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January 31 2005
This is not a success story but I felt I really should share this with you. I'm a 22 year old college student and business owner. I started a pool company when I was 20. I just recently finished your latest book, Start Late Finish Rich. You may be asking why a 22 year old would ever consider reading a book with this title but I'll tell you why I choose to buy this book and read it. The main reason is, I want to know all I can to prevent a bad financial future for myself. This book indeed did the trick. I finished it in 3 days, could not put it down. By the end of summer 2005 I plan on buying my first home. I'm going to save all I can this summer from the pool company and what I have already saved from the previous years and put the down payment on a new home. A 23 year old homeowner, you do not hear that very often now a days. The thing is, this is possible for any one my age. Hardwork and the information in this book could make it possible.

Just wanted to let you know that this book is not just for the older crowd getting ready for their retirement but also for those who are just starting their life. I got alot out of this book. The information I learned from it will follow me through the rest of my life. Maybe in a few years I'll write again and have a success story of my own.


- Matthew Khouri

January 28 2005

I am writing to thank you for saving me over $70k today! Immediately after reading Start Late, Finish Rich, I signed up with the mortgage accelerator program and, as a result, my mortgage will be paid off six years early and I will save over $70k.

In addition, I completed my Double Latte factor and realized another $1500 savings. Of course, I plan to invest this new savings so that my money starts to work for me instead of against me.

Not a bad day! Thank you very much!

- Jim Dunn

January 27 2005
Dear MR Bach,

Thank you so much for your series of books, I started with Smart Women Finish Rich, now I want them all! I just finished The Automatic Millionaire. I always knew god had a plan for me for I am a giver, I am an African American and we are always taught to give and it will come back to you--but no one has ever taught us how. I always wanted to invest but every financial book ever written has said to buy stocks to invest but never really taught you how until now. Since reading your book I have purchased life insurance and I am well on my way to investing. Thank you so much for this book, for now that I have something to work with I am well on my way.

A must read for everyone.

- Peggie Hatten

January 27 2005
I purchased a copy of "Start Late,Finish Rich" at the airport as my fiancee and I were leaving for vacation. The hotel we stayed at was kind enough to mail it me after we returned. I had left it in the bag from the newstand with the reciept still inside the cover.

Admittedly, I have yet to read the entire book however, I can asure you I am a true canidate for your process. I am using your "Latte Factor" on my own finances right now and believe I will find about $300 a month.

I have seen you on Oprah and actually have already taken some of the steps you suggest. I have found the credit shovel beyond resistance which has provided me with the opportunity to stage a tremendous comeback.

I am 45, have about $30,000 in debt and currently make an average of $65,000 a year. Reading your book I find I have erred in my plan for solvency by omitting a savings plan.

I consolodated my debts by borrowing against my retirement plan and then ran my cards up again. I bundled this credit card debt onto one lower rate card (4.9%) and have been paying on the two for about 14 months. I would like to purchase a home however, I would give up the lower rate on the card if I adjusted the payment. The loan against my retirement will be paid off mid September 2005.

With the purchase of your book I created a debt far greater than any I had previously known...a debt of gratitude. You have educated and inspired me. I can only hope you appreciate how heart felt my thank you is.

I will write you in a year and let you know the financial impact your advice has had on my future.
Thank you very, very much!

- Matthew DuFresne

January 26 2005
We have only gotten to page 47 of your book Start Late, Finish Rich. We cut off our Direct T.V. and returned one of our garbage cans--we now have over 150.00 dollar in savings each month. My husband and I used to go out to dinner for "date night", now we are only going to dinner two nights and having coffee the other two nights (which is another savings of another 100.00 dollars per month). We are going to put all that we save on a house in Northern California that we just agreed to buy from the owner, no realtor involved. My husband went door to door asking if folks wanted to sell their home!

Thank you for book!!!

- Scarlett Poovey

January 26 2005
I just wanted to say your book is excellent for wannabes like me who make all kinds of excuses. I will be retiring in the next 3 yrs. at the age of 42, but had I put the maximum in my accounts, I would be in better shape. Later today I will increase my investments from 7 to 8%, working my way to 10-15. I will start my latte account and call ING-Direct to start an emergency fund. I will also tell other people to buy your book. I actually took 2-3 hours like you said to read the book.

- Automatic Millionaire in the Making 

January 26 2005
David Bach lets you in on the secret to finishing rich, and itís so simple anyone can do it. Read this book, follow his advice, and it will change your life.

- Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall 

January 26 2005
I just wanted to write and thank David for making this whole money thing seem so SIMPLE!!! I have bought 2 copies of the new book as well as copies of the other ones and I cannot tell you how inspired I am.

I have always been bad with my money. I have always had debt. I'm fairly young, 35, and have now decided to stop paying these bills every month for the rest of my life!! I've DOLP'd all my bills and am on my way to paying them off faster than ever! I am so inspired to actually DO this! I have opened a Roth-IRA account (my work doesn't "do" 401K, they don't believe in them!) so I can start saving towards my retirement. I've also decided I am going to own a home by the time I am 40. So, I just wanted to say "Thank You" to David for the inspiration. I am going to do it!!!

- Crysti 

January 26 2005
Hi David,

I am so grateful I picked up the Automatic Millionaire at the bookstore took it home, read it and signed up for this coaching program. It is transforming my life and life with my husband over money. Money has been an area of great worry and discomfort for me and I am really dedicated in my work with you as our coach. Thank you.

With gratitude,

- Laura 

January 26 2005
My husband and I read this book and found it easy to understand, compassionate, and full of simple financial tools that we could use together. Smart Couples Finish Rich takes the guesswork out of the complicated realm of joint finances and leads you down the path of true success together.

- Cherie Carter-Scott

January 26 2005
I am 62 and I estimate that if I live another 20 years, this program will be worth about 1,100,000 to me! As a result of this program I am living life more richly and free of money worries.

The best thing about the program is that it is easy to understand and implement. David is very personable and friendly. He did an outstanding job of explaining and motivating me.

To my friends: attend if you are interested in changing your life and living more richly.

- William Leightenheimer

January 26 2005
My name is Traci Pond and I just finished reading your new book "The Automatic Millionare". I caught part of an Oprah show when you were the guest and went online to get more info. I bought the book yesterday and have already started using some of your advice.

I will call tomorrow to have my mortgage paid 2x a month. I have always known I could pay an extra payment or add to the principle payment each month, but as most people always find a reason not to. Last year my husband lost his job and I stopped my payroll deduction to my 401K believing I could no longer afford to save. I called today to have the payroll deduction started back up!! I realize now that I couldn't afford NOT to! I have one credit card that I use and pay off every month (there are some months I have a balance but not many). I called to check the interest rate and found it was 13%. I have it changed to zero % for 6 months and 7.99 % after that. I have another card that I do not usually use and had that one dropped to 7.99% as well. I have one other card that I have a high balance due to the death of my step son (we had no life insurance) and I have been paying it off for over a year but move it from one zero % balance transfer to another. Today I got one card to do zero % for 1 full year.

I am 38 years old and plan on being debt free before normal retirement age. I now feel this is obtainable and I am on my way due to your book. Thank you so much for the easy read. I am going to share with all of my friends and family. I will keep my book close as a reminder of my goal. Thanks again. (PS - When I went to purchase the book, I asked for a locals discount and with out any hesitation recieved 10% off!!)

- Traci L. Pond;

January 26 2005
After reading your book I totally changed my life. I'm a teacher and I'll have a pension when I retire so I had not really thought much about supplementing my retirement funds. However, I live in California (land of overpriced everything). So I decided that I wanted to have my million by 60 (I'm 46 now). I didn't stop going to Starbucks but I did change what I drink. Now I order a tea ($1.15 ) vs a grande latte ($3.35) for a savings of $2.20 a day. I catch the train to work instead of driving (savings of $175 monthly) and no new clothes except when absoutlely necessary (savings of $100-200 a month) and I cook (saving approximately $500-600 a month by not buying prepackaged and frozen foods and not eating out so much). I've started clipping coupons and washing my car myself (instead of paying $14.95 a week to wash my Volvo). In addition, I applied for numerous fellowships and scholarships (and received several of them that fund my Master's degree and increase my income by an extra $4500 a year).

All in all, I'm now contributing $1,300 a month to a vanguard 403b plan (the max as I'm paid on a 10 month cycle). And I'm going to work part-time over the summer so that I can contribute $3,000 to a Roth IRA. I already have an emergency fund with 3 months salary in it. I chose three months because I'm a teacher and we are on a year to year contract, besides I'm tenured. I'm feeling great and thinking that my pension along with the 403b and Roth I'm starting I'll be able to retire at 56 and possibly do something else. Thanks so much.

- Karen 

January 26 2005
My experience was awful. When I logged my expenses in the month of October of this year, I was totally shocked. When I found out that I spent approximately $1,100 on food and $300 on going out to eat, I just about died. I discussed this with my husband and we had to do something. So after seeing this in writing, I am keeping a close eye on what I spend. You don't realize how much you spend till you see it in black and white. I will not stop living but I am going to watch everything we do. I want a future where I don't have to worry about every dime and then the dime I don't have. Reading these books has helped me. I do admit it sounds hard to save (pay yourself first) but I am going to give it 125% of what I've got. This is my new year's gift to my family. I am sharing this with my 16 year old and my 22 year old. I am going to teach them all I know so that they will have an easier time. Sometimes I feel it's too late. But better late then never!

- Patti 

January 26 2005
In the past I've always stopped at the grocery store several times a week. That dash in to buy dinner fixings usually wielded a few snacks, some soda, and a yummy treat. Besides the huge monthly grocery bill, I couldn't lose weight and reduce my medical bills. After reading your book The Automatic Millionaire, I realized my latte factor filled a shopping cart. Now I organize myself, make a list, and shop at Costco for meats, fish, chicken, and other staples to last a month. Those few times I need to hit a market for fresh milk or veggies I do not allow myself to walk down any aisles or to push a cart. I only buy what I can carry in my hands. I'm saving enough that my husband and I opened Treasury Direct Accounts and are now automatically buying $200 a month worth of Series I savings bonds. I've lost 5 lbs. too!

- Valerie Woodard

January 26 2005
Dear David,

I have an interesting story I would like to share. Both my husband and I were working in upper management positions with the related stresses there, plus managing 28 apartments and more than a dozen garages! We prayed, took time to reflect, I quit my job, began working part time. We sold all of our investment properties (had them under contract in 3 weeks! definately an answer to our prayers), refinanced our home and paid off all of our debt. Cars, credit cards etc. That's when I saw you on Oprah.

My son is 18 and reading your book! Due to you, he opened a savings account with direct deposit. My daughter is only 13 and she is now reading it too! She too requested a ride to the bank to open up her own account and has set aside a portion of her allowance to go toward her savings acct. She already makes a regular donation to our congregation out of her own initiative! We are very proud of both of them.

I wanted to share something that has worked wonderfully for us. As parents we always want to give/buy so much for our children. There is so much pressure to have the latest and greatest. What finally solved our conflicts with this was when our son turned 16 and got a job, he then became responsible for all of his clothing expenses. Suddenly, no more pressure to buy $90-$180 sneakers! He would go to a knock off brand store! He says "It's crazy to spend that much money on a pair of shoes on my budget!" That got me thinking, once it was "his" money, he took ownership of it and the responsibility that went with it. I decided to figure a way to do the same thing with our daughter who was only 11 at the time. We would have battles over clothes that we would purchase, and then they would never be worn or respected. They'd get lost at school or left at a friends home.

I decided to give our daughter an annual "clothing allowance". We sat down together, figured out what we could afford then got a ledger book. January 1st we wrote the new beginning balance in her account. When she shops for clothes we bring home all the receipts, tally them up and subtract them from her "account". This has been such a blessing for us! She now is a very very careful shopper! She said to me the very first time we did this, "I love this suede jacket but it is $79 and my budget just can't handle that!" We later surprised her with the jacket as a gift at our family surprise day. This is a wonderful program. It teaches children about money, accounting, saving, prioritizing. She even divides her clothing allowance to be sure she has enough for new school clothes, new winter clothes, spring etc. We also give her an annual spending allowance as well. That is given to her on the 1st of every month. She may do whatever she wants with this money, buy more clothes, go to the movies, eat out. No more fighting, no more hurt feelings. I no longer worry or care if she doesn't wear something. It is her money. She never asks for more either.

I am now working my way through the Finish Rich Workbook! It is work, but fun!
Thanks for writing these books,

- Tracy Sylvestre

January 26 2005
David...I love your book Smart Women Finish Rich!! I found your book one day while I was working for an investment company as an oncall. My IR was sick that day and I was bored so I saw your book sitting on a shelf in the back and I picked it up and started reading it. I could not put the book down! I have shared your book with my husband Jim. Also with a great girl friend who's husband is in insurance. She went out and bought your book and like myself could not put it down. She shared the information with her husband also and her mother-in-law who was recently widowed and is dealing with a large amount of money that her husband took care of.

I plan to buy several of your books for my two sisters and my sons. Thank you for making it easy to read and understand. I learned so much! So now even at the young age of 42, my plan is to FINISH RICH. God Bless you David.

- Tonya Daniel-Johnston

January 26 2005
The motivation of this program and Davidís excitement on the coaching calls was incredible. This program will be worth a million dollars at retirementóbut the value of the freedom of life as a result of this program isóPRICELESS!

- Cindy Tyler

January 26 2005
I am thrilled to share with you that I actually finished reading a book from start to finish. I am 36 years old and have yet to finish reading anything other than a magazine article. I was so intrigued by The Automatic Millionaire, I couldn't put it down. I do not subscribe to the Internet so I am typing this reply on my father's home computer. Since reading David's book, I am planning to get on-line to keep up with The Automatic Millionaire.

I am married and have three young boys ages 12, 5 and 3. My husband is the one who worries about finances and I am the one who encourages him to stop. Since reading the book I am much more aware of the role I play in this ball game. I feel blessed to have a wonderful job and a wonderful family, but I was failing to see the role my lack of involvement was playing in our financial relationship. I have to say THANKS!! I am planning on re-reading the book and also sharing it with my husband and anyone else I come in contact with. Thanks a million,

- Valerie J. Bollig

January 26 2005
David Bach is a financial genius with a passion for coaching couples on how to reach their financial dreams! His program will quickly empower you to make smart choices with your money. I especially like the way he teaches couples to dream-plan together and spend money based on their values.

- Marcia Wieder

January 26 2005
Like many others I am sure, you have changed my life over a weekend! My husband actually found your book on Amazon, and ordered it for me to read. He does this quite often, so I just thought "ok sure another get rich book, I will have a read, keep my mind open as always". I had no idea what your book was about, but I was looking through the TV guide and saw the next week that Oprah had a show called The Automatic Millionaire, so I set the recorder to tape it while I was at work. My husband was home (he had just been made redundant) that day and couldn't believe it was you on the TV!!! He called me at work freaking out, saying I just ordered you that book from the USA.

I have started reading, and you have changed my spending habits already. Especially as my husband is now out of work, I am the only income and your amazing book is a lifeline to me at this time, I can see the silver lining, and feel like a weight has been lifted.

Anyway my latte factor: Today I bought a packet of Pretzels @ AU$1.50 and a can of Diet Coke AU$1.00 = $2.50 for today. Not very much I told myself, but boy was I wrong! Month = 75.00, Year = 912.50, Decade = 9125.00 !! Invested 10 Years $23,668.00, 20 Years $61338.00, 30 Years $159226.00, 40 Years $412991.00. Incredible. No more Diet Coke for me or my waist line! Hey this may also work as the diet I have been searching for, for decades!!! LOL

- D'Arne and Gary Whitham

January 26 2005
I must tell you, I don't read books, but I have not been able to put down The Automatic Millionaire. I saw David Bach on Oprah and it has been a huge inspiration. I found my latte factor, it is lottery tickets. I spend $9.00 twice a week, that's $72.00 a week and $864 a month, and I've been doing this over 10 years - at least $8,640.00. And how much have I won back - probably under

I have been saving money too - about 2&1/2 years ago I signed up for my 403b at work. I contribute 15% of every paycheck and my work puts in 3%. I have $24,000 saved so far and I get $100.00 taken out of each check for a savings bond. I thought it was going to be hard but I honestly haven't missed the money and I know if I had the money I would have spent it. I am going to think this weekend to see if I have any more latte factors. My husband does and boy are we going to have a talk! This has been an inspiration and I would love a "latte factor" mug!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

- Diane Jodzio-Willson

January 26 2005
I just finished reading your book and thought I would say Thank You! My husband has seen you on Oprah and wanted the book. I was the first to read it, but he was the first to take your advice and implement your suggestions. We are currently renting but have "automatically" begun to prepare to buy a house AND have "automatically" begun a rainy day account.

Thank you for your advice and your personal touch. We are both looking forward to sharing your book with our friends and having all of us become automatic millionaires! Thanks again,

- Tracy Gildemeister

January 26 2005
First of all, I want to thank David for changing our lives forever. While I filled out my Latte factor worksheet and gazed at my 2 carat diamond ring, I just kept thinking that "The Automatic Millionaire" book is the best gift I received in my life and the best investment my husband Victor EVER made, Yes even more than the diamond on my finger!!!!!

My worksheet shows we spend an average of $20 per day on the "small stuff". Needless to say, we first started accumulating this in savings and then started a Money Market Account on-line. It is too soon to talk much about it, but just the fact that our lifestyle has changed is a miracle. I am 32 and my husband is 38 years old. He just started investing in a 401K with his employer as I have been for the past 7 years - and I see it growing. Ever since I read your book, my attitude and zest for life is different. I recommend your book to EVERYBODY I see and 12 people that I know of have already purchased your book and signed up on their 401Ks since I had the chat with them!!!! The aura around me has spread to them and its all because of your book!!!! Now the Latte Factor Mug would be awesome to go on my desk at work to continue inspiring people to think and do as you do!!!

You have made it clear that COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON!!! Thanks for putting things in layman's term for the average person to grasp and put into practice. With much gratitude,

- Rani and Victor Vasquez

January 26 2005
I've read the book The Automatic Millionaire and it has changed my views, ways of thinking about saving and investing, and having a positive outlook about retirement. I've changed my 401k contibutions and my fund selections, opened a high interest Money Market Account for my savings, made extra payments to my mortgage, and I am interested in other ways of investing. Thank you very much for opening my eyes, and helping me to realize that it is possible to retire a millionaire and live life with peace of mind.

- Mark 

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