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January 19 2005
I bought SWFR sometime ago...loaned it to someone & never got it back (can't remember whom)...anyway, I have fallen off the SWFR wagon! I am, as of today, in cc debt for approx.$2500, loans of about $21G (includes personal, auto & equity) and have $0 savings! A real mess...but I've made a commitment to do whatever it takes to get back on track! My credit rating sucks and I am not even living from paycheck to a matter of fact, I don't even make it through payday! Although I can't buy another SWFR (don't have the $$$) I remember the lessons and will incorporate them starting today!

I will keep you posted on my monthly progress...

Thanks for having the insight, knowledge & intuition to guide so many people...


- Mattie Johnson

January 19 2005

Your books (Smart Couples...and The Automatic Millionaire) have forever changed my life. I can never go back to the way I was after reading the books. Thanks to your simple plan, my family will retire wealthy. We are a young military family and are on our way with the strategy you lay out in simple black and white. My dad has been telling me this for years, but it didn't really hit me until I read the books. Thank heavens I found you just in time.

I find myself so excited about the subject of finances that I volunteer to teach others at church about how to be "money smart" and I always bring your books with me as recommended reading. I tell all of my friends and family about what I have learned in the books and hope that they will someday become as excited as I am. The books also make a great gift!

Thank you a million times for teaching me how to be a millionaire when I retire. YOU ROCK!

With much gratitude,

- Sonja Yearsley

January 19 2005
I found "The Automatic Millionaire" at,of all places, the grocery store. I was at the local Safeway picking up some groceries and they were having a book sale. Being a voracious reader, I had to stop and look....and I noticed your book. I read the back and thought it sounded interesting, but more money than I needed to spend right then.

When I went back later that week, intending to buy the book, it was gone and I was very disappointed. I had been thinking about the brief things that I had already read and wanted more. So I went back again that weekend and there was one copy!!! I made sure that I grabbed it and started reading it right away.

Two days later I spoke with my H/R department at work to fill out the forms to increase my 401K contributions. I am also working on changing my automatic savings so that instead of just our regular savings, we have some going to a money market account.

I have looked at my own "latte factor" and though I do not buy one everyday, it was still more than I need and have decided to only get one when I have earned a real treat, not "just because". Right now that will be when I lose 10 pounds, I can get a latte. :) I have also looked at the things that I buy my kids "just because," and have told the two oldest that they need to get used to the fact that they will be getting stuff less often because I am working harder on our futures!

I have worked up our DOLP list in an Excel spreadsheet and have it planned out as to who and what to start paying off first. I am really excited about this and have been having a blast playing with the formulas and numbers to see how much faster I can pay some of these off. I have also worked it out to make at least one extra payment a year on our mortage, maybe two if I can squeeze it out.

My sons are 14 and 15 and I am working on their college funds. I now have the tools and knowledge to help them get started on their financial future NOW by teaching them more about savings and planning than I have to date.My daughter is only 4, so I have a long time to build for her future. :) I am almost 36 and wish that I had known all of this stuff when I was a lot younger. I thought I was doing pretty good, and was making steps in the right direction, but see that there is a lot more that I can be doing to make it much better. My husband is intrigued by all of this also. :)

I also tithe and have donations that are automatic so I actually had one chapter of the book that I could say, Hey, I've got that one covered!!!!

Thank you for making the book a quick and easy read and for the practical advice to build our future!

- Kim England

January 19 2005
As a newcomer to Canada, I was facing the challenge to learn, not only the language and the culture, but everything that has to do with taxes and retirement plans. My head was spinning with terms such as RRSP, RESP, GIC, CPP, and CESG, not to mention trust funds, stock market, S&P\TSX index, etc. I was going nuts. I felt helpless since I did not have anyone to talk about this matter.

Even though I was a successful business woman in my country -Venezuela- I had no clue on how to invest my money or how to secure myself for retirement. One day I was reading the newspaper and I came across an article about you. At the end of it, they mentioned your "Finish Rich" site. I ran upstairs and logged into your site. I was greatly surprised when I saw the title of your "Smart Women Finish Rich" book. Its not so often you see a male author writing a financial book for women. So, the first thing the next day I went to the book store and got your book.

I started to read it and I could not let the book down. I was hooked. I used to take it to the gym and read it while I was on the elliptical training machine. It was so simple to understand. You explained everything in detail without making me feel stupid. I knew that I wasn't alone.

I soon discovered that I was ahead in many ways: I did not have credit card debt or any kind of debt; I had some money in GICs and some money in a savings account for rainy days. Your book gave me the tips that I needed to know to start creating wealth on my own. I felt more confident -financially speaking- than ever before.

I had just hired a financial planner that I chose through one of the links you suggested on your book. I am now planning for retirement and building my dream basket. I had set automatic deposits that will allow me to save over $13,000 this year. Plus I've been saving an extra 10% of my net salary. I feel great every time I see my savings pumping up knowing that every day I am closer to my number one goal: buying my first condominium.

I cannot thank you enough. You were the light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing I can do is recommend your book to anyone that wants to get simple, straight forward knowledge in financial planning. Just the other day when I was at the book store, two ladies were trying to find a book to help them understand financial matters. I looked at them and told them that if they wanted an easy to understand book, they should get "Smart Women Finish Rich". I told them how much I enjoyed it and how helpful it was for me. They picked it up, looked at it, put down the other three books they had picked before, thanked me and left. I felt great. I knew I was helping someone to achieve their dreams, as I was achieving mine.

Thank you once again, sincerely yours,

- Mayela Lameda

January 19 2005
Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing such an easy read self-help financial book. I purchased your book on 12 June 2004 and read a 102 pages on that day. On 13 June, I purchased to book for a very good friend.

When I returned to work on Monday, I decided to increase the amount I was contributing to a Deferred Compensation Plan. My orginal invest was 30 dollars a pay period which came to a little less than 3% of my gross biweekly salary. I decided to do 6%. Now that 6% has increase my contributions by $35.61 and my goal is to reach the 10% in 2005.

Next I have set-up a separate account that my mortgage payment can draft from and have added an additional 54 dollars that is being paid to principle. I decided to make it automatic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again for being such a great writing and here is a kiss for(keeping it simple sweetie). I am greatful for kindness and willingless to help me and the millions listers and readers acheive such an worthwile goal.

Did I tell you thank you? If you happen to look over those words I am saying it again thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me acheive financial freedom and opening my eyes to a new way of thinking about money. Thank you David Bach and promise to give this book as gift on a regular basis.

Your new best friend,

- Stephanie Decquir

January 19 2005
Your book, Smart Couples Finish Rich, was a gift from my dad, and it is changing my and my husband's lives! My dad bought three copies for his kids, and my husband and I read the first 100 pages the first few days we had the book. We quickly drew out our values circles (a life-changing exercise in itself!) and reorganized our filing system. We realized, also, how little we knew about our own net worth, our investments, our goals. In the last month, we have taken a small, but a great step...we found out that my uncle is a financial advisor (with your book on his bookshelf) and we made an appointment to meet with him. He was so impressed that we had been doing our homework, and at ages 25 and 32 (with a 13-month-old little boy), we are starting with plenty of time to finish rich.

We have big goals and dreams, but in order to get there, we have to take care of BIG debts standing in our way. A scary-looking school loan, a new car payment, and about $10,000 in credit card debt. Yikes!! Most days this seems pretty overwhelming to me, especially as the primary breadwinner of the family (I'm an RN and my husband is the world's best stay-at-home daddy!!), but since starting your book, we can see the light! Now more than ever, we are on our way to success. We have a goal to pay off three credit cards this year, and at our meeting with my financial advisor-uncle, we got the ball rolling on our 401(k) and 403(b) rollovers (from previous jobs). We are thrilled with your ideas, and we can't wait to start teaching our son about investing early. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is one of the best gifts my dad could have gotten us!


- Michelle Collazo

January 19 2005
David, I read your book the Automatic Millionaire. While I am doing some things correctly, I needed to make a few changes. I read the part about the latte factor and must say I thought it sounded funny, but than I set back and looked at what I spent on a daily basis. My morning started with a stop for soda on the way to work ($1.19) at my first break I go to breakfast ($5.00). Then there is lunch, another $5.00, second break, another soda ($1.19). Okay so I figured $12.28 not too bad, until I sat down and added up mine and my wife's weekly bill for eating out- an average of over $500.00 a month! Now your latte factor made a whole lot of sense and no longer looked funny. I now eat breakfast before I go to work and I pack my lunch, my wife and I still go out to eat but only on Friday nights. I was already in the company's 401K at 10%; they match up to 6% of my pay check. I have now increased my part to 14%. I already have money automatically coming out of my checking and going into a savings. I also have direct deposit going to mutal funds with Edward Jones. The only thing I really need to work on is my credit card bills.I am using the money that I am saving because of the latte factor (about $600.00 a month) and paying off my bills early. I also called a few of my credit card companies and asked them if they lower the interest rate. A few said they would and I now pay those by electronic payment. A few even just lowered my interest rate, because I have good credit. The newest luck I have had is that my wife was just offered a house as part of her benefit package for work. We make one room an office and the house is free for us to live in. So I am renting my house and letting someone else build my equity, and the extra money is going to bills so we can pay them off faster. I am also in the middle of buying two foreclosed houses to use as rentals.
Your book was very helpful and I do see myself finishing rich. I let one of my friends read your book and told him to pass it on when he is done.
You truly did help my wife and I.

Thank You,

- James L . Williams Jr.

January 19 2005
I was allowed to borrow a friend's edition of Smart Women Finsh Rich (for Canadians) back in September. It SO motivated me that I read it in a week, made pages of notes (as I had to return the book), and made an appointment at my bank the following week. I got rid of two of my three credit cards and kept the one with the lowest interest rate for car emergencies and lowered the available credit from $3500 to $1000. I consolidated the other credit card balances (totalling almost $10,000) by moving them into my personal Credit Line at less than half the interest rate of the credit cards. I arranged to make automatic payments on the credit line every week so that it is paid off in three years. I am routinely monitoring my money so that I can figure out just how much I can put into RRSP's, etc., starting in November. I left the month of October open so I could see where I was wasting my money on "latte". I transfer money into a separate account (paying myself first) each pay-day and I am committed to watching my impulse spending like a hawk. So far, I am feeling much more in control of my money and I can actually see growth in my savings account balance for the first time in years!

Well, thanks again for writing such informative and easy-to-understand books for the average person! You've changed my life and hopefully, I can now work on changing it for myself for a more comfortable future!

Yours truly,

- Lisa Bayley

January 19 2005
Following steps outlined in "Smart Women Finish Rich" inspired me to pay off my debt in entirety, revamp my ailing credit history, and save towards retirement when before hand, I'd been living paycheck to paycheck for most of my life. Even though, now, I'm experiencing yet another layoff, which before reading your books would've set me back for years. I have the luxury of choosing from good options and can support myself for a couple of years, if necessary. I'm looking forward to becoming an automatic investor in the near future. Thank you much for the information and inspirational books.

- Kristin Wall

January 19 2005
I'm 30 years old and I have read your books. I started to work on my own financial chaos after following your program. Now I can say that I have control of my finances. I pay off the balance of my credit card every month and I opened a mutual fund and an IRA account. I have saved money and bought myself a new car which is paid for, and now I am working on paying off my student loan. I want to thank you very much for enlightening my life.

- Kenia 

January 19 2005
David and Co.,

Thanks for your commitment to serve people. The newsletter is to the point, timely, and personal.

Smart Couples inspired me to become a financial advisor. I am having a blast doing it and helping people. I make your book required reading as part of my process.

Keep going!

- Joe Fischer

January 19 2005
After reading "The Automatic Millionaire" I changed my 401(k) contribution from 10% to 25%. I own an apartment and make extra payments every month. I work and live in New York City and am 25 years old so I know how tempting it is to use plastic. There are sooo many Latte Factor temptations (Starbucks,cabs) in this city so it is tempting to stray from the plan but knowing that it's all automatic and I am on my way to FINISHING RICH makes it all worth it.

Making it AUTOMATIC should not be a choice!!!

- Jessic Escobar

January 19 2005
I have such a story to tell you. I married my wonderful husband December 17, 2003. He is the father of 3 beautiful children. I myself have a daughter. Put us all together and you have the Brady Bunch. I am only 27 and he is 31. Neither of us received child support and we both knew it was up to us to raise the children to be fine outstanding adults. Money has always been an issue with us. Then today, while listening to you on WEZL 103.5 in Charleston SC, I couldn't believe how much it seemed like me you were talking about. After the radio show was over, I went straight to the book store and purchased your book The Automatic Millionaire.

The funny part is I was telling my two 11 year old daughters about the book, and they both said, duh! Mom... We already do the Latte Factor. We want to go to Disney World this summer, so the ice cream money you give us each day we have been putting in a box to save up the money for our tickets. I asked how much they have saved and they told me they have saved $224!!! ICE CREAM MONEY!!! Can you believe it?! And I kept my log today of all that I spent and all I can say is, I waste way too much money. I know I can do this and we are making this an activity for the whole family!!! Thank you and God Bless you!

- Mary K. Morris

January 19 2005
My name is Jennifer and I am a 35 year old single woman. A couple of weeks ago my mom saw you speak on Oprah and she immediately went out and purchased two books, one for me and one for my sister.

Since reading our book, I have already done the following; I opened up an IRA account, I am saving the maximum of $3,000 for 2003 which will be invested by mid-March. From there, I set up a $500 monthly automatic payment plan, either an ROTH, SEP or SIMPLE IRA (not sure which is best yet). Also, this past week I started paying myself at the end of every day, $51 to be exact. This money is being transfered from my business account into my IRA checking account which then will be part of the $500 automatic payments. The remaining balance of $500 or so each month will be transfered into my reserves account. It gets even better (as you would say). My grand mother has been kind and generous to give me a couple zero coupon bonds. I used one bond to start my business four years ago. The other bond has a current value of $16,000. I took 1/2 or $8,000 and paid down my student loan and I invested the other $8,000. I have already learned about credit cards; they are EVIL. Although, I do carry a small balance for business purposes - $1,000 or so, I am responsible and pay down monthly. Also, I have already lowered my two credit card interest rates, I always try to get them lower.

I want to thank you for your inspiration. I abosolutely LOVE paying myself at the end of every business day. Also, thank you for giving me the courage to sell the bond and pay down my student loan. It was not making sense to me and your system valided my thoughts. I am on my way to building an empire of my own. Being a millionaire is not out of the question. I am very passionate about what I do, I love my work and never really feel like I am working; My business is about making a positive impact of the lives of young people, sound familiar?

- Jennifer 

January 19 2005
Dear David,

I know it's not a coincidence that I saw you on Oprah's show earlier this year. I've never been so exited about a finance program as I am about this one.

The next day I found your book The Automatic Millionaire--it was so exciting. I relearned the values of time and money. The following Monday I went to the bank and found out more information regarding AUTOMATIC Transfer, and I feel so good.

I am 27 years old now; I wish knew this 6 years ago when I had my first job. But it's ok. Better late than never right? Now I'm planning my retirement. Again, thanks a lot David. May God bless you with more wisdom.


- Sri Hartati Hartati

January 19 2005
Hello! I just finished reading your book and it was a revelation to me! I have actually very little debt, and NO credit card debt! But my employer does not have a retirement plan, and I was worried about how I was saving for retirement. I have been maxing out a Roth IRA since I was 29 (I am now 32), but I was worried that would not be enough. So I set it up with my bank that I will be AUTOMATICALLY depositing $250.00 every two week from my checking account into a money market savings account. I still have work to do, but your book is getting me back on track!

- Kevin McElroy

January 19 2005
Many times I have been short of cash; it's not until I have set up a forces saving plan though either a mutual fund or bank account savings.

I have the most success if I send the money away to a mutual fund and don't even think about the month to month dollar amount. It's a time honored saving method that has resulted in $3500 in one instance and $4100 in another.

Usually I make it a monthly contribution for a goal in mind, but then life happens and I need the cash. I have repeated this process time and time again and now have done the same with the Roth IRA with accumulation of $28,000 over 3 years including some rollover money.

I learned that time honored savings leads to better control of everyday money situations.

- Keith Childs

January 19 2005
Dear Dave,

Wow!!!, your book was an eye opener. I have read your entire book and have put into practice every aspect of it. I have been discussing every part with my husband and together we have since opened a money market account and a roth IRA. We are looking forward toward our retirement in 12 years and I believe we will retire millionaires.

Thanks for your advice,

- Jennie De Lamare

January 19 2005
Thank you for you book! I've completely changed my way of looking at money. Thank you. Thank you...

- Jeff 

January 19 2005
I read David's book The Automatic Millionaire. I immediately increased my 401K deduction at work. It is only 4% but, I will increase it again when I get a raise--my raise will go into the 401(K). I am going to purchase the books and give to my 2 married children. Thank you for a GREAT BOOK. I have read many but, David's has been the most helpful. I got inspired by him. Incidently, I have paid tithing for years!! Thank you.

- Jeff Manley

January 19 2005
I was gratified to read that I was already embracing some of the ways to stay out of debt and pay myself for our future. I'm 48 now, and for many years, I struggled to make ends meet. About 10 years ago, my company made a matching 401K available, as difficult as times were, raising 2 kids with previous credit card debt, we set up an automatic deduction that equalled the amount my company was willing to match. It was only a couple thousand per year, but at that time, it seemed like alot. It didn't take any time at all to realize we didn't miss this contribution. After the first year, we increased by a few percentage points, and still seemed to get by. A few years ago, when mortgage rates were at an all time low, we refinanced our home at a lower rate, took some of the equity to erase our entire credit card debt, and still reduced the years on our loan significantly. Next, we set up an automatic deposit to our savings account. I still use 1 credit card for work expenses, but we pay it off in full each month. We are on our way to a better future, but I only wish we had started sooner.
After reading your book, we have increased our 401K to help make up some time. But the best news is, I was able to convince one of my younger employees to learn from my mistake. He is 30 years old now, just recently married, and in better financial shape than I was at that time. He is now taking going to take advantage of the benefits our company has to offer, do it automatically, and be on his way for a financially secure future. I'll be OK, but he should be great. There's no better gift I could ever give.

- Hugh Higgins

January 19 2005
David, David, David. Can I just say that you have made a world of difference in my life now and forevermore. Before reading "The Automatic Millionaire", I was lost financially. I had an idea as to how to be financialy free but I wasn't really sure how to execute it. Your book detailed everything out for me. And it was so easy!! I've been on an emotional high ever since. I'm 24 years old, single, and I just entered the job force with a corporation. At first I was just putting my money in a savings account and not making much interest, and I was only contributing 4% to my 401K. After reading "The Automatic Millionaire", I immediately opened up a Money Market Account with ING direct and I am maxing out of my 401K. I'm also going to open up a Roth IRA and max that out, too. I'm also saving money for my "Dream Fund". I'm so incredibly happy financially right now and I owe it all to you. Everytime i go into a bookstore (which is almost five times a week) I highly recommend your book to the customers and every single one of them buys it. I tell them that they can't go wrong with "The Automatic Millionaire", and it's true!! So thank you David. Thank you for the million.

- Diana Nortey

January 19 2005
I have just finished reading The Automatic Millionaire after seeing David on Oprah. I have already figured percentages for our retirement, emergency money, and credit card debt. I even called and got my interest rates lowered. Thank you!

- Lucinda McConney

January 19 2005
I want to thank you for your book Smart Women Finish Rich. Its my bible next to my bed! I reread it every time I get off track! I've gone from 2.5% all the way to 19% of my pay in a 401K. I wish we could get my husband to do the same (6%). I have only worked and had a 401K for about 10 years but it is growing every day. Also, I started an IRA Roth and savings account. Never thought I could save for retirement and go on my dream yearly vacations but we are doing it. Just bought my husband his dream boat. Thank you. Next we work more on the credit cards!

Thank you,

- Karen Lombardi

January 19 2005
My name is Stephen and I am on my way to becoming an automatic millionaire. I am a big fan of personal finance books, and I always believed that keeping it simple is the best way for the average working guy and girl. Your book is a simple no-nonsense approach to becomming wealthy and living a life of freedom instead of debtor's prison. As of today I have no credit card debt, $100,000 in my 401K and according to my calculation, my $84,000 mortgage will be paid off in 6 years. I never believed in a budget. The budget is why, in my opinion, most people around me fail. I think that your approach is the only real way to go. No hype or fake promises, just a steady road to wealth. I must admit, not everything is automatic right now, but the main things like my 401K and my mortgage are. Every year I look forward to increasing my wealth and living life on my own terms. Thanks for such a great program, I only hope most people follow it and experience the success I have.

- Stephen 

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