dear David,
I just finished your book, "Start Late, Finish Rich". I must say I am truly inspired...and motivated!!! I have had an idea about starting a very small-home based business-with very low start up costs...for the past eight months...Well, I have finally done it... after reading your book....I have made a committment to really put it into motion...and I have never been so excited!!!

There is one aspect of your book that really struck a chord with me.That was the story of a young entreprenuer who contributed a small percentage of his company's earnings to charity!!!! From the day I started my idea and long before, I have given a large portion of my time and energies to the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Lauderdale with their fundraising!!! (I am very good with that!!!) Yet,as each day goes by, my ideas to start my home business-besides my full time day job have truly developed and my business concept has become sharper, clearer and more refined .By helping the RMH reach their goals I am also reaching mine.I have never been more satisfied with my life. Many thanks for your book and for helping inspire the baby boomers to save more for their future!!!

Best wishes and deepest thanks..SA

- Sandy Amir

March 11 2005
David, I just read about the double latte factor and realized my husband and I have been doing this without having a name for it. When we moved almost two years ago our basic cable rates were going up to almost $45 a month from about $35 a month. My husband said he was not going to pay for that. So, we called our local cable company and asked for the basic of basics of cable. They kept quoting the price of $45 a month. After several calls we finally got them to admit that they had a package of the real basic channels for about $10 a month. We also cut our internet from DSL (over $50 a month) to basic for $10 a month with netzero. Works fine. No problems. I love books and renting movies. So, I have a library card. I request new releases as soon as they come out from my library. So no more $3.50 for each movie rental. Books are free to read. If I check one out and feel like I need to have it on my bookshelf, then money is saved until I can buy it. We also cut our home phone to basic for about $15 a month. No caller i.d., no call waiting, etc.. Works fine. I would recommend everyone trying it. I didn't think I could live without all those cable channels, but I was so surprised to find out it didn't make a bit of difference. I learned all this from my mom when my dad lost his job and had to take another job that didn't pay as much. She cut everything to the bare minimum. That was years ago and he makes more than he did at his job he lost and they still feel they don't need all those cable channels.

- Phoebe Forister

March 11 2005
More than a year ago I learned that I need to open a Roth IRA RIGHT NOW!!! (I'm 25). If it wasn't for David's newsletter in my inbox this morning about Social Security, it probably would have never happened. I kept thinking I couldn't part with the measley $100 bucks to open the account. Here, I owe my Mom $6,000, my boyfriend $350, my credit card $2,400, and my roommate is now moving out! But I realized this morning that I can at least look forward to getting old...just don't tell my "lenders" what I did!

- Aimee Y.

March 11 2005
Your book is awesome. I have already sent e-mails to all my family out east about all the information that I have learned.

I have already changed my Annual Rate on my credit card from 25.24% to 14.99%. The annual fee can be deleted from my account if I ask for a Courtesy Waiver when the fee is charged. But even better yet, my spouse is in the military and I will change my interest rate to the Soldiers & Sailors Act (I think its 6.99).

Currently, I am looking for a "job" as a legal assistant in San Francisco, but I am seriously looking into opening my own business. My husband wants to open a coffee shop in 5 years when he retires from the military.

Thank you for writing such a easy book to read. It took me 3 days to read it and the best part is I understand it.

Maybe you can write a book about ways that the Military can Start Late and Finish Rich.

- Tricia Chiaro

March 11 2005
Dear David,

Thank you for your books and crisp delivery. I scanned "Automatic Millionaire" at a bookstore 3 weeks ago and purchased "Start Late & Finish Early" a week later. Scanning & reading your books immediately mobilized me. Using the DOLP approach I restructured my debt payments and paid off two debts and gained $609/mo that is going toward "Paying me First". Additionally, I pursued a credit union VISA at 9.5% and transfered over two credit cards at 24.9% and 25.9% respectively. I've ceased the free-flow purchases of coffee and sweets during the work week and have begun brown bagging it 4 days a week. I've even been rethinking my weekend driving errands to be more efficient with my time and gas mileage. This morning called my Insurance company to transfer my auto insurance over to my home Insurance company gaining 10% discount on home owner Insurance & getting a better auto rate too. That AM call will save me $987 over the coming year. I am so happy with the revamping already accomplished and see more savings and riches in my future.

Thank You!

PS I am buying three copies of Automatic Millionaire which I am giving to my two nephews and to my son.

- Eileen Snead

March 11 2005
Like many others, I devoured Start Late, Finish Rich and got my husband to read it as well. We never thought we had enough to get out of debt, much less save anything, but since reading the book he's begun contributing to his 401(k), I've gotten the interest on our Visa card reduced and I got rid of all the extras on our phone bill. We're really taking control of our finances and even planning to begin making regular contributions to our IRAs (something we haven't, unfortunately, done in a long time).

My latte factor was already very low, but my commitment to holding onto my cash has been refreshed. I don't work in an office, so I don't have access to a coffee machine, but I carry tea bags with me and fill up with hot water at my union office and have saved a bundle of money that way. Refilling my water bottle is also saving me quite a bit. Finally, we've stopped eating out except on vacation or special occasions and, not only are we saving tons of cash, but I'm actually enjoying cooking!

It is so wonderful to see this information presented in a positive way. I'm in the theater and work sporadically, but I'm inspired to jump start my fledgling internet business when I'm not working at my craft (and you can bet I'll be paying myself first). I hope many people in the arts will read this book and be inspired as I have. Most of my friends think being in the arts is a life sentence in the poorhouse, but it need NOT be that way.

- Kelly Patterson

March 11 2005
Mr. Bach, I am a Dancing Fool since I started reading your new book "Start Late, Finish Rich". I already saved TWO HUNDERED Dollars a month in INTEREST by following your advise regarding Credit Cards. Your Books are for people that want to know what to do! I needed help, and didn't even know it.

God Bless You for your great advice!

- Bryan Berry

March 11 2005
Dear Mr. Bach.

I am starting late and I will finish rich.

Living paycheque to paycheque is something now in the past. After only one weeek, I have opened my first bank account and started contributing to my first RRSP.

Hope you remember my name, I will write back after I clear my first million.

Thank you for everything.

Jeff Lewis

- Jeff Lewis

March 11 2005
A couple of weeks ago, I was finishing up reading Automatic Millionaire when I heard David interviewed on the Bob & Sheri show about his newest book Start Late Finish Rich. I picked it up that day and read it immediately. I've always been good with money, but timid about investing. Thanks to these books, I am now contributing 15% to 401K (up from 6%). And I have placed the money in a balanced fund rather than a stable value fund. I feel empowered and plan to find another 50 bucks a month to invest directly on my own. My husband and I are 35 and dream of retiring in 15 years. Thanks to David, that dream is a possibility.

Thank you so much for breaking my inertia!

- Tanya Jones

March 9 2005
I finished your book in 2 days thatís a record for me. David I would like to thank you. Thank you for writing a book that makes sense and is easy to read. I have read other books but none have gotten me so motivated as yours did. Yesterday I closed all but two of my credit cards and will have the last one paid off next month. I also made a plan to pay off my student load early and start saving for a house. I will start an IRA next week and I ordered The Automatic Millionaire Workbook and Smart Couples Finish Rich from

Thank you for your books and website.


- Kevin Dixon

March 9 2005
The vending machine was calling my name every day - at $1.25 per chocolate bar, I was spending almost $300 per year just on my afternoon pick me up. My morning muffin; another dollar a day, and I'm a sucker for fundraisers selling chocolate covered almonds at work for $2 per box!! I have been spending hundreds of dollars per year on snacks at work.

I'm making my own muffins now for a lot less and trying to stay away from the chocolate bars for more reasons than just the money! Thanks to your book, Automatic Millionaire, I've automated and increased my mortgage and loan payments (used the DOLP factor there) and also increased my RRSP contributions through work. Can't wait to give this book to my children. I've started late, so I'm reading your Start Late, Finish Rich book now. Smart Women Finish Rich is next on my list!

- Denise LaViolette

March 8 2005
Dear Mr. Bach:
Thank you very much for your excellent work. Your books should be mandatory for all High School Seniors.

When I hit 40 earlier this year, I had a lot of pent up feelings of woulda, coulda, shoulda,...I just finished your book "Start Late, Finish Rich" and immediately enacted all of your financial advice-I jacked up my 401k to the max, did the "Latte factor" analysis, consolidated my debt, etc...Ironically, however I realized that your financial advice paled in comparison to the advice you give in the last chapter.

While I take great comfort in the fact that I have put my financial regrets to rest and have a rosy future ahead of me by acting on your financial advice now, the most important advice was to enjoy life now instead of wishing it away.

I have a 3 year old boy who loves to see Daddy come through the door. After working 6 days a week up to 12 hours a day I just want to put my feet up and zone out in front of the tube when I come home. Sadly, I was paying very little attention to my son even though he is the source of my greatest joy. NO MORE-I stoppped watching tv, I cut back on my hours, started scheduling fun things for us to do, and I am having a ball hanging around with my son. I am a little kid again as we wrestle, play GI Joes, smash trucks, etc....I immediately became the richest man in the world. Your book should have been called "Start Rich, Finish Rich"


- Matthew Meyers

March 7 2005
Dear David,

Thank you so much for all your books and inspiring appearances on "Oprah" and CNN. I am a 38-year-old divorced woman, and until I had a nasty divorce that left me with nothing, I had kept my head in the sand completely regarding finance and investing. My lifestyle was that of "money in, money out," and I'd never even heard of the concept of paying yourself first.

I spent about two years just reading your books and those of others who specialized in investing and personal finance. As I'd left the U.S. immediately after college to live in Europe for 15 years, when I returned here after my divorce I had retirement plan, no social security contributions, no property, no assets, not even a U.S. credit record. I lived on furniture and clothes from charity shops, and would go to a casino twice a day where I could buy full meals for 99 cents!

Somehow, your encouragement kept me going and I just knew I could turn this around. Within one year, I'd bought my first house, and as I live in a boomtown, my equity increased by appreciation by over $40K! I knew I had to then get busy and follow your other steps...actually organizing my financial records was the biggest and scariest hurdle of all, but I did it. After that, I saw a hypnotist for one long session to get to the bottom of "the money thing", and boy, did that clear up a lot of old subconscious junk! I was then able to go ahead and start my first I.R.A. (I am a self-employed hypnotist!), and then take steps towards marketing my hypnosis CD's online. Furthermore, I also took advantage of a state grant to get me retrained as a paralegal, and I am now scheduled to begin my first paralegal job next week, thereby tripling my income in one go!

Having learned from you to pay myself first, even when I was actually living below the poverty line, I have really learned that no matter what your income, it is still possible to save, invest, and to insure and protect yourself. I am looking forward to building my new career, growing my business on the side, and becoming a weekend real estate warrior!

Thank you so very much, have really helped me turn my life around. As a hypnotist, I can tell you that while a positive attitude is absolutely necessary for success, you still can't get anywhere if you lack the basic know-how of what it is you want to do. You've provided that elegantly, simply, and in a very encouraging way. I also send you lots of business by referring your books to clients!

All the best,

- Lana McGlasson

March 4 2005
Hello David,

Although I have read over half of your book I can truly see the value in your information.
I find it intriguing that our educational system prepares students so well for the work force yet the system lacks such a crucial part of going through life...that being how to manage our personal finances.

I can tell you without hesitation the positive impact your book will have on my financial portfolio is truly welcomed. In the years to follow, I will let you know how much money I will have made from your book of which I invested $20.00Cnd..

I realize you to be American. The translation of your book from U.S. to Canadian is outstanding with one exception...Starbucks! Tim Hortons in the BIG winner in Canada so I have converted your Latte Factor to "Timmyís Factor".

I would be interested in hearing you speak live if ever you visit Canada.

Thank you for your inspiration.

- David Krampp

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