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January 26 2005
I just finished reading your book The Automatic Millionaire and you make it sound so easy! Thank you for writing a book that is easy to understand. I was so excited about it 13 year old son saw it on the counter and I got so excited trying to explain it to him!! I know how I'm going to help him set up his first paycheque when he gets a job!!

My husband and I are 40 and 38, and I am excited to start putting into practice what your book is about. Our home is paid for! And on Monday I will be calling his employer to increase the amount that is already going into an RRSP contribution off of his paycheque. I'm glad that you ended your book with a chapter on tithing. Giving back is what does give you fulfillment in life, and when you die you can't take anything with you anyway!

Thanks again, I read your book all in one sitting and will pass it on to my husband to read now too.

- Dawna 

January 25 2005
I'm just starting to explore and gain understanding of these concepts. I have embraced the latte factor concept. I realize it's not just about coffee, but that's where I started. This week I brought my own (and baked my own breakfast muffins for about 25 cents each!) and that's a small success story.

- J. Torvi

January 25 2005
David Bach really cares about you: on every page you can hear him cheering you on to financial fitness.

- Ken Blanchard

January 25 2005
I wanted to take a minute after reading your book The Automatic Millionaire to let you know how much you inspired me to take action with my finances. I was already contributing to a 403b but I am now committed to contribute the full 10%. Your book broke everything down so simply that I now feel I can take charge of my situation instead of being paralyzed by all of the things I did not understand with regards to the finance world. I am also looking forward to reading your other books. Thanks again for your inspiration and guidance.

- Kelly Martin

January 25 2005
I'm in sales and every day spend at least $5.00/day on fast food, restaurants, coffee, etc. I started today brewing an extra few cups of java at home and taking it on the road with me. Additionally, I packed a healthy lunch (trying to lose weight as well) and did not spend a dime other than gas for my car. 1 day down, the rest of my life to go! $6.00 saved today.

- Joseph Lack

January 25 2005
The program was worth the money even before it started - with the box of books, tapes, videos and everything. And the homework assignments and the ability to email questions was unbelievable—it really kept me motivated.

It’s unthinkable really how much this program has been worth to me. It’s taken the tension out of my marriage regarding money. It has freed me up to focus on a healthy lifestyle (lost 10 lbs so far). I feel in control and empowered—these things will not just go away.

I just cannot thank David enough for believing in the “100” of us, and really pulling for us and enabling us to “come along” on this wonderful automated journey. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart!!

- Laurie Budnick

January 25 2005
I promise that you will finish The Automatic Millionaire in two days and that within two weeks, you will have significantly altered your financial future with a handful of simple action steps. As a result of The Automatic Millionaire, our house will be paid off 14 years earlier, my wife and I have doubled our retirement savings, we are on the road to eliminating all non-mortgage debt within two years, and we have a strategy to build a buffer of 'emergency' savings. Accomplishing this has been relatively painless and, most importantly, the tension that used to be part of most financial discussions between my wife and I has now been replaced by excitement about what we are accomplishing.

Buy this book, take action and your life won't be the same.

- Joseph Fischer

January 25 2005
Last Saturday, I picked up your book and spent the afternoon in our oceanfront condo. The view of the ocean was spectacular. The material in your book was even better. In fact, I was so intrigued, I did not turn on the football playoff games. Instead, I read most of your book.

You have done a really nice job presenting the material. Your message was straightforward and turned over a new leaf in my life. This morning, I'm on the telephone to our representive for our 403 accounts, contacting our mortgage companies to gather information about our real estate properties, and determining which mutual fund would be best for our "rainy day" account.

My wife and I are educators in our mid-forties. Our primary residence is in San Diego. In addition, we have a vacation home in Keystone, Colorado and an investment beachfront condominium in San Diego near Sea World. Our 403b accounts are moving right along and we have a some money in our "rainy day" account.

David, thanks again for sharing your gifts with me. I'm a raving fan and will insist our two teenage sons read your book. My only wish is that I would have received your material 30 years ago.

- Kurt Madden

January 25 2005
I just felt the need to take you up on your invitation to share with you any inspirations I got from reading your book. First of all I am by no means what you would call a "book worm". If I'm reading any sort of book, it is on one of three topics: golf, psychology/social science or health issues. For the past two days I have not been able to put this book down. I've read each chapter at least three times and have several pages of written notes. My wife is in total shock because everything in your book she has been trying to convince me to follow.

Thank you so much for writing such a book, especially for the impact it has had on my life over the course of two short days. We have implemented all of the steps listed in the book. In fact I have a 9 am appointment with our financial planner from Prudential to set up monthly AUTOMATIC payments into our IRA.

Again, thank you for this great work of art.

- Kendrick Major

January 25 2005
When I got my 1st job after college four years ago, I wanted to know more about how to manage my money from the get-go. Amongst the hundreds of personal finance books, yours stood out: "Smart Women Finish Rich". "Sounds perfect!" I thought. "This is the right book for me!" When my (now) husband and I moved in together, we read "Smart Couples Finish Rich" together to learn how to manage finances as a unit. We implemented everything: the filing system, the goal and value setting, 5-year plan, I didn't have a coffee or latte for 3 years, etc. Here's a quick summary of our savings (we started with just about nothing after college):

401(k)s: $60,232
IRAs: $38,046
Mutual Funds and Cash (non-retirement): $45,037
Stocks: $6,871
Approx Total: $149,918

We have no debt, have had no financial help from parents (other than my living at home for 2 years in order to speed up goal-reaching), and owned no real estate during this time.

We just made an offer on our first house in Oregon, which we will use as either a rental or a vacation home.

Your words have made a tremendous difference in our growing sense of financial security and our confidence in our abilities to follow-through. We are thrilled with the choices this savings affords us.

- Natalie and Josh 

January 25 2005
David’s book not just teaches, but does so in a way that helps you appreciate what you would need to do in your own life in order to finish rich. While most financial books teach you about the "whats", this book encourages you and shows you the "hows", which is pretty important to those who may not know "where to start". David helps you get through your financial worries by helping you understand how to apply his financial advice in your life, starting with "putting your money where your values are". This is truly a great book -informative, encouraging and inspirational!

- Karen Catalan

January 25 2005
Bach is a great financial coach. He knows how to bring couples together on a topic that often divides them.

- John Gray

January 25 2005
Thanks to the Automatic Millionaire, in particular The Latte Factor, I have given up my $168/mo. cigarette habit and switched that money directly into my 401(k). I now contribute 15%, I've made it automatic, and getting rich actually costs me less than smoking!

- Isaac Held

January 25 2005
Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for writing the book "The Automatic Millionaire". The book inspired my fiance and I so much, that we went out and bought "Smart Couples Finish Rich". We're getting married next year and thought about renting an apartment. After reading your book, we are now going to become homeowners instead of renters. Within the last week, I opened an IRA for retirement and opened a money market for the "rainy day" emergency money. I also have a great 401(k) plan at my company. I was only contributing 5% per week. I now changed that to 12%. I have also cancelled all of my credit cards except for one. Most importantly, I have automated all of my accounts. I feel we're on the right road to a carefree financial situation. Thanks again!!!

- Jeff Wallace

January 25 2005
Hi, David and team -

I have listened to the CD set of The Automatic Millionaire and I’m convinced it is sound, solid advice.

When the coaching was brought to my attention by email I knew I had to join to force myself to be accountable. I read AM cover to cover in 3+ hours, I listened to the recordings of calls 1 and 2, I have begun the arduous task of getting my bills, credit card info, and other documents organized and last night even recruited my husband to listen to the call live with me.

What a difference feeling the excitement of the call live! I am highly motivated to make this program work for me and for my family. I am most in need of credit card debt reduction at this point. Soon I'll be selling a piece of real estate and applying a lump sum to eliminating that debt in full. The light is getting brighter.

Yesterday I moved some credit card debt from one card at 25% to another giving me 2.9% until 3/05. My plan is to be credit-avoidant period.

I thank you for the Power Charge exercise. I am a counselor and will be sharing this tool with clients, giving you full credit, which will also allow me to briefly share how and why you use it, and refer people to your material if they are interested. I am drawn to you as a provider of financial information mainly because I really appreciate your blending in spiritual values like tithing and enjoying your family along w/the practical money stuff. It's holistic, and I love that approach.

The other thing I'm super appreciative of is the lack of blaming you do. It's a huge burden to feel all the guilt and stress that comes w/credit card debt. You help us see that it doesn’t help to be blaming ourselves so much, but to move on and do better NOW. Again, how many times I say this to clients, but was not applying it to my own finances. Relief! Deep breath! Thank you.

Most exciting to report is that my conservative-attorney-husband left for work this morning with The Automatic Millionaire in hand, wanting to have it if time allowed him to do some reading today. We are talking about working together, along w/our son and possibly our daughter too, to purchase real estate as an investment. I've been trying to get him interested to do this w/me for 20 years and he would not budge. He listened to last night's call w/me, then we talked about all I'd had in mind one more time, and this morning he was throwing out to me which towns he thought might be good to start looking at. I am still shocked and amazed.

So, I've found your program confirming in some ways, and stretching my knowledge base in many others. And you may just have made happen in my marriage what I've been unable to do EVER! And I don't give up easily, so thank you, thank you for making this coaching so worthwhile to me. Onward and upward!

- Gay Hayden

January 25 2005
After reading “Smart Women Finish Rich” and doing all of the exercises, I decided to change my coffee buying habits. I used to go to Starbucks every work day for a muffin and espresso drink (around $6.20 per day or $124 per month). I reviewed my checking account history and I have been spending an average of $100 every month at Starbucks. I now only go 2 days a week (Mon. and Fri.). The rest of the week I make coffee at home and use flavored creamer. I’m saving around $70 a month now. Thanks!

- Gail Cannon

January 25 2005
David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire proves that you don’t have to make a lot of money or have a complicated financial plan to get started – you can literally start towards your financial dreams today, in a matter of hours, with just one life changing secret: Pay yourself first and make it automatic! Equally important, this book shows you how to simplify and automate your entire financial life.

- Harry S. Dent, Jr.

January 25 2005
David Bach brilliantly acknowledged the true economic power of women in his EVElutionary first book, Smart Women Finish Rich. He smartly follows up with Smart Couples Finish Rich, believing in the importance of women, recognizing that traditional roles are changing and that incorporating a woman's financial needs will move a couple into their best future.

- Faith Popcorn

January 25 2005
I've read all your books...twice: The Automatic Millionaire, Smart Women Finish Rich, and Smart Couples Finish Rich. These books have impacted my life, my marriage, and my finances, dramatically. I recommend them to friends and co-workers with great enthusiasm. These books are empowering! I've always been fearful of facing the truth about our debt - ignoring it was the easiest way. I'm an avid cyclist and spend hours training on the bike. I've taken this same passion and focused on finances with the same attitude. Thank you for you kindness, your compassion, your inspiration, and your no-nonsense way.

- Emily Goble

January 25 2005
Smart Women Finish Rich is the best financial planning book I've EVER read, and I've read them all.

- Eileen Powell

January 25 2005
The Automatic Millionaire is easy to read, exciting and gives very easy steps that changed my financial life in a day. I've read many books on managing money but they seemed heavy and complicated -- and they didn't stick.

The Automatic Millionaire just shows simple ways to make small adjustments, set up accounts online, and get started immediately (which makes a big difference with your money in the long run!) His positive tone actually makes money fun -- and made me feel quite enthusiastic, energized and happy about money and the easy ways to make it work for me!

I wish this book were required reading in all high schools or colleges. I plan on giving this book to everyone I know this year. Thanks, David!!

- Courtney Ryan

January 25 2005
About a year ago I took my first class on personal finance at a local college. It was the most amazing and informative class I have taken yet. I learned things that I could really use in my everyday life, and this is where I learned about your books. Then an amazing thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was on break from school and had a little free time and decided to pick up your book again. I reread about the Latte Factor and decided that I better really try this instead of just telling myself that I can't cut anymore corners.

Please send a warning to all your readers that there are hidden Lattes at the grocery store as well. As I began looking at various products I realized just how much money I was wasting on brand named products. I began really watching what brands I was purchasing and saved an amazing $23.42 on my weekly store run. Yet, more amazing was the next week when I went to the grocery store and purchased only the items that I had on my list, no extras, and I saved a womping $38.15. Now I must admit I was in complete shock. I had just found an extra $61.57 each week, that's 246.28 each month extra to invest. When I returned home I found my husband sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee from Starbucks and just completely busted out laughing. Yes, I found two Latte's that day - the grocery store and my husband.

To say the least, I am pleased to say that I have since opened Coverdell education accounts for both of my children. I am 34 years old with absolutely no debt (not even a mortgage), a good start on my retirement account and now savings for my children's college education. That is nothing to frown about. I would like to send a heartfelt thanks to Mr. Bach for writing books that easy to read and providing action steps to follow. Your books have truly changed my financial life. I actually enjoy saving more than I do spending, now that's amazing!!!!! Thanks from the one who is on the search to find all my hidden lattes!

- Janel Polster

January 25 2005
THANK YOU! My husband and I are about half way through your Automatic Millionaire program and we have already raised the percentage going to our 401K accounts and are revamping our automatic savings at the bank for our emergency funds. Of course, we knew we should have done that often during the years, but your program actually got us to take action. The best thing we found out from your program is that we were actually doing things right by having all of this done automatically. We just need to increase everything.

We have about $600 in credit card debt on an interest free account. Other than that we are on a cash basis. We are currently paying an extra $75 a month towards our mortgage by having the bank automatically draft the extra principal payment with our regular payment. We tithe 10% of our income to our church. I think we will be okay in retirement. We plan to work another 5 years. My husband will be 63 and I will be 60.

Again, thanks for your great program. I'm hoping to share it with my friends, but so many of them cannot see beyond the "I can't afford to save" mindset.

- Diane Wunder

January 25 2005
Many of the steps David Bach talks about in his new book The Automatic Millionaire truly work and I am proof of it. David is trying to get us to act upon his advice rather than just read another book. The Automatic Millionaire gets you to act upon what we have heard for years!

- Steven Hilson

January 25 2005
It's truly amazing because I am always complaining that I am broke. Talk about living paycheck to paycheck. That's probably the only thing I am an expert on. I took the Latte Factor test and discovered that I spend at the very least $225.00 a month on coffee, newspapers and lunch during my 5 day work week. And I have to say that I use $6.00 a day for lunch, which at times could be more (working in Manhattan's Time Square). I recently opened a 401k plan and was shocked to see how much I have set aside without noticing. This has always been a challenge for me. I realize I need to make alot of changes and think about my financial future so I've decided (after taking the Latte test) that I won't spend this much on coffee and will take that money to pay myself first.

Thanks for the Latte Factor Test!!!!!

- Deanna Garcia

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