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January 18 2011

My name is Darin Johnson I just finished refinancing two lines of credit and putting it into a loan instead of Line of Credit. I also looked at high rates of interest, which I have found some ways to save money. I have found about $800 in money I was wasting. I now have one more area to save money, which is to take a look at how much I am spending on food and restaurants. I see great opportunity to save money then I have seen in a long time. It felt for a long time that I was out of control, but now I see great control over my money again.

- Darin Johnson

January 18 2011
Hello David. After we spoke on the phone, and after my purchase of Finish Rich and Automatic Millionaire Homeowner I was off and running. I vowed the I was going to complete both books and get started. I did just that. I had some things in place already, but now I don\'t feel guilty about saving. I have paid as much as I am allowed to pay into my pension, so I can no longer invest in that. I opened a 403B with my employer. I hope that will be started by November 1. I am waiting for the payroll department to have all the necessary documents from the company who manages the fund for the employees. The savings will be $100. per month. It is automatic and it is a start. I opened a Sallie Mae savings account. It is an online account and has the best interest rate I could find. I am automatically saving in this account. I have a brokerage account for my children as well as myself. I am funding these accounts as I can. I will use them to help my children start purchasing stocks. I will use my account for my dreams basket. This savings is not automatic but I plan to fund it at least once a month. I have established a ten month plan for paying off bills and savings. I have checked with a bank and found out that I would qualify for a FHA Home Loan so I can purchase a home. I am going back to school to work on my doctorate so I can increase my salary and my value as a employee. I will also have options for future consulting positions by doing this. I plan to start school in the spring. I already had life insurance. I am paying extra payments on my car note by paying weekly instead of monthly. I used the concept you suggested for paying extra mortagage payments each year and applied it to my car note instead. I am a single parent of two and it is not easy but I explained to them that the goal is to buy a home. What is more important to me is that I can do this. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the rest of the world. I gave one of my books to a friend. It was the first Finish Rich book. I kept the more recent one for myself, as a reference. As my motivation and my reminder I have started looking at homes online. I take pictures of rooms in homes I like and print them. I place them in my financial notebook and as I pay each bill and put money into my savings, I remind myself of where I will be in 10 months. I have worked hard to get to this point, and it has been piece by piece but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I still have a divorce to finalize but by the time I sign at my closing, I am confident that all the loose ends will be tide up. Thank you again. Leslie Edwards (Felder)

- Leslie Felder

September 27 2010
to start I am not poor - single mom making comfortable living, own condo in upscale neighborhood, have Ok retirement account and can afford the private school for 8 years old kid.
accidentally came across the book - \" start late finish rich\"- I found out I am wasting hundreds of thousands on NOTHING- half way through the book- I am paying extra $1000 on my mortgage monthly as I have interest only loan and could not get biweekly plan. mortgage payment calculator tells me that I will save little bit more then $400,000.!!!!!!!
I moved around all my credit card from highest interest of 29.9 APR, including 13.9% and 9.99% to highest of 1.9%. what I looked how much interest I have payed over one year I needed to take a long walk. Car loan in 2.9 APR and I cannot squeeze more money out of me tight now - but that is next on my radar.
I have set up the automatic payment on all 3 almost max ed up credit cards and will be debt free by September 2011. I am using cash only on the purchases and if don\'t have enough - will think twice before to I get buy. Big purchases like airplane tickets - debit card work wonders -
By saving all this money I will work less I will spend more time with my 8 years old , and I don\'t need live- in nanny.
I have SEP IRA and 401K and my child has college fund going-
I have set up my own saving account- so rainy day I will not reach for credit card-
made appointment with my financial advisor to see where else I can divert my money
About the charity - we do monetary contribution to local issues and donate our time on thanksgiving to the neighborhood shelter
I cleaned the closets - 25 skirts - who needs them
all the clothing we did not used and grew out of it - are in the trunk on the way to salvation army - I have also freed the space at home.
I promised myself - no more drama in my life - i am taking charge of my money
I was going to retire rich anyways - but now I will do it much earlier
Did I mention I have not finished the reading yet

- MB Ne

September 27 2010
Hi, David! Just read your new book Start Over, Finish Rich in one sitting, and had made the cost of the book back X 5 before I was done. Thanks to the suggestion to check on unclaimed assets, the State of Colorado should be sending my a check soon. Thank you so much for your wonderful advice in this and your other books.
Thank you again.

Jane M. Jenab, MD
Fort Bragg, CA

- Jane Jenab

September 21 2010
I recently saw you on Oprah helping a family with their debt diet. I wasn't sure which book to read until I went onto Barnes& I read their customer reviews. The Automatic Millionaire was recommended to learn how to save. I went to my local library and obtained your book. I read certain chapters over and over because I was inspired! I have never been inspired by financial planning books or followed their advice until NOW!
Sept 1.- I set up my retirement account to automatically deduct a certain amount monthly. My retirement is looking bright!
Step 2.- I automated my savings account
Step 3.- I am in the process of paying off my credit card debt. I will have 6 paid in full as of 4-15-2011.
Step 4.- Once I have built up enough savings, I will make automatic transfers to a money market account.

Thank you for educating me on my journey to a wealthy life. I will share your information with my family.


- Jessicka Barat

August 24 2010
I cannot express my gratitude for what your books, "Start Late, Finish Rich" and "Smart Women Finish Rich" have done for me. Not only have they changed my finiancial life, but my physical life as well. I saw how much I was spending on my "latte factor"...FOOD. I could not believe it, then I realized that whether it be grocery shopping or an 'ocassional' snack, it was atrocious, and so was my waste line! So I brought into my life one major thing that stuck out from "Start Late": is this purchase really necessary...then I integrated that to my this bite, or snack necessary? I cannot tell you how amazing your words and knowledge are! I have saved over $6000 in 6 months and I have lost 21 pounds. You are a life saver, in more ways than one!!! Thank you for everything!!!

~Nicole, Ca

- Nicole Deme

August 24 2010
I read your book in 2 days. Day 3 changed my 401k to 15% and started working on the business plan for Sarah Express. One year later located in Columbus Ohio. Sucess is near...

- Sarah Barrett

August 24 2010
I'm Emilee, and i'm currently 18. I caught sight of The Automatic Millionaire in the book store. I am one hundred percent happy with my purchase. As a young adult, getting ahold of this book has been a godsend for me. I've learned everything from paying myself first to giving to charity. I would just like to thank you David for all of your help. I am on the look out for other books of yours.
Thanks you!

Signed Automatic Millionaire.. in the making!

- Emilee Farmer

July 13 2010
OK here goes.
I am a mother of 2 and they always want something, whether a $2 toy or a $4 piece of clothing. Last week I added it up and I also checked their closet. I found out that I was spending so much on unnecessary extra clothes and toys that instead of wasting it, every time they ask me for a toy or an unnecessary piece of clothes I put the money in an envelope and save it for when they will need (not just want) something or when they will have a birthday and the bigger spending will be necessary. I have no saving account so my envelope is my saving and I am already up to almost $50 and that is in less then 10days so imagine how much I will have in a month or two. Maybe we will be able to buy the bunk beds they need (finally). But in any case, thank you for helping me take a better look at the small expenses which add up to big ones - too big.

- Karen Moses

July 13 2010
14 years ago, I was a single mother with 3 children. Everyday before I drop my kids off at daycare and school I used to go to starbucks and get my latte and pastry, spending $5.00 daily. One day my oldest son, who was 8 years at the time, asked me how much I spend for my coffee and I said $5.00 then he waited a minute and said "Do you know you spend $25 a week and $100 every month not including Saturdays and Sundays?" I was soooooo shocked for the amount and how he thought about that. That day was my last day of my daily late habit.

- Jamila Yusuf

July 13 2010
I have been spending about $20.00 a week on fast food just because of the lack of planning for dinner each evening. With my change of habit I can save $1102.40 a year. I am going to make my own fast food and with money we save I will pay off 2 of my credit cards and maybe a third if I cut back on my grocery spending and use more coupons. Thanks for the tips they could not have come at a better time. I just recently became unemployed so I will take all the help I can get.

- terri  siemer

June 28 2010
I started drinking Starbucks coffee about 10 years ago but stopped when I first heard about the Latte Factor because I figured I was spending about $1400.00 yearly. I thought I was doing well trimming the fat from my budget but I still had a hard time getting my debt to go down. Today I had another Oprah AHHH HAAA moment!
At the place I work, we have a cafeteria with a meal plan. I started using it about 2 years ago when I started working there because I only have 30 minutes for lunch and I thought it would be healthier and less expensive that fast food. Boy was I WRONG! The cafeteria doesn't accept cash but swipes your employee ID card and the charges are taken out of your post-tax paycheck. At first I was spending about $5-$6 a day but through the last 2 years, prices have increased and now that total is between $7-$12 a day or about $3060.00 per year! Holy smokes!!!! I could have paid off 3 credit card balances with that money! I looked back at my year-end pay stub from 2009 and discovered that I paid $3750.00 in cafeteria charges in 2009 alone! Now I am packing my own lunches and making coffee in the morning before I leave and saving myself over $5000.00 a year! Whoo hooo!

- Connie Cone

June 28 2010
Dear David,

I read Smart Women Finish Rich and among the many progressive changes I have made, the most important has been dealing with my aging mother.

To make a long story short, she now has an updated will, no credit cards or debt, and, most importantly, a trustee to handle her pension and bills. Everything is paid ON TIME and she no longer gets behind on her bills (and I no longer receive panicky phone calls.) Thank you, THANK YOU.

All the best!

- M W

June 14 2010
Dear David, I saw that your next book is about being debt-free, so I thought I`d share my story:

I'm Australian, 33 years old, and have been living in Japan for 7 years. My husband is 40 years old.

When I arrived in Japan I was broke, but I`d paid off all my credit card debt. A year later I was living with my husband-to-be, and I realized that if I stayed in Japan permanently I'd need to plan well for the future. So I started reading finance books starting with "Smart Women Finish Rich".

My biggest concern was retirement savings: Australia and Japan have very different systems so I wanted a flexible way to save my own money (in case my circumstances changed). I started a policy with Zurich International Life, and I contribute $10,000 per year. I consider 50% retirement savings, and 50% "Dream Account" savings for a second home. About 30% of the policy cannot be withdrawn, so my retirement money is protected.

I'm very proud of my husband: he saved over $200,000 in 10 years, and we were able to buy a beautiful 4BR Apartment WITHOUT a mortgage! My father-in-law lent us the extra money we needed, and we've since paid him back. We also sold our car, and rarely use our credit cards. Because we're debt-free, I only work part-time but I can afford to take regular holidays; fund my Zurich policy; and also buy Australian shares.
My husband pays all our bills, and has
found success trading on the Japanese stock market.

Last year I read "The Automatic Millionaire" and I gleefully deleted all my budgets! You're right - if you pay-yourself-first and are achieving your savings goals, you don`t need to track daily expenses. We always fund our investment and savings accounts FIRST, then spend what's left.

We're both very frugal by nature, and I don't think either of us ever dreamed of being millionaires but now we can see a really strong financial future ahead of us.

I can never thank you enough for being such a positive influence in my life - thank you a million times over!

Kelly Matsuura

- Kelly Matsuura

June 14 2010


June 10 2010
Thanks for your books...they are a big help and I certainly recoup the money I spend on them via the advice and encouragement they offer. Actually, I regain much more than the cover price!

- Chris Smith

June 10 2010
WOW! I am a teacher and buy lunch everyday b/c I am running late. In 20 yrs, I can retire. If I took leftovers instead of buying lunch I could save $99,626.42 in 20 years. Unbelievable! Thanks for the help. Sometimes seeing it in real numbers makes such a difference.

- Nicole Wilkinson

June 10 2010
Surprisingly enough my "Latte Factor" turned out to be items purchased for home improvement projects. I am a die hard DIYer and took great pride in professing that I did not spend money on clothing or starbucks or even spas. Especially to my girlfiends who went shopping secretly and hid their bounty in the trunk of their cars until their husbands left the house and they could bring them in the house undetected! But as it turns out my fix came in cruising the aisles of my local home improvement stores.

Planning projects to improve and beautify my home was exciting and I loved hearing the accolades of visitors as they praised my latest project. The trouble was that I was continually buying items for new projects when I'd not even finished prior ones. Similar to going to the grocery store without checking the pantry first, I was purchasing duplicate items because it had been so long since I'd thought of the project initially that I'd forgotten what I had accumulated so far. And every single packed to the gills storage space I had was proof of that!

After analyzing my spending using the Latte Factor spreadsheet and coming to grips with the ugly truth I made a promise not to purchase items for new projects until I'd completed ones I'd already purchased the materials for. What I found was that the high I got from buying the materials for the new projects was NOTHING compared to the sense of accomplishment I recieved when one by one my old projects were completed. Not to mention that since I already had what I needed on hand, I actually had time to really make a dent instead of spening time on driving to the store and getting distracted by other things.

That was almost a year ago and David, I am here to tell you that after completing quite a few projects and throwing away or donating unused items I finally have storage space again and most importantly about $200 a month back in my pocket that I've been using to pay off credit card debt.

Thanks for making me take a look at ALL spending because I would have continued to be in denial since I wasn\'t wasting money of what I considered to be the traditional "wasteful" things !

- Saundra Anderson

June 10 2010

I listened to your "Fight For Your Money" on tape and learned so many things. Here is my story about Fighting for my Money.

I signed up with McAfee to get anti virus software for my computer. This was set up to renew automatically at a cost of $40/yr. on my credit card. I planned to contact McAfee before the renewal date of July and cancel this automatically hitting my credit card when I received an email telling me they had already billed my card.

I contacted McAfee and told them I wanted them to cancel this service. The person I spoke with was very nice and had no problem issuing credit but wanted to know why I was cancelling. I explained that I did not like anyone automatically charging my credit card. I also said I didn't understand why they did this now instead of waiting until July. He said that they always renew 30 days before the actual renewal date.

To my surprise he said that not only could he stop the automatic renewal but would offer me to same antivirus protection for half the cost! I was amazed. One simple call saved me half the cost and stopped the auto renew.

This proves how taking a few minutes can save you money.

I am so excited that I can't wait for my next opportunity to fight for my money!

- Debra Baxley

June 10 2010
After reading about the Latte Factor, I was so surprised when I calculated my spending of 15.00 to 25.00 every Sunday after church for lunch & 5.00 to 15.00 on lunch at fast food at least twice a week. I definately changed my ways and started eating at home to save between 900.00-1,800.00 per year.
Thank you David for opening my eyes!
Stacy Wilke

- Stacy Wilke

June 10 2010
Dear Mr. Bach:

If it were not for your book, Start Late, Finish Rich, I probably would not be a homeowner. I was already quite adept at managing money before I picked up your book. I learned thrift and voluntary simplicity back in my 20s. When I became disabled, these skills were an enormous help in getting by on my limited income.

Nevertheless, I assumed owning a home was out of my grasp. Your book said that a person canít get rich while renting. That started me thinking. Then a condominium went up for sale across the hall from me in the same complex where I had been renting for several years. I did the math and realized I could own for little more than I was renting. These are not luxury condos; they started out as military housing. I bought one for $70,000. The real estate agent was amazed that a single, disabled mom, could buy her own home.

That was 2 Ĺ years ago. I have already paid so much extra on the mortgage that my 30-year mortgage is now down to 19 years. I donít own a palace, but I do own my own home, a goal I had once given up on.

Thank you for writing your book.

- Nancy Foley

May 18 2010
Wow! What a difference I have made to adjust to my latte factor. I was spending close to $5 a day in coffee and now I purchase the flavored syrup I love and make my coffee at home. I have also given up my $2 a day flavored water and have started to make my own. I cut a half a cucumber and add it to a pitcher of water. The pitcher lasts 3 days wich is almost $12 a week in savings. I have also learned about coupons. I saved over a $100 using them grocery shopping in one day and taking advantage of promotions to transfer perscriptions. Who knew how quickly the pennies added up. AMAZING!!!!

- Marni Schelb

May 18 2010
Hello Dave,

I am 52 years young. About a year ago I purchased your Audio CD, Start Smart Finish Rich. All I can say is it was a real eye opener for me.

Being an aspiring entrepreneur I was already familar with the direct sales industry, I have dabbled around in a few opportunities in times past. But being that I was in my 50's now, and still having not "arrived" financially where I had hoped to be by the age of 50, I'd become somewhat discouraged, that is until after listening to your aforementioned audio.

It gave me hope that it was not, and never is too late to "arrive" financially where you want to be.

I had never heard of nor read any of your books before. After that CD I now have two, three of your books.

Your books should be REQUIRED reading in our grade and high schools as well as higher learning for adults.

I really had thought there was no way I could catch up, and be on a solid financial footing, I have not yet arrived, but now I have some guidacne of what to do and how to do it.

I was just this morning talking with some brothers at church who are my age, we were all taking a look at where we are in our finances. I will be encouraging them to purchase your books.

Thanks for all the great information.

Willie Robertson

- willie robertson

May 18 2010
Hi david!

Since reading your book \'Smart Women Finish Rich\' I have started to control my spending to an extent I never thought I could achieve. I have a lot of debts and always struggled to make ends meet, often running out of money two weeks after payday! My latte factor was beauty products and magazines,which I realised after taking your calculator were costing me around £150 a month! Since reading your books Ihave turned this around,stopped the unnecessary spending and now make overpayments on my debts using your DOLP method. I predict my debt free date to be November 2011! Amazing! I have a budget now which I always follow and even have money left at the end of each month! Something that never happened before. Also I have opened a personal pension plan to look after me when I am an old lady, have a car fund and xmas fund to help me save for these large costs and have opened an ISA with an excellent rate (which I plan to fill with mortgage deposit savings!) Because I am British I have to convert some of the things you suggest into an alterntive over here, but you are very easy to follow and motivate me no end! Thanks so much for helping me take control of my finances.

Louise Wilkins

- Louise Wilkins

May 18 2010
Dear David,
I am from Guangdong, China.
I read your bood Smart Couples Finish Rich (Chinese Version).I am so much inspired. In fact, I never had a clear idea of managing my money before reading your book. My wife and I are teachers. We have steady income. However, we both have the feeling that we always don't have enough money to spend. (Or we've been spending too much?) Our bank accounts always end up with 0. We want to have a change. Now we are beginning to save some money. About 10% of our monthly income. We'll put it to the Fund Market once a month. Thanks so much for your advice from the book.

- Yangpei Lee

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