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March 4 2005
I must admit, I was at the bookstore to buy another in a series of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, when I noticed your book Start Late, Finish Rich on the shelf. I had never heard of your series, but being 45 yrs old and afraid I am starting late, I bought your book.

I am very pleased in the simplicity and straightforwardness of the book, without feeling ridiculed as I did when reading the other book series.

Immediately after reading chapter 10, I contacted by broker and divided the $40K in my cash and IRA accounts (yes cash, since I have been terrified in the stock market after losing about $150K from 2001-2003) to the Dow Jones Dividend Index fund; and a Cohen & Steers REIT. Time will tell how these do, but sure beats what I was making leaving the accounts in cash!

I am currently (and have been) investing heavily in South Florida real estate, and 1 home in North Carolina (building homes to flip -- something the other book series frowned upon), and have already sold the first investment for $105K over buy price,without even making the first mortgage payment after the home was completed!!.

I admit I need more education in getting financing for the real estate deals, so my next reading will target this area.

I already have had a part time home business supplementing my regular income, but now am focused on building a business (and researching many franchises) as my primary income.

I felt pretty good with my past and now current investment endeavors while reading your book, but realize I have a lot of work to do. I am counting on my future reads of your series to assist me in the my quest for financial freedom


- Chuck Brunelas

March 4 2005
My mother heard about "Automatic Millionaire" and urged me to get a copy. At first I resisted; I was thinking this was another one of those "instant millionaire" schemes. But I read the write up on it and decided to get a copy for myself. I have since bought 3 more copies for friends and relatives! I read the book in just a few short days last June or July. I immediately followed your advice on my investment mix for my 401K plan, increased my investment into my 401K AND increased the amount I was putting into savings -- all automatically, of course!! As of this summer, I should be completely credit card debt free and my 401K has grown half again it's size since I changed the mix and amount in line with your suggestions!! All of this and I'm still not on a shoestring budget!! I can't thank you enough (or my mom!)!

- Joan Whitley

March 4 2005

A few months ago, I found The Automatic Millionaire laying on my dad's bed and I read it in a couple of hours. Those hours changed the way I think about life and I thank you as well as my dad for leaving it there.

Right now I am a senior in high school just like the rest of my friends, and upon graduation we will all have one thing in common with every other high school graduate...which is a clean slate to work with financially, no debt, etc. However, I will have the knowledge of what you taught me, which in today's world is priceless.

Thanks again.

- Chris 

March 4 2005
Dear David,
This past summer I purchased your book "Smart Couples Finish Rich" because I was searching for a better financial direction for myself and my husband. We are both teachers who had little savings and a lot of debt. Not only was I greatly impressed by the practical information, but I also enjoyed the great anecdotes and friendly style of the text.
In the time since I first read your book, I have opened a 403b and a Roth IRA to supplement my pension plan. I have purchased life insurance and I have consolidated my credit-card debt. Seeing my "little" contributions add up quickly has relieved my stress and given me more confidence. Also, my husband and I have begun to set 6-month and yearly financial goals.
Thank you very much for helping me to understand the VALUE behind setting long-term goals. By living a life in harmony with my values, I realize that I can still "Finish Rich." I can't wait to show my husband this website.


- Simone Feaster-Armour

March 4 2005
Greetings David!

I picked up your book the other day. I had hesitated, as we are following a budget, with no money being saved :( I am really glad that I bought! Today is Saturday and my husband and I set up a weekly payment for our home mortgage and added $25 per week extra towards the principle. It is great to know that our house will be payed off sooner or that we will have equity in the future to pursue real estate! We are currently figuring out the latte factor, which for us is cigarettes, and it adds up at $6 per pack/per day. That is a lot of money! I currently started working, so the 401k that my company offers will not be available until I reach six months of employment. I was going to sign up, but I was only considering deducting $50 per pay date...not anymore! My husband has a 401k as well, and it will need to be adjusted..little did we know! I had felt a overwhelemed reading the book, but then I realized, that we just needed to start. Rome was not built in a day! We feel positive about our future, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will be rich and be able to help our children with college! Thank you so much!

Eric and Andrea Mills
Pj, Leif, and Anais

- Andrea Mills

March 4 2005
Hi David,
I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to do the right thing for my retirement. I bought your book "The Automatic Millionaire." I couldn't stop reading it. I work a graveyard shirt as an aircraft mechanic. Usually when I get off I go to sleep, but I couldn't keep my mind off what the next page was about. I had to finish it and I did, that morning. I'm only 26 years old and make over $40,000 a year. My company has a 401K and pension plan. The first day I started working there I was already enrolled in the pension plan. Today I called my employer and Union Hall and got into 401K today taking out 10% and went to my bank to get a Roth IRA started, just that quick.

You really changed my life and thoughts. I pray by the time I'm 40 I'll have my house paid off. I already have a car that's paid off and an SUV Pathfinder that I make payments on and I have no kids, only a girlfriend who is high maintenance!

Thank you so very much--I too am on my way to becoming an Automatic Millionaire!

- Priscilla Horne

March 4 2005
I wish I would have read your book years ago.However at age 46 I am finally going to take charge of my life.

In 2001 I took a job that paid 30,000 more than I was making. This was it I was going to have the good life and be out of debt. The first thing I did was reward myself by buying a pair of diamond earings. Of course I deserved this due to my increase in pay and evening hours. I also deserved eating out all the time, a person to help with house cleanning, a new fancy car due to my long distant drive (I had to be comfortable for the 45 minute commute time one way), babysitters, tutors, and purchases of books on tape. Instead of getting debt free, my expenses increased along with my debt...SIGNIFICANTLY.

I thought since I made good money I could live like I was rich. I now since learned it is not what you earn but what you save. Which for me was nothing. I lived paycheck to paycheck with the thinking I will just work more and make more and have more things. My health relationships and finances started to fail me. I have a game plan to get debt free along with a saving plan. My 401 K plan at work, saving 2 hours of my pay per day to play catch up, along with eventually working in town, saving gas money,wear and tear on my car. I now rent cassettes at the library, found someone to share the driving, bring my lunch, and try so hard to make meals in advance to save from eating out. Balance is a new word for me.

Thanks for all your great ideas to show me anyone can do it as long as you discover where your money is really going and you look at the whole picture. I now have realistic goals and a step by step plan. Our family cut back on expensive gifts and began doing things for one another to make their life easier instead of large purchases. How much someone makes isn't the most important thing in life. Ask me I made $96,000 last year and have nothing to show for it or no savings. I have less now than I did when I worked less. I have more things like a bigger house with a bigger payment but not more time with my 2 sons and my husband and daughter, they are what really matter in life.

- Tama Wilson

March 4 2005
Dear David,
My name is Angela Campbell, and I am orginally from Brazil. My native language is Portuguese. I am an English as a Second Language Professor. I have lived in the US for 16 years. I live in Orlando Florida. I was raised in a world in which the man of the house takes care of the finances. And that is was I did. I let my husband take care of the household finances.

Even though I have a masters in Education and I considered myself an intelligent woman, I was financially illiterate. Every time I thought about finances and handling money I was discouraged or afraid. I was also afraid of the future and not knowing what to do with my money in case I was left alone. All books about finance were written in an intimidating manner (mostly for me because English is my second language).

About a year ago, I saw an add for your book Smart Women Finish Rich. I read it and it changed my life. I was surprized at the way you explained things. The way women like to have things explained, in a simple an easy to understand manner. Literally, the book took away the fear and it opened doors for me to start reading and learning about finance.

A year later I do not consider myself a financal expert, but I am on my way. I have a retirement account, I have an S&P small account. But most important of all, I have knowlege and finances do not intimidate me anymore. Ignorance is a terrible thing and it is very frighting.

I was so happy when I read your book that I even sent you a short e-mail thanking you for having written the book.

As I mentioned before, I am a teacher and I think one of the reasons you were so succesful with that book is because you explained thinks the way women understand.

I was surprized to know that women in the US leave the finances to the man the way they do in Brazil. I was wondering if you and your company would not like to expand your knowledge to the women in Brazil as well. I truly believe there is a big market there for that kind of knowledge. South American women are much more illiterate when it comes to money and much more depend financially on their husbands than American women. I think there is a huge market over there for that kind of knowlege. It is an idea that I think it could be very profitble. I am teacher, I have read several of your books, speak Portuguese and English, and I know the culture of the country. Maybe I could help somehow. It is a huge emerging nation and women are looking for changes. They go to college ,but when it come to finances, they are not prepared.Like I said there is a huge market for that kind of knowlege.

Again thank you.

- Angela Campbell

March 4 2005
My wife bought your book for me yesterday; I haven't picked up a book since high school, 1973. Ya, that's right, and my friend I haven't stopped since I picked it up. Fifteen years ago I owned 4 companies and a good friend sold me a store--if only I would have bought your book fifteen years ago. Bang, now it's start late and I will finish rich. Again, counting beans does pay off, and sir, I will make sure I tell 10 people to buy a copy. Your book can make a difference. Lot's of real info--I can't wait to finish it.

Thanks Again,
Starting over at 50,

- Fred Saraiva

March 2 2005
Dear David,

First of all I wanted to say thank you for including me in your workbook for the Automatic Millionaire and for sending me a signed copy. After reading my quote, I realized that Iíd like to update you. Since I wrote to you last quite a few things have happened; not the least of them becoming almost two years older.

I have increased my contributions to my 401(k) account to 15% of my income; this includes any bonuses that I receive. I have found a CFP that I absolutely love and is a treasure to work with. My CFP is helping me structure my investments to make sure that my Security Basket is on its way to being fully funded. My Retirement Basket is well on its way to making sure that I am a millionaire by the time 65 rolls around. My Dream Basket will shortly be restructured to be a little more aggressive since I will not need the funds for the foreseeable future.

As if that is not enough, after I max out my 401(k) contributions for the year (my IRA for this year is already maxed out); I will start saving for my first home. This account will be funded with monies that would have gone into my 401(k). I will also be debt free save a car loan by the end of the year.

Iím not done yet, last year I had begun to explore the possibility of opening a side business. This is an idea that I had decided to back burner a few months ago until I picked up your latest book, Start Late, Finish Rich. It is jammed packed with ideas that should help me focus and find a way to increase my income.

So David, I canít thank you enough for providing so much inspiration. If I had never seen you on Oprah after you released Automatic Millionaire, Iím sure Iíd still be floundering around and would not have accomplished as much as I have in the past two years.

Thank you again for giving me so much that I can use to grow on and share with others. Iím sure the next time I write, it will be to say that I have opened a successful business from my home.

Forever Grateful,

- Denise Grant

February 25 2005

I just read Smart Women Finish Rich. I read it as I was travelling to Toronto to visit my sister and brother-in-law. My brother-in-law is currently in the Coronary ICU of a major Toronto Hospital, awaiting a heart transplant.

I already had a good handle on many of the concepts in your book, but the timing of when I read it prompted me to call my lawyer when I got home and set up an appointment to get a will done. I also called my insurance broker to talk about disability and critical illness insurance. I always thought these were things that I could do "later". I realize that itís time to do them NOW.

Iíve also revised my filing system, adapting it to the Smart Women Finish Rich System. Itís brilliant!

One quick correction to your Canadian edition. On page 63 of the paperback version, you recommend that readers check out to get information about CPP contributions. That website is no longer functional. The new website is:

Thanks for a remarkable, simple and easy-to-follow book. Every woman should read it!

- Sarah Eaton

February 24 2005
Today, I stumbled on your book 'The Automatic Millionaire' accidentally while window shopping in a bookstore...I must say that I got so excited with the sound advices you gave that now I can't wait to put them into practice...
Thank you!

- Richard J

February 24 2005
Dear David,
I just finished reading your book and I want to tell you how easy it was to understand and how much I enjoyed it. When I was shopping for an investment book at Barnes and Noble, a man was standing next to me. He pulled your book The Automatic Millionaire from the shelf and told me that he has read many books on financial planning, and yours was by far the best and the easiest to understand. So I took his advice and read it. Well, he was right! It was a quick and very inspirational read. I especially liked the story about the McIntyres, the rainy day chapter, and the Latte Factor chapter. I am going to order Smart Couples Finish Rich and the Start Late Finish Rich books right now. Thank you for motivating me to a secure financial future.


- Mary Beth Galvin

February 23 2005
Hey, David -- I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Start Late Finish Rich book. Like so many other people you have helped, I was very discouraged. There just seemed to be no shortage of people willing to tell me that it was too late, or that I was pretty much a hopeless case. You are a sole and shining beacon for those of us who, for whatever reason, are getting underway behind the pack. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only providing a practical plan for getting ahead but also relighting the spark.

PS: I am the journalist who quoted you in the Montreal Gazette article on Feb.14. Glad I could in some small way give back to you.

- Susan Kelly

February 23 2005

I have just finished your book Start Late, Finish Rich. I am a middle manager in a career I love but until recently I kept questioning what I'm going to do to be better prepared for retirement. I have a years salary saved and already have my mortgage on a bi monthly schedule automatically. My credit rating is moderate to good, yet I am only living pay check to pay check. I have joy experienced almost daily, and I volunteer for three agency's throughout the year, I also contribute money to my favorite charity. With all this going on you would think I would be ok with myself. This is not the case and your book has confirmed many things I have thought about in the past but didn't know how to make the plunge to live life richly in all areas, I failed to figure out how to be happy with my financial situation. It wasn't important until retirement age started creeping around the corner.

I just want to thank you for giving me the clarity to look at what I am doing with my money in a better way and feel I can follow some of the suggestions you have for the reader.

I increased my 401k at work to the maximum level. I have an automatic savings plan being started. I have always believed in owning my own home and do own one now. I have thought of an home based business and am getting ready to launch this businness in the next month. I'm still trying to convince my wife to allow us to use some equity in our house to buy a rental property.

I feel you are a catalyst in my life to realize some goals and dreams I've been afraid to tackle.


- Perry Shepard

February 23 2005
A friend of my husband let him barrow your book "The Automatic Millionaire." My husband works for the railroad and everyday when he'd go to work he was taking $20.00 out for food and coffee. That adds up to be $100+ a week, $400+ a month,$7000+ a year. Well since he started reading "The Automatic Millionaire" and I started reading "Start late, Finish Rich." He's started packing his lunch and taking home brewed coffee to work with him. We have managed to pay over $2,000.00 of our debt off.

Thank you,

- Kimberly VanValkenburgh

February 23 2005
First of all thank you David for such great advices, it's been an inspiration. I was in a library one time and I was looking for a book to teach me how to save money, I was more than amazed by this book and how much I could save and gain with the little money I had in my possession. I was looking forward to buying a house but I didn't think that I could afford it. Now that I have read this book everything makes sense and now I'm telling everybody that they should buy their own house. Now I'm looking in my neighboorhood to buy my house and I'm still saving $70.00 per weeks because of my LATTE FACTORS. Thanks again and I hope you'll come to Montreal one day.

- Charlene Brunelle

February 20 2005
Thanks so much for writing and sharing your knowledge. I have found my latte factor. I would normally stay very late at work (until 8 or 9pm) each night. Once I did that, it was either too late or I was too tired to catch the bus or train home; so, I would take a cab. The cab ride was $7.00 a night / $35.00 a week / $1820 a year! I now get home in time to see my daughter and spend time with her and am no longer spending money on cabs!

- Mercedes Falber

February 20 2005
Dear David,

I am 29 and my husband is 36. We both declared bankruptcy a year ago and I thought all was lost, until I read Start Late Finish Rich. Thank you so much for your advice. I now realize that being a stay at home mom of three wasn't a terrible choice and my husband and I won't grow old poor. You even enspired me to FINISH my BBA in Finance (I already have a BA in Secondary Education) and my husband to start his MSF (which his company will pay for 100%). Since we already own our own home and have decided to live on a cash only basis, I understand now that we are much better off than I orginally thought. I have even started my own business on E-bay and we began putting 10% (to begin with) in a 401K.

Thanks again!

- Kathi McKenzie

February 19 2005
After reading The Automatic Millionaire I became a changed woman. I only wish I had learned of this information sooner than at age 49.

Since being enlightened by your financial wisdom, I have changed our IRA's to asset allocation funds, and am maxing them out. We also have one rental house that someone else is paying down that mortgage. We sold our house and have money in the bank, and are building our next house without a mortgage. We are forever grateful and am buying your books to give as gifts.

I hope to enlighten my teens to better understand these principles. Thank you for your gift of freedom to so many.

- Lynn Lowe

February 18 2005
I am 41 years old and am finally getting my financial life in order thanks, in part, to you. I have never been so excited about reading and learning since I was in medical school 18 years ago! My indebtedness from school has essentially paralyzed me and it has taken me until now to get motivated into wanting to pull myself out of the cycle. I thank you with all of my heart for exciting me and pointing me in the direction of financial freedom and living well. I look forward to reading all of your books, and attending a seminar soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

- Karl Holtzer

February 18 2005

I noticed your book in Chapters bookstore. I loved the title and flipped through and decided I had to have it. So I went online to purchase it and got the audio cassette first because I don't have time for reading much. I am hooked after the first CD. And now I want to give your Audiobook to everyone, young and old. It's fantastic stuff. Start Late, Finish Rich is so relevant and helps those of us who might've once thought we were invincible to get into a new mindset.


- Simone Tai

February 18 2005
I just want to commend you on a great book! I had already implemented maybe 75-80% of your suggestions, but this book has given me the additional inspiration I think I needed to maximize my retirement. I actually find myself voicing your views and recommending your reads to anyone that will listen to me when the subject of finances comes up. I am a late starter myself, (43 now, started taking things seriously at 37) and probably the biggest obstacle to overcome was the (I wish I would have done this years ago, so on and so forth). The only thing I need to do now is live long enough to realize my efforts. In light of this deep interest in my future also comes a deeper desire to take care of myself physically as well. I have an Industrial Contracting company that I started in 1989. During the prosperous years, I found myself living the "high life" and wasting all the profits on unneccessary equipment, vehicles, vacations, etc. If only I had read one of books years ago!! I could have retired by now. Now I have 15 years of hard work ahead of me. Probably the greatest realization I have received from your book is that I should not include the money from selling my business or social security in my retirement projection. I don't believe you really came out and said that, but I figure that if I follow your plan and not include my business sale or social security that any extra money from these will be icing on the cake!! I am trying to make an impact in a childs life as you suggested and it's actually helping me in the process. I could go on and on but I am going to stop. Thank you again and I am look forward to reading more of your books and possibly meeting you in the future. Have a great day!!!

- Tony Varone

February 18 2005
David -

Automatic Millionare is a great way to organized one's life. I can't wait to share this with my 19 year old son. I'm seeing him tomorrow and can't wait to tell him that I have found a way to save him from the mistakes I've made in my life.

I immediately recognized my Latte Factor. Books! Yes, the very thing that made me buy this book on impulse has been at work in my life with books in subjects ranging from geology to "Drawing the Nude", westerns, science fiction, romance, and just about anything else you can imagine for as long as I can remember. This started when I was a kid and had been hit by a car. My mother brought a book home from grocery shopping every week. My earliest memories of being warm, safe and loved are wrapped up with books. When I was older (late 70's) my father and I would go to the grocery store with her and add an average of $10 - $15 per week to her grocery bill in paperbacks. Today I average a $6-7 paperback a week, I have a monthly subscription to an audio book service for $20 and then there are the subject books. Lets say I get interested in geology or the Spanish language. I'll go out and spend an average of $10-25 every two weeks acquiring books on the subject. I want to own them, not borrow them, I want to touch them, smell them, fall asleep with them and when I'm done with them, I usually box them up and hoarde them in the attic. Now for the changes I've decided on... other than a few special books, I've resolved to donate them all to charity and start getting my pleasure reading (brain candy) at the local library. If I become enamoured with a special subject, I'll start with the internet and if after 3 months of researching on the internet, I'm still passionately interested in that subject, then I'll see what the library has, and then, after I've read through their selection, if and only if I find a book worth keeping, will I go buy it at the book store. The indulgence I've decided to keep is my monthly subscription to audio books. With a 1 1/2 hour round trip commute every day the audio books save my sanity. I'm still cutting out an average of $80 per month in spending that can be satisfied in other ways. This equals 10% of my mortgage. Guess where I'm going to put that money.

Thanks for helping me find a new perspective!

- Dennie Fennell

February 15 2005
Hello my name is Latrice and I am currently 22 years old. All my life my immediate and extended family has had financial problems. I wasn't taught proper money management. When I was 19 I had my first part-time job and I worked with a man who told me to invest. He pumped me with advice all the time. I really didn't think I was listening but two years later I realized I had been.

I was working at a new job for a year then and received my 401k package. I was surprisingly excited, I had been thinking about my future alot over the last couple of months and didn't know where to start. I went my bank and saw a financial advisor and he gave me excellent advice. I maxed out my 401k at 18% and four months later I started a Roth IRA. I was feeling more confident and aware of my future. I still get negative remarks from my mom, she disagrees with how I chose to utilize my money. But that doesn't stop me.

But there was still one issue bothering me. I had no money saved up in my checking account and failed a savings account two times previously. I do not know how to save up for emergencies, if I have money I have to spend it. That's when I picked up Smart Women Finish Rich and I am slowly trying to not live pay check to pay check. His words are inspirational and I will succeed.

- Latrice Ivy

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