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January 26 2005
I just read The Automatic Millionaire. I am most impressed by the chapter on giving back, tithing. We contribute 20% of our gross income to retirement funds and 10% of gross income to charity and life is still VERY GOOD. I believe many books overlook this part of money management and others give it the once over very lightly. The book should be a gift to anyone on the job for the first time. We started at 39 and 36 to save. It's harder but we can see the money grow. Keep up the good work.

- Howard W. Cameron

January 26 2005
I was amazed that the breakfast biscuit I buy every morning for $1.58 could end up to be a $15,612 investment in 10 years, and $838,348 after 50 years. Sure wish I had started this at age one.

- Mary Jane Boles

January 26 2005
The value of this program to me over my lifetime is probably an extra $250,000 to $500,000. Through the program I have discovered that I am attaining the security I crave and as a result I am now happier, more relaxed, less stressed and truly sleeping better at night. My children will also benefit greatly, as they can start the program now.

- Margaret Telthorst

January 26 2005
I feel so delighted that I discovered your book "The Automatic Millionaire" I felt that I had to write and thank you. We were on our way to Mammoth Lakes, CA from our home near St Andrews, Scotland for a 2 week skiing holiday. While we waited for our connecting flight I strolled past a book store and your book was on display. Thank goodness I did as I'm sure when I look back in 30 years or so I'll be able to say it was the best $20 I ever spent. We have now reviewed all our finances and while have we both had retirement pension plans in place for a number of years, the contributions have never been maxed, but from now on they will be. My husband almost looked at me in disbelief when I told him he had to increase his contribution by £100 per month. Now it's all set up, so are the extra payments to our mortgage and the dream basket!

Everything in your book is just so true, in fact I felt like I was reading my own thoughts at times, but like most people just hadn't quite got round to putting everything in place. My grandmother always says "Any fool can spend money, it's saving it that's clever" and as your book demonstrates it's quite true. One last thing, I have discovered since returning home that I can save £10 - £15 per week when I go grocery shopping. And it's simply by buying only the items I have on my shopping list. While I would always take a list with me, too often I would see extra things and pick them up and as everything seems to cost £1 or more, it soon adds up. So now I spend a little extra time on the shopping list and if it's not on my list when I get to the shop, it doesn't go in the basket!! I'm sure there will be some people who think that is a bit extreme but if the savings help me get the holiday home or retire early, it's going to be worth it.

Since returning home I have bought both Smart Couples Finish Rich and Smart Women Finish Rich. I am looking forward to your teens book, which our son can grow up with. He's 4 years old but has already had a retirement pension plan in place for 2 years!! I can't believe what an impact your books have been, thank you so much.

- Liza Reekie

January 26 2005
I purchased "The Automatic Millionaire" on 1/12/04. I opened your book and started reading on 1/20/04. I took the latte factor challenge that same day.

I found $8.00 of wasted money. Every morning I should be taking the train to work because it takes 20 minutes to arrive to my destination, but instead I wake up late (an average of 3 to 4 days a week), and I end up taking a cab to work. So I took the $8.00 (cab ride) x three days a week - this amount equals $24.00 a week of wasted money. From page 51, that amount equals $96.00 a month. That amount equals $1,152.00 a year. That amount equals $11,520.00 a decade!!

I took the train this morning!!

- Patricia Pillot

January 26 2005
The value of this program is priceless. David is experienced and knows what he is talking aboutóheís changed my life. I canít believe how much I learned in such a short period of time. If it wasnít for the coaching program it probably would have taken most of my lifetime to get this much information together.

Just give me 5 years DavidóIím on a mission now!

- Monalisa Nguyen

January 26 2005
David, your presentation at the Califonia Govenor's Conference was outstanding!

You were energetic, humorous, and most importantly provided excellent information. Several of my colleagues attended and their feedback was extremely positive. What was unique, I think, was that you were able to motivate people to change what they are currently doing, which is so important.

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to work with you.

- Leigh S. Cross

January 26 2005
A BIG THANKS again for all of your great advice. Your coaching program is the best and I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you for all that youíve done and shared with us!

Getting Richer Every Day,

- Lynn DiGenova

January 26 2005
This program was excellent and what I liked best about the entire program was that you actually provide action steps to take. I am 40 years old and I wish very much that this program was available when I was in my thirties.

- Marilyn Whitham

January 26 2005
I once heard that to make something powerful, you need to make it practical. The Automatic Millionaireis a book that is 100% practical and powerful. David Bach is one of the few individuals in the world of finances that truly wants to make a huge impact in other people's financial lives. This is one of those rare books that can really change your life!

- Louis Barajas

January 26 2005
I really enjoy reading your newsletter... you keep me informed on what is going on in this crazy world. Thanks! And keep up the great work.

- Lisa Perez

January 26 2005
While I was going through a divorce, I read your book "Smart Women Finish Rich" and started my journey to financial freedom. I recently purchased your new book after listening to you on a Pittsburgh, PA radio station (KDKA). I discovered that I can save at least $10 more a day.

About a year ago, I paid myself first by placing 10% in my 401K. I plan on updating it to 15%. I decided that I do not want Uncle Sam to hold my hard earned money all year! Since I pay more medical payments now and made other tax changes, I plan on changing my federal withholding tax so I can save more in my 401K. My company also gives me a max of 3% on my 401K. That would be a total of 18%!

God bless you for showing me how to be more financially successful.

- Mary J. Cordis

January 26 2005
I am a big believer in your books - thanks for all of your help! I was very happy to have had the opportunity to hear you speak this week in Toronto - hearing you in person certainly added to my motivation!

I have always thought that "The Latte Factor" made a lot of sense! I could never understand how people could fork out so much money for a mediocre cup of coffee! However, as I do not buy coffee out, I bring my lunch to work every day, I don't own a car, and I don't smoke, I wasn't sure where I would be able to cut back! I am already so good!

When I followed your advice and wrote down what I spent in a week, I realized that I am not as frugal as I thought! I was surprised to see how much of my spending followed my whims and how I looked at small purchases as rewards or used them to alleviate boredom. I resolved to stop this kind of shopping, and do something more meaningful. Instead of heading off to the mall for something I don't need, I read a book, go to the gym, and I have signed up for some classes. The money that I wasted before now goes in to my RRSP. Thanks for your good advice.

- Lori Lytle

January 26 2005
The Automatic Millionaire gives you, step-by-step, everything you need to secure your financial future. Doing it Bach's way, failure is not an option.

- Jean Chatzky

January 26 2005
I just finished your book, "The Automatic Millionaire". I was dismissing the "Latte Factor" because I was certain of my spending habits and I knew I did not waste two or three dollars on coffee, tea or snacks. But I thought, "what the heck". I might as well track every penny for a couple of days. What a surprise I received when I realized my "Latte Factor" is not little things! I had spent $40 in two days on books!! (Granted, buying books is how I ended up with you.) But, I was shocked at my "double-double latte factor". I was buying books two to four times a month at the cost of $25-$40 each! Some were read right away or were for my daughter, but most sit on a shelf for a year while I catch up on ones I had purchased the previous months. I guess as far as spending addictions go, it's a fairly healthy one, but I am so glad I followed your advice and tracked my spending. I was always so proud of my frugality, but that pride has been a little false.

So, I just wanted to say thank you for your true insight into everyday spending habits and for helping to reveal my "Latte factor". I found the rest of the book very informative and inspiring. I believe I am on my way to securing a brighter future.

- Louise Parker

January 26 2005
I just wanted to thank you for writing The Automatic Millionaire. I'm the kind of person who works off of a "Things to Do" list every day. Your book was great because you were able to provide me with specific steps to accomplish various goals. So, thank you!!! I'm going to buy your previous book, Smart Women Finish Rich. I find your books to be very motivating. Once again, thanks for writing such a great book!!

- Leslie M. Swantek

January 26 2005

After completing the challenge I wanted you to know I could have purchased a coffee shop! I now know I spend way to much and invest in my future way to little! Not anymore!

Best Regards,

- Dr. Dallas King

January 26 2005
I have read "The Automatic Millionaire" and it gave me a couple of new things to try. Alot of things my wife and I are already doing. My Latte Factor is really the Gas Factor. Driving to work everyday was costing me about $30-40 a month. My employer will subsidize bus passes. Now I pay $9 a month for a bus pass and I have put the savings, which is about 1% of my income, into my retirement account.

Our house is on a 15 year mortgage and we have been paying biweekly for 2 years. We should have the house paid 4 years early. We are in big credit card debt. I have worked out a plan to have the credit card debt paid off by July '05 using half of the money I'm putting in my retirement plan. I have been teaching my 2 kids about money for the past couple of years. Each payday when they get their allowance, they are required to put 20% in saving, 10% for tithing to our church and the rest is theirs to do with as they wish. When they want to buy something, I always ask them if it is something they need or want, and if they have the money to pay for it. Now they think about what they are buying and most the time they don't buy. My 12 year old son now thinks about going in debt more then buying everything he sees. Today I will be going to your Smart Couples book and read it next.

- Keven Gurney

January 26 2005
We loved hearing David live Ė it was exciting and motivating. The best part of the program was that my husband and I also discovered we are a great team.

Now our future looks bright. I feel more confident now as a woman and future business owner. I used to think I wasnít good with money Ė but now that Iíve taken this step to educate myself I can see that I am and will continue to be. That is an amazing feeling Ė not feeling like Iím on the outside looking in.

Thank you David!

- Kathleen Carroll

January 26 2005
Your book is terrific. They should teach it as a required course in high school!

My latte factor was a real latte. Ten years ago, the building in which I work added an espresso bar. I was enjoying my latte every weekday morning. On one of those mornings, latte in hand, I walked across the street to my credit union to deposit a gift check. It occurred to me that my deposit would have been a few dollars more had I not bought the latte that day - and $50 a month more if I skipped the latte every day. I went home that night and consulted my amortization book. (Today I would use my computer!) What a shock to learn what my latte was REALLY costing me! The choice was mine: A latte a day or pay off my mortgage SIX YEARS early by putting the $50 a month on the loan principal.

Since then, I've had fun with a "what if" scenario. Such as, What if I did NOT buy this $5 item? Do I REALLY need it? If I didn't buy it - and instead saved or invested the $5 - how much would it be worth in five years? Ten years? Twenty? If I buy the item, will I even have it five years down the road?

Your book is the perfect gift for high school grads, college grads and newlyweds!

- June Taylor

January 26 2005
I saw your story on The Oprah Show and decided to go out and purchase the book. I tried the latte factor test and realized that I was wasting $6,000 a year on things that were not important. The two jobs that I work had neither a 401k or an IRA so I decided to open a Roth IRA. This makes me feel more secure and confident in what my future will be. Thank you for writing this book.

- Julian Clarke

January 26 2005
I am the administrator at my company. As I was reading your book, I went to our control site for deductions and immediately am having $3000.00/year put in a Roth IRA. My husband at his work is putting 10% to an automatic deduction 403k. We are 49 years old and want to have a fun and happy stress free retirement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Kim E. McCarthy

January 26 2005
I heard about you for the first time yesterday, while watching the Oprah Winfrey show. I liked what you had to say so much that I went to the book store that same evening to purchase a copy of the "The Automatic Millionaire." I started reading at 10:30 p.m. and couldn't put the book down until completion. It is now after 2:00 a.m. I know I'm really gonna be tempted to buy a Latte in the morning to keep me running all day. (smile) But now that I've read your book, I'm going to my employer with my Latte fund to start investing in my 403 b at the maximum level (plus coffee is provided there free of charge). (smile).

I'm in a good bit of debt with no savings and am currently renting. But despite these and other such bleak factors, I can now see my financial problems as possibilities. On a positive note, I have been tithing now consistently for about 3 months at 10% of my monthly salary and it's money I haven't missed and certainly have not regretted giving. So I have some first hand knowledge of how it feels to "invest" in small amounts. Thus, I've decided to "Pay Myself First" at 20% of my monthly salary - 10% going to my 403 b and 10% going toward my debts.

In addition to my "Latte Factor," I've discovered some other expendable cash in the form of my mileage and cell phone reimbursements. They amount to the equivalent of about 5% of my monthly income and can easily go toward building "My Rainy Day fund." Furthermore, I realize that I can gain back another 5% of my monthly income by cutting excessive telephone/cell phone charges. It's amazing the money you can find/save when you really look for it (smile). This is truly exciting.

Having a plan makes me feel like a Millionaire already (smile). I will keep you informed of my progress. Thanks a Million!

- Janet 

January 26 2005
David, I have been a Certified Financial Planner (tm) since 1988 and am often asked for a recommendation on a book which covers financial planning well. There are many, as you know, but few that are interesting, easy to read, easy to understand, AND laid out in a way to get people to take action. Your Smart Women and Smart Couples books both fill the bill to a T. I am now buying them by the dozens and handing them out to clients as gifts and recommending that clients give them as gifts to their young adult children, nieces & nephews, grandchildren, etc.
I also emailed the local personal finance columnist today in response to his Sunday column which listed several books to buy for college graduates that cover financial planning topics. I told him your two books were the best I had found in over 15 years.

Keep up the good work!!!! I, too, share your passion for increasing financial literacy among young people.

- Jan Geiger

January 26 2005
Hi David:
My wife and I are enjoying the coaching series. It has caused us to work together to address some very important issues that we hadnít addressed before! And, the communication that has resulted has been very worthwhile and positive.
Best wishes! You did a great job answering peopleís questions last week! I especially felt strongly that you were able to quickly understand the issues raised by the callers and responded sincerely, compassionately and insightfully. I look forward to tonightís session!

- Dr. Chuck Thompson

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