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January 25 2005
Dear David: Thank you for your new book. I am halfway through and wanted to share my latte factor. I have always been disciplined in my finances and am one of the 1 in 10 who actually pay myself with a check first as I am self-employed and contribute to my SEP and IRA for my wife. I, however, like to make my contribution to the IRA in January of the tax year instead of waiting for the following April when I file my taxes. This money now is not only pre tax but also collects interest, capital gain, dividend etc. for a full 15 months ahead of time. I also send in a large portion of my SEP early for the same reason. Thanks for the book.

- Harry Wooding

January 25 2005
I took a short break from reading your incredible book to talk with my eight year old daughter, Daniele. While we sat on her bed, she said, "Mommy, I want to be an artist when I grow up." (I think her motivation is that art was her lowest mark last year in grade one.) I said, "Honey, that's great. Remember though that sometimes it takes a while for an artist to become a truly great artist and be discovered. You usually have to live poor and take on many jobs to make ends meet until you make it big!" She said, "No, I won't because Smart Women Finish Rich and I plan to have a blue SUV by the time I'm 25." I giggled and said, "You know, honey, you just set your first goal. You told me what you wanted (goal), what colour you wanted it (specific) and when you wanted it (measurable). That's what this book I'm reading is all about!"

David, just wanted to share this with you. Shortly after that little discussion, I continued reading your book and finished it. Now, I'm going back to a couple of sections with a fresh, open mind. I've printed your worksheets and now I'm going back to read the detailed information about the different investments. I've talked to a few people at work about their financial advisors, and I have an appointment with one next week. I told him I needed the weekend to gather all the information on my current investments, insurance, and to revise my short and long-term goals before we met.

Thanks for taking the time to publish a Canadian version of your book. It's captivating and realistic! I loved the stories you shared about your mother and grandmother.

- Carmen Robert

January 25 2005
Dear David,
I am a 52 year old women and have spent years as a spiritual student of “The Power of Positive Thinking,” “Think & Grow Rich,” “Manifesting Prosperity,” “God is My Source,” “All is in Divine Order,” and many other new thought prosperity programs. While I love the comfort of these theories and they have been great helping me learn to absolutely trust in a Power greater than myself, financially, I have about $150.00 accessible cash! Between us, my husband & I made about $65,000 last year and have enjoyed a good life, but there has never seemed to be enough to save for the future. Besides, I thought, the future will take care of itself. All of a sudden, at the dawn of 53, the future is getting closer!!!

I haven’t figured out my Latte Factor. Actually, I’m not good about writing down my expenditures. When I make a commitment to do it, all of a sudden I don’t buy anything. What I do know is that I spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. And since I absolutely believe there is enough, we are approaching your system a bit bass-ackwards. We are figuring out how much money we want to invest and will make due with what’s left over, and still have enough to play with.
I just got a job at a state college in December. They have a required 6% retirement deduction from my monthly check, so fortunately I had sort of a forced savings begun (I have no other monies saved). But, since hearing you on “Oprah” this summer, I have gone from that 6% to having 15% of my salary in a pre-taxed deduction. My husband’s employer matches his investment up to 6% and he has been utilizing this program for 4 years now. Since he is getting a pretty decent raise this month, we are moving him up to 11% pre-taxed deduction and shouldn’t feel the pinch at all!

Another thing I have working for me is that next week I am going to receive a check for about $125,000 from my mother’s estate. She died 6 years ago and through a whole complicated mess that I will not get into, we are just now settling. Obviously, this is more money than I will ever see at one time in my life and I want to be sensible about it (well, I don’t really want to be but I’m going to be).

These are our outstanding debts at this time:
I absolutely believe in tithing and am having a ball thinking of all the local charitable organizations I will be helping by dividing up the $12,500. I also would like to start an emergency fund, and we would like to take about $20,000 - $25,000 to do some repairs and improvements around the house. All of a sudden $125,000 doesn’t seem like that much money!!! We are speaking to a financial planner next week and are making an appointment with a tax advisor.
I have thoroughly enjoyed our telephone sessions and the materials included in with the Coaching Program. I am constantly reading the books or listening to the tapes and getting really excited about making my assets work for me.
By the way, since I already had Smart Women Finish Rich & The Automatic Millionaire I loaned those copies out to friends, and they told me today that they have upped their contributions to their retirement accounts!!! This stuff is contagious!

Thanks again for all you do! I’m looking forward to our call on Monday the 27th.

- Danette Brown

January 25 2005
David, I just finished "The Automatic Millionaire" - a gift from my Dad. I'd heard most of the principals you teach in your book before. However, reading them in such a quick and easy to understand format rekindled the flame so to speak and has caused me to closely examine my financial habits and to fine tune my IRA, rainy day savings and mortgage payments. What I need now is advice on financial planning for college for my children!

You've done a great job and your books are clearly written with sincerity and clear knowledge of the subject matter.


- Yvette 

January 25 2005
It is easy to say "I dont need to save" when you are in a higher tax bracket. It can seem as though money will always be there. However my wife and I, having read Smart Couples Finish Rich, have finally taken the basic steps to ensuring ourselves of a secure future. We pay ourselves first through our retirement program, as well as save about $35 per day in needless expenses. Instead of the latte, we make our own. Additionally, we save tons of money by bagging our lunches to work.

Between this and working to keep unnecessary overhead down, we were able to save two hundred thousand dollars last year alone! Compare this to the prior year which was less than half. Sure we have been told it is all relative, but it will make us better in the future.

Thanks for the book and the steps to succeed.

- Larry Saez

January 25 2005

Your book Smart Women Finish Rich has had an amazing influence on me. Not only am I on my way to financial independence, but I now have clarity, a sense of empowerment, and a zest for life.

Since graduating from college 4.5 years ago, I worked at jobs where I felt stagnant, underpaid, and that I didn't fit in. This unhappiness seeped into my personal life because I was exhausted, felt meaningless, and emitted negative energy. I was not a pleasant person to be around and am SO lucky to have a great husband who loves me.

Your words in Smart Women Finish Rich really struck a nerve with me. It dawned on me that life did not have to be stressful and mediocre. Yes, I certainly DO have power over my own destiny through the choices that I make.

I had settled for less than my worth and was absolutely furious at myself for doing so! That anger became my fuel. Within 6 months, we increased our 401k contributions to 15%, are aggressively paying down debts, and are setting aside additional funds (for an emergency fund, two Roth IRAs, a dream basket, and a vacation). The best part is that I got my dream job with a top company and increased my salary by 20% (or 31% with bonus). By the way, coffee/sodas are free!

My energy levels are through-the-roof and I am finally tackling my goal of higher education. I also created spreadsheets to chart our finances, perform what-if scenarios, and provide my husband with concrete numerical proof of the miracle of compound interest. He is beyond ecstatic!

I thank you...My husband thanks you...Our friends and family are mystified by the disappearance of that cranky, overly-serious person I used to be...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...

- Jackie Nguyen

January 25 2005
I got your book and literally read it cover to cover in one day. I was amazed by what I had learned in such a simple amount of time. After doing the Latte Factor for a week, I realized my biggest Factor was late fees on rented movies, as well as renting the movies themselves. I've already found $80 a month just in that Factor and have more to go. The best thing is, after reading The Automatic Millionaire I realized the knot in my stomach was gone - I still have my debt and things to change but I realized right then that it's all DOABLE - and just knowing that makes the other steps even easier. Thanks!!!

- Joel Hayes

January 25 2005
Dear David,

Last year I read Smart Women Finish Rich and went to one of your seminars in NYC. You changed my life! After that I realized that I would be able to afford to buy an apartment vs. renting and I did just that! I now own an apartment on the Upper East Side in Manhattan (no way would I have been able to afford it if I was renting). Thanks to your book The Automatic Millionaire I am paying an additional 10% to my mortgage each month as well as making an additional payment each year. I increased my 403B from 5% to 10% and by next year feel I will be able to max it out at 15%! Without your words of wisdom and success stories I don't think I would be where I am - THANK YOU!

My fiance is a hard nut to crack regarding saving etc, but I have him reading one of your books right now and he is so excited to start saving and making himself rich too! You have a way with words and are amazing - thank you for your advice and humor! Keep up the good work!

- Jackie Granatell

January 25 2005
I'm a 36 year old married mother of one. My husband and I have maximized our 401K's for the past 15 years (currently $1,400 per month employee contribution). Our daughter is six. After watching your show we realized how much money and time we were wasting. We cut up all of our credit cards and closed the accounts a year and half ago. While we were paying off the balances it didn't dawn on us that we now must stop spending and start saving. We have $220,000 in equity on our house on Saint Simons Island in Georgia. After watching your show we started a Roth IRA ($250.00 a month), a 529 College Savings Plan ($150 a month), IngDirect Savings Account ($100.00 a month) and Series EE Savings Bonds ($100.00). You see, I grew up poor. My mind wasn't on saving for the future but living for the present. I feel so empowered now David. My husband and I will be totally and completely set. We Will Retire At 50!!

- Mrs. Love

January 25 2005
Dear Mr. Bach,
I know everyone e-mails you and tells you how your books have changed there lives, so I know my e-mail isn't much different, but I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to help others. I'm 14 years old and I'm reading the Automatic Millionaire. Unfortanetly I haven't been able to finish it because my aunt took it home with her to read, but I was so happy to lend her the book and she LOVED it. (I'm the girl who e-mailed you about a month ago and you called and had me on your radio show.) I wanted to let you know that I have called around to almost all the banks in my area to find out which bank will give me the best interest rate. And I have a goal every month of how much money I am going to try to make. Being only 14 I can't get a job so I have had to think of different ways to get money to reach my goal every month. I have garage sales, iron for my mom (she used to send my dads work clothes to the dry cleaners and paid a $1 for each shirt, now I do them), and I'm currently writing an article on how to save money based on your book The Automatic Millionaire, for some magazines. I have also told some adults about how to save on their house payments and car payments (but no one takes me seriously). While I was reading your book I was asking my mom about getting a 401(k) and she went out and got two! (one for her and one for my dad). You are such a blessing! Thank you again for taking time to write that book! God bless you!

In Christ,
Jaclyn Sugg

- Jaclyn Sugg

January 25 2005
I ordered David's CD series - The Automatic Millionaire two weeks ago. I just started listening to them in my car on Tuesday. Since Tuesday I have not only found my Latte Factor (about $10 a day), BUT also found what I call the "Slush Factor". I define this as money wasted on services I just don't use. We had both DSL AND Cable for internet PLUS a pay-per month Internet service. I cancelled the Internet service, DSL (which also required an extra phone line) - SAVINGS = $110.95 per month!! I also cancelled all the channels we never watch on TV. Savings = $20.95 per month. (David - I already covered the cost of your CD's!!!). So now I will take that $130 per month and actually put it towards debt reduction.

I signed up TODAY for my 401K - 4% of earnings PRETAX (my company contributes 50 cents for every $$) - I only just became eligible for this so I am SOOOOO grateful for the product. I have a plan to review in 90 days to go to 5% and 1% after that every 90 days until I get to 20%. ALSO - I called my credit card companies. Discover reduced my interest from 13.75% to 9.9%. Fleet Visa would NOT budge from 15.99% even though my FICO is 701 (YES - I got that on line too thanks to David!), so I went to and got an offer from AMEX Blue for 0% 6 months - 9% Annual and transferred my Visa balance. When I phoned Fleet back to cancel my card - they back peddled like crazy and offered 9% - I told them TOO LATE!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this wonderful series. I am on CD #5 now and love every minute of it. It's easy to follow, pratical advice that makes sense. The biggest difference is you are not trying to SELL anything, and perhaps more importantly make ME sell anything! You just give plain simple, logical advice. I will recommend this to all my friends (and may be even an enemy or two!). My only regret is that I did not get this 20 years ago when I was starting out in life. Thanks again!!

- Rich Kenzie

January 25 2005
I learned many easy saving money tips from the Automatic Millionaire. Your Latte Factor is the coolest financial advice I have ever heard. By finding out what my latte factor is, I stopped buying those unnecessary things. I started to pay myself first too, and now I am saving at least $300 per month. After reading your book, I think I have a chance to get rich without winning the lottery!


- Justin 

January 25 2005
I am 60 years old and have worked all my life. I began putting 12% in a profit sharing plan when I was 23. Unfortunately I was a little conservative for awhile and kept the money in fixed a little too long. Our company has a 401k now and I contribute 15% and am thinking about raising it to 20%. I have accumulated almost $500,000 plus almost $200,000 in another fund. In addition, I found $450 worth of “lattes” per month by saving my last salary increase, giving up cokes at the Sonic in the morning, eating lunches out, buying clothes and other “stuff” I didn’t need. I currently am putting the $450 in a savings account for an emergency fund and will then begin investing the $450 after I have that fund established. I bought "The Automatic Millionaire" CD and have really enjoyed it. It is great! My 37 year old daughter is reading one of your books right now and loves the concept. Thanks for some great advice!

- Peggy Cain

January 25 2005
David, I am getting started late. I am a self employed woman, a wife and a mother. I recently bought several of your products. After seeing you on CNN several months ago I started automatically saving money. I have set aside about $8,000 in the last 4 months. I'm reading your books when I can and listening to your cds while I'm in the car (which I am all the time). I've begun teaching my nineteen year old son, my stepdaughter and his friend that lives with us. If I had not heard you and then purchased some of your products, I know I would not have done so well so quickly. I have not completed all of the tasks yet, but for me, saving this much was a huge beginning! I look forward to the "Start Late Finish Rich" book ! Thank you for your guidance! I will keep reading and doing!

- Lisa 

January 25 2005
My wife and I saw you on Oprah, and I was very interested in the things you had to say. One of my friends said she bought your book "The Automatic Millionaire" that day and had already read most of it. I told her I was going to get it as well and the next day she got it for me as a birthday gift. When I started reading it I couldn't stop!

It amazed me how many times I had thought to myself that we spend too much money on junk! I actually started doing something about it two years ago. The two biggest things that helped me were that I started taking my lunch to work everyday as well as tea, snacks, and grandma's desserts! That's saving me $45.00 a week right there! The other thing that helped me a lot was I when I got a debit card. I've never paid a partial payment on a credit card in my life. With my debit card, I know to the penny how much I've spent and it's easier to track.

For the last six years I've been maxed out in both my Home Depot employee stock funds and by putting 5% in my 401k that also went into Home Depot stock. All my eggs in one basket right! After reading your book, I bumped my 401k to 10% (5% in HD stock and 5% in an equity growth fund). My wife has done the same thing at her job. I told her to bump her 401k to 8% from 6 and put 4% in a stable fund and 4% in Mohawk stock. At this point we've been married for three years. We have a beautiful little eight week old girl named Maggie. We managed to save over $30,000 combined in our stock and 401k. We have got $11,000 in our savings and checking. We are (starting this month) to add 10% to our house payment every month. We have ZERO credit cards. We purchased my wife's car in June 2001 and doubled and tripled the payments to have it paid off in a year and four months. I recently purchased a new truck and Home Depot offers an employee discount that is as much as 3% below invoice (this discount is offered to hundreds of companies around the US for GM Ford, Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler but most folks do not know about it.) After making a big down payment and as much as tripling my payments some months, I'm on pace to have it paid off very early as well. Some of this may seem to some people like bragging, but it's not! I work three jobs and for a while my wife worked two. We cut coupons every Sunday and only buy the things we need.

Thank you so much for the information in your book! You really make it clear and easy to understand. I was very lucky. I too have those old school parents that brought me up to value money, save for a rainy day, not to go crazy with credit cards, and always pay more on loans than the monthly payment. Thanks again,

- Russ and Shala Head

January 25 2005
I recently finished reading your book The Automatic Millionaire. I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring my wife and I to take immediate action on saving/planning for our future. I need to give my wife the credit for buying me the book as well. As we're only 25/26 years old, I believe we're well on our way to retiring like the McIntyre's.

Real briefly, we saved up and bought our first house in November 2002 and have been proud homeowners ever since. I started my 401k at work over a year ago as well and now have a good $7,000+ in that, and my wife recently started hers. I have also recently increased my % from 5% to 8%. Everything we do is Automatic as well. With the amount of equity we raised in our house, we took out a home equity loan and paid off all of our credit card debt, high interest car loans and store cards - saving us so much money each month. We have closed these accounts and have promised to just say NO when it comes to opening anymore of these accounts. If we don't have cash to buy it, then we obviously don't need it right away.

We also set up an ING Direct Savings account where we pay ourselves currently $75 a week. This cash we are determined not to touch. We also have a savings account with our bank as our emergency/backup savings for if times go bad...and have close to two months expenses saved. Unfortunately our mortgage lender does not have biweekly payments; however, I took your advice and have added an additional 10% to each payment.

So we're doing things as outlined in your book and will eventually increase our portions to our 401K as we learn to live with less. We've also been giving back by donating a small dollar amount of each check to charities of our choice. My wife and I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring us and we hope to one day be like the McIntyre's and retire sooner than later.

- Rick and Ann Longstreet

January 25 2005
All I can say is, “Thank God for Oprah” or I wouldn’t know anything.

I saw you on her show, of course, but I didn't rush out to get the book. I didn't have a job. I have a job now so I bought it; and I'm on page 101 now. My job is only for the summer, but I started reading your book before payday and I'm glad I did. After I cashed my paycheck, I took out 10% and in an envelope it goes, that is until I finish reading to find out what to do with it.

Since my job is only for the summer, I cannot join the 401(k) and I can’t participate in direct deposit or automatic savings. I do have a savings account that's been empty for years, but I'll wait until I see what you have to say about them. I am committed because I want to retire early too, but I still want to work part-time. I also have a part-time job working two nights a week and Sunday. I cashed that check today and I'm going to take 10% out of that too. I'll let you know how I'm doing after I finish the book.

- Trudy 

January 25 2005
Dear David,

We have an interesting story - both my husband and I were working in upper management positions with the related stresses there, and managing 28 apartments and more than a dozen garages! We prayed, took time to reflect, I quit my job, began working part time. We sold all of our investment properties (had them under contract in 3 weeks! definately an answer to our prayers), refinanced our home and paid off all of our debt. Cars, credit cards etc. That's when I saw you on Oprah.

My son is 18 and reading your book! Due to you, he opened a savings account with direct deposit. My daughter is only 13 and she is now reading it too! She too requested a ride to the bank to open up her own account and has set aside a portion of her allowance to go toward her savings acct. She already makes a regular donation to our congregation out of her own initiative! We are very proud of both of them.

I wanted to share something that has worked wonderfully for us. As parents we always want to give/buy so much for our children. There is so much pressure to have the latest and greatest. What finally solved our conflicts with this was when our son turned 16 and got a job, he then became responsible for all of his clothing expenses. Suddenly, no more pressure to buy $90-$180 sneakers! He would go to a knock off brand store! He says "It's crazy to spend that much money on a pair of shoes on my budget!" That got me thinking, once it was "his" money, he took ownership of it and the responsibility that went with it. I decided to figure a way to do the same thing with our daughter who was only 11 at the time. We would have battles over clothes that we would purchase, and then they would never be worn or respected. They'd get lost at school or left at a friends home.

I decided to give our daughter an annual "clothing allowance". We sat down together, figured out what we could afford then got a ledger book. January 1st we wrote the new beginning balance in her account. When she shops for clothes we bring home all the receipts, tally them up and subtract them from her "account". This has been such a blessing for us! She now is a very very careful shopper! She said to me the very first time we did this, "I love this suede jacket but it is $79 and my budget just can't handle that!" We later surprised her with the jacket as a gift at our family surprise day. This is a wonderful program. It teaches children about money, accounting, saving, prioritizing. She even divides her clothing allowance to be sure she has enough for new school clothes, new winter clothes, spring etc. We also give her an annual spending allowance as well. That is given to her on the 1st of every month. She may do whatever she wants with this money, buy more clothes, go to the movies, eat out. No more fighting, no more hurt feelings. I no longer worry or care if she doesn't wear something. It is her money. She never asks for more either.

I am now working my way through the Finish Rich Workbook! It is work, but fun!
Thanks for writing these books,

- Tracy Sylvestre

January 25 2005
I feel like we are close friends. I have read two of your books and skimmed your "Smart Couples Finish Rich" before I gave it to my son and his wife as an anniversary gift. You have changed my life for the better, financially, and I believe my sons. I may not always make good choices with my money but now I am more aware of the mistakes before I make them. Therefore I'm better off financially than I would have been before reading your books.

Thank you for caring about people, and helping people of all incomes to do better.


- Jonette Hickman

January 25 2005

Your book was given to us by the pastor who married us in September. He gave it to us as a gift after meeting us and learning about our goals and perceived challenges for our marriage. He said that if we could read the book (he promised it was a quick read & easy to digest & implement) and learn the techniques, that we would eliminate 90% of the arguments married couples have. My biggest fear going into marriage was money, not having enough of it, arguing about it and essentially letting it run our lives. Well, I read your book cover to cover one afternoon on my honeymoon in St. Lucia and vowed then and there to put into practice all I had learned from you.

I finally convinced my husband to do the same and we now are now investing 15% into our 401Ks, contributing more to our mortgage each month and building up an emergency fund (each week, we pay ourselves $50), and we've even learned to take out agreed upon funds at the beginning of each week for food and pocket money. We paid our credit cards off in full, cut them up and are sticking to spending only what we can afford in cash (paying by debit card only has assisted us with that greatly). Having a sensible plan that we know will work (!) has calmed us, given us confidence and made us much happier people. We have thanked "Pastor Jack" for his wonderful gift - we didn't truly understand or appreciate it when it was first given, but now we realize that he was giving us incredibly powerful tools to create an automatic, worry-free future.

We feel happy and in control of our destiny. We have "paid it forward" too by giving the book to my brother as a gift so that he can join us in becoming smart, savvy automatic millionaires!

Thank you Pastor Jack & thank you David!!

- Lisa D'Ambrosi

January 25 2005
I did not see you on Oprah or read ay of your other books prior to this. I had started a new job, planned on revamping our finances, but always had put something into the work 401K.

I read you book one day. I knew about some of the things you talk about in your book but to have it all together with resources and examples made everything invaluable.

In a matter of two days we eliminated what credit cards we had, started the rainy day fund. We complete the refinance in two days, using one of the web sites you referenced, reducing two percentage points and moving to a by monthly payment. This in and of itself cut close to three hundred thousand in interest not to include 15 to 18 years off the length of the mortgage.

Being very excited, I mailed a copy of your book to my brother.

Thanks a ton, your book is great reading, an outstanding resource and a sure fire way to finish rich.

- Tyrone Hollie

January 21 2005
I saw you briefly on Oprah and went to your seminar here in Vancouver, BC with some friends and my husband. We were totally inspired! We were your exact example of two people making great money but still living paycheck to paycheck!

Instead of buying your books, I signed them out of the library (how's that for smart money management?:)), immediately maximized our RSP contributions, started a rainy day savings account, transfered our credit card debt to a very low interest loan and started a savings account to save in advance for out big yearly expenditures (car and house insurance, etc) so it wouldn't be such a hit when those bills came due.

And you know what? We don't even feel the difference - well, except for the fact we have become more purposeful and thoughtful with what we spend our hard-earned money on!

Thank you providing the tools necessary to motivate us to make changes!

- Mary Clark

January 20 2005
David, I am a current participant in The Automatic Millionaire Coaching Program and am very impressed with the program and with your enthusiasm. My wife and I are retired educators and were able to retire at ages 52 and 51 because we paid ourselves first. It is a shame that more young people are not taught about personal finances in our schools. A major impact could be made if your information were to be imparted to youth in their school's curriculum. I have purchased copies of your books and sent them to all of my nieces and nephews.

- William Leightenheimer

January 20 2005

I just want to say thank you. You can't imagine how helpful your book Smart Women Finish Rich has been to me. You make me feel that I can take control of my money. You have taught so much, and now I am sharing all that I know with my friends and family.

Thank you one more time.

- Victoria Canepa

January 20 2005
I am on my way!! I'm doing so much. Look at what I am actually doing automatically. I don't even drink coffee but I am already a Latte winner!

I automatically pay an additional $1,856 on my home mortgage, pay myself $3,000 monthly in a money market, invest $13,000 max in my 403b, invest $125 monthly in a index fund, invest $100 in a Ira monthly, and invest $100 in my daughter's savings. I will make an automatic extra payment to each of my 8 income properties. I even have life insurance payments deducted automatically from my checking account. I feel so good about what I am automatically doing.

- Reader 

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