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February 15 2005
I heard an interview on the radio one morning with you the day your Start Late, Finish Rich book came out. I ordinarily don't listen to talk radio in the morning since it doesn’t seem to wake me up, but your principles where so simple and true that I just kept listening. Needless to say, I bought that book, finished it within the week, then moved onto Smart Women Finish Rich. I had meeting with a financial advisor on my 2004 "to do" list, but didn't get it accomplished. So, come 1/1/05...I set up the appointment! My husband wasn't ever worried about or future since he has a decent pension plan and only has 15 more years to go to collect. He will only be 47 at that time, and could if he wanted, seek out another career with another pension as well. I on the other hand, currently have no plan except for some old small rollover IRA accounts to try to build on my own now and retire on.

In light of recent political events, I don't foresee there being a social security plan by the time I can retire in 40 years! So, it was time to convince my husband to get on the same boat as me in planning for a future together that won’t be as financially strapping as we seem to be now. It took a bit of explaining, but once I told him about the latte factor, (and pointed out ours!) I was able to get him to also open a Roth IRA with me with the promise that his investments didn't have to be as risky as mine. The accounts are now open and I finally can sleep better knowing we have some sort of plan set up for our future. I looked at every angle, and this is the only place currently we can invest in. But my 5 year plan looks great! Before you know it, I will be one of your new smart women who finish rich.


- Kandi O'Brien

February 14 2005
I read your book (The Automatic Millionaire) in four hours this Sunday. Took a little longer as I kept playing with numbers in Excel. I have kept myself out of credit card debt and I am in my mid-twenties. I have a little bit of a latte factor (which I can identify now). Due to a raise and not making carpayments (live in city no need), I was seeing sizable extra income. I had already opened a rainy day ING account (which I made automatic last night) and started my own investments with a mutual fund. I did not realize the whole pre-tax retirement investments. I called this morning and opened a TIAA-CREF account, automatic. If all goes well I'll retire early. Now I just need to find a home!

- Kevin Haynes

February 13 2005
Thank you for coming to Thousand Oaks and speaking. Sorry about the weather!!! I dragged my husband with me, at the end of the day he was glad he went and learned alot. My son and I call your book "The Bible". Thank you for opening our eyes to saving.

- Connie Hernandez

February 11 2005
Dear David Bach,

Just a letter to thank you for your free book yesterday at The Millionaire Conference in Torrance, CA.

All those "millionaires" were selling their "secrets" for thousands of dollars. Then there was you -- giving away your book FREE to help me. Thank you very much. I WILL read your book and put it into action.

There is something special about a man/woman is willing to put their plan in an afforable book for all to read.

This is my first letter to you. You will be getting future letters on my progress. I am now a fan of yours and will give you credit to my start to a better future.

May your cup continue to run over with blessings for you and your family.

Best regards,

- Ms. Donna

February 11 2005
David, I must tell you, I just - about 1/2 hour ago, paid off my credit card completely, and for the first time in my ten year marriage, my husband and I are credit card debt free!!!!

I can't tell you how good it feels! I worked my but off to do it, but it is definately worth it. Now I can start increasing my retirement savings. And - I will never be in credit card debt again!!!!

Thank you for your inspirational books.

- Sarah Burek

February 10 2005
Mr. Bach,

You have really helped my husband and I! We're both 25, and recently paid off all of our credit card debt. We also managed to save over $7,500 toward our dream of moving to Hawaii.(I used to live there, and I miss it badly.) I wanted to keep our fund in a cardboard box decorated with pictures of the island in the living room. There I could gaze at, caress, and smell the money to feel how close we are getting. Since reading your book, we've opened three different mutual funds and decided to put Monopoly money in the box instead!! My husband owes you his deepest gratitude for swaying me to the side of reason, and our funds are going to grow instead of gather dust in the living room! Feel free to use me as an example of what NOT to do in your seminars and books!

- Amber Touch

February 10 2005
I'm 42 & stopped saving for myself about 10 years ago becasue I lost one job & moved on to a new one. Anyway I thought I'd get started after one year on my new job. Sad to say until I read The Automatic Millionaire I hadn't thought much about the 401K available at work. I signed up & I'm moving forward. Interesting note: From age 23 to 32 I saved 10% of my pay in IRA's which have grown from $30,000 back at age 32 (1996) to over $100,000 at age 42 (2005). Just imagine how much more things would look if I never stopped at age 32 -or- thank heavens I'm starting again & how much better things will be!!

Start young, never stop, & finish rich!!!

- Paul Knight

February 10 2005
Hi David,
I hope I can call you by your first name. Well my wife and I are only halfway through your book and we have lowered our annual rate on our credit card (and by the way we found out the card had two rates). We got both of them lowered from $19.99 and $25.99 to $19.99 and $13.99. So thank you for that. Also, your book it sparked an idea. We had an old tv tray that my wife found 16 years ago that had a picture of Mickey Mantle on it. Well my first thought was (because of your book) eBay, but in searching the Web I found a collector who to my surprise offered us $650.00 for it! So need I say more--we made a profit of $650.00 which went right to our savings.

We are happy so thank you and I can't wait to finish the book to see what else will happen and to see what else we can do.

So thank you keep it up.

- Joseph & Lisa Gray

February 10 2005
David, I bought Start Late, Finish Rich yesterday and today after cancelling unecessary services and modifying existing ones, we have paid for the book and more!

Thanks for the motivation!

Dan & Jessica

- Daniel Fedor

February 8 2005

It was my lucky day to see you on the Oprah show in January 2004. I checked out your book, The Automatic Millionaire, from my library, read it cover to cover, and then had to buy my own copy. Since then, I have rebalanced my 401k investments, pay my bills automatically, and am on plan to pay my mortgage in full before I retire. Your book has so inspired me that I have had to share your news with many others. I gave a copy to my nephew who received his MBA last May, copies to my other nephews and niece and my daughter's boyfriend at Christmas. I also distributed 17 copies of The Automatic Millionaire to my coworkers for their New Year's resolution. My sister and I bought your newest book, Start Late, Finish Rich and she has finally established an emergency fund and is reducing her Latte factor to fund her retirement.

Your books are direct, with basic concepts that I certainly know (but didn't implement because I couldn't really see the payoff), and provide me with a terrific roadmap. Thank you for inspiring me.

Your devoted reader in Point Pleasant New Jersey,

- Christine Martin

February 8 2005
I'm a high school personal finance teacher in Leonia and wanted you to know that I have shown your segment from Oprah (Jan 2004) to my students. One of the areas we discuss is how to save and stay out of credit card debt.

Some of the students have gone out to purchase your book. They were very excited about the potential to save and become millionaires.

Thank you,

- Grace Antonucci

February 8 2005
I read your book while traveling to see my parents. What really motivated me was being around my parents, they are in thier early fifties and are far from being financially ready for retirement. I on the other hand want a retirement filled with travel and new asperations. I am 23 now and a homeowner, your book enspired me to sit down with a financial planner and begin my own retirement accounts. I hope that everyone young to old has the ability to read this book at some point. Of all the books I have read this one is by far the most financially inspiring.

Thanks David, 2035 will be a good year.

- Jon Skudlarek

February 7 2005

I am 41 y.o. and have been in credit card debt ever since I was 18 y.o.. I was $21,000 in credit card debt as of a year ago. I read your book "The Automatic Millionaire" after seeing you on the Oprah show. It was so inspiring and I learned so much by reading it. I began to put your teachings in effect immediately by paying myself first. As of this month, I have ZERO credit card debt, I am in a 401K program and my company puts in 6 percent and matches up to 4. I of course did the maximum of 4 percent. Every paycheck I have 14 percent invested. I also enrolled several years ago in to a 457 program. I had initially deferred $25.00 a paycheck and now because I'm credit card debt free, I defer $200.00 a check. As I get raises, I'm deferring 100.00 more each time, which lowers my taxable income at the end of the year. I also own my own home. As you can see you have been a big help and motivation in my life. Thank you again and I will read your book over and over and never forget where I came from.


- Robert Oldroyd

February 7 2005
Hi David, I started reading Automatic Millionaire 2 days ago. The first day I read your book, I called my credit company and did exactly what you said, can you beleive I am paying 29.23% in 2 of my credit cards and 26.99% in 1 for more than couple of years. Never paid attention to any of it. Just thinking that I can pay for it. Single, annual salary of 70,000. But... no property, still renting and not much of a savings.

You gave me so much insight, that all I think now is my future. The credit card co. lowered to 17.99% APR all 3 of them. I have my 401k set up 4% contribution that I promise to bump up soon. Only spend on cash money, found my latte factor and now looking for my rainy day money into a money market and looking forward to invest in property.

David, how could I thank thee? I would recommend your book to anybody. So simple to read and understand. Thanks a million. I sent "Start Late Finish Rich" to my boyfriend. I think were on the right track.

- Riza de la Cruz

February 6 2005
David, I read as many books as I can on business and investing and by far this book has taught me many things that I quite frankly took for granted.

I have done evry well for myself and reading your book had made me reconsider my stock trading methods and I will use your pie approach as my current of buying and selling weekly or even daily is not only stressful but not always do I obtain the results I am looking for.

Again quite frankly books like yours help me rethink my positions and refresh my way of thinking.

Much Thanks and Regards,

- Johnny Carino

February 6 2005
At my last visit to the Bookstore I bought your book. That's how I found out about your web site. I love the clean and decent way you present how easy it really is to get rich and it is not too late to get started. I am so looking forward to engaging myself in becoming wiser and eventually rich in the next few years. I will let you know how I am doing then. Thanks.

- Birgitta Thorild

February 5 2005
Dear David,
"The Automatic Millionaire" caught my eye in a bookstore last July, while I was shopping with my family. I read a few chapters while they browsed and everything just made so much sense. I went home and put it on hold at the library, but in the end was unable to wait and purchased it.

I'm kind of an all or nothing person, so at first I was obsessed with trying to implement every idea at once. I actually overextended us with all my savings vehicles, and was a bit depressed that we were totally broke all the time. I've finally stepped back a bit and tried to be more balanced.
When I look at the results, I am proud. Since July, I have started an emergency fund that has $1800.00 and gets automatic deposits of $50.00 a week. I have increased my 401k contribution from 4% to 15%, and my husband's from 5% to 15%. I have set up almost every bill on automatic payment, and pay extra towards my home equity loan.

I am really proud of the fact that I talked 3 of my coworkers into signing up for the 401k. They had been giving away free money for years, but never got around to signing up.

I really admire people who become successful without sacrificing their values. You have helped countless people David, and I wanted to write and say thank you.


- Kim Wright

February 4 2005
I love you David! I just started 'Smart Women Finish Rich' and I just have to tell you how wonderful you are!

God Bless you as He has blessed me with your book!

- Tracy Alexander

February 3 2005
I wanted to let you know what led me to reading your book. I am a police officer of 19 years at the rank of captain. I still work off-duty trying to make ends meet. I kept seeing your book at the front of Waldens bood store. I really did not have $25.00 dollars to spare but each night I worked I just could not pass it by. Start Late, Finish Rich just kept getting my attention. After reading your book I had a God inspired question answered which assured me I had done the right thing. Second to last chapter you talk about tithing. My wife and I had been out of church and tithing. We had been praying and talking about finding a church and starting to tithe. I found your comments to be very uplifting. I also like the idea of giving my time. Just today I was sent an e-mail about BIG BROTHER and have decided this is an opportunity for me. I learned alot from your book. I have some real estate already and now feel good about carrying on.

Thanks for caring,

- Scott Newell

February 3 2005
Dear David, Thank you for writing and sharing Start Late, Finish Rich. You make it simple to understand and get started. The idea of facing our debt and dealing with it was scary. But once you face it you can control it. Like the latte factor! We had alot on that list. The first and most expense thing for my husband and I was to quit smoking cigarettes. Granted it wasn't easy but we want to live long enough to enjoy the 401K and other investments. We pack our lunches now and bring our own thermos for coffee (little things mean a lot). Another thing was to get our finance charges lowered. I didn't know you could ask the credit card company to do that. Next step was to pay our mortage 2x's a month.(You don't pay more, you just pay differently). Once you get things rolling it's like playing a game. Now we are always looking for ways to save. A local gas station offers 3 cents off per gallon of gas if you pay cash. Why pay 3 cents more than you have to? Thanks a million,

- Cindy & Mike Neverette

February 3 2005
Hi David,

I just wanted to write a quick Thank You note. I have been a fan and student of personal finance books for the last ten years. Your book reinforced some of the things I already know, but more importantly it recharged my batteries. I felt I was getting stagnant and discouraged along the path to financial freedom. I needed your book to help keep me on the right path.

And just a quick note to those of you who are just getting started. I have been in my 401K for ten years now and I have already accumulated $115,000. I have 9 more years left on my mortgage and my car is paid off and the best part is I have no credit card debt. There is no feeling like it. Give David's book a try and put his simple plan to work and every year you will be richer, both with your finances and your wisdom.

Thanks David and good luck to all!!!

- Stephen Geraci

February 1 2005
My Latte Factor was lottery tickets.

I now take the $25 a week I used to spend on lottery tickets and have it automatically deposited from my paycheck into my saving account each week.
Thank you!

- Julie Epstein

February 1 2005
Dear David,

I wanted to thank you so much for opening my eyes about my financial situation. I just heard about you yesterday actually and I went out that night and bought your book and I am on Chapter 4 already. I am so inspired to save and being so young, only 21, there is no limit to the possibility that I see for my future.

I have already calculated my latte factor and found that I spend exactly $187.20 on "extra things" such as coffee, bagel at Dunkin Dounuts a few times a week and randomly taking $10 cash out just to have money on hand...ridiculous! It really opened my eyes to my spending habits and I want to be financially free and get things under control now.

I have already put in place to save $6.00 a day, that is how much I can afford starting off...maybe I can double that, but for now I am so excited to get started! Thank you for inspiring myself and others with your book. I am so glad I have learned about your book and these new ideas early on. I am ready! Thanks again!! :)

- Jennifer Lozano

February 1 2005
My success story is much the same as the others posted here - making retirement and savings contributions automatic, negotiating lower rates on credit cards, cutting out unnecessary expenses like premium cable channels and unused phone features, identifying my Latte Factor, etc.

I am glad that I have 'found' money each month that can go towards savings and retirement, but I think the most significant thing I've gained from reading Start Late, Finish Rich is peace of mind from finally realizing that I can control my finances rather than my finances controlling me!

Thank you!

- Lori Morrow

February 1 2005
I graduated college with a Business Administration degree 2 years ago. I have been working for an Insurance & Financial Services company since then and have just completed my Series 6/63. I love my career. I love that I get to meet new people every week and help them attain their financial goals. It was during this career transition, I happened upon your book at Borders. I first stopped after seeing the title, "Smart Women Finish Rich". After skimming through it quickly, my first thought was I had to have it! IRA season was quickly approaching and I knew it would be helpful having a source such as your book that was so easy to read.

Since then, I have recommended your book to all my co-workers and most of my clients. Your book offers more than simple definitions, it motivates people! After reading your book, I have found it a lot easier to practice what I preach. I not only brew my own coffee at home, but now my husband and I take turns cooking dinner. While these improvements may not seem as though they are not a big deal, they truly are. Our expenses alone have decreased by $1300 a month. We are extremely lucky to have not only started early, but to have come across your book as well.

- Amber Jackson

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