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January 17 2005
David, I was really looking forward to The Automatic Millionaire. I ordered it on the day it was available and have already re-instated my "automated" childrens education IRA's, extra principal payments on my mortgage, and I'm in the process of increasing my company IRA contributions.

I was doing these things in the past, but put a temporary hold on them. Your book prompted me to get going on starting them back up NOW and also to increase my contributions. I have noticed a HUGE difference in what I spend on a daily basis (I have significantly reduced my latte factors because I think about that $3.50 per I.C. Mocha or $4 movie rental and late fee). I don't cut them out altogether (that wouldn't be fun), I simply make them worthwile REWARDS, rather than casual purchases. The difference and effect on spending behavior is profound. I am SO EXCITED about sharing the power of compound interest to all those I care about. I especially get inspired thinking about the power this information can have for our youth. I have two cousins, ages 14 and 19, who are now aware of the "secrets" that were never spelled out to me in this way. It really is simple when you watch your "latte factor" and automate your contributions!

Thanks David-you are truly making a difference, and I am carrying the torch to those I can help as well.

- Brian Nottingham

January 17 2005
My mother sent a copy of your book "The Automatic Millionaire." Before I was halfway through the book, I was opening up an IRA account with Fidelity. I don't know whom to thank first, you or my mother. It makes me sick to see the effects of my "Latte Factor." Thank you for making it so simple to understand everything.

- Brian W. Kapprel

January 17 2005
More people will become millionaires in the years ahead than in all the previous years of human history. It has never been more possible for you to get out of debt, achieve financial independence and build a financial fortress around yourself than it is today. This fast-moving book by David Bach gives you the practical strategies and techniques you need to take complete control of your financial life and become the millionaire you want to be.

- Brian Tracy

January 17 2005
First of all: GREAT BOOK - The AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE. This book will definitely help shape my future.

I have had an addiction to doughnuts and pizza for a very long time. As a month passes along sometimes you just don't realize how much money you spend on such a habit. I decided to track these expenses not for just one day or one week but I tracked them for 3 weeks. I was shocked at what I found out. I spent $120 over a three week period on doughnuts and pizza, which is the equivalent of almost $175/month. (WOW). Now, I'm sure you have heard worse stories than this because Kim, your latte gal, was pretty close to this amount.

Here is my action step: I have totally given up doughnuts and pizza and will not (with God's help) eat them again until January 2005 (or longer if I can make it). Ask anyone in my office, I have made it public and am being held accountable. Also I have set up a fund where I have $150 withdrawn from my checking account "AUTOMATICALLY" every month. Since I plan on continuing this until retirement, I will have saved $1.7 million worth of doughnuts and pizza (I'm currently age 32 so that's $150 per month for 40 years at 12%). My Social Security age is 72 and I am investing in a fund that has averaged more than 12% since inception. That's why I use those numbers. So bottom line, I am already healthier, and a little richer but soon (40 years) I will be wealthy. And you know what they say about retirement: EVERY $1.7 MILLION COMES IN HANDY!!!

- Brian Hutchinson

January 17 2005
I am a financial advisor and highly recommend that everyone read this book. I will be buying many copies for my own clients to read. Thanks David for writing the most powerful and easy to understand financial book of all time.

- Bobby J. Parks

January 17 2005
David Bach's no spin financial advice is beautiful because it's so simple. If becoming self-sufficient is important to you then this book is a must.

- Bill O'Reilly

January 17 2005
I was having a rough time trying to figure out my latte factor, as I really do not spend my money on anything deemed unnecessary on a consistent basis. I go home for lunch, drink the free coffee at work, don't smoke - no real habits, I guess you could say.

Then it hit me, I go home for lunch every day. By not bringing my lunch with me, I drive an extra 20 miles everyday. I figured with my gas mileage, that costs me about $1.50/day. Not too bad, but over 40 years (which is how long until I am 65), that is over $292,000!

Talk about a reason to bring your lunch to work! Thanks!

- Bill 

January 17 2005
David Bach makes understanding your finances easy, fun and exciting. The Automatic Millionaire is a practical and smart guide to mastering your relationship with money.

- Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.

January 17 2005
Sometimes all you need is a guiding hand to get you to do the things you already know are right. "The Automatic Millionaire" was the guiding hand for me. Friday night I bought the book. Saturday I finished it. It's Sunday night and I've already changed my 401k contributions to be the max, setup an account with ING for my "rainy day" fund with $1000 per month going in automatically (of course) and I've started the process to refinance my house. By being more diligent about shopping for a mortgage, I've reduced my interest rate by 3%, switched to a 15 year mortgage (which will be paid in 12 years using bi-weekly payments) and have the same payment as before.

What's crazy is that I knew most of these techniques. But it was your book that made me put it into action. Know what? I have always wanted to take helicopter lessons. I've had a few, but they are very expensive. I didn't think I could afford them. But with my bonus coming up in a month, I'll pay off all credit card debt. Then, using the money I had been paying for credit cards, I can take those lessons seriously. And I'll still pay myself first and save for a rainy day. And I'll build equity in my house at the same time.

I can't imagine what I could say that would convey how much this means. Thank you is what comes to mind. But it doesn't really come close. Thank you for taking the time to write the book. Thank you for pointing out how easy it is. I plan to share this book with my 19 year old and my 17 year old too. Thank you.

- Athelene Gieseman

January 17 2005
Your book was a BRILLIANT wake up call for me! I have started paying myself first. Writing checks to charity every month and saving 10% has transformed me into a positive, confident person about our future.

- Ariele Love

January 17 2005
This program is literally a LIFE SAVER. It has given me a guideline and tools with which to become solvent.

The Automatic Millionaire Program has allowed me to be free both, financially and psychologically=CAREFREE. The positive attitude along with the positive message David delivered showed me just how EASY it can be, to be solvent when older.

- April Twedell

January 17 2005
David Bach is the ONE expert to listen to when you're intimidated by your finances.

- Anthony Robbins

January 17 2005
After reading Smart Women Finish Rich, I knew I had to do something about my expenses. I'm only 26, but I went through a divorce last year and am still amazed that I landed on my feet. I make a decent income, but I'm trying to keep up with my friends who go out all the time and spend money right and left. It's a hard balance - I want to keep my social life and enjoy my 20's, but I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck as a result of it. Plus my passion in life is traveling - and that's not cheap!

So I made a decision. Every week I go play team trivia at a bar with my friends, and also am in a social bowling league. I probably drop $30-40 a week just from having a few beers at each event! I opened up a money market account, and setup my direct deposit to put $50/paycheck into that account and now just drink water when I'm at trivia or bowling. Not only is my vacation fund growing - I plan to go on a 7-day Caribbean cruise with my new, wonderful boyfriend this year - but my bowling average has gone up! I've even lost a few pounds and am sure it's because I've cut out a lot of beers that I just didn't need. I'm just so much happier, and so motivated to manage my finances so I can live my life the way I want to. You've helped me get on the right track and I can't thank you enough!

- Anne Bracken

January 17 2005
I'm not a big coffee drinker but I drink plenty of soda. For one week, I kept track of how much soda I was purchasing at work, and I learned that I'd easily spend $6/day (and this didn't include little snacks that I'd get along with my soda). Now I bring a 2L bottle of soda to work (which runs about $1/day) and drink water in between (which is probably healthier anyway). Thanks for making me more aware of my "soda factor" and for writing such great books that are simple to follow. You are such a powerful motivator and an inspiration for all of us who are trying to get our financial house in order.


- Anna K

January 17 2005
I have read 3 of your books (Smart Couples Finish Rich, Smart Women Finish Rich, and The Automatic Millionaire), and I have been nagging my husband to read just one of them. Needless to say, he says that he doesn't need to because he has me around to take care of all of the bills and the 401k and stuff. In addition, I've been trying to gently persuade him to increase his 401k contributions to 20% for the past few months (we can afford to do this) but he kept saying that he didn't want to. He kept saying that he may not live until he's 65 and that we should enjoy our money as we go. Well after seeing you on Oprah, he immediately asked me to help him increase his 401k contribution to 20%.

David, I can't tell you how much you've helped me and my husband. I guess when he saw how much one of Oprah's viewers could make if she cut back her spending (and saw all of that money laid out on that table), it made him change his mind about the 401k contribution. Thank you again for sharing your secrets and for helping us be on our way to becoming millionaires.

- Anna 

January 17 2005
It was a shocking for me to experience your book, Smart Women Finish Rich. I am 28 years old and make $30,000 a year in the U.S. Army. Since I followed your instructions, 'Pay myself first' and 'Latte factor', I have saved $15,000 for the last one and a half years. I set an automatic payroll deduction to save 40% of my paycheck this year. I maxed the IRA contribution and 401(k) which is 9% of my paycheck. I try to spend only cash instead of using a credit card. Like you said, if money is not in my pocket, there is no way for me to use it. I can't believe how fast money grows automatically without realizing it.

You gave great hope and happiness to me. Now I am confident that I will be able to retire early and rich even though I don't make a lot of money right now. And I can't wait to introduce your book to my friends.

I'd like to thank you so much.

- Angela 

January 17 2005
I found $16 a day from breakfast, snack and lunch out everyday - that's $320 per month. Thanks.

- Andrea Riddick

January 17 2005
I am really enjoying the calls and the program. Itís making me excited to learn about money. Iím 37 years old and I was never excited about money before. This program is actually making me feel more powerful and more confident. Its amazing. Thank you so much!

- Andrea Eigner

January 17 2005
My name is Amir Saint and I am a 21 year old college student. I was up late this week watching TV and I turned the channel to Oprah's show and saw you on it so I decided to go out and buy your book "The Automatic Millionaire" the next day.

So far the book is really great! It is going to change my life! Getting rich is really simple but people don't do it because they are not disciplined. They want instant pleasure (but what they are really getting is long term pain because they are getting into debt). Like you said on Oprah, most people are paying for things that they bought 5-10+ years ago and don't use anymore or even have.

I am 21 and in college right now and I started to use my credit cards foolishly my first two years. But now I am not worried, because you have taught me in your book how I can eliminate my debt (which I will within a year or two) and then I will start a Roth IRA account and start investing my money.

Your book should be required reading in every college in the country. So many people my age just want to have fun (and so do I, but at the same time invest in my future) so they spend their money foolishly, and when they graduate they have more credit card debt then student loans.

Once again, thank you for writing this book. It is going to change my life. When I am 45 I can look back and say I made a wise investment in buying your book when I was 21.

- Amir Saint

January 17 2005

I have made significant changes since reading "Automatic Millionaire". I have done such things as packing my lunches and buying Starbucks grounded coffee by the pound at Walmart and done many more.

However, my double latte factor is:
Bring sodas to work. I found that I bought 3 sodas a day (alot) at 75cents each. Total of $2.25 a day. My wife purchases 12 pack sodas for $2.50. This comes to approx 20 cents a soda. A savings of $1.65 a day. This comes to $8.25 a week.

Thanks for changing the way I see my finances.

- Jeffrey Bradford

January 17 2005
I've got a new job. Well, I've been in the job for about a year and a half now. At my old job my employer charged for the coffee. I figure I spent an average of about .50 a day on coffee. Doesn't sound like much, does it? But multiply that by 185 working days a year (I'm a teacher). That's $92.50 a year. Again, it doesn't seem like much, but I have found that it is the small stuff that adds up.

I have a new job now where the coffee is free! If I work there for 10 years I will save close to $1,000.00 on coffee. I try to explain to my new colleagues what a wonderful perk that is, but some of them don't seem to get it. Not only do they not appreciate the free coffee, I see them coming into work carrying coffees that they have purchased at Dunkin' Donuts.

My new employer is a private, for profit school so I am making the maximum contributions to my new 401K and socking the coffee savings into my Scudder Cash Investment Trust.

- Alanna Mozzer

January 17 2005
I saw you on the Oprah Show and immediatly wrote your 3 steps to being a millionare down on paper. I shared it with my husband and we both put it into action. We were able to up our 401K plan to 6%, and it will be 10% within the next 6 months. Started an automatic $100.00 dollars to go into savings, and found for the first time this month we did not have to use the credit card for food and other necessities. And we are saving. We were amazed.

Our goals are to be credit card free in 6 months, and work on paying off our rental home mortgage, and it is doable. We did this without reading your book. My dad bought us the book the other day and we found so much more practical advice. Thanks. It works, it's commonsense. I am sure there are more good things to come.
Aaron & Rhonda Hart GA.

- Aaron & Rhonda Har

January 17 2005
As sad as it sounds, my "Latte Factor" indulgence was cable TV. For years I thought we (my husband and I) had basic cable, for just over $50 per month. We did not pay for any "premium" channels - there was no HBO or Cinemax for us. I purposely had left those pricey items off when I signed up for our service.

Once I went through the Finish Rich Workbook, I started looking for things I could cut out of my monthly expenses. I was looking for stuff I didn't need. I glanced right over the little bills, like cable, Internet, etc., and focused on how to cut back on my big monthly ticket items like entertainment or groceries. We are pretty disciplined people, so there was not all that much wiggle room there.

However, a quick glance at my cable provider's website showed me that I was signed up for basic cable, the preferred packages. I noticed that for the privilege of multiple types of music channels, some history channels and some b list movie channels, my cable provider considered my package above basic. I canceled that package that day and signed up for true basic cable. We now only get 23 channels - the main ones, and none of the channels we didn't really watch anyway, and I only pay $12.31 per month.

Little monthly savings like that save me over $470 per year.

- Catie Atkins

January 17 2005
Today, a mere 6 months after facing my financial situation I am pleased to report that I have $3000 in my emergency fund, almost $4000 in my ROTH and $5,000 in my company 401K plan. I am sticking to the debt stacking program, and will shortly pay-off my first credit card!!

I have amazed myself so much that I have committed to helping others know that it is possible to become debt free, if you do it automatically, and you can implement the "pay yourself first" mentality even if it is only $25 per month!!

- Beth Keefer

January 16 2005
So far I am just starting my journey to wealth (2 months into it) but I wanted to just say thanks. I read Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich and The Automatic Millionaire and am halfway through Start Late, Finish Rich. I was so inspired by your books, I bought 10 copies of Smart women, and 6 of Smart couples and gave them as christmas gifts this year. I cant believe the wonderful response I received from each and every person I gave the books too. It will be interesting to see who of those I gave a book to, will be on the road to wealth with me. From myself and my friends, a big "Thank You" !!

- Sylvia Huizinga

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