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January 26 2005
Hi David and Team,
First I'd like to say, last Tuesday's session was GREAT!! It was a pleasure talking to you.

Iíve read The Automatic Millionaire twice now and it seems to be sinking in better this time around.

THE FILE FOLDER SYSTEM: almost completed; missing some documents, but now I know what is needed. Do you know how many New Years Resolution's I VOWED to be come organized?! And now it is finally happening!

AHH, THE LATTE FACTOR: like you see in so many other stories, I also thought, "Oh, I don't buy coffee or snacks, and I brownbag it to work etc. However, I realized that I spend too much money at the grocery store. Perhaps these Super K-Marts and Walmarts where you can grocery shop and retail shop all in one trip is a bad idea money-wise. I'd find myself saying "I'll just pick up this blouse on sale, or Iíve been wanting this latest CD or DVD". So, from now on itís strictly groceries. And one more thing we spend too much money on ..TAKE OUT FOOD!

With all this tracking in black and white terms, I know I can save money.

Ok David, you have lit the fire under me! I can't wait to accomplish all these things. With almost 5 years of bankruptcy behind me (one of my darkest times) I now see a bright future. One regret: all the wasted time and money. If only I had known, I could have been an Automatic Millionaire years ago.

Again THANK YOU for sharing your gift of knowledge. Till tomorrow!

Your Student and biggest FAN,

- Michelle Leonar

January 26 2005
The Latte Factor gave me a way to really see where my money was going. Unfortunately most of it was going everywhere but in my own pocket. Some was spent for bills, most for frivolous things that were bought spontaneously. Little did I realize how much my bad habits were affecting my future. Through the Latte Factor and your books, The Automatic Millionaire, Smart Women Finish Rich, and The Finish Rich workbook, I have seen the error of my ways and am currently working with a financial advisor from Edward Jones, saving 20% of my gross income in a Roth IRA, and went further to set up a Money Market account that is taking 5% of my gross income. 10% of my gross is going to tithe and another 15% will be focused on my dream basket. Before the Latte Factor and your books I never paid much attention to what I was doing with my money. My theory was if I'm paying the bills, I'm doing alright. Through your teachings I now have a real sense of security and a system I can count on. Thanks for showing me how important it is to be aware of my financial status. My future generations thank you as well. :)

- Nikki Rota

January 26 2005
In his book, SMART WOMEN FINISH RICH, David Bach reveals everything a women needs to know to protect her financial future. If you know nothing about finances or if you are a seasoned investor, I believe there is something for you in this book. Here is a financial investor that has taken the time to educate women across the country and to share that info in a book. Buy this for all the women in your family and all your friends. It will be the best gift they ever receive.

- Mary Harvey

January 26 2005
I tried the Latte Factor with a lot of skepticism since I consider myself fairly frugal. I was actually ashamed of myself at the end of the day when I realized that I had pilfered away almost $25 on JUNK. I thought about my family at home and what I could have been doing with that "extra" money. Incredible how quickly a convenience store can suck up that retirement money! I have since learned (and am still learning) to pack a lunch, make my own coffee and ease off of the snacks during the day. I haven't shut my funds off completely, but I am now saving about $19-$22 of that money per day. My beach front is calling.

- Jeffery Monnin

January 26 2005
I was blessed tremendously by your book "The Automatic Millionaire." You provided so much insight about what anyone can achieve with knowledge and discipline. I have already engaged in a step by step approach to what was outlined in your book. Coincidentally, I finished the book the same day you appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I was especially touched by your comments regarding your thoughts and prayers will be with those who read your book at the end of the last chapter.

My thoughts and prayers will certainly be with you. Continue to be blessed in all that you put your hand to.

- Milton Markland

January 26 2005
I thought I was already pretty frugal because I thought I was watching what I spent. But after looking at my Latte Factor I was shocked to learn how much it added up to. I do drink Latte's but I thought, it's only three a week, but it was costing me $546 a year on top of the $156 I was spending on regular coffee. I also figured I was eating out $2,600 a year and that is a conservative estimate. I spend on average $2,000 a year on books (now the library doesn't seem like such a bad idea. I also spend approximately $1,100 a year on tapes. I know they are educational, that is how I found David, but there are some I order that I don't like, but I don't take the time to send them back. I also bowl on a league. Bowling and the snack bar cost me over $540 a year. I can sub for free. This is a total of over $7,000 a year. I had no idea. I am 36 years old. I will be well on my way to retirement since I can invest this money for the next 24 years. Thank you David.

- Melissa Toole

January 26 2005
This program is so amazing! Iíve been excited to do my ďhomework on vacationĒ. Now thatís amazing. Over my lifetime I know this program will be worth over a million dollars to me.

I canít say enough how this program has really helped give me a sense of security in knowing where we are going. We have a plan and its in place. Itís very exciting. Iím also extremely proud of myself for how serious I took this program.

This is the best program I have ever been through.

- Lynda Kucera

January 26 2005
Dear Mr. Bach,

I have found my latte factor. I kept track of what I spent for the last week and found that I spent over $140 on 4 take out dinners (including delivery charges) that I could have cooked at home instead. Since I usually don't cook several nights a week, I think this amount is fairly accurate. Assuming I could purchase food to make the 4 extra home cooked meals for $20 a meal (a total of $80), I could save $60 a week. According to your website if I invested $60/week for 10 years @ 5% before taxes, I could earn over $40,000!. Not a bad trade off for doing a little more of my own cooking.

I have your file system set up. After gathering all my files into an organized place, I discovered I had not reconciled my checkbook or investment accounts since February. ( I thought it was only July & Aug). I spent all day Sat & Sun catching up, catergorizing and balancing all my Quicken accounts. Unfortunately, I have not yet filled out the 'where my money goes' worksheet but will get that done shortly.

I am very excited about putting your Automatic Millionaire system to work in my life. I am a recent widow who has let things go for too long and it is now time to take back control of my finances. I am finding your program an excellent way to start. Thank you.

- Linda Shokrian

January 26 2005
I had just read your book 2 weeks ago, today. I am a self employed hairstylist and pretty good at saving money. Being in a service industry, business is up and down. When I am slow, I usually take off and hit the discount stores such as Ross, T.J. Maxx, Target, etc. After reading your book, I just stayed put in my salon and did other things rather than go out shopping to buy clearance items. I saved $300 more than usual within two weeks! I am not kidding. I put that money in my savings rather than spending it. I kept thinking of "The Latte Factor" every time I had an itch to go shopping!

When I didn't think that I could cut down anymore on spending, I surprised myself. Even my husband was thrilled. Thank you for embedding "The Latte Factor" in my head.

- Lorence Zacpal

January 26 2005
With an equal dose of financial smarts and hope for the heart David Bach has breathed new and necessary life into the American Dream. Becoming rich is not a myth or mirage but a product of habit. The Automatic Millionaire will teach you to automate this habit.

- Mitch Anthony

January 26 2005

Hello. My name is Manshi Joisher. I am 22 years old and have known about the Latte Factor for a couple of years since my mother, from the very beginning had enforced money management in the house.

One day last week, my mother and brother-in-law had been talking about your book "The Automatic Millionaire" all day. I did not even look at the book because I did not want to seem as though I was going to follow what they told me to do. That night after everyone had gone to sleep, I saw the book lying around. I picked it up to read the back cover. Before I knew it, it was 2 o'clock in the morning and I had just read the last page of your book and already had a page full of "to-do's" for the next day. I was so excited to read the book that I did not put it down even for a minute in the hours that I read it.

I consider myself to be a very savvy shopper and only buy stuff on "sale." However, to my horror my sale shopping was my Latte Factor and before I knew it I had 10 different purses which were ALL black! Reading about the Latte Factor has definitely raised my awareness of where I am spending, even if I am spending less than full price for any particular item.

I was proud of myself for having followed some of the other techniques you suggest such as maxing out my 401K (40% is the maximum for my company). I have also opened an Orange ING account after reading your book.

Thanks for your guidance.

- Manshi Joisher

January 26 2005
Dear David,
Not sure where to start so I just will. I saw you on Oprah and decided to buy your book. What you had to say was a life changer for me. I have sent your book to my youngest brother for his 18th birthday. I have 9 sibling in all (big Catholic family) and I have ordered all of my brothers and sisters to purchase your book and to start saving 'automatically'.

As I was reading your book I thought, yes I'd like to have some financial security but money is not everything for me. Then I got to your chapter on tithing and I sensed that there was 'balance' in what you were saying. In short, you truly opened my eyes to things and I am sharing your "automatic" system with my family and friends. I just hope I don't bug them too much. Thanks again.

- Terrence Biehl

January 26 2005
I just finished reading the new book, "The Automatic Millionaire." I am 24 and started my own business in Feb. 2003. I had a Roth IRA, but had no idea I could save so much more with self-employment resources. I am that type of person that will procrastinate, and tend to spend my money and not save, or tell myself, "oh, I'll save next month." I would always overspend my budget, and would barely have enough $$ left over for estimated taxes, let alone IRA or savings of other kinds. The book was such a motivator for me! I have already begun to set up automatic payments and am researching IRA's and money market accounts. I feel like I can take control. Thank you so much!!

- Mary 

January 26 2005
What a great book - thank you! This is the most practical financial advice I have seen since my father-in-law told me 22 years ago that saving money is important and "the first dollar saved is the hardest". My wife and I have followed this sound advice over the past 22 years by maximizing 401(k) contributions and paying off the mortgage. After reading your book we are now going to make some other things automatic. Have a great day!

- Denis J. Meinert

January 26 2005
I am writing to tell you about my and my husband's Latte Factor experience as it says in your book THE AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE on page 52. Let me just say, and I'm sure it's nothing you haven't heard before but, we were astonished! We were "blowing" about $35.00 a day on unnecessary stuff. Neither of us expected it.

We would like to thank you for pointing out the error of our ways! It won't happen again. At least not as much!

- K & K Lawson

January 26 2005
Just a quick note to let you know how incredibly easy it has been to put your concepts into reality!!!! Thanks, coach!!!

- Lee Ann Snyder

January 26 2005
The best way to get David Bach is to take this program. David read our homework and answered questions. The peace of mind is priceless. The knowledge is priceless.

- Leal W. Roberts

January 26 2005
Over my lifetime this program will be worth $1.5 million. This program has given me financial freedom!

- Marilyn Whitney

January 26 2005
For just a few weeks now, maybe 3, I've been "throwing" money into a special box next to my each day that I didn't spend on eating out for lunch. I call mine the "Chic-Fil-A Factor box" instead of Latte Factor. I typically would go there 3-4 days a week for b'fast or lunch, or dinner with my child on our way home from school/work. (I'm from Georgia and CFA is the most popular high end fast food place here. Lunch is usually $5-6 a pop). Right now, there is $82 in my box that would otherwise be in Chik-Fil-A's til. I plan to keep collecting it for awhile longer and then put it in the bank and use it to start paying down a big credit card balance that is hanging over my head.

Also, since becoming more aware of where my money is or isn't going, I have not used a single credit card (in almost a month)... that's BIG for me... so soon the balance will start coming down, but at least it hasn't gone UP in the last several weeks. That has already made me feel better than I have felt in ages and ages.

I bring my lunch to work and ENJOY it; knowing it cost me $2 or less, and I like imagining putting the money I didn't spend eating out into the box...and using it for better purposes later.

As I have started all this, I am being convinced that aside from the Bible, yours are the most important books I could possibly be reading. I have become like a sales rep for you and am pushing my close friends to run, NOT WALK, to the bookstore and get these books.

I cannot thank you enough for all this information. I can now be counted among your group of fans for life.

- Lynn Nicolai

January 26 2005
My latte factor is donuts and sandwiches. Most importantly sandwiches - 5 dollars here, 6 there, it adds up to $30-50 a week. Sometimes when I get hungry, it's even more. If I just buy the cold cuts myself, I would save thousands a year. In addition, going out has cost me a 10 dollar cover charge here, a dollar tip here, drinks there. At times this has cost me thousands in a month !!!!

I have opened my eyes, and have cut my spending by 57%.

- Justin Kim

January 26 2005
I have just begun reading your book. As a college student I make very little money but what you say about the Latte Factor is true. With very little research I found I pay an average of $3 a day to park on campus. Add to that $2-3 on snacks from the vending machine.

Very easily I could save $5 a day starting now, while I am young, and not only begin my journey to becoming an automatic millionaire but get some exercise walking to class and cut the calories by avoiding the snacks!


- Lindsey Kees

January 26 2005
Wow! This is so amazing! My whole church is doing the Automatic Millionaire/Finish Rich Class together. I didn't realize how much I was wasting and I consider myself pretty financially saavy. I don't drink coffee, but I definitely do lunch (or used to) nearly everyday. And I definitley have that bottled water thing going on easily! I was spending about $7 and some change per day on lunch and $1 for bottled water. Oh yeah, I had my muffin every morning at $1 and a protein drink at about $2 and some change. You do the math! It makes me ill to think about it!

I fully acknowledged that I ate out too much, but I used to try to justify it by saying I was so busy and my day was so full that I didn't have a choice but to eat out because there was no time to cook at home or I'm always in a rush. Plus I'm single, so cooking is not on my list of things to do.

I've learned that I've wasted a lot of time and money! However, I thank God for a second chance to get it right. I look forward to changing my spending habits and being an Automatic Millionaire.

Thanks So Much!

- Kimberly R. Hill

January 26 2005
I LOVED this book. It really helped me put my financial and future life in order.

- Jackie 

January 26 2005
I started reading your book today and have been really enjoying it. My husband and I have already had a couple of discussions about it. I found about $145 a month that can be saved, with very little effort, and I know with more thought I can find more:

$40 a month off of our cable bill by canceling the movie channels, which we hardly ever watch.
$80 a month by no longer taking the toll road to work.
$10 a month by reviewing our bank statement closely, I realized we are using the wrong type of checking account. The bank put our account in the correct category and we no longer are being charged a monthly fee.
$15 a month by buying snacks for my husband to keep at work, so he doesn't use the vending machines.

I want to thank you for sharing your amazing and simple plan.

- Karen Lytle-Demler

January 26 2005
My Latte factor has multiplied. I eat out too much ($8.00/day), I have a gym membership I never use ($4.00/day) and I am paying for 3 cell phones ($10.00/day) and that is just the surface. That is a total of $8000.00 per year.

No more Latte!

- Lauree B. Dale

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