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January 19 2005
Mr. Bach,

This book was very interesting to me. My husband and I will be getting it for both our children, ages 29 and 25, for Christmas this year. I have always been a saver, so for me it was more interesting to see if I was on track. I already count for every cent spent every day by my husband and myself to see where our latte factors are. I would have to say, it might be our vacations, but that is about it. I'm lucky if I spend $5.00 a week on nonessentials. I always pack my lunch and my husbands. I do like a Carribean vacation every year. We are 46 and 48 and only have a house mortgage. No other debt. We use a credit card, but never carry a balance. Last year we traveled to Aruba, (air-fare tickets free), from the points on the credit card. Since age 30 we have been using the 401K's which did excellent until the year 2000 and it seems they are not growing very fast although we still put 10% of my husband's pay and I just raised mine to 15%. Both of those are automatic withdrawals. I'm going to start paying $200.00 extra on the house payment every month. Probably won't do that with the automatic Payments, but I'M Very disciplined and It will happen. Some people say I'm too disciplined and to the point that I'm extreme about these things, but I don't want to work forever. I just wonder what will be enough for retirement, since I've not seen our 401k's do that well since 2000. I'm diversified in them, and loved your charts in the book. That really has helped. We have well over 4 months of emergency fund in a OMA account. I guess I just want to get the house paid off and more in my retirements and savings. Thank you for a wonderful book.

- Deb VanCamp

January 19 2005
I am 22 years old, a recent college grad and newlywed. I have a very interesting arrangement though. With the job market currently in the toilet, I had to take a job in Atlanta, GA, while my husband finishes his PhD in Knoxville, TN. We have to pay for two of everything right now on a starting salary and a college stipend. Needless to say, things were tight. I say were because I found your book "The Automatic Millionare". After reading just a couple of chapters I started running our numbers. Wow, were we spending a lot on nothing. I was already signed up for the 401k but increased my contribution to 10%. I also ran the numbers on monthly expenses and bills. I noticed that we could save $500 a month by limiting the "empty purchases" each month (excessive eating out, WalMart etc). We only eat out on the weekends now (every weekend I drive back to Knoxville to spend time with him). I also keep a monthly spending spreadsheet for each of us (including anything and everything that we spend, down to a stick of gum). It's very interesting just in one month to see how different our spending habits are. We are slowly saving more and more each month by cutting down on the nothing items.

I don't take excuses from friends and family anymore when they say they can't save. If we can save, anyone can. You make it so simple. I can't wait for your book for young investors like myself. Truly, you are a genius!! Instead of thanks a million I would like to say thanks for the million.

- E. Colvin

January 19 2005
Hi David, I just finished reading your book and came away with a plan. The following is what my wife and I have already have done and made automatic. My wife is 40 and I am 39. We have three boys 8,5 and 18 months.

1. Fall of 2003 we moved into our new house with the proceeds of the old house paying off about $40K in credit card and loan debt. By the end of May 2004 we will have accomplished paying the remainder $1500 in debt off leaving just a car payment and mortgage. (Mortgage payment is over $1,900 a month and the car payment is $250.00).

2. We don't buy extravagant things and hardly entertain. The debt was the result of myself losing four jobs in a row over the span of years.We still needed to buy the essentials and alike so we charged and charged.

3. We both contribute to our 401K plans about 10% each. That's about a total of $1,000 a month. $12K a year. We currently have about $32K in our plan and hope to retire comfortably at 65 maybe sooner. Yes, we do this automatically. We also changed our exemptions so we don't have too much
money taken out. Over the last few years we were averaging $3K in refund so we thought it would be better for us to have the money then the Gov't and invest it.

4. There are only two things left that I would like to accomplish before the year is out. A Roth IRA which I started and stopped and a money market account for a rainy day. We have a checking out that is for bills and such but nothing in a savings account. What do you think of putting $50.00 a month away $25.00 for each account a month? I hope we are on the right track after years and years of just making it I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

- Dean and Mary Kane

January 19 2005
The Automatic Millionaire was great! I bought the book saturday, finished it sunday and increased my contributions to my IRA Roth Tuesday. I would have increased them Monday but I was very busy at work.

This is just the beginning though, I have even talked to my husband about his buying lunch everyday, he has agreed to cut back and even pack a lunch. We already have our mortgage being deducted from our account bi-weekly.

Thanks for getting me fired up. By the time I retire I want to be like the couple in your book. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again, Chantel

- Chantel 

January 19 2005
I watched David on the Oprah show and I took notes! The next day I called to change my home loan to AUTOMATICALLY change my once a month payment to bi-weekly. By simply changing this to bi-weekly and adding an additional $50 to each payment, we save $72,286.00 in interest alone! Not to mention the $36,117.00 in equity we will have in our home in 10 yrs. We also took off 12 years and 3 months to our 30 year loan. I am soo proud of myself for doing this and it took me about 15 minutes!!!

- Cassandra 

January 19 2005
First, let me say I saw you on the Oprah Show and as always, you were fantastic! As you know, your Finish Rich book for Couples, changed our lives. Sarah had already been doing a lot of the things you outlined in your book before we got married and always got on me about not saving, credit card debt, etc. but as a couple we weren't doing all of what you outlined. We had some holes in our portfolio that needed to be addressed -things like 401k, Roth IRA, and Term Life Insurance. For 2 years, we have followed your outline to the "T". I'm happy to report as of 12/31/03, our stock portfolio has recovered to the EXACT balance we had prior to the fall of the stock market in 2000-2002. Our broker had always had us diviersified, but we did some further tweeking and we kept saving in our Retirement Basket. We have kept our Security Basket full for those unexpected "life" things. Lastly, we have faithfully added to our Dream Basket every month and the funny thing is, WE STILL HAVE MONEY LEFT OVER TO PUT IN AWAY IN OUR RETIREMENT BASKET!!!!!!!

Shortly after we got married, due to Sarah's thrifty saving dicipline, we decided to pay our house off against the advice of our broker due to tax benefits, etc. However, we felt that we could make more of our money by saving that house payment every month and putting it towards our retirement. You confirmed it Tuesday by saying in your opening statement "pay yourself first".

In closing, I just want to say, I'm sure that besides your wife and family, I'm almost positive that I'm your biggest fan! Instead of giving the usual wedding, house warming, holiday and party gifts this year to our friends, we decided to give them your "Smart Couples Finish Rich" book. Our broker uses most of your guidelines in her council to younger couples and everytime I meet a new couple and after getting to know them, I ask them if they have heard of you. I try to promote you and your books to everyone I meet. I wish every Pastor would teach these principals to their congregations. They wouldn't have to get up every Sunday morning asking for donations, they would pile in!!! Anyway, I digress.

Just so you know, we have been debt free for over 5 years now. We have no house payment, we have no credit card debt and we average about $700 - $1,200 a month for our 3 baskets! I just purchased your newest book and have signed up for your newsletter. If you are ever in Houston, please let me know. I will fill the house for you!!!!

- Bert and Sarah McGavock

January 19 2005
Automatic Millionaire was given to me as a gift by my girlfriend's mother (I wonder if she knows something I don't). I read it while on vacation, and it was very comforting to me. You see, I am a recently graduated pharmacist that grew up with very modest means. I am now getting regular paychecks for the first time in my life. Anyway, I quickly discovered that I am not a good spender, and started putting 30% of my checks into the retirement plan that work offers (yes, pretax). I am debt free other than student loans and the remainder of my car loan which will be paid off within a year (3 years ahead of schedule).

So if you want a good prospective person to follow, I could be your man. Two months ago, I was graduating and had nothing, so I am building from scratch using exactly your method...Oh, yeah, EVERYTHING IS AUTOMATIC...I'm as busy as anyone else.

Thank you!

- Dr. Erik Mogalian

January 19 2005
My friends and colleagues either think I am a financial genius or an unrealistic dreamer. I, of course, know that I am neither. I'm just someone who has decided to Finish Rich.

Because of Smart Women Finish Rich, when I began first job last fall (after many years of grad school), the first thing I did was to max out my 403(b), which came to 22% of my annual income. My employer began contributing 10% of my base income (9% of my annual) from day one. I also decided to use part of my extra summer income to max out my IRA contributions (in a Roth IRA), another 5% of my income. Because this planning and automatic saving was such a rush, I began putting another 7% of my monthly income into automatically-deducted taxable investments (stocks, bonds, and CDs). Then I began adding 10% to my monthly mortgage payment (something you talk about in The Automatic Millionaire). I felt that I was not only financially in control, but that I was finally focusing on money as part of my greater personal value system.

Now, here's the kicker. Two months ago my university benefits office sent out a memo that they were adding a new retirement plan to their portfolio (a 457(b), since we are a state school). Most of my colleagues went around saying that it didn't make any difference to them, since they didn't max out the accounts they already had. I, on the other hand, got ridiculously excited (see what you've done to me!). I ran home, looked at my FinishRich Inventory Planner and financial files (which were, of course, so neatly arranged by the The FinishRich File Folder System) and decided that, although it might cut down on some of my frivolous fun spending right now, I could/should save even more. The next day I walked into my benefits office, asked whether I was correct in understanding that because of the rules of the 457(b) I could max out both accounts (answer: Yes!), and began maxing out my 457(b), another 22% of my income.

It is 6 months since I began my job, and at the age of 28, I know that I will never worry about money. Sure, sometimes my extra spending money seems a bit tight, but I just take out my Inventory, think about my values, and head to the library or to the dollar theater. I am saving 56% of my $60K income (65% if you include my employer contributions). I have no debt, except my mortgage which I will pay off early. I still travel, go out with my friends, and do all of the other things I always have -- I just, subconsciously at this point, think about how these "now" expenses fit into the greater plan. Although I love my career, I also know that I will be able to retire early if I want to, and that I will have no trouble providing for my (future) family. Thank you, David, for giving me control over my life!

- Dr. Ali Bryant

January 19 2005
David - just a quick note to let you know I picked up the Automatic Millionaire on Friday after seeing you on Oprah.

I read it that night and was floored by my latte factor!!!! For starters I am a shopaholic, spend at least $3 per day on Diet Coke, spend $10-12 per day on breakfast & lunch. Hubby and I are slaves to CC debt and are working on bringing those down to 0.

Before reading your book we both had 401K plans & a college acct for our daughter. Now 401K being increased 5% (raise) and CC being dealt with by DOLPing. Also putting $5 a day in an ING Orange Acct. I am now working on making everything AUTOMATIC.

Thanks David!!

- Colleen 

January 19 2005
I was raised by parents who think the way Jim and Sue McIntyre do. My brother and I got sick of hearing them but knew they were right, "Put your money in the bank and watch it grow; If you spend a dollar, save five if you can". I can tell you at the age of 37, married, with my own home, a baby girl and debt free, I am extremely grateful they raised me the way they did. My brother has also learned from their life lesson. I only hope we can do the same for our daughter.

When my husband asked me to read your book, I thought to myself, "What could I possibly learn from this that I don't already know?" We live in a great neighborhood with booming home values, have no car payments, enough rainy day money for well over a year, no credit card debt, are putting 10% into our 401(k)s, and I am always yelling at my husband regarding the "Latte Factor". Thanks for proving my point.

After reading your book I've gained knowledge of paying a mortgage bi-weekly and also of IRA's and Roth IRA's. My best friend since 4th grade asked me a couple of years ago to help her. She said after so many years, she realizes I must be doing something right to be living so comfortably and without worry. I explained it all to her and she was amazed how much they could save. Thanks for helping me realize I myself could still do more. You really helped me and my husband. I am putting those Latte's into my mortgage payment.

- Dawn Francesconi

January 19 2005
Although my only debt is my home I was always proud of that until my friend told me how she saw you on Opera and about your book. I'm always interested in handling my money better so I ordered your book. Boy was I blown away. From reading your book I realized how much money I could be saving and how much sooner I could pay my house off. I've been doing alot of sending $200 extra dollars towards the principal on my mortgage and then as I read your book more I decided to send $300 extra per month. You got me charged up. At first as I was reading your book I thought this is for people in debt, deep debt but as I read on I realized "hey since I'm out of debt I can even me a millionare sooner then if I was". I saw you when they reaired the Oprah show and I'm even charged up more. I've since called my nephew and have spoken with him. I told him, I'm 40 and your 21 imagine where you could be at my age and I showed him the numbers. He's getting excited. I have so many more people to share this with.

The "latte factor" and "what if" are always on my mind and keep me on track.

By the way when I get my bonus or raise I know longer think of ways to spend it but ways to save it.

- Cindy Rodriguez

January 19 2005

On behalf of myself and my future wife I wanted to thank you for making my life Automatic! My father has been trying to teach me about money for years, but I always thought it was too complicated or that I didn't have the extra income to make a difference. Little did I know that it was so easy.

I was a quarter of the way through the book when I was so moved by the "How many hours per day do you work for YOURSELF?" formula that I literally got up, went to my computer, and cranked up my 401k contribution from 4% to 15%! At the same time I also set up an additional deduction to my savings account for myself. My fiancée and I live the EXACT same lives as we lived before. However, our lives are richer knowing that there will be a pot of gold waiting for us at retirement. We're also looking to buy our first home next year and it makes it so much easier knowing that the money is there waiting for us to use.

This should be MANDATORY reading for every high schooler and college student in the country. The information is too good to pass up and it sure as heck beats Chemistry.

From the bottom of my heart...thank you. You've changed my life.


- Chris Kesler

January 19 2005
Hi, I began reading your book "The Automatic Millionaire" just 3 days ago. My father gave it to me as a gift for Father's Day. My Father and I frequently chat about finances, business, etc.

I am halfway done with the book and am very impressed by it. I will be implementing the outline you have designed on how to become a millionaire.
When I began reading your book I noticed similarities to The Richest Man In Babylon, which I feel is a very good guide as well, and then I noticed you have The Richest Man In Babylon on your supplemental readings list (I had to chuckle inside). But your book lays it out in a more simple manner and there is more detail to your plan.

I have been reading books like these for a few years now but have not been able to act on the ideas I have had. I finished my undergraduate education two years ago and am now in my second year of four at dental school. I am not able to implement your ideas yet seeing that I am living off of school loans!
I will be implementing your outline on how to become an Automatic Millionaire as soon as I graduate and the cash actually starts coming my way. I am already drawing out the game plan.

Thanks to you and my father for sharing your book with me, I will become an Automatic Millionaire.

Thank you again for your insight and willingness to share,

- Donovan Browning

January 19 2005
David, I bought your book for my son who is 22 but decided to read it first. Thank you for simplifying the wealth building process for hard working Americans. My parents knew about saving for a rainy day and buying savings bonds, but that was the extent of their financial knowledge. I knew there was a better world and faster way, but didn't learn until my forties. I became very frustrated when taking a retirement seminar 6 years ago since the financial consultant wasn't very interested in helping me because I didn't have thousands of dollars to hand over to him to invest. He did tell me about the only thing I could do was have my husband max his 401k plan. Finally, I found a NIAC (National Association of Investors Corp.) club locally to join, which helped tremendously, especially when my husband lost his job in 2002 and we had to rollover his 401k plan to an IRA.

Also, when I turned 40, I started my own tropical plant business taking care of indoor plants for the rich in their private homes, so I get to see first hand how the rich really live and spend their money (and it is not like most people think). The truly rich don't live beyond their means. One client gets richer by buying up homes that have been lost to the bank with equity in them. Example: A $250,000 home that was lost and had equity of $100,000 in it when the mortgage co. repossessed it. They buy it up, send in the painters and landscapers to spruce it up again and sell it for the $250,000. Then they pay cash for their Mercedes with the $100,000 profit they just made because someone else was living beyond their means.

Anyway, at age 50 we are still playing catch up for our retirement and learning better financial knowlege later in life. Good parents always want a better life for their children and your book and program were good investments for our son. Like I said, I wish our parents would have known more about investing and the beauty of compounding interest, so we wouldn't be playing catch up for our retirement now. I've already recommended your book many times and it was recommended in NIAC's Better Investing Magazine, which is why I decided to buy it.

- Betty Peck

January 19 2005
I am 23 years old and recently read "Smart Women Finish Rich" after being out of school for 5 months. I was most impacted by 'The 12 Commandments of Attracting Greater Wealth'. I graduated from a top public university and was working at $19,000 a year job with no benefits for a small start-up company. I immediately realized I was not getting paid what I am worth and went to my boss and asked for a raise. I did not receive it and quit my job the very next day. I realized I had no more time to waste and that my job was actually COSTING me money. In the next 45 days, I more than doubled my salary, received outstanding benefits and I am now working for a Fortune 100 company. In my new position, I am focusing on becoming a "go-to person.”

I immediately signed up for automatic deductions into my 401(k) and I have already earned TEN FREE DOLLARS of interest on two weeks worth of before-tax contributions! I understood that I could become a millionaire in 40 years, but I had no idea I could be earning FREE MONEY in two weeks!

I am continuing to drive my old but reliable car since this is much easier than making a monthly payment with interest. I transferred my savings into a money market account so that I can earn interest on my liquid assets. I was surprised by how easy this was, I only had to make a 5 minute phone call to my bank to have the funds transferred.

Now that my retirement basket and emergency basket have been taken care of, I plan to start making car "payments" to myself so that I can purchase a "new" used car without financing.

Thank you for giving me the financial education that I never received in school. My dreams really are within reach now!

- Dawn Miller

January 19 2005
Hi David,
Lately I have found myself wondering where all my money is going?! Coincidentally, my mother just bought me a copy of The Automatic Millionaire. I have not read it all the way through yet, but wanted to share what I have learned already. In addition to my day job in the payroll department of a social science research firm, I am also the Executive Director/Stage Manager of a local semi-professional theater company. We currently have three shows in various stages of production. What this means is I often go straight from work to the theatre. I looked at my latte factor for yesterday alone and now know where all my money is going. I stopped by my neighborhood Starbucks in the morning for a $3.80 mocha, lunch in the cafeteria was around $6.00, on the way to the theater I grabbed carry-out for dinner at around $5.00 then mid-way through rehearsal I ran across the street to the local cafe for another coffee at around $3.50. That makes my latte factor for ONE DAY $18.30!!! I'm blowing almost $100 a week without even realizing it! Starting tomorrow I'm making my own coffee at home and the theater, bagging lunch to work and stocking up on frozen dinners (they go on sale for $1 each frequently). Another thing I've know for some time (that I need to start practicing), is how important household orginization can be in saving money. Several times I have found myself buying more tape, scissors (black skirt!) because I need it right away but can't find the ones I know are in the house somewhere. De-cluttering and organizing my house is right up there at the top of my new financial planning list. I look forward to reading the rest of the book.

- Elizabeth Johnson

January 19 2005
I picked up "Smart Couples Finish Rich" at an airport sometime last year. I'm very frugal, and it was a signed copy, on sale, so I figured I could sell it on Ebay once I was done. I won't even lend that copy to friends, I just buy them copies as gifts! My husband and I were on the right track, investing 6-10% in our 401K's, saving as much money as we could at the end of the month, automatically investing $200/month in mutual funds, and proud owners of a co-op apartment. Not bad for a couple of 25 year-olds, even if we did have some debt.

I read your book cover to cover that same day, and I have never looked back! I was able to get lots of new insights on really paying us first, and how to "trim the fat" from our monthly expenses. Our latte factors were not that big, but with both of us working and only one of us cooking, I would often come home tired and decide to eat out instead. We never go to expensive places, so it didn't seem like a big deal - until I checked our checking account statement and realized we were blowing close to $1,000/month on things like dinners out! That was a wake up call, and my husband finally stopped listening to what I was saying and read the book too. I'm the financial person in our marriage, but I was amazed by the change in him, just because he read the book! He stopped eating breakfast out, and really started to pay attention to what he spends on lunch. I made a concerted effort to cook more often, even on those days when I am tired - once you get started, it really isn't too bad!

We also decided to increase our 401K's. My husband landed a new job, so instead of getting used to the increase in take home pay, we immediately enrolled in the 401K and contributed 15%. I changed my election as well, so we are both at 15%. That will enable us to add about $17,000/year into our 401K's. We have been automatically deducting $200/month for a Mutual Fund account for years now - we consider it a "debt" (to ourselves!), and will continue to invest that money. Also, I really took the pay yourself first principle to heart, and I started doing just that every time we received a paycheck. We started at $500/month, and now we save $700/month and barely feel the pinch! The filing system is great too, so I went ahead and got everything in order.

Our savings have been growing steadily, and given the low interest rates at the bank (even at the internet bank), we figured our money would be better spent in Real Estate, rather than sitting in the bank. We still have about 5 months worth of money in the bank, and that is our comfort zone. The rest is going to purchase our first rental property - we are closing in the next month! A few days ago, I was getting some papers together for the mortgage - it was so easy to do w/my new filing system - and I found our financial inventory planner, which I had filled out 6 months earlier. Wow! What a difference we had made in 6 months! I can't wait to officially close on the home - I will be updating the financial inventory sheet, and I can't wait to see us progress further along to becoming millionaires!

Giving back is also very important to us, and while we don't have any automatic tithing program in place, we donate money to worthwhile causes and we prefer to give in other ways - by helping those around us.

I have since purchased "Smart Women Finish Rich" for a few of my friends, and "The Automatic Millionaire" for myself and a few of our male friends. I hope they take hold of the message and make the necessary changes in their life - it really isn't about how much you earn, but what you do with the money! We are living proof of that - I don't know many other 28 year olds who own two properties and have a good sized nest egg ready for their retirement and future. It has always been a goal of ours to retire well before 65, and thanks to David, we are on our way to achieving that goal!

- Diana & Mike 

January 19 2005

Just a quick note to thank you for writing such a straight forward, easy-to-read book that packs a huge punch. I am the leader of a successful real estate team on Cape Cod and immediately ordered a copy of your book for every one of my team members and have already had a Schwab representative visit with us to speak about all of our options. Even though I've always paid myself first through my real esate investments I've never "automated" it. What an epiphany for me! Many thanks.


- Danny Griffin

January 19 2005
Monday, February 23, I was in the waiting room of my dentist's office reading "Business Week." It mentioned your book & if I remember correctly, it was to debut at #1. I am not much of a reader; but I decided to buy it. In my 25 years, and through study of two college degrees, I can honestly say this is only the second book I have read cover-to-cover without putting down! I plan on purchasing copies to send to many of my friends as a gift from me.

First, I am lucky enough to work for a company that offers a dollar-to-dollar match on the first 6% of our pre-tax 401k contributions. My company also offers a direct payroll deduction, up to 8% post-tax, to purchase company stock. This is purchased at a 15% discount of current market price. I only contribute 6% to my 401k, I then max out the 8% option for purchase of company stock. Instead of putting more money into my 401k, I put a monthly contribution of $250 into a Roth IRA (direct ACH). I also keep 6 months of cash in the bank for my "rainy day fund."

Second, in Chapter 3 "Paying Yourself First," I have an idea to contribute. One thing that drives me crazy this time of year is people running around cheering that they are getting a two to four thousand dollar tax refund. I am unmarried with no children. Starting last year I changed my payroll Federal tax withholding from "1" to "5". This gave me an about $200 additional cash flow per month which made it very easy to max out an automatic Roth IRA deposit. My tax refund went from $2600 for 2002 to $1100 for 2003.

Thanks for the great book. You will make a major impact in many people's lives!

- Tim Frailly

January 19 2005
I have always been the "spender" in our marriage and in charge of our personal finances. My husband started his own business three years ago which we considered our retirement. We hadn't banked on 9/11 happening a month after he started business in his technology company. While we do not carry any credit card debt and downsized our home, we still live month to month with no savings or retirement (he cashed it out to start the business). Now, after reading The Automatic Millionaire, I am shocked to see how hopeless our current plan is and how little my parents taught me about money. You have given us the tools to teach our own children, ages 6 & 7, to understand the value of money and how to make it work for them so they can achieve their dreams!!!

I have already started to explain why Mommy isn't stopping at McDonald's or buying this and that. My daughter asked what the bank does with her money (both children already have a savings acct.) and was surprised that they make money from her money. She wants to make money on it too!! She loves the idea of compounded interest and she's only starting second grade!!!! I am really sad that I am turning 38 in two months and have lost so much time but thankful that I happened to pick up your book now and can change the spending and saving patterns we had, plus I can stop feeling guilty about my poor discipline with our savings!!!!!!!

I intend to buy everyone in our extended family your books for Christmas this year, so that they can use the wisdom you've taught to teach their own children, impacting generations of futures!

- Bethany Hissong

January 19 2005

I really enjoy your books and your message, especially the point about the "latte factor".

I've been motivated to reduce our monthly "fixed" expenses and have had great success.

Some things I've done lately:

I got my credit card company to reduce my interest rate to 9% from 18%...what a huge difference that will make!

I called my DSL provider and asked them to extend to me, a long time customer, their new subsriber rate for 6 savings of $180.

My husband and I incorporated our businesses to reduce our tax burden legally, and I started saving on our energy bill by using appliances at off peak times.

We stopped eating out weekly and now have a meal out once a month, and we appreciate it so much more now.

We're making lattes at home instead of spending $3 at Starbucks.

I opened an online savings account that is linked to my checking account, and they even gave me $25 for doing so, and also give me $10 for each person I refer!

It's very rewarding to see how little I can get away with spending every week, it's almost like a game!

Thank you for your books and website David.


Carrie Lauth

- Carrie Lauth

January 19 2005
I'm not a very big book reader. I found your book interesting. I was looking over onto another subway rider who was getting off on Wall St. I caught a glimpse of the title, and the rest is history. I read your complete book. "The Automatic Millionaire" was a great relief for me. I must admit; I was feeling down about my financial situation. I see people around me with money to burn. I am a Local #3 Electrical Specialist. I am so lucky to have an automatic savings. We put away approximately $961.00 a week with the 401k, included with what's called our B Fund. I never considered this such a major deal. I have been contributing 20% and maxing out for the past 12 years or so. I believe I will be a millionaire some day. Thank you. I will share this book with my colleagues. "Happy Days Ahead."

- Dan DeNapoli

January 19 2005
My dad was way ahead of his time. When I finished paying off my first car loan, he suggested I bank my loan payment to my savings and pay cash for my next vehicle. Not only have I paid cash for my cars, I continued to bank my "loan payments" and put 20% down on my first, and hopefully last, home at age 36. I took out a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, but paid it off entirely 8 1/2 years later. I fully fund my 403b and I have ALWAYS PAID MYSELF FIRST, automatically for the past 17 years. I set aside about 25% of my gross income each pay check. I currently have a rainy day fund of 8 months. You just happened to be the one who has written about it for the general public. My dad was a "depression baby" and a genius to me because he really taught me how to save. I was amazed to read my dad's philosophy about money in your Automatic Millionaire book. Bottom line is that it's all about paying yourself first and living within your means.

- Diane Barnes

January 19 2005
I got your book from our public library, you were definitely right it is a very easy to read book. I am very excited about the whole idea and have told several people. I want my husband to read it so he can be as excited as I am. It makes so much sense I think that is why the guy on the radio in your book thought it was so stupid. A person should feel stupid that they can't control themselves better.

My husband and I work together so we are packing lunches now and buying drinks and meals to eat here at work instead of going out everyday. Even if a person cannot do all of it, try a few things and you will be suprised at how much difference it makes.

I have increased the amount I am taking out for my retirement and called our credit card companies. I lowered my interest on our gas card by 10%. It is amazing what they will do when you ask! We have a Sears card, and that is one of our biggest. It is at $2300.00, but altoghter on credit cards we only owe about $3800.00, so we are doing good.

David I have to tell you that we have come a long way and want other people to know there is hope. We have had a lot of problems and I mean extremely bad problems, but are slowly getting out of it. It just takes time and a different mind set. If you don't have it don't spend it. I was so caught up in the things I just had to have and needed to buy, or THOUGHT I needed to buy. Because my husband and I have worked together we are doing great. Your book just helped us see another perspective and one that you can do with little effort. It is not worth the stress and hassle to buy all the things that you just think you need.

We appreciate you sharing your stories. Oftentimes people in difficult financial situations feel isolated and doomed to failure. They are not and we are living proof. We may not have it all, but we are so much happier and with ourselves and each other. Thanks for the insight.

- Debbie Taylor

January 19 2005
Mr. Bach, I missed you on Oprah but as soon as The Automatic Millionaire hit the bookstores, I went out and bought one. Following the bible, that book was excellent! I had no idea that paying myself automatically and saving automatically would have such great results. You have given me ways to save, invest, have an emergency fund, a 401k, plus ways to get and stay out of debt. Thank you so much!!!!

- Dale Carr

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