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January 26 2005
I want to thank you for your inspiration. I bought and read 'The Automatic Millionaire' on my fiance's suggestion (she had seen you on Oprah) and it opened my eyes and kicked me in the butt! About half way through the 5th chapter (Automatic for a Rainy Day) I had an 'aha'. My fiance and I have a 'just in case' savings account, which we never really touch, and I'm earning 0.5% interest on it. I immediately got on the internet and opened a money market account, started it with $1,000, and set up an automatic transfer every two weeks from our savings account. I also encouraged her to finally start her 401(k) at work and we've set up an appointment with a financial advisor to make sure everything's in check. I make regular contributions to an IRA and am in the process of paying off my debt.

I'm 27 and although I am very driven to be successful and retire early, I didn't have a plan. Fortunately we were on the right track. She has her check direct deposited with a set amount automatically going to our savings, and I have online banking with an automatic weekly transfer to the same account. We own a house and with your inspiration and encouragement we can now take the next steps to becoming automatic millionaires! Thank you for making it all clear and simple, keep up the good work.

- Mike Perry

January 26 2005
I just started your book Smart Couples Finish Rich. It is great, and we love it. We have been saving tons of money, and stopped buying donuts, which are very expensive. We are going to start saving $5 a day, and we want to be rich.

I have all my goals and dreams planned in a notebook. I am so excited. Today, I transferred my balance to a lower credit card. We are cooking our own food. I buy my clothes at Walmart, and I don't just buy anything. I value my money, not stupid things. I totally changed my way of spending and thinking. I am currently out of work because I just had a baby girl. I don't want too much pressure on my husband financially, but I love to stay at home with out daughter Giselle.

You are a great inspiration and a genius. Please let me be the latte factor winner. My husband loves your latte factor theory! Thank you.

- Christine Mendoza

January 26 2005
I took your challenge and found that the two packs of cigarettes which cost $5.86 and the trip to McDonalds which cost $4.10 everyday for 40 years of being invested would have been, in my pocket $16,056.00. With a simple pit stop at the bank instead of McDonalds and the smoking problem, I could walk away with this amount. If I think like an Automatic Millionaire. Thank You,

- Toni Stock

January 26 2005
All I can say is wow about your millionaire book. I have never read anything so down to earth, and I really understand it. You are right about how simple it is to do. We saw you on Oprah and ran out and got your book. Do you know how stupid we feel for not doing anything about our money situation sooner?

We set up direct deposit for checking and savings. We are going to see how it works out and then we are going to start to put 5% more into our 401k. I hope we can catch up to where we should be, at our (young ages of 43 and 47). Ha Ha. All I really want to say is thank you for making us feel excited and alive and motivated. Thanks again.

- The Haskes 

January 26 2005
Dear David,

I am hard of hearing. It may be a new experience for you working with a person who is hearing impaired. I hope you are comfortable with that. I have called free Relay Center to call the conference and listened to several sessions. The relay center operator tried to listen to the whole conversation but there were some words missing on my telecommunication device machine printer. Still, I got some good information.

I just bought an organizer box with hanging folders. It was handy and easy to use. I had a lot of old paperwork lying around. I cleaned up the mess and organized my household account, investment account, social security benefits, saving/checking account etc.

I bought my current home (coach home) a year ago for $185,000.00 and put a down payment for $133,000.00. I didn't know about bi-weekly payments until I read your book. I called customer service at my mortgage company recently to switch from monthly to bi-weekly payment. I would still be paying monthly payments for 30 years if I didn't know about it. Hopefully, I can pay off the $50,000 mortgage loan payment early. I do not like to pay the interest.

I let the benefits department know that I want to make a 10% contribution, and the company contributes 4% on my 401K plan. I will use cash instead of a credit card. I was really excited and looking forward to paying myself first. I am 51 years old (youth looks (chuckle)).

I have enjoyed my life with friends and joined the Association of Late-Deafened Adults. Perhaps Late-Deafened Adults would like to hear about The Automatic Millionaire. Iím looking forward to hearing about mortgage plans this coming Monday, Sept. 27th for our third session. Thank you very much for the generous information that is helping me do the right thing for my future.

- Sharon 

January 26 2005
I just finished your book Automatic Millionaire and I must say this was one of the best books I have ever read. Your principals are easy to follow and very realistic. You have motivated me deeply. I am putting your principals to use as we speak.

I'm 24 years old and I can definitely see myself an automatic millionaire by
retirement (maybe even retire early). I live check to check and by applying your principals I can see myself living debt free and care free. I called ING and opened up a market account and will pursue US savings bonds also. I am also shopping around for the best rates for a home loan, which I will make bi-weekly payments on.

Thank you so much for writing this book, and appearing on the Oprah show where I first heard about you. Please continue to educate the world on financial freedom.

- Towanda Lahor

January 26 2005
Your book was very inspiring and motivating. I definitely plan to automate my finances. The steps seem vey simple to follow. I loved the book and have encouraged others to read it.

Thanks for the advice.

- Roz 

January 26 2005
David, when I watched you on Oprah, I was so fascinated I went to the library and borrowed The Automatic Millionaire. I read it all night. It has been two weeks now and I paid myself 10%, paid off 1 credit card, reduced one card half the amount owed, made arrangements to pay another card automatically 3x the monthly payment. I have an appointment at the bank next week to open a SEP (I'm self-employed). It was so easy. I have 3 boys in college and I help my mom (who had a stroke). My income is very decent but I was a financial wreck. I just didn't know how to organize the bills, savings and all else. In 2 weeks I did all this, now I can spend my free time doing something special. Oh the money I was spending on coffee, lotto, nails & at the mall, I put in a box. I checked this morning and I have $160.00 UNBELIEVABLE. Thanks David, I am on the path to Automatic $$$$$$$$'s. It feels real good and I am proud that I made the first steps as you recommend..............Thanks.

- Reader 

January 26 2005
Thank you so much for your book. It has truly changed my life. I have just this moment finished it but I have already made some changes in my financial life and look forward to finishing rich. For four years now I have contributed to my 401k but at the minimum level because that's where the company matches up to. I didn't even think about the pre-tax benefits, and your book has opened my eyes. I own my condo and look forward to setting up a bi-weekly pay plan if there is no pre-pay penalty.

- Valerie 

January 26 2005
My husband and I caught the tail end of your appearance on Oprah. I can only tell you that thank you is not enough to express the way we feel by reading and most importantly taking action to becoming AUTOMATIC millionaires with your easy and very understandable plan.

Thanks to you we have taken your advice and now are on the bi-weekly program for both our homes. We doubled up on our car payments, and will have them both paid off by May of this year. Rex and I also increased our 401 percentage to match the raise we got this year from the manufacturing plant we work at. We both have always wanted to retire comfortably at 55 or 56... we are well on our way now. (we are currently in our early 40's). Also we set up automaticlay to have our credit cards paid off by June of this year.

We have shared your book with both our sons. One is age 18 the other is 16. And to see them BOTH get as equally excited as we are about this, is again inexpressable. They both have set up auto deduction from their paychecks to go into a mutal fund. You can only see dollar signs (or should I say the letter M in bold print) in their eyes. Your time value of money chart on page 48 of your book was the hook line and sinker for them both. Being able to see it in black and white the numbers are there and the math adds up!! The four of us have sat down and started talking about our "lattes". Rex did not realize he was spending $5.00 per day (and no joking aside here) on coffee at work. He WAS buying 5-6 cups per day out of the machine.

David, I could go on and on how your book has changed my family for the better. We have been married now for 21 years and could only begin to tell you the financial struggles we have been through. But that is all in the past and we have been climbing up hill. And now that we have implemented your one-step plan we are well on our way to living rich and finishing rich. Again, thank you very much for sharing your plan and and yes we have always believed the more you give the wealthier you feel, in more ways then one.

- The Stinnett Family 

January 26 2005
My Latte experience happened because of a misunderstanding between my credit union and me. I had been saving $150.00 from my check each pay period and I decided to call the credit union and have them increase it to $200.00 each pay period. Well they misunderstood and now started taking out an additional $200.00 for a total of $350.00 each pay period or $700.00 a month. Imagine my shock when my paycheck came and I had $200.00 more deducted instead of the addition I had requested. After I came out of shock, I thought you know, let's try this. One tends to spend what they have! Well to make a long story short - I continue to have the $350.00 taken out each month and love it!!! It's amazing, I don't even miss it!!! Moral of the story - we spend what we have!!! And we can live on a lot less!

- Debbie 

January 26 2005
David, a few days ago I purchased your book The Automatic Millionaire. What a great book - if only I'd had it years ago. At the age of 52 we are now trying to save for retirement. This week our oldest grandchild turned 16 years old and for his birthday I purchased and sent your book The Automatic Millionaire. I have spoken to our youngest child and told him he needed to read this book after I am finished with it. I also purchased another copy for our other son who just finished college. At least they will know how to pay themselves first at an early age. I will purchase 3 more books for the other three.

My husband has a 401k and we both have a 457 plan. At first it was tough, but when we received our raises this past year, we both put that amount into our 457 plans. I am on a mission now. Thank you for writing this book and sharing your knowledge. May God bless.

- The Barnetts 

January 26 2005
This program has been such a blessing for me! I finally feel as if I am taking control over my finances instead of taking control over me. I finally know what I have, where it is, and learning a lot about what to do with it. Thank you so much for doing the good work you are doing. This is the most practical, easy to understand and implement program Iíve ever heard of. It is changing my life!

Iím already telling my friends this is the best thing Iíve ever done financially and I show them how much Iíve accomplished in only few months. I even had my two bothers and mother on the calls.

This program is priceless to me from the peace of mind I feel from knowing that I have a value based financial lifestyle that I understand and can manage.

- Xonna M. Clark

January 26 2005
I teach Financial Planning classes for high school students. My husband and I recently read your book "The Automatic Millionaire". Although the material is a lot of what I have been saying in class for years, I am now able to bring it to new life. I wish I could make my teenagers as excited as I get by knowing this information. With your book I have been able to bring new stories to them and believe it or not, I think some of them might actually be "getting it". I am going to continue to stress for the remainder of the semester "paying yourself first" and pray that many more will see what a difference it can make on their future. As for my husband and myself, we fortunately were doing that,but we have still learned and are now aware of other areas where we need to concentrate. Thank you!!!

- Teresa Adams

January 26 2005

Yesterday I called my mortgage company to do bi-weekly payments. I just refinanced in July for a 30 year mortgage, I am 49. I was very disheartened. But with your method and an extra $40 bi- weekly I will have my mortgage paid off in 12 years and 2 months and save $55,600 in interest. Thank you! I am definitely gaining a wealth of knowledge from your program and look forward to your call this Monday.


- Toni Marie Nappi

January 26 2005
Dear David,
It was interesting to really figure out exactly how much I spend. I own my own business and since the business pays for some things, I didn't know exactly how much I spend personally- though I use Quickbooks to track it all. I made a spread sheet and was amazed at how much I spend.

I've found ways to cut: my life insurance premiums, my auto insurance premiums and my phone bill. I'm meeting with my new accountant tomorrow to talk about the best retirement vehicle for me and my business - I have an age weighted cross tested pension and profit plan, but with the departure of a few younger employees, it may not work well for me.

I've been automatically withdrawing quite a bit for investment/savings/ retirement since January and have been a pretty good saver anyway. My only debt is my mortgage and I made the first $1000/month extra payment today. So, I'm on my way! Your program is helping me get completely organized and systematic financially! Thanks!

- Linda 

January 26 2005
David, another great read. Just staying on course to become a Multi-Millionaire. Thanks for caring & sharing.

- Steve 

January 26 2005
Dear David, I say dear, because your book not only uplifted my husband and I, but it enabled us to look forward to our future. By reading your book we realized that we spent money on odds and ends that we didn't need. My husband spends on average of $5 a day just on food while at work. I spent an average of $3 a day on cigarettes. My husband also has a retirement plan at his current job, but didn't put any money into it. My husband and I are happy to announce that he is now putting 10% of his income in his 401k, we have now increased our mortgage payment by $150, which is going towards the principle of the payment. While this may just be the beginning for our turn around, I just wanted to thank you. We have also been trying to help others as well.

- The Crook Family 

January 26 2005
I took the latte factor challenge. And to be completely honest, I do not spend during the day. I eat at home in the mornings, I take my lunch and come home to cook dinner. I do not smoke or have any costly habit. What it did help me take a look at, was how much I was spending at the grocery store and Walmart when I could do without some things until a later date or all together. I really can't put a $ on it but I have set myself a cash allowance for groceries and Walmart so that I will stop buying everything through my checking account when I want it. I also hope to start putting more away for my future. Thanks,

- Scarlett Riggan

January 26 2005
I am so excited to have just finished your book. My husband saw you on the Oprah show last week and couldn't wait to tell me about the Bi-Weekly mortgage. Together we went to Barnes and Noble and bought it, I say that cause we just don't buy books on this subject. We started it yesterday, reading out loud on a roadtrip. The more I read, the faster and more excited I was to hear your message that is so real and easy. It's been about an hour now since I finished with the acknowledgments.

Since closing the book I have made out a double sided page of attack to get back my finances. We are on the right track now - Thank you and God Bless,

- Pyper 

January 26 2005
I noticed for the first time in two years, in the past two weeks since I have been doing all this financial work, I have been dreaming again at night. Thanks again for your dedication on this subject. You have made a huge difference in me and my husbands lives and we will be forever grateful.

- Sue Trefethren

January 26 2005
THANK YOU for speaking at our Extreme Networking Meeting! To say you were a hit is an understatement.

My clients are all very successful business owners and have heard scores of presentations in their business and personal lives. You held them absolutely spellbound and connected with all of them at a very personal level. The standing round of applause (which has never happened before) tells the story. Your presentation style and your personal values (which came shining through your message like the landing lights on a 747) brought the whole message of "Finish Rich" together.

I have already received tons of messages thanking me for having you as part of our program. Anyone looking to "WOW" their clients, friends, or associates should have David Bach share his message with them.

Thanks again, Best personal regards,

- Roger Sitkins

January 26 2005
I just fininshed listening to the Automatic Millionaire. WOW! While going through the CDs, I realized all the things that I should be doing, now, however I was more concerned with how to take care of the debt that my husband and I had accumulated over the years. I thought, wow, this is great advice, however with our debt we'll never be able to pay ourselves first.

With your help I am embarking on a new road, a road to financial stability and freedom. I now have what I believe are the tools I need to get out of debt and work toward rebuilding our retirement after a few tough years.

I bought your book several months ago, however just hadn't had the time to read it, so earlier this week I bought the CDs to listen to in the car. (I'm in the car a lot!) Even though I purchased the 'book' twice, what an investment!!! I can't wait to share them with our sons and daughter so that they can start NOW to build their future without having to play catch-up like us. What a great gift. Our children will thank us, and you, although maybe not for a few years, once they realize just what a gift your insight and advice was.

Thank you again for steering us in the right direction. We'd lost our footing over the last few years, but now have a clear direction to move in. I can't thank you enough. I don't think I've ever been so moved by a book. This book has totally impacted my life. I can't wait to get started on rebuilding our wealth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, thank you for sharing the free chapter on debt from your Workbook publication. I haven't read it yet, but look forward to reading it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the light at the tunnel!!!!

- Stacy Martinez;

January 26 2005
I have my own business, and felt I had just enough money to put it back into running the business and paying bills. I didn't realize the amound of money I was spending on useless items.

Thank you for you insights!

- Shelli Margheritis

January 26 2005
Your books (Smart Couples...and Automatic Millionaire) have forever changed my life. I can never go back to the way I was after reading the books. Thanks to your simple "why didn't I think of this before" plan, my family will retire wealthy. We are a young military family and are on our way with the strategy you lay out in simple black and white. Thank heavens I found you just in time.

I find myself so excited about the subject of finances that I volunteer to teach others at church about how to be "money smart" and I always bring your books with me as recommended reading. I tell all of my friends and family about what I have learned in the books and hope that they will someday become as excited as I am. The books also make a great gift!

Thank you a million times for teaching me how to be a millionaire when I retire. YOU ROCK!

With much gratitude,

- Sonja Yearsley

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