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January 19 2005
I first read your book at the public library. I had to have it for my own so I bought " Smart Women Finish Rich." We being medium income were not really spending money on lattes, that was a laugh. We do throw away good money though on TV Cable, and sometimes impulse buying. I'm still working on that. What your book really helped me with was finding my inside values. And spending my money to reflect them.(I have to buy another book because, I give everyone a book, because I wantit to help them the way it has helped me.)You also helped me to get organized.Your section of important papers to keep helped me to getr rid of alot af garbage. Budgets may not be for alot of people but I can't get by without them. Thanks for all of your advice. I bought your book "Smart Couples Finish Rich" and schemed through it before I gave it to my son and daughter-in -law. I liked it too. I bought "The Automatic Millionaire." It has helped me become more organized about my spending because I really have to think before I touch my money; It last longer in a savings account than it does in a bank.I now pay my modelhome payment automaticly and my water,and electri. I need to get my land payment automatic too. Oh yes my savings is automatic. I want to figure out how long it will take to pay off my model home but i couldn't get to the amortazatijon tables when i tried . I'm not very computer orientated yet. I'll try again some other time.

David you have given me the tools to do something about my future. I thank God for giving you this talent and the heart to want to bless others. You and your sweet little family are in my prayers.

- Jonette Hickman

January 19 2005
Thank you so much! I always thought I had control and knew what to do with our money, but I really didn't. My wife was only contributing 6% into her 401(k) and 8% for me. We had all of our savings earning only .65%. After reading your book, we moved 6 mos worth of joint expeditures into a money market acct, earning over 2% (and only going up from here). I upped my 401k contribution to 10% and my wife and I opened up 2 seperate Roth IRA's for retirement, maxing out on them by automatically deducting money every month. We are only 27 years old, we own our own home, and are on our way to financial freedom.
Thank you!
Jim and Kim

- James & Kimberly O'Hara

January 19 2005
This story is not so much about my success as much as it is about someones non-success.

I just completed reading your book "The Automatic Millionair". I have read and reread it. I have also started to take action as well. I have increased my 401B plan and am looking into the BiMonthly mortgage plan at present.

What this story is really about is about someone I work with who didn't do much to prepare for retirement. I work in a hospital and was surprised to see a nurse working that had retired back in November. I asked her why she was back. She replied that she had to come back to work because she couldn't live on her retirement. When I inquired further about what had happened she went on to explain that she still had a mortgage to pay and that it would not be paid off for many years as she had bought it when she was 51. She is now 66. She also explained that she only had $43,000.00 in her 401B and a small pension that was provided to her by the hospital. I could not believe it! All that you said in the book about being prepared became reality for me big time once I heard her story. She admitts that she should have added so much more to her 401B years ago and she also wishes she did not have the mortgage payment that she still has.

By the way she is only now enrolled in the Bimonthly payment plan. I must say I was defanantly never more committed and motivated to sticking with my goals than I was after hearing her story. I do not want to end up like her. She has no real hope of enjoying her retirement any time soon. Now I truly understand what I need to do. Thanks for all of your terrific common sense advice. I'm working on my husband as well to get him on the same page as myself. Really enjoyed your book.

Looking forward to my future,

- Jeannie Weiner

January 19 2005
I have read The Automatic Millionaire (loved it) and Smart Women Finish Rich and the workbook (still reading). I have recently sold land and promised myself I would get our family financial situation organized. My husband and I have never ever given thought to this. We would get money and blow it all. Well before we sold this land we were in dire straits, we had no money. We lived on so little and could not pay any bills. I vowed if we could turn this around I would never let this happen again. That is when I bought your book.

Well we recieved the money from the land and as soon as I did, I sat down and paid over 40 bills, 3 which were credit cards, and paid them off. I no longer have any credit cards. I paid all of our insurances for the year. I paid our taxes. It was the best feeling in the world. I bought Automatic Millionaire 3 days ago. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. In those three days I have read the book, started my retirement account (fully funded for 2003 with $3000), started my rainy day account with a goal of 4 months worth of expenses, picked a charity and will start that, all automated! I cannot tell you how proud and happy I am of myself. A year ago I was another person.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done and this is one thing I will stick to for the rest of my life. The latte factor has changed alot for me. As a matter of fact, I share it with anyone who will listen. This is the first book I have ever read that has made a difference in my life (and that I read from front to back!)

- Julie Lapier

January 19 2005
I am 13 years old and I use to shop like you have never seen. Iwould buy myself Christmas presents before I bought my family presents. My mom got me the Automatic Millionaire and I wasn't to thrilled; but I was sick one day and decided to start reading it. I LOVE IT! I now get all my clothes from my older cousin, I only carry $3 dollars with me unless I know I am going to buy something, I always pay for myself when my family goes out to eat, and I have $272.51 under my bed! Thank you for everything. EVERYONE should read this book!

- Jaclyn Sugg

January 19 2005
I purchased your book ďThe Automatic MillionaireĒ today. I finished reading your book. I was very happy to learn alot about being in control of my finances. Your book answers all my questions. Thank you for making the book for us.

I am doing the steps, including opening an account at treasury direct. I am a home owner myself, single and not making a lot of money. But my job is really a hard job, and I hated to think of working paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life. For most of the advice in your book, thereís a few things I do right: I am paying my mortgage a hundred dollars or more every month. Iíve been putting money into my IRA since I was 23, and now I am 30. I am conservative with my spending but I donít want to deprive myself from doing things I love to do.

Thank you for the great book.

- Florence 

January 19 2005
I bought your book after seeing you on the Oprah Winfrey show. The first thing I did was call my credit card company and ask for a rate decrease. I let them know that I had compared rates on and they decreased my apr by more than HALF!!! Thank you, thank you. I am plowing through the rest of my to dos now and can't wait to get them all rolling. Thank you for giving this great information to everyone!

- Jane Reeder

January 19 2005
Dear David:
We've spent years worrying about retirement, but not acting on it. We saw you on Oprah a few months ago and went out and bought Automatic Millionaire that evening. My wife read it out loud over the next few days so we could absorb it together. We acted on it as we read. Jennifer has listened to your Smart Women Finish Rich book on tape, and we are currently in the middle of Smart Couples Finish Rich.

Your ideas have completely revolutionized the way we think about money. This has been life changing. We've automated EVERYTHING possible and opened up our ING account for our emergency savings. We've now set up a file system very similar to what you recommend. We're paying ahead on our mortgage. Jennifer's 401K now receives a significant portion of her paycheck. One of our biggest Latte Factors was eating out - nearly every day! We now take our lunches from home and eat out once (if at all) on the weekend.

We have a "pow-wow" weekly to monitor bills and discuss financial and life goals. This weekly meeting makes it a team effort, eliminates confusion and stress, and makes the system a HABIT. It has even strengthened the communication in our marriage.

Shortly after we finished the book, Jennifer began sharing it with people at work. It changes lives with every one it touches. We compiled a list of over 100 friends and family we would like to give The Automatic Millionaire to for Christmas. The reality is, we will give out about 18 copies and circulate them, several of them to our 400-member church. Then we will watch more lives be changed.

Thank you for writing this easy-to-read, motivating book and starting a revolution in the way America spends money.

If you are ever in Memphis for a seminar we would be thrilled to give our testimony.


- Jim & Jennifer Snyder

January 19 2005
Dear Mr. Bach,

I have "The Automatic Millionaire" audio-CD and have played it in repeat mode, over and over again, so that "I get it".

I have setup an account at INGdirect and automate a $300 withdrawal per paycheck. I now have a $4000 balance in my account for the first time in my life.

I have also setup my 401k so I contribute the IRS yearly max of $13k in the year 2004.

I truly now pay myself first, even before the government!

Thanks to you!

- Rochelle 

January 19 2005
My mom saw you appear on Oprah, and she knows that I'm into the personal finance stuff and thought I would be interested. Here's the story: I'm 22 and started investing when I was 18 years old. A "friend" of the family was a financial advisor and I sat down with him and we worked up long term goals. One was to build a fund for a replacement car in 3 years, a house downpayment in 5 years, and retirement at 50. About 6 months into the plan I decided to read the fund prospectus. What was actually the small sales charge I was paying him? It was 5.75 front end loaded with an average mutual fund expense ratio of 2%. Well after I found out what was going on, I found Morningstar. I then compared those funds to their peers and found out what I really owned and the risks they entailed (not suited for the right goals). I fired him in late 2001.

I just purchased my first house @ 5.5% over 20 years - just like the couple in your book. We (I) don't do debt. I am on the road to becoming an automatic multi-millionaire. I make an average living. However, it's not what you make, it's what you do with it!! Make your money work for you! I now have everything on autopilot - it is automatic. I have given your book to a co-worker and I have many others that will be getting it in the next few months. The little things really do add up!

- Eric Haban

January 19 2005
I saw you on Oprah last week, and was excited hearing you. I bought your book and started reading it. What amazed me was it matched my father's philosophy! I am 74 years old, and a widow for 27 years. I have 7 seven children, and lots of grandchildren. My husband and I bought some properties early in our marriage and it helped me financially after his death. My father never wrote a check in his life. He lived to be 90. He paid cash for everything, even the big items like a car, tractor, and a 10 acre ranch with a house on it. If he couldn't afford to buy what he wanted, he saved until he had the money. This was during the Great Depression and he only had a 7th grade education! When a bill came in, he drove to town and paid it the next day. He was a rancher and farmer, so he had to gamble on the weather and other variables to bring in a crop. We ate well and I was an only child. He worked hard and saved his money. His ranch is now mine, and it's paid for. I rent out the land separately from the house, and I also rent the house. My own house is paid for, and I'm comfortable. I travel, my credit cards are paid in full monthly, and I drive a '93Toyota Corolla, paid for in cash. With your book, I've been motivated to increase my retirement account. I am a Morgan-Stanley client, and will discuss this with my broker using your strategies. I only wish I had heard of you sooner. I could have been "paying myself first" sooner!

I am buying a book for each of my children, and we have talked about it and they are excited. They in turn will tell their children. Who knows how long Social Security will last for them, so it is imperative that they start saving for their retirements NOW!

Thank you!

- Helen Silva

January 19 2005
I just want to say thanks David. I am really doing things now that I have never done before (making everything automatic). I am now using the work book in conjunction with The Automatic Millionaire, and I can see that I am looking forward to retiring early.
Thank you for your help.

- Edward Mottola

January 19 2005
Mr. Bach,

I truly must say that I heard about your book, The Automatic Millionaire, at the most opportune time. I just switched jobs from an urban to a rural school district. Between the drops in rent, bus fares, and other costs, the move dropped the cost of living by over $7000. Hearing about your book on TV was one of those truly lucky breaks. Seeing the snowball effect of compound interest through the book's text and tables convinced me to put that $7000 difference (about $10,000 pretax) in a 403b account. It is hard to believe the switch between the true costs of rural and urban life, and how a simple switch in location can allow one to be able to increase their retirement savings by $10,000 in a state where the average teacher salary is just over $30,000. Your book was a great set of instructions for how to form the first bit of snowball and start rolling it down the hill, where it will continue to grow bigger over the course of time. Yet, I have found that so many of my colleagues have not even thought about retirement besides looking at the one line appearing on the paychecks. Having seen more than a few with food stamps in supermarkets has truly served as a reminder of the importance of forming a nest egg early.

- Douglas Lee

January 19 2005
I'm a success story in the making. I'm a stay at home mom. I have been so excited since I bought your book "The Automatic Millionaire". I stay home all day with my seven month old baby, so I really don't have a Latte Factor but after reading the Latte chapter I started to question my husband. Let me tell you, he has a super size latte factor. I explained what Latte Factor meant and that we might be preventing ourselves from becoming future millionaires. I have to meet my goal for tonight which is to set up automatic bi-weekly mortgage payments. I will take two nights a week to set up some kind of automatic millionaire plan till I'm totally automated. Thanks Mr. Bach.

- Huma Askari

January 19 2005
I don't like reading, but when I saw your book at Sam's Club, I bought it and read it in a day. Your advice is just making my life more realistic. I couldn't imagine myself being 65, still working, and living paycheck to paycheck. I am doing a few things right like owning my home and paying more of the principal a month. I have had an IRA since I was 23 and now just turned 30. My mistake is that I put my rainy day money in my checking account. I just opened an account automatically buying $200.00 every month in savings bonds. I'm so excited, I will be using this formula the rest of my life. Thank you, and by the way, tithing is important to me as well.

- Florence Cameron

January 19 2005
Hi David,

I LOVED your book and i'm ordering the workbook, tonight! WAY too much stuff I'd like to share to go into right now, but I'll come back soon and share what I believe is an incredible personal success later. Success built from implementing many of the techniques discussed in the Automatic Millionaire years ago... However, the point in my writing is I'm so excited and convinced about the power of this book, that I've decided to give a copy of it (can't give up mine, I keep referring back to it) to several of my younger generation family members and friends as wedding and engagement gifts. I believe it is SO important that they get off on the right foot--and quick. I just can't think of a better gift to give than the gift with the secrets to a lifetime of financial freedom. Marriage is a struggle in itself for many, so why not minimize the challenges with a step-by-step guide to financial security?

I'm so saddend by the glut of debt and lack of savings that so many of my friends (young AND old) have, that if I can help just one person realize that money doesn't grow on trees and to START saving now, I'll know that I have made a difference in that person's life- forever. Thanks for making the book SUCH an easy read. I believe I read 99% of it on one flight back from Vegas! I coudn't quit reading it!


- Dorothy Pearson

January 19 2005
I recently received The Automatic Millionaire book and cd's. I was reading the book and riding the fence, asking myself if I could really do this stuff. I am the sole breadwinner raising four kids. By the time I read through chapter six on buying a house I was fed up thinking I could never: 1. save 10% while 2. building 6 months emergency cash while 3. paying off my debts and 4. saving to purchase a house. What got me though was the last chapter on tithing. While our supplies are meager in this day and age, we do tithe to our church. I just want you to know that it was the last chapter of the book that inspired me. I finished the book on Sunday and on Monday I started putting 5% gross into my 401(k) plan at work. Since the company matches 50% of my contributions up to 5% gross, I am effectively saving 7.5% of my gross pay. I'll have to pack peanut butter and jelly all week (my latte factor was $20 wasted a week!) but my wife and I are on our way! Thank you for the inspiriation and the motivation! You'll hear more and better things from me in the future. I, make that WE, just know it! God bless.

- Don and Shirley Aydelotte

January 19 2005
I've read all your books...twice: The Automatic Millionaire, Smart Women Finish Rich, and Smart Couples Finish Rich. These books have impacted my life, my marriage, my finances, dramatically. I recommend them to friends and co-workers with great enthusiasm. These books are empowering! I've always been fearful of facing the truth about our debt - ignoring it was the easiest way. I'm an avid cyclist and spend hours training on the bike. I've taken this same passion and focused on finances with the same attitude. Thank you for you kindness, your compassion, your inspiration, and your no-bullshit way.

Emily E Goble
St. Louis, MO

- Emily Goble

January 19 2005
I was so exicted to see you on Oprah. Many of the things you mentioned were familiar to me but I had not acted on them. On our first mortgage, we did pay an advance principal payment every month which helped when we refinanced for 15 years at a much lower interest rate. I purchased "The Automatic Millionaire and took it with me on vacation. I read it in two days. When I got home I was excited about checking out my latte factor and implementing many of your suggestions. I discovered that most of my latte factor is eating out with friends and for lunch at work. I am now taking my lunch to work and cutting down on eating out with friends. I now invite them to eat at my house, and everyone chips in the expense. I am able to save $75.00 a week. I have increased my IRA and increased my 401k by 1%. I am presently looking into purchasing bonds to diverify my profolio. I am also making an extra payment with my income tax money and applying it toward the principal. It has taken me some time, but I am making most of my bill payments automatic. Once the process is automatic for 6 months, I am going to call them and investigate getting a lower interest rate. My plan is to improve my credit rating so I can buy foreclosure homes, have my brother fix them, and sell them at market value. This is a two year plan. I look forward to becoming a millionaire and being able to help others become millionaires.

- Frances Cerpa

January 19 2005
Dear David--

I've had the good fortune not only to meet you in person but also to interview you for my magazine. Thanks to the insights I gained from you, I was inspired to sign up for The Automatic Millionaire Coaching Program.

I'm so glad I did!

I'm in the enviable position of being a telecommuter--real job, real salary, real benefits, but no commuting, expensive wardrobe, or, in fact, lattes.

I make a good if not huge salary and own a wonderful house that is rapidly appreciating in value. I recently used proceeds from a low-interest home equity line of credit to pay off five credit cards, and I cancelled three of them. By automatic deduction I contribute $100 per pay period to my 401(k) and $200 a month to a retirement account with a brokerage house. I also have a Roth IRA and am building an emergency cash fund.

I'm a tireless coupon saver. I shop for things I need when they're on sale. I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores, where a well-made pair of pants (Liz Claiborne, Talbot's, or Jones New York, anyone?) costs $2 and an L.L. Bean Polar Fleece jacket goes for $4. I check each item carefully for holes, pulls, stains, and so on and take only the gently worn items. I get flattering comments on my clothes and smile to myself. If they only knew!

Thanks to the Coaching Program, I now realize that my money problems over the years have had less to do with The Latte Factor and more to do with my failure to save/invest the money I don't spend on things like, well, lattes. And drinks, snacks, cigarettes, or pricey dinners out.

The huge, life-altering message I'm getting from the Coaching Program and from reading your books is threefold:

1. Be aware of how and where I spend my money.
2. Pay myself first.
3. Make it automatic!

I'm so excited about the new insights I'm gaining from you, and instead of berating myself for past (and some current) financial crimes, I'm focusing on solutions. I was delighted to discover that I already have in place a filing system very similar to the one you recommend. I recently met with my financial adviser (I fired the previous one, who let my IRA money slide down the tubes in 2000, never called me, never made recommendations, and spent way too much time trying to impress me with her star-studded client list). My new adviser is terrific. I met with him last week, told him about the Coaching Program, and asked for his advice about investment choices in my 401(k). Next January I plan to come as close as I can to maxing out my contribution.

Could Elisabeth Boone ever dare to dream of becoming an Automatic Millionaire?

Not till your first call last week.

Now I know it's not just a dream, because with your guidance, I'm making it happen.

David, I truly never believed I'd be able to have anything other than a shame- and fear-based relationship with money. Thanks to you, I'm taking a clear-eyed, positive look at my finances, making new choices, and feeling confident and purposeful.

Next: my triumphant return to healthy eating and daily exercise.

Thank you, David! Thank you a thousand million times!

- Elisabeth Boone

January 19 2005
I just bought and read The Automatic Millionaire today. Although I've read many books detailing different paths to 'finishing rich', I believe that you have nailed your goal of keeping it simple and straightforward on this one.

I am 31 years old, and am proud to say that I have been paying myself first for about 5 years. The only way to make this possible for me was to do it automatically. In fact, I started with 4% on both my 401k and my wife's. After a few months of not missing any money, I increased it to 6% and then 8% and so on. We are now at 20% into each 401k, our only debt is our house and one car (financed at 0%), I have 529 plans running for both of my kids, a rainy day fund that would cover us for only about two months but it's growing, and I feel like I am on the right track.

What I gained from your book, however, is two things. Number one, I now have an uncontrollable itch to start paying off my mortgage quicker, and number two, I haven't done much in the line of charitable gifts other than some church donations and noncash gifts to goodwill. You have inspired me to become more active in this area. What a great thing that is and hopefully another 10% of the people that read this book will be inspired the same way. If that's the case, you have done some outstanding work, and may have changed many lives and many generations. I know I will be teaching my son the charity lesson. I'll give him some time though, he's only 2 1/2.

- David Oom

January 19 2005
My husband and I really enjoyed the Finish Rich Workbook.

Even though we have a great relationship, it can be difficult to talk about a subject as sensitive as money. And the workbook is so effective as a neutral 3rd party, to tackle prickly issues.

At first, I felt kind of guilty, even greedy, focusing so much time on MONEY, but I soon realized that your book isn't about accumulating wealth, but focusing on our dreams and goals as a couple, and taking specific steps needed to reach them.

Since examining your workbook, we have; reorganized our files, began paying bills on-line, created a financial summary page of all our assets, and increased our monthly savings. There are still more goals we will work on later this year, but I feel good that we've gotten off to a good start. And we hold an 'economic summit' every quarter to review our financial situation and our goals. It's not exactly a romantic date, but we cook a nice dinner, serve some nice wine, and it turns out to be a very pleasant evening!

Thanks again for your book's assistance, and I hope to see you again soon.


- Tori Campbell

January 19 2005
David, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your book and for inspiring me. I happened to be home from work on the day that you appeared on Oprah. I was glued to the television and could not believe what I was hearing. Within a week I went out and purchased your book. I finished reading the book within a day and immediately made plans to share the book with others. I bought a copy for my Mother and another for my best friend.

My mother in turn was so inspired that she went to work and increased her contributions to her 401k to 8%. She didnít stop there, she asked for my help to find a fund to automatically invest in an IRA with, and shared the book with friends of hers. That was the little group that I introduced you to at the 92nd Street Y speaking engagement. They were all impressed with your presentation and were particularly pleasantly surprised to hear you speak about Tithing. In fact, one of my Motherís friends mentioned that it was the first time she had ever heard anyone speaking about finances mention how important it is to give back.

As for me, I increased my 401k from 6% to 10% with plans to increase it 2% with every salary increase that I receive. I decided that I wanted more details so, I then went out and purchased Smart Women Finish Rich. After finishing that book I spent a Saturday figuring out exactly how much Iím worth. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Iím worth more than I thought. Iíve opened an IRA, increased the money Iím saving in my Security Basket and have opened funds for my Dream Basket, which will go towards the purchase of my first home.

At 33 I feel that I am ready to move full steam ahead without worrying about my financial future. After all, why worry?, its all automatic and I will retire early as a millionaire. I would love to be a part of your coaching program, just to make sure that I truly have all of my bases covered.

David, thank you so much for inspiring me and giving me something to share with others.


- Denise Grant

January 19 2005
For years my husband wanted me to read the thick annual reports and retirement manuals he received from work. I would peek inside and tell him I couldn't because they weren't written in English (they were in broker-ese). I decided to try getting something from our public library that was more "at my level". Your book "Smart Women Finish Rich" was fabulous, but the title scared my husband. Maybe he was glad I wasn't also reading murder mysteries? I was excited to discover I COULD understand this stuff.

When I was looking for a lifecareer change after 9/11, I actually applied for an advisor training position with American Express. I got the job, and also became a financial advisor!! (Series 7, Series 66 and PA, NY, OH Life & Health licenses). WOW, who would have thought a middle-age woman with 8 kids could do this? I found a faith-based company to work with, am an independent FA now and building a practice. Your books are GREAT and I've requested info on becoming an instructor of your materials too. Thanks for a jump-start on a new life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Deborah A. Chilcott

January 19 2005
I like Starbucks decaf venti mocha frappachinos, but they cost $4.15 each time. I only allow myself to do this once a week. My daily latte factor is a QuikTrip .49 Dr. Pepper. My husband and I discussed our eating out habits as well (before I read your book) and decided that daily eating out was costing us $35 each per week. So, we have trimmed this back by more than half. Now that I'm reading your book, I make sure to take my lunch to work every day. I don't want to feel guilty each time I go out to eat though. I think moderation is the key.

- Doris Seggie

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