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January 26 2005
Mr. Bach,

I just finished your book The Automatic Millionaire and I have to say - and you've probably heard this before - but I am FIRED UP! Throughout the book, I kept telling myself, "Hurry up and finish so you can start!" I'm one of those who has to read all the details first and then make the move.

Oh, my name is Sylvina and I'm married and have no kids yet. I've bought many books on money management, read some, but not all. Some sit on my shelf and collect dust for me. But your book was different. There are several different reasons why your book was different, but I can't pin-point just one.

Perhaps it's a quick read, a simple read, you started with a story about real life average Joe's doing it and making it seem easy. Who knows, but it's working - at least for me.

You see I pretty much knew it all about how to get outta debt, stay outta debt, what I should be doing as far as investing for retirement - everything! But did I live it? Not exactly. I even worked on a TV program called the Money Machine (on the cable TV network Tech TV) which taught people about personal finance and investing using technology. So when I looked at my finances, I thought, how did I get into so much debt??? Between our credit cards, school
loans, cars, etc... it was embarrassing!

So I just want to say thank you for giving me whatever I needed to get into action! You cover all the bases. In other words, as I read your tips, I thought, "yeah but.... yeah but... yeah but..." Like paying your mortgage bi-weekly. My yeah but was "I'm not paying a fee to do that..." and of course you covered that too. But guess what? (And I know you'll be proud.) I thought of just paying extra on my mortgage once a month to
equal out a full extra payment a year before reading it in your book!

You have fired up yet one more "future millionaire"!

- Sylvina Goff

January 26 2005

First............your class is Great!! I am so excited about this program, and even though most would say I have boundless energy and enthusiasm everyone wants to know what’s gotten into me! I guess they can see how excited I am about this. I've learned so much in such a short time, and can't wait for the next call to find more little things that will lead up to my everyday "success stories".

After attempting the Latte Factor for 3 days in row, I realized that I don't really spend ANY unnecessary money (at least not anymore) on the day to day expenses, actually that is not something I've really done in a long time....I don't drink coffee, I've taken my lunch to work for probably the past 10 years (don't see much sense in spending money on food). What I figured out a month or so back...... is the times that I am in the grocery stores, clothes shopping, picking up all these "extra's" that are not necessary or needed. Now since reading your book (I bought it at the airport a few months back).....I think twice before I purchase anything and say "Do I really need this?" If I pause at all then it is not necessary and I don't purchase it. I took all my receipts from a past month and found over $600.00 worth of things I really didn't need or would not have missed had I not bought it, and those were only the receipts I happened to maybe it wasn't the "exact homework" I was supposed to do, but the effect turned out the same. I've been working with that knowledge for the past 2 months.....this has allowed me to open the ING account and increase my 401K, and pay more towards my debt.

But what I have done over the past week includes.....
1...Set up my files and found "My Stuff"
2...Listened to the CD's for the first 8 sessions.
3...Listened to the entire CD "Automatic Millionaire" and the "Smart Women Finish Rich"
4....Gave my "Smart Couples Finish Rich" CD to co-workers that want to know everything I learned or read.
5....Got my FICO Score
6....Opened an ING acct with automatic payments coming from my checking acct every other Friday for my currently non-existent Emergency Fund.
7.....Increased my 401K to 8% from 3% (first I had set it for 13% and then listened to the credit card debt CD) and changed it to only an additional 5%, and the other 5% that I will put in the 401K I am paying towards my credit card debt.......the FICO report showed me all my outstanding debt and it was a rude awakening for me!!!
8.....Cut up 2 of my highest percent credit card.............ok I know I should cut them all up.....but they took me a REALLY long time to get back... after my divorce and being a single parent for the past 17 years. (finally I have them both in college this year!!!) even though I am not using the cards as they are frozen in my freezer (I did that after seeing my credit report and outstanding debt) I will continue to cut one up every week as I try to negotiate the interest rate down further (haven't gotten on the to compare interest rates yet, but that is on my agenda this week). I’ll continue to work on this until all of them are paid off.

Reading your book and listening to the coaching class last week just energized me even more to set my goals and see a clearer future, and I don't feel as stressed about my finances as I did. I know I have a long way to go..............I may be the student that takes the longest to get to my goal, but I will not give up until I'm there.

Just wanted to say Thank you.....and can't wait for the call tomorrow.

Have a Wonderful Week!!

- Renee 

January 26 2005
I just finished reading your book, "The Automatic Millionaire". I am 66 years old and retired from Eastman Kodak in 1991 at age 54. I am a financial conservative and was able to invest and save so that my wife and I can live a relatively worry-free life together. However, after reading your well-written book, I couldn't help but think how much easier, more rewarding, less risky, and less worrisome our years together might have been had we known about the principles laid out in your book. All is not lost, because we now plan to revise some of the things we are and are not doing. More importantly, we bought a copy of your book for each of our three kids and their spouses. I believe every student should be exposed to the lessons in your book before they graduate from high school. They, and the country, would be so much better off for it. Keep preaching the word.

- Terry Lindenmuth

January 26 2005

Whew! I just finished my homework this week and I feel much better than I did after completing last week's assignment! (I was one of the people who felt despair after "seeing where all the money goes". I found this week's work to be very inspiring! I know last week's homework was important foundational stuff. I think for me I have always put off doing a net worth worksheet and figuring out where all my money goes because I was afraid of what I might find. Well, you can't fix what you don't aknowledge!

I figured out that I spend more than I make and have since been cutting back in the "fluff" areas.

I want to say a big "THANKS" for the Power-Charge Exercise. I have always been a big goal-setter and have ALWAYS started my week out with a big "to do" list. I found the Power-Charge to be a much more positive way to look at things. Doing the exercise made me really see how much I get done. I determined that I actually am pretty good at getting stuff done!

For the rest of the homework, I did the following;

1) Phoned my benefits department at work and maxed out my 401k contribution (I have been enrolled for several years but had been making NO contribution for the last two years). I know this 15% contribution may cause me a little pain for awhile but it will be worth it. I will figure out a way to make it work!

2) I found out that I had NO beneficiary selected on my 401k and asked to be sent papers to correct this!

3) My current 401k account was weighted heavily towards my company stock. I re-diversified my existing account into a Balanced Fund (after doing research through several websites noted in your book).

4) I called my lawyer and made an appointment to update my will.

5) I made a phone call to my manager to see to check out the possibility of switching from an employee to independent contractor.

6) I completed my Values Circle. This was another very empowering exercise! I found that it really "linked" my core values to my money and that in-turn has made me more excited about creating as much wealth as possible! (Instead of just making money for the sake of having money).

I can't tell you how good I feel about everything I have accomplished in your class so far!!! I really feel like I am making some progress. The concept of the purpose-focused financial plan is HUGE for me! I am AMAZED at how much happier and fulfilled I feel just knowing my values based plan and knowing I am working on it NOW instead of having it be something I would eventually get to "someday".


- Sheila Johnson

January 26 2005
I received "The Automatic Millionaire" on Friday Jan. 16, 2004, and I love your book. I saw you on Oprah and I was amazed with your tactics on becoming a Millionaire. I want to get out of debt now, and I am willing to do it with the help of your book. I even inspired my friends to get this book. Thanks.

- Shelly Browne

January 26 2005
The value of this program to me is over $600,000! It has become an everyday part of my life. I have a smile on my face and sunshine in my heart knowing that I am successful.

- Sue Trefethren

January 26 2005
I just finished reading "The Automatic Millionaire" and I want to say thank you. This is the first book on finances that I've purchased and read from cover to cover. You made everything interesting and fun. There wasn't any attempt to "scare" me into doing something and I respect that.

I have some tax things I need to finish clearing up and then, I'm going to take care of Paying Myself First and the other concepts in the book. I'm very excited about that prospect. I even read your Acknowledgements. I love your attitude toward the people in you life and toward life itself.

Thank you again. I'll email again as I get my systems in place. My eternal thanks for being out there when I needed you and my prayers for you, Michelle and baby Jack. You deserve all the riches life has in store for you.

- Sondra Ayers

January 26 2005
I saw you on Oprah. You inspired me so much that I ran out to the book store and bought your book. I read it in two days and was so full of ideas. I called my job and got some numbers to start getting information on pretax retirement accounts. I also am going to be starting an account for my kids for college. I started to cut up some credit cards and put more money toward them to pay them off. My husband and I already have a home and I was putting extra money toward the principle. We are now looking to upgrade our home because we need more space. We will definitely be paying biweekly like you said. Thank you for giving me some great direction toward my and my children's lives.

Deeply Appreciative,

- The Mahoneys 

January 26 2005
I'll be graduating from college (with some hefty student loans) soon, and now as I move into the "real" world workforce, I have a plan for my financial future. I'd never read a financial planning book before, so the only information I had came from my father (who, I discovered as I read this book, was just about as clueless as I was). I felt so confident after reading Bach's book, that I plan to give a copy to every family member for Christmas (including the men!)... I think they'd all benefit from Bach's sound and timeless advice.

- Reader 

January 26 2005
I bought The Automatic Millionaire and took the Latte Factor Challenge. I was amazed to find that I spent 13 dollars yesterday on Latte factor items - little edible things I could really do without. Over the course of the month, I'm wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars, which over a decade turns into a little less than an entire year's salary for me. I'm getting wise to this idea. Thanks.

- Tamara Schillin

January 26 2005
Your coaching classes are great and I am proud of myself for the things I am doing right. I have been automatically saving $475 out of my paycheck for some time. I am paying extra on my mortgage and have been all along. I have also found ways that I can cut back from latte factor.

David, I think you are terrific. You have really helped and opened the eyes of lots of people in America, and by doing what you love, you are serving others, the Universe and yourself.

- Sarah Pollak

January 26 2005
I want to tell you that I saw you on the Oprah Show and you were so fascinating that I taped it and show it to my classes. I am a teacher in an Adult Education Centre where students are returning to complete requirements for their high school diploma or to upgrade their marks for admission to colleges and universities.

You are an inspiration. You are amazing. I went out and bought your book after your interview with Oprah and read it from cover to cover in two days. It makes so much sense, and you are so right. I preach the virtue of paying yourself first. I preach the virtue of sharing one's wealth with others less fortunate. It is wonderful that you included that chapter on helping others in need. Your book will take a special place on my book shelf, but I will take it in from time to time for my students to take a look at the book that could change their lives. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. I am sure it will change the lives of many who follow it.

- Chris Makhan

January 26 2005
Your book changed my life! I finally feel like I am in control of my life again financially. My finances were stagnating where they were. After reading your book I followed all your examples and implemented all of the principles you discussed (yes all of them).

I first set up a "Latte" pay yourself first account. I will increase this shortly to reflect the 10% of my income strategy. It is amazing how one squanders one's money on coffee and the like. My "Latte Factor" was $180.00 a month. This included buying lottery tickets. What a waste when you can actually create your own "lottery" in a few short years by following your book. The next step was creating an "Emergency Fund" which I am increasing to one year reserve. It sure gives one peace of mind knowing that you have emergency cash on hand. The next two steps really saved me a lot of money. I increased my mortgage principle amount by 10% of my bi-weekly payments. By the way I already had a 25 year mortgage. I did the same thing to my car loan. My combined savings totaled $31,310.94 over the next three years. I am going to increase this a bit more in a month or two. Not a bad return for a fantastic book that cost $29.95. (1045.44% return) wow! I also established a charitable donation account for a $50.00 per month withdrawl. I will increase this in the future.

Your book got me so excited that I was telling a few friends about what I learned - they kind of thought I was out to lunch. The best part of all this is that I set it up automatically and I now can relax without worrying about my financial future. This is the first time I felt that I am a lot closer to being a millionaire than I ever thought possible. Your book changed my life forever. I will not look on finances the same way again. I feel so much in control of my life now. I thank you for an interesting, informative easy to understand format. Well done Sir!

- Ross Nicols

January 26 2005
Hello, my name is Scott Rudy and I just purchased 'The Automatic Millionaire' book today after seeing David on the Oprah show a few days ago. I found the information that was presented on the show very inspiring even though I already knew about most of the information given. The problem for me and I would expect for most people is that they know what should be done to achieve financial security but they just keep putting off taking the necessary steps to get started.

When I first read the Latte Factor Challenge, I found that if my wife and I would quit smoking and I would stop buying food out of the vending machines at work, we would save $272 per month. Some months ago I had already stopped buying coffee at work and started taking my own. That alone was a savings of around $72 per month. The only problem that I see with that is I didn't invest the money saved and I just spent it elsewhere. If we were to stop smoking and I was to stop spending money in vending machines we would save $3264 per year and at a 10% return on investment, we would have $21,238 in just five years and $56,182 in ten years. "WOW".

I don't consider my wife and I to have a lot of luxuries. We live paycheck to paycheck. We are in our mid forties, and we are very worried about our future. We both have developed stress problems over our financial situation.

Thank you for the inspiration that you have given us and many others out there like us.

- Scott and Vicky Rudy

January 26 2005

This email will in no way be able to express our feelings of gratitude.
Your book(s) took all of these divergent ideas bouncing around in my head, and gave me a way to organize and implement them.

We have been teaching “pay yourself first” for a long time. My story is: by paying myself first while working for the Marriott I was able to buy a home, a restaurant, and pay for my daughter’s college education.
Now we are broke again with very little debt and working very hard in the restaurant, but the Coaching Program has stopped the excuses as to why we can’t do it right now.

We are participating in the coaching program with my daughter Heather Kennedy, and our good friend and manager Teo Simu, who just recently purchased her home. Reading The Automatic Millionaire really pushed her to make her move, and as for me, we had a jump start since we were working through the workbook prior to the coaching.

There is too much to say to fit in this email, other than a big thanks…


- Tom Kennedy

January 26 2005
Bach has done it, Smart Couples Finish Rich picks up where Smart Women Finish Rich left easy, lively read filled with tips that made me smile and laugh.

- USA Weekend 

January 26 2005
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! The Automatic Millionaire is the most practical book on money that I have ever read. It made so much sense. We have always struggled with our finances and we have lived paycheck to paycheck for far too long. I read the book in one day and yesterday I opened my 401K account through my work. My husband was skeptical because we are tithers and have been for 11 years. When I told him that you had dedicated a whole chapter in the book to tithing he got very excited (because he could see my excitement) and said that it must have been God appointed. I plan on sharing this book with my family, friends and anyone else that I find out is having difficulty with their finances. I am so excited that we are going to be Automatic Millionaires! Honestly, I already feel like one! Thanks again!

- Melissa Kerr

January 26 2005
The mental relief of this program is worth an “extra ten years added to my life” due to less stress and worry. Financially this program will be worth probably an extra million dollars.

Now I can concentrate on my kids, my wife and other issues of the day without constant thoughts on money.

- Roger DeHoon

January 26 2005

On behalf of myself and my future wife I wanted to thank you for making my life Automatic! My father has been trying to teach me about money for years, but I always thought it was too complicated or that I didn't have the extra income to make a difference. Little did I know that it was so easy.

I was a quarter of the way through the book when I was so moved by the "How many hours per day do you work for YOURSELF?" formula that I literally got up, went to my computer, and cranked up my 401k contribution from 4% to 15%! At the same time I also set up an additional deduction to my savings account for myself. My fiancée and I live the EXACT same lives as we lived before. However, our lives are richer knowing that there will be a pot of gold waiting for us at retirement. We're also looking to buy our first home next year and it makes it so much easier knowing that the money is there waiting for us to use.

This should be MANDATORY reading for every high schooler and college student in the country. The information is too good to pass up and it sure as heck beats Chemistry.

From the bottom of my heart...thank you. You've changed my life.


- Chris Kesler

January 26 2005
Dear David and folks at FinishRich:

My Latte Factor for Friday, April 16 was: $10.55

A cappuccino at the gas station, which is less than a coffee house: $1.05

1 USA TODAY, I didn't put the newspaper as wasted Money, its important: . 50

2 Lotto tickets: You have to play to win. OK wasted: $2.00

1 pop/ chip/ candy at lunch, employee owned pretty cheap: $1.00

Dinner, why is Quizno's the most expensive sub shop?: $6.00

Total: $10.55

Obviously, I don't eat out every night, but several times I buy for a family of 4 and easily $50/week is spent on dining. I hate to lose the ability to dine out at least once a week.

I noticed that I spend quite a bit more than necessary at the grocery store. I used to clip coupons and save anywhere from $20- $30/week. This is a mixed blessing. If I end up buying things just because I have a coupon and it's on sale then I'm falling into a trap. However if I can contain myself to just those items which I need that are both on sale and/or I have a coupon I'll be better off. Sometimes I need to skip the top notch brand and perhaps buy the store brand.

I think I can find ways save a lot of cash if I become more disciplined. It won't be easy but I need to. And not just to put away for retirement. I already pay myself first. But I just bought a new home and payments are going to be such that it is going to force a restructuring of spending. We'll see how it goes.

- Steve Bono

January 26 2005
WOW, this is my story: My husband and I were at the depths of despair. We were DIRT POOR, so I saw your book on Oprah and returned some items I had purchased just so I could buy the book.

Here is the clincher, I ate out every single morning at McDonalds - it cost me $10.32 every morning just for breakfast, then I ate lunch out every day. This was usually about $10.00, then I would not feel like cooking so we would eat out for dinner at least five times a week. That was about on average $18.00, so this was about $1072.96 per month. This doesn't include the wasted money on food that went bad because I didn't cook it.

To top things off I went through all my reciepts, and let me tell you there were a million!! I spent about $200.00 a month on shopping sprees. Well this book has totally changed my life. Soooo after we get caught up on all our payments, first things first, we PAY OURSELVES then everyone else. Thank you David so very much for opening my eyes. I pray blessings on your ministry!!!

- Shellie Nichol

January 26 2005
I have eliminated some recurring charges like Netflix, which while quite convenient, was used only sporadically -- this is a $22.00 monthly savings -- $792.00 a year! I reduced my monthly garbage pickup charge by $15.00 a month. I've begun saving my $5.00 daily "latte" factor -- and I am re-considering selling my house and renting it while I travel for a year. I have also given your books as gifts to friends and their adult children. While I have taken specific steps to be an automatic millionaire what I am particularly excited about is my increased confidence in knowing that my money can work for me.

- Susyn Reeve

January 26 2005
David, Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given me.

- Rohanna Sykes

January 26 2005
I heard your radio interview in Charleston, S.C. and decided to buy your book. Immediately, I realized I was paying at least $60 a month for bottled water and going out to lunch. I went out and bought two huge water bottles and now I bring them (and a brown bag lunch) to work with me. I also called my church to ask about automatic tithing. They were as excited about it as I was. Then I started a Roth IRA. Thanks for the wake up call!

- Jen 

January 26 2005
My daughter needed to go to the bookstore to do some research for a paper. While waiting for her, I began to browse around. Since being home from work with a medical condition, I knew that I needed to think/rethink about finances in my/our life. My husband is the bread winner and I have always maintained a small clerical job. But knowing I could do better, I purchased your book.

I purchased the book on a Tuesday and finished on Wednesday. I also grabbed a highliter and yellowed all interesting sentences. The whole book is highlighted. We have 2 daughters, ages 19 and 21. I will stress to them exactly what was told to me 40 years ago, when I did not listen because of the way it was told to me. I'm now 49 years old and reading "pay yourself first" in your book, and now it sinks in. The book will be given to my daughters for gifts. Thank you.

- S.E. Gordon

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