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January 25 2005
I have enjoyed the coaching program so much and can't believe how much I have learned.

- Denise Cutts

January 25 2005
Last night I was using your calculators and discovered a lot of things about my financial status.

I found out that I have been spending $38.90 a month for mobile phone which I do not need, $30 a week on bakery goods, and most destructive of all, I spend $200 a month "e-baying". I do not have time to shop so I have been shopping at the ebay antique stores at home. I am an e-bay freak. I just realized that it would be cheaper and more fun to save the money and travel to buy these "antiques". ( If I still want to buy them.) I could have saved $35,310 over 10 years . This amount would have strengthened my financial security.

- Haina Maeder

January 25 2005
I've actually been using the Latte Factor THEORY for more than a year now. The theory itself is incredible...and I hope to soon utilize it. I basically kept track of almost EVERY cent I spent for an entire YEAR...then added it all up. Just some examples...$647.98 in groceries for the year 2003. It should be noted I'm single, so everything is SOLELY bought for one person. $116.72 for film processing, $55.17 for film, $19.94 for camera batteries, $11.38 for photo albums. You get the picture. I'm constantly keeping tabs of everything I buy. And I was wildly amused at your mention in the book on highway tolls. I ALWAYS try to get around them by taking an alternate, but equally quick, route. People NEED to think more about what they spend money on EVERY day of their lives! Don't even GET me started on the joys of double and even TRIPLE coupon week at the supermarket! VERY interesting book...bravo!

- Gary Sprengel

January 25 2005
My name is Gregory Quimby and my Latte Factor was discovered when I realized how much money I typically spent going out to lunch during the week. When I first started my job, my co-workers and I went out to lunch daily as a social gathering in order to get to know each other. After a while, our lunches turned into mere habit. Realizing I was spending approximately $12.50 a day, I started bringing my own lunch into work and eating at the office. After 4 months I have saved at least $750 just on food, not to mention the reduction in my weekly gasoline expenditures.

Currently, I work in a smaller NC city but am going to change jobs in a few months. I plan to move to a more metropolitan area such as Washington DC or New York. By continuing to implement this program I can count on saving as much as 120% because of the increased cost of food at restaurants. Thanks for listening to my success story.

- Greg Quimby

January 25 2005
I just finished your book and wanted to provide you with some feedback. I have been following the basic principles of your book since I was in my early 30s. I wish I had started right after high school - nevertheless, I have done very well for myself. I am now 55 years old, retired, and living very comfortably because I have done what your book outlines for becoming an automatic millionaire. Your book should be required reading for all H.S. seniors and college freshmen. Starting early is the key to building wealth. The "automatic" element is key because most people lack the discipline to do it themselves. Fortunately, I was very disciplined and it worked well for me!!! Great book.

- Dianne L. Zimmerman

January 25 2005
I am writing this to you as a thank you. My husband and I are in our early thirties and have 16 month old twin boys. We have become increasingly concerned over the past few years about working to get out of debt and setting up our retirement funds correctly. Luckily, we have been receiving good advice. However, I was having a hard time seeing the bigger picture and putting it all together, never mind knowing where to begin. Thanks to your little book I have taken immediate action to allocating my retirement fund correctly, automating everything, paying off debt, saving for a rainy day and most importantly.... PAYING MYSELF FIRST!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Dawn Stockwell

January 25 2005
I love the book. My Latte Factor comes in the shape of getting a 44 ounce Diet Coke for $1.16 everyday. It isn't necessary, healthy, or saving me money. I also spend .75 for two milk cartons every day at lunch time when I could be bringing milk from home. Your book is very informative and I will teach it to my boys.

- Debbie Edwards

January 25 2005
Fantastic book!!!!!!!!! One of the simplest, most enjoyable financial books I have read. David talks about saving money in interest bearing accounts. Just to give him an FYI, General Electric has an interest plus plan that is paying around 1.75% ++ and gives you free checks and $25.00 just to start the account.

I would love to see him do a few seminars targeted towards teen and money management. I'm trying to teach my kids about money so say a prayer for me!! Have a great day!!!!!

- Dodie Robinson

January 25 2005
My name is Jake Stamey. I am fourteen, and I have just finished reading "The Automatic Millionaire", and I have to tell you, it was absolutely great! This book has totally changed my ways of thinking and every night I discuss with my parents how I can put your book to work for me, by the ways you expressed in your book. I will continue to reread the ideas I've read from your book, so I can prepare myself for when I get out on my own. I loved your book and I just wanted to thank you for writing this book and making it so easy to understand, so THANK YOU! I hope one day I will be able to be as successful as the McIntyre's.

- Jake Stamey

January 25 2005
My name is David Klein and I am 26 years old. Your book was very interesting and as promised, a very easy read. As you note in the book, most of the principles that you talk about I was already aware of. And most of them I was already practicing to some degree.

The “Latte Factor” was an aspect that I was aware of and that I have been practicing for awhile. I virtually never spend money on unneeded items like coffee, cigarettes, magazines, candy bars, etc. The only things I spend money on daily are tolls to get to work and lunch. I figured out that if I leave for work about 10 minutes earlier than usual, I could take an alternate route that would allow me to avoid the tolls and still get to work on time. Roundtrip this saves me $3.30 per day.

The lunch I eat is very modest. It consists of a 6-inch sub and a small drink. The total comes to $5.02…not very extravagant! But I calculated that buying the necessary items at the grocery store and making the sandwich myself, I could save nearly $4.00 every day.

This comes to a total of $7.30…exactly what I strived for. That money is now going to start going into a 401k that, in addition to the other principles you highlight in your book, will make me a millionaire!

Thank you so much. I know that “The Automatic Millionaire” is going to tremendously change my life and the lives of friends (since I am going to share this with everyone I know)!

- David Klein

January 25 2005
After the telecoaching last Tuesday I immediately took action and put The Automatic Millionaire to work. Thanks David, for writing this book. I plan to use your powerful plan to automate my way to financial security.

- David Blain

January 25 2005
Smart Couples Finish Rich will help not just couples, but financial advisors who work with couples. Bach's approach of looking at your values first and your "stuff" second is right on the money.

- Harry S. Dent, Jr.

January 25 2005
David’s expertise is so valuable. This program will significantly impact my retirement. The value is wonderful. I’m making better decisions. We’ve implemented a real plan. I will sleep at night!

- Genan Kirby

January 25 2005
I can’t say enough about The Automatic Millionaire Program. It’s a life altering experience that shows you how easy it is to find money you are missing out on. The program shows you how to make your dreams come true.

Over my lifetime the program will be worth several million to me.

Thank you so very much, David Bach!

- Dannette Huth

January 25 2005
Wow! What an eye opener when I looked at my latte factor for just one day. I have used your calculator and earning 10% for the next 30 years including my credit union fund: I'll have at least $893,028.00! I have realized how easy and practical your common sense advice really is. That's pretty amazing! Thank you David Bach and Oprah (that's why I purchased your book). Thanks again,

- Dan Stachowicz

January 25 2005
I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to David Bach and "The Automatic Millionaire"! I have been out of college for about 3.5 years now and have been working on getting a good solid foundation financially. Although, the current job I have is not the highest paying job, it gives me a start. And while I was reading "The Automatic Millionaire" I would stop and take time to do the actions steps at the end of the chapters...many of which I was already doing, at least to some extent. I realized that I can pay myself more because 5% of my gross pay automatically goes into a retirement account for me. The light bulbs went off and began regular bi weekly automatic deposits into a Roth IRA funded with low cost mutual funds. I also began biweekly credit card payments to get my debt paid off sooner, and setting a little extra aside each month into a money market account so I can save for a down payment on a house.

Before I even finished the book I was totally pumped up and it's been a week now since I've finished the book, and it only took me about a week to read it.. reading a couple chapters a day... And I have been pumped up ever since. In fact I want to tell everyone I see about it and share with them the easy no nonsense approach that many of us already know but just don't put into practice because we don't really see the ability to or see the numbers that makes it hit home just how beneficial it is. I just wish now that I was a Certified Financial Planner or Adviser so that I could officially give the seminars in this area and hopefully motivate others to Automate their financial lives!

So again, Mr. Bach, I would like to thank you for showing me that it is easier than I expected to achieve financial wealth over the long term, and for reaffirming some ideas I had been toying with but never put into action, or never contributed enough to until reading your book. For now my finances are on their way to becoming totally Automatic, so hopefully I'll become the next Automatic Millionaire. Thank you again, and I will definitely spread the word in my area, as well as work through your Finish Rich Workbook.

- Chris Balthrop

January 25 2005
This program is the best investment I have ever made, including my house. Based of the simple easy steps it puts your financial life on auto pilot to becoming a millionaire.

This program is priceless!!!! You can’t put a price on financial freedom! You can’t put a price tag on the abundance of information provided that will be with you the rest of your life.

- Barbara Werthheimer

January 25 2005
I just finished David's new book, "The Automatic Millionaire," and went to work calling my credit card companies tonight. I took the book's advice and persuaded 3 credit card companies to drop their interest rates simply by telling them I wanted them lowered. My biggest success was going from a 14.74 APR to a 5.99 APR. I was quite proud of myself. I also managed to transfer all of my credit card debt to 0% balance transfers for a full year. I have taken all but one of my cards and put them away in a drawer. I don't plan to ever use them again.

This book was great and easy to read for a financially illiterate guy like me. Tomorrow I'll be setting up my biweekly mortgage plan. Thanks again for the great tips and sending me on my way to financial success.

- Chris Lavold

January 25 2005
I want to share with you how much this book has inspired and helped me! I have to tell you that since I have read the book I have lost at least 10 lbs. You may be asking yourself..."isn't the point of this book to inspire you to save money not lose weight?" The answer is “YES” however, since eating out was my downfall, I decided to save money by eating out only on some weekends and special occasions.

My husband and I are right on track with our yearly savings and investing. We are not in debt and we both know how to save for a rainy day. My two favorite chapters were about the extra mortgage payment and the bonds. The same day I read the chapter about the bi-weekly mortgage payment, we called the bank to set up the changes. The bad news is, they did not accommodate. The good news is, we were able to get a lower interest rate (5.5%). We opted to make the extra payment in June. We are going to use the money we saved and put it toward principle. We did not even have to refinance!!

I have already ordered two of your books for my friends. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a difference in this world. The Automatic Millionaire is an eye-opener! I give it TWO THUMBS UP - lol!

- Carrie and Joseph Dempsey

January 25 2005
I stopped buying shoes and earrings for starters.I buy stocks and etc. instead, more fun!

I'm going through the house and storage shed to grab everything that is stuff "STUFF" and We are going to have a "JULY 4th" FREEDOM DAY GARAGE SALE!!

We are gathering up all books we are finished reading except yours, Anthony Robbins (had those before I bought your books) and a couple of real estate resources and taking them to the used book store to sell, along with old VHS tapes and DVD's, putting the old LP's on EBAY soon.


We will have one of our houses paid off in THREE years, the other in 10, we kept it for a rental for the extra income.

I thought about what you had said about tithing, I'm doing that, but just now made it automatic.

I have longer hair, I have decided to get some friends together and their friends who have long hair together and donate our long hair to a chairity that make wigs for children with cancer who have lost their hair.

I'm looking around for other things to "scale down".....also, I get nuts whenn I see a penny on the ground and people just pass it by and do not pick it up! I the end of the year I donate the penny's to my church.....last year I picked up off the ground $21.00 in pennies.

Do you know the price of aluminum by the pound? I now do!!! Now I know why I see some people picking them up off the ground on the weekend job for kids!

The books are great!

Security and freesom

The ability to get the medical care we need when we need it.

My husband is a disabled Gulf War vet with a spinal chord injury, we still save, no matter what.

We try to save as much as we can each month.

I even ask friends for old books, etc.

Thank you again (Sometime I will tell you how we went from ONE MILLION AND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN MEDICAL DEBT to on the road to financial freedom without filing bankruptcy!)

Thanks again!

- Betty Z.

January 25 2005
On my way in today, I had to stop for gas. My usual gas station stop is also a Dunkin Donuts, for which I am a sucker for a double cream double sugar "Great One" coffee. As I was putting the gas in, I could smell the donuts and coffee, almost like they were piping the smell outside to entice you to come in. Despite it being nearly 10 degrees outside, I held firm and stood next to car and waited for the gas to fill up and then proceeded to work. The cold air combined with the cold reality made me realize the three dollars was better spent by not spending it.

I bought your book this past weekend and I finished it yesterday. Such a great and fast read. Such a simple but powerful message.

- David King

January 25 2005
I had to write you a quick note to thank you. Your book was awesome (The Automatic Millionaire). Once I started I had a hard time putting it down. Everything was very simple to understand ....and so true.

It's been not even a full day and things are in motion, my 401k is being set up as I write this, my credit card debt I'm proud to say is ZERO, and I bought a house about 4 years ago.

The best thing is now I know what to do with what I have. I feel fortunate to have read your book and now I look forward to my future alot more. Thanks again from a "Millionaire in the Making".

- Chuck Gauss

January 25 2005
I am currently 24 years old, and lucky enough to have an avid investor for a father. He never called it the latte factor, but he had always told me the same thing. I own a house (and yes, my payments are bi-weekly), I'm driving a 99 convertible corvette (owing roughly 12k on), and I have in the neighborhood of 55k in the bank. A large part of this is due to help from my parents, (they started "gifting" me money at 15 in an IRA,) which I laughed off, but I have continued the yearly contributions. I have also identified my personal "latte factor", and it totals roughly $450 per month. I am having that much deducted from my pay, and the numbers are growing astonishingly fast. It has sparked such an interest with me that I am currently studying for my series 7 test here in NYS, to become a financial advisor. After all, I've realized that I don't need to be a doctor to be rich, I simply need to continue the good habits I've been fortunate enough to learn early, and I should be on my way to a comfortable future. This book (The Automatic Millionaire) is very well written. I have already recommended it to two friends, and I'm sure the list will grow!! Thanks again for all the help.

- Dave Jewitt

January 25 2005
I literally just finished reading your book, The Automatic Millionaire about two minutes ago. I got it from my mom, who saw you on Oprah. Anyway, I must say when I started reading the book, I knew that I wanted to do your system, but by the time I was done, I REALLY wanted to use your system, and make it my system as well. I am 18 years old and actually just purchased a house for myself. I also just started a new job this past week, at Investors Group, and am going to be using all the company benefits, like the RRSP, that I can. On Monday I am going to make everything I can automatic, like you said it only takes a few minutes each time. What really moved me about your book was the last chapter on tithing. It really showed me that this book wasn't just about making money and making yourself feel good, but using all that money that you make to make others feel good as well. But what moved me the most was in the one of the last paragraphs you said that your thoughts and prayers will be with us all. And I can't thank you enough. I personally believe in the power of prayer and I think that it's wonderful for you to say that. Again, thank you very much. I know that you're book has changed my life, and I look forward to emailing you again one day when I actually am a millionaire.

- Chris Guenther

January 25 2005
Smart Women Finish Rich ranks as a TOP financial planning book.

- Consumer Reports 

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