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March 15 2011
Dear David,
I just finished reading Smart Women Finish Rich and felt compelled to let you know what a profound impact this book has made. I would like to share a brief history of myself with you.
My name is Michelle Caruso. I live in Oakville, On Canada. I am approaching my 49th birthday this May.
I have been separated and recently divorced, for one and one half years, after 21 years of marriage. I have 2 beautiful and smart women daughters, Kaitlyn 21, and Danya 18. During my 21 year marriage my ex-husband worked off and on for the first 10 years after which he decided in his words, “I’ve paid my dues.” I have been in the equipment lease finance business for over 21 years. In 1999, I made the choice of leaving my employer to work as an agent for a brokerage firm. In a nutshell I became self-employed. I have always been in commission sales, so I had the confidence that I could do this. My income increased instantly. In most people’s eyes I appeared to be very successful. Since 1999 my family’s lifestyle became extremely consumption based. Two family vacations per year, designer clothes, current model vehicles, Harley Davidson Motorcycles (his) and by 2006 we had moved into a 3500 square foot home in one of the most sought after neighborhoods’ in Oakville. All based on my income. We were mortgaged to the hilt; four major credit cards and the line of credit were all maxed. I couldn’t make money fast enough. We were digging ourselves into a hole. You can imagine the stress I was under. By now you’re probably wondering what my income was. Over the ten year period of 2000 to 2009 I earned close to TWO MILLION DOLLARS!
Over the course of my marriage, I lost all respect for my husband nor did he have any respect for me and so on my 47 birthday I looked at myself in the mirror wondering where the woman that people used to call “smiley” had gone. I finally admitted to myself that I wanted out. I moved out that day. Over the next 6 months I hashed out a separation agreement. Canadian Laws are quite simple, everything gets split 50/50. And I was being treated as any man that had a stay-at-home spouse. My ex-husband is entitled to indefinite support because he hadn’t worked in 10 years. After speaking with several friends and colleagues who had gone through divorces and with the consult of my attorney I offered him a five year contract with support payment of $4000/month, plus $1000/month for child support of my eldest daughter who is still in school; this along with half the assets (equity in our home/ RRSPs etc). After the 5 year contract is over he is on his own.
So here I was in my own home, not knowing how to move forward. I had made so many errors in the past that I most certainly did not want to repeat. I needed help, so I hired a Coach. I worked with my coach, Samy Chong, every week for the better part of a year. It’s funny that when I tell people this they can’t believe that I spent that kind of money. My reply is always the same, “this investment in me is the best investment I have made in my whole life.” It is funny that people don’t mind spending $7000 on a family vacation but don’t see the value in spending it on their own personal growth. In my case with an average of 2 family vacations per year, it was easily justified.
I needed to forgive my ex, myself and my past errors in judgment. I needed to move forward. I started by finding my authentic self. I needed “me” back; that person who was always happy, smiling and loving. I needed to find me and find balance in my life. So for the past year I went to work on myself. The one piece that I hadn’t really looked at was my financial situation. I’ve always made a good living and I just thought it would look after itself. I looked at everything other than the spending habits I had acquired over the past 21 years. Well I am sure that you will agree that God always has a way of sending us messages and it became clear to me this past December that reviewing my finances was on HIS list. The last 4 months of 2010, my income took a 10% dip. With expenses at an all time high I could not afford a decrease in income of any size. This past December was the first time ever that I was faced with literally not being able to afford groceries let alone buy Christmas gifts for my daughters. Another wake-up call, get your financial house in order. All I could think about was how am I going to face this. So last month I got caught up on my accounting (I was 4 months behind), made a budget and started to track what I was spending and on what. It became clear that I was living beyond my means. I consolidated the debt on my line of credit and my 2 credit cards and remortgaged my home (at 2.35%). I had heard about a book called “The Millionaire Next Door” from an audio book I was listening to called the Slight Edge. I was determined that I needed to buy and read that book. So off I went to Chapters and along with this book I also purchased Smart Women Finish Rich. (I wasn’t surprised when you referred to this book at the beginning of your book. I have come to learn that there are no such things as coincidences). I figured I’m a smart woman, why shouldn’t I be able to finish rich? I read the Millionaire Next Door first and what an eye opener. Not only about how the typical millionaire lives, but also about what we as parents are NOT teaching our children.
Last week I started reading Smart Women Finish Rich. I finished reading the book last night. This past week I completed your Finish Rich Inventory planner. I am sad to report that my Net Worth is only $248,000. However I am an eternal optimist and the past is the past. If I was able to earn $2M in the past 10 years that I was raising my family with a ball and chain around my ankle, you can imagine what I can accomplish in the next 10 years!
I am I have contacted my financial advisor and indicated that we will need to meet to discuss my investments, mortgage balance, disability insurance and life insurance. I have both but not nearly the coverage I require. I had revised my Will, Living Will and beneficiary’s during my separation, so that is currently up to date.
I have created a Finish Rich Personal and Business Plan where I have outlined my financial goals and how I will achieve this through my business plan (which I completed in December). Now it’s time to take action.
Over the next 3.5 years my goals are clear. I hope to have my car paid off, catch up on my RRSP contributions, pay down my mortgage as much as I can and take my girls on a Mediterranean Cruise for the 50th birthday next year.
For the five years after that I hope to pay off my mortgage with the money I will no longer be paying to my ex-husband and do a few renovations to my home.
I have discussed this plan with my daughters and have indicated to both of them that we need to meet to devise a finish rich plan for each of them.
I love my career. It has allowed me the flexibility to raise my daughters (almost as a stay at home mom) and it has provided me with an excellent living. I have earned every dollar I have made. I gain true pleasure helping my clients sell and purchase equipment that helps them grow their business and ultimately achieve their goals. They are loyal to me because I make it easy for them to do business with me. As one of my customers recently said, “You always look after me”. That is who I am, the person that looks after everyone. Now I have also learned to look after myself first and then give to others. I am passionate about helping and mentoring others. I am the” go-to gal” you speak about at the end of your book.
On a final note I am currently pursuing coaching training through the Coach Training Institute and last June started another business called Inspired-Success ( I am not making much money with this, yet, but my dream is to help other Entrepreurs and Sales Professionals lead an authentic and balanced life. I know that success is not only measured by money but by who we become. However it is my belief that if you are successful in all of the non-financial areas of your life you will also have financial success.
This smart woman plans on finishing rich!
Thank you for writing this book.
Kind Regards,
Michelle Caruso
P.S. I will keep you posted on my success.

- Michelle 

March 15 2011
Dear David,

I started reading your books in 2008, and decided to give your advice a try because it seemed to make lots of sense to me. In 2009 I doubled my income! I went from making $12.50 an hour to making $25 an hr. I started saving, and I secured a $1mm term life policy that would've taken my then youngest daughter through 18 years of age. Well wouldn't you know it, by December of that year the small devlopment firm I worked for was in trouble and I was out of a job.

I had three months worth of living expences saved (not bad for 7 months of work) and was hoping for the best but not overly concerned because my husband was still working.

David, within three months of losing my job I had a breast cancer scare (I was 26) found out I was pregnant with baby girl # 4, and my husband became disabled due to a work related injury. I remained umemployed for the rest of the year, and my family and I ended up in a shelter.

I am happy to say that I am working again, and still in my field of real estate. In addition to saving money for us to move I have finally really commited to saving 12% of my income! David I only make $10 an hr. If I can do it anyone can do it. With the exception of a Macy's card with a $100 limit I have always been cash and carry. Yes I have brought things I couldn't really afford but always with cash.

I just wanted to let you know that your advice has really made a difference in my life, and we sould be out of the shelter by the end of next month. In the short time I've been back at work I have managed to save 3 months of my family's rent contribution which is 30% of our income.

- Jessica Johnson

March 15 2011
I read David's The Automatic Millionaire at age 14 and immediately became interested and fascinated with personal finance. Now a 19 year old college student, David has changed my life and inspired me to start, a site designed to help students learn about money. In David's latest and best book yet, Debt Free for Life, he provides readers with the proper tools and strategies on how to pay off debt that has been wreaking havoc on families, primarily due to the recent recession.

- Scott Gamm

March 4 2011
I went on to and found a $25 savings bond a neighbor bought for me for a birthday present 30+ years ago, and after several calls and paper work, I received $165 for a $25 dollar savings bond. Not bad for a couple of calls and little paper work.

- Derrell Huff

March 1 2011
I read Smart Couples Finish Rich and Smart Women Finish Rich. When I got to the chapter on making more money, I was inspired by the idea that even in a recession (like the current economic slump), employers will give raises to valued employees. I work for a small 14-person start-up, and while I knew the business was doing well and I am one of the top employees on the team, there were no instituted performance reviews and any salary increases were going to come from me asking. Coincidently, I was reading your books at the same time that the President announced he was going to sit down with each employee and discuss retention (we’d recently had some employee attrition) – I thought “here is my opportunity.” I worked through your steps on an abridged time frame, practicing how I was going to ask for a raise, obtaining from one of the VP’s data about my level of productivity relative to others on the team, and really figuring out how I add value to the office. Finally my meeting came, and toward the end, the President asked “is there anything else you want to talk about”. I replied “I want a 10% raise.” He looked at me, mumbled a “I’ll have to get back to you on that”, but then asked how I came up with that figure. Now my homework paid off – I listed the reasons I had come up with for how I added value, cited the productivity metrics, and gave him nowhere to go. I now make 10% more and it only took two weeks.

- Meg M

March 1 2011
David, I was very much convinced by your article of ther five steps for paying early your mortgage. Fantastic, indeed!
My story is simple. Few practices.
#1. I always used credit to pay my everyday expenses, but I payed every single penny at the end of the month to prevent interest form the card companies. I used the cash money to create an IRA or to build a personal pensión fund.
#2. I never spent monthly more than what I was earning. If I wanted to purchase an extraordinary furniture or car, prior to expending it, I will save such money and payed it totally at the end of the monthly cicle.
#3. In several occasions, I have borowed substantial cuantities of cash at very attractive interest and terms. I used such money to reinvest i our second new home.
#4. I travel extensively with my family but always doing it in an intelligent manner. Such as staying in moderate hotels with special deals, traveling off the high season to save money on the air line tickets, eating at restaurants with special menues such as "special of the day," and visiting historic places with special discounts or on holidays on which there were no entrance fees.
#5. Taking my own lunch to work three days a week and drinking a coffee or soda in moderate places instead of a luxurious ones.
#6. Purchasing cloths or shoes for the entire family when there were specials in the stores, disregarding sophisticated marks.
My advise consist of three words: be intelligently disciplined!

- Dario Jimenez

March 1 2011
Thank you David! I just finished listening to The Automatic Millionaire for the second time. It's outstanding. I increased my automatic monthly contribution to my mutual fund, set my 3 kids up on automatic contributions to Roth IRA's (fortunately I own my own business and they are now on the payroll), and took my oldest daugther (13) to the bank. We opened a savings account for her and set up automatic payments to her mutual fund. I appreciate you brother! Thanks for the amazingly simple yet so powerful ideas!

- Scott Schrier

March 1 2011
I am currently a 26 year old happily married women, riding the uncertain waves of this recession.

I graduated in May of 2006 (with a good amount of student loans), and started a job right away. But in December of 2006, I was part of a company wide “restructure” and was laid off. I was lucky enough to find a new job in March 2007, and survived 2 more rounds of layoffs in 2008 and 2009. However, in 2010, I was let go again. I couldn’t believe I was 25 years old and had already been laid off twice in my life. It was a really low point for me. To complicate matters more, my husband had been in graduate school for the past few years and had accumulated his own student loan and credit card debt. And, after he graduated in May 2010, he had trouble finding a job.

Needless to say 2010 was a tough year for us. At one point we were both unemployed, struggling to pay bills, student loans and our mortgage, and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately we both have jobs now, and can finally start to implement everything that you have taught me over the past 5 years.

You see, this letter is long over due. Let me back up.

When I graduated in May 2006 a close girlfriend of mine gave me a copy of Smart Women Finish Rich. I had NEVER talked about retirement, or savings, or financial planning with my parents – it was something that no one really prepared me for. I sat down and read your book cover to cover. And then I read it again. And again. And then I bought it for all of my friends. It was such a life changer.

The lessons and principles were so well explained and easy to understand. I was so motivated to get my act together and SO excited that I had found this gem at such an early age. I made photocopies of the Time/Value of Money chart and put them all over the place… just as a reminder that although it may seem harder to save now, it is WAY more valuable to save now. I found myself in competition with Lucy, Susan and Kim. Lucy had clearly surpassed me at that point, but I wasn’t to far behind Susan. So I vowed to get going and that I would eventually get ahead of Lucy and finish rich!

Despite the turbulent times over the past 5 years, I never quit paying myself first. Whatever I could manage – 1%, 5%, 12% - I continued to contribute to a 401K and a ROTH and put any extra money (bonuses, birthday money) toward those accounts. I have read nearly all of your books, each one even more insightful then the last, and I am so grateful for all of your guidance. I have currently saved almost $40,000 toward retirement and I am ahead of Lucy, which was my ultimate goal.

However, my husband and I still have a long way to go. I have paid off my student loans – but now we must tackle his student loans, credit card debt and our mortgage. I just finished reading Debt Free for Life last week and I am already starting to put your advice into action. I can’t begin to thank you enough. Not only did you help me make such wise decisions as a recent college graduate, but now you are helping me to tackle and take charge of our financial future as a family.

Thank you for what you have given me – it is truly PRICELESS!

- Colleen 

February 24 2011
Dear David,

My name is David and I just wanted to say that I purchased your newest book, Debt Free For Life and it was such an easy read. I am looking forward to putting all of your tactics and skills to use right away. I'm very impressed with the Bonus Gifts that you were giving away as well. I plan on being debt free in a very short time. Thanks to your guidance and support I know my goal is within reach!

Keep up the great work!

- David Gonzalez

February 24 2011
I'm a financial advisor and I want to thank you for making the SMART WOMEN FINISH RICH seminar available to me at the early part of this decade. I was able to help about 500 women get started on the road to financial freedom. In a 5 year period, I presented your seminar over 125 times. In fact without your help, I would never have made it as a financial advisor. Before every seminar I bought your book and gave it away at the end of the night. The information is timeless! I have an aunt who taught me how to invest at the age of eight and your seminar reinforced all those fundamental principles. I'm just sorry that your seminar isn't available anymore. There's a whole new generation of women who are missing out on your information.
All the best,

- George  Andrade

February 24 2011
I was a single mom with a 6 year old daughter and was enganged and pregnant when i came across your book. My fiance at the time I knew was having financial problems and I was worried if I would end up a single mom with two kids. I was traveling out of town and need a book for the plane and I thought. Why not. I'm not a big reader but when I read your book Start Late Finish Rich. I couldn't stop. It was easy to read and it seemed so simple. I started implementing your strategies. Let's just say this. My ex (fiance) who has a degree in Business finance and ex wife was an accountant ended up filling for banckruptcy, losing his car, and living with his parents. As for me, I am a single mom with two kids. But, don't feel bad. I'm debt free, bought a new home, have savings and looking to go back to school. I have no college eductation and don't make a lot of money. I just learned how to make my money work for me and be smart. There is not greater feeling as a single mom then to go to bed everynight knowing you are financially secure. Your book was the best money I ever spent and I will make sure my kids read it.

- Robyn Hillis

February 24 2011
David I just finished Debt Free For Life last night. WOW today is a new day, My D.O.L.P. folders are done. I now know S.S. owes me a one time death benefit for my mother. Every Sunday after church we go out to dinner which can cost anywhere from $30.00-$50.00 EVERY SUNDAY - what a waste. Today we had a healthy dinner at home and saw a free movie (saving another $25.00). So now I will send that $65.00 to pay down a credit card. I will keep you posted in 6 months on my progress. You have been a blessing to my family.

Sincerely Pamela

- Pamela Childress

February 24 2011
My husband and I are in our 40\'s and we want to retire early. We DO NOT want to work until we drop. We got your book Finish Rich and we have implemented the following the DOLP plan,increased my work 401k and increased husband's 401K to 18%, and according to our calculations, in 16 years we should

We would not belive in a million years we woud have a million!
We are looking forward to a debt free retirement. Thanks to you!

- Gina Ruff

February 24 2011
Hi David, I want to thank you for all the great ideas shared in "Automatic Millionaire." I was in mortgage lending for 24 years before a health problem put me on disability just as the market crashed. During my brokerage days, I found my "latte factor" (and a few others)to find funds in my spending, and made changes to pay off many debts. We were smart enough to not have a mortgage, so it wasn't hard to do, but took self-descipline. I then used what I had learned and shared it with many prospects for mortgage who were in debt. I always recommended your book to all, and bought and gave it away, my son included. I believe it should be a primer for high school seniors as they begin life on the right foot.
Thank you for all your thoughtful help.

- Joey Campbell

February 24 2011
I saw Oprah's debt diet show a few years back since my friends were one of the couples getting help. Seeing people I knew going through financial struggles helped me wake up to the fact that I was doing some of the same things. I was $40k in debt. I had $20k in student loans and no degree & not doing anything with the education I received. The other $20k was just dumb stuff I had thought i had to have in my early 20's.

I had to move out of my apartment that I loved and move in with a roommate (yuck). I ended up moving in with my boyfriend and he didn't charge me rent. This was about 4 years ago. Last year when I turned 30, I knew I had to do something. I got some audio books on personal finance and I pulled my credit report - after crying at how low my score was, I called some of the creditors to make arrangements and I set up auto pay with my bank. A few little debts taken off my report right away. My score went up 1 point. I was so excited. I had called some of the other creditors and let them know I would be making small payments and to my great surprise most of them settled with me for a fraction of the cost. More came off my report and the score went up.

I started doing this almost a year ago and I went from owing $40k down to $14k. I got a "starter credit card" and use that to pay my debt off and make one payment to the credit card company. That has established good revolving credit as well as getting my student loans up to date. Then, I quit getting lattes in the morning and going out to lunch everyday. I even found a hairstylist that charges a fraction of what I was paying before. I started visiting my local library instead of buying books online and working in a food co-op so I got great deal on fresh produce.

I have felt a huge relief in my life with having the majority of my debt gone, my score going up, and finding ways to support my community.

Thank you for all of your advice and help. It has truly helped!

- Melissa Leonhard

February 24 2011

At thirty eight years old me and my wife are debt free. We read your book The Automatic Millionaire that changed our lives forever. I increased my 401k, changed our way of spending, paid cash for everthing, made things automatic and simply followed your formula in my favorite book of yours "The Automatic Millionaire." Thanks for sharing these incredible ideas with us and America. You are so inspiring and we continue to love your new books in this up and down economy.

- Steve  Rodgers

February 24 2011
Dear David,
I read your book Smart Women Finish Rich three times already. I am currently reading again now and everytime I do I take down new inspirational notes in my success journal. I am a single mom strugglin in this ecomomy with dreams bigger than life. I'm an entrepeneur at heart and will soon thanks to all your advice will be starting a childrens thrift store with all my profits put towards starting an innercity indoor party and play place. Rhode island is a very small state which is flooded with poverty and not much to do. My passion is to give and help children have happiness and enjoy their lives no matter what their parents financial situation may be. To be able to help single moms like myself with a dream but are struggling to make that dream happen. Thanks to your inspiration when at my lowest you gave me hope again. march first I am being evicted from my home because I have no funds but I still have hope and will never give up. I open my store in June and just finished my biz plans so I am on a mission and so happy even though I am poor now nothing can hold me back from completing my dream. Thank you just for being you. Thank you for giving me hope again. I wish you were my conscious lol. God bless you and yours and I will always refer friends and family to your websites and books. I support you and everything you do.
Alicia colaluca

- alicia colaluca

January 19 2011
Wow... finding your books and reading them have had the single biggest impact on my financial life. My husband and I are 56 and 51, respectively. We run a farm, so our income fluctuates wildly from year to year, and 401k's are things that other people have, not us. I've always been a saver, a planner, and very disciplined in my finances. Or, so I thought! I've gotten SO much more disciplined when I viewed every single purchase or expenditure based on what it actually costs me long term... as the interest I don't pay down on my mortgage or the interest I don't earn on my savings account. Since reading your books last fall (I re-read them a chapter at a time at least once a week, for inspiration), my husband and I have been motivated to buy 3, yes, 3, new rental properties. We used the equity in our primary residence as a source of funds (previously it was paid off). Now, the most AMAZING thing about this is that the first house was rented at a profit even before it closed escrow! Our interest only payments are 600 per month, our rental income is 1400 per month... we can have this house paid off in about 12 years if we use all the monies for debt reduction. Then, we\'ll have FOURTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH coming in for our retirement! That is so exciting! We had no real retirement plan before reading your books-- now, I'm on the path to have our rentals pay off in 15 years or less and give us a retirement income of almost 7,000 a month total. That's big bucks for retirement! It feels so good to actually have a plan, be implementing that plan, and see it beginning to pan out with each reduction in mortgage debt and each rent check that comes in. So, now I'm scouring your books for tips on how to pay down multiple mortgages... I think I'll apply the DOLP method to these mortgage payments so I can the rentals paid off asap. When my friends ask me about what I'm up to financially, (perhaps noting the new"Cheshire Cat" grin on my face) I just tell them "I'm following the advice in the David Bach books". All of a sudden, our financial future looks really, really bright! Thank you, David!

- Jill P

January 19 2011
I just finished reading your book, Start Over Finish Rich and enjoyed it greatly. Over 10 years ago I used your plan and continue to use your plan with some tweaks and it is working very well. We each get a monthly allowance to spend as we choose instead of calculating the Latte Factor. We always have both packed coolers for lunch & snacks at work as we both grew up in families that did not eat out often. We use a clipboard hanging on the wall to post our income and expenses with the balance so we have a visual. Savings, vacation savings & investments have been automated and are posted on the clipboard. I do a fun game with dollars. I put a dollar in 4 jars everyday for savings, investing, donating and fun. Then periodically take it out & use it for those categories. We are slowly investing in rentals which pay for themselves and the money from them goes back into that business. Our plan is to be able to live off the rentals by retirement at age 60. Anyway that's how our spending plan is working. I like a slow controlled growth. kg

- kg we

January 19 2011
Hi David:
First of all, I am "graduate" of your Smart Women Finish Rich book. When I read it, I was a recent college grad, living at home, had a full time job yet was drowning in debt. I wanted to move out on my own debt free and I did that. Now, almost 10 years later, I am faced with debt (again!) You think I would have learned my lesson the first time!
Your Debt Free for Life book is exactly what I needed as one my resolutions this year is to pay off my credit card, my car and my husband's credit card (luckily we only have one each). My husband and I want to buy a house but we want to put 20% down (no easy task, especially here in the Bay Area!).
I am instantly hooked! I love your book.
Also, I got my recent credit card statement and it shows how long it would take me if I continue to pay the minimum AND it also shows if I doubled the minimum payment, how much I would save AND how much faster I would pay it off (25 yrs vs 36 mos). I am even more determine to pay off this credit card debt and put that money toward a down payment for a house.

Thank you again.

- Amy Ramos

January 19 2011
David, I can't tell you how grateful I am for you writing DEBT FREE FOR LIFE!!!! I just finished setting up my DebtWise account and have my FINAL DEBT TARGET DATE, I will have all of my debts that total over $139,000+ paid off in June 2019!!!!!!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Again I can not thank you and your staff enough!

- Greg Denovchek

January 19 2011
Last year I purchased your book about starting new in 2010 and used the info to organize our finances! It worked great! Yesterday, I purchased your book,Debt Free for Life, and discovered a mistake that we were making with paying off our mortgage.We thought we had been doing things correctly. We had been sending in biweekly payments with extra money for each payment. As soon as I read that it was possible for the money not to be going into my account properly, I quickly checked my statement. You were absolutely right. So, I promptly called my mortgage company and we have established an automatic bi-weekly payment plan with an extra $98 per payment. Now, I have the peace of mind that we will be able to pay off our mortgage even earlier. Thanks for making this information available.

- Beth Pollatz

January 19 2011
Wow! I picked Automatic Millionaire up in frustration over my finances. My frustration quickly disappeared to give way to excitement. What a great read a real eye-opener! I did your latte factor test and found that I was spending $5-$10 a week just on the cheap movie rentals each week at the Drug Mart. I have a habit of going there after work to get something for unwinding and relaxation in the evening. The Latte worksheet is very clear and amazing in the reality of compounding interest in the few entertainment dollars. Just eliminating this habit will increase my cash allocation for more practical and long-term purposes.
I realized that little spending habits like these does not help with debts. I am 28 years old and have credit and loan debt. I am setting up automatic deposits for savings to pay myself and making extra payments on my debts in advance such as the examples in your book suggest. This feels amazing and liberating to be sure. Thank you so much for your awesome book to empower anyone in every situation.

- Amber  Stanton

January 19 2011
My name is Volker Schaefer, and I am living with my wife and my three kids in Austria in Central Europe. My wife and I are working in our own small webdesign company.

I was on vacation in USA for a little round trip in Florida. It was at the Miami Airport, where I had to wait some hours and I went into the book store and bought "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner"I read the whole book at the airport and once again in the plane. (The flight to Vienna takes 9 hours.)When I came home I was so excited about what David told me in the book that my wife and I made a decision on the same evening when I came home.And some weeks later we had our first flat in a little town near to our village. And a nice old lady is living in it now, giving us a comfortable residual income month after month again.This was about five years ago and now we are planning to get our next real estate investment next year.

Thank you David for this great idea that inspired us so much!

Best greetings from Austria

Volker Schaefer

- Volker Schaefer

January 18 2011
After I recently (re)read The Automatic Millionaire, I decided to take ACTION on all of the great tips. So, today I contacted my bank and had them change my monthly mortgage to a biweekly payment. I also added an additional $800 to every payment to pay down the principle even faster. Not only did this reduce my mortgage by over 15 years, it will save me $547,000 in interest! Amazing! Thanks David. This is brilliant.

- Jay Kubassek

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