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November 27 2009
I was in deep trouble when I first read your book a couple of weeks ago. I have an IVA and was struggling to make ends meet....until I read your book. It inspired me so much! Immediately after reading it I logged into my ISA and found £50 sat there I did not know about, however the rate had dropped to 0.5% so I have opened an new one at 3% to make my money work harder. I am also commiting to put away 3% of my wage every month into it, and more when my IVA finishes in 2 years time. I also opened a pension account and am going to put away £40 per month for my future. I also found my old share dealing account and have restarted that up monthly. I decided that I would pay at least an extra £20 off my loan each month aswell, this makes it finish 8 months earlier! And I decided that I would put any extra money I made towards this debt to DOLP it down to zero! I also have written to my creditors to ask them to freeze interest on my accounts, cant hurt to ask! Also, I realised I was spending money on silly things like gambling and magazines that I could put into my savings, almost £50 extra a month! Thank you so much for helping me to take control of my money and helping me secure my future. Before your book I felt hopeless and poor, now I feel rich and inspired!

Louise , UK

- Louise  

November 27 2009
I\'ve just started on my success story, having read \"The Automatic Millionaire\" this week. I am in credit card debt, and behind on my mortgage and car payments. Having retired June 1 of this year, on advice of a financial planner, I cashed in my 401(k) to pay off some other responsibilities. BUT, I am so encouraged now....on my own, I had started buying Series EE savings bonds and was so happy to see that David recommends this as an alternative to a 401(k). I will continue to pay myself first, and thanks to him, I now know how to start paying down my credit card debt and saving at the same time. I am going to fill in my DOLP tomorrow and get planning. I am living on Soc. Sec. and occasional income from my freelance publishing support services business, and I now have HOPE! Looking for a part-time job to help out. Good news to come, I guarantee it!!! Thank you.

- Kay Brimeyer

September 27 2009
Dear David,

I didn't want to read your book. I thought it was just ANOTHER book about how to save myself, from myself. Blah blah blah. In fact, it sat on my nightstand for about a year. Because I didn't pick it up and read it when my sister first gave it to me, I stayed poor for one more year. That's one year I accumulated nothing. One more year that I wasn't a millionaire!

Although I have gone to college (I have a bachelors) and am rich in education, I was poor financially. I was a 29 year paramedic, still living at home, with credit card debit, and not a dime in savings. I was drowning, and I couldn\'t see the shore. I thought I was doomed to live with my parents forever.

I started reading Automatic Millionaire in my spare time at work, between calls. A few pages in, the lightbulb went off, and I was already thinking about how to start the process. That day in my ambulance, I made a list of all the things I was going to change about my financial life. The next day, I rolled over my 401k from my previous job (that I neglected to do for two and a half years), to my current job, and started with a contribution of 10%. I changed my Roth IRA (that I had not touched or even looked at in about 8 years) to receive automatic contributions from my checking account. I also changed my payroll deposit to automatically split between my checking and savings so I would not be tempted to over spend, and would have a emergency fund.

Today I can see the light (and its not an oncoming train). My credit card debit is shrinking fast, my Roth IRA is finally seeing some action, my 401k is growing like a weed on the side of a freeway, and my emergency fund will have m safely covered if something were to ever happen to my job. Because of your book I have a KNOW I can attitude. I am currently in the process of looking for a house, and leaving my parents to live their own lives.

I also bought 3 copies of your book to give to my closest friends and family since my copy is just that, mine. Its dog-eared, highlighted, and has notes scribbled in the margins. Its no longer just my book, but my reference guide that I keep going back to. Being a paramedic doesn't make me much money. That's not why I do it, but I will retire a RICH paramedic. That I'm sure of.

Thank you,
Kristan K

- Kristan K

September 27 2009
Thank you so much for all of your books. I have read Automatic Millionarie, Smart Couples Finish Rich, Automatic Millionaire Homeowners and currently reading Smart Woman Finish Rich. I'm 24 years old and currently have low debts, good credit scored, 11% going into my 401K at work, and about $6000 in savings. I realized after reading these books, that there is no need to go out to eat every day or spend money on unneccessary things. I am still working on my husband to read one of your books, hopefully he will soon and see why I love saving. I now give out your books for birthdays and wedding gifts. I believe that your way of thinking is so absolutely amazing and is changing my life day by day. Thank you so much for helping me through everything so far. My next thing to do is pay off my car ASAP and get my student loans paid down as much as possible! Thank you again!

- Amber Farris

September 27 2009
I first saw David Bach on \"The Millioniare Inside\" TV Show. During the brief time that David was on the air what he said really spoke to my \"latte factor\". My wife and I purchased \"Start Late Finish Rich\". Basically the audiobook made me feel really uncomfortable because it really pointed out the bad spending and savings habits I have had all of my life. David\'s words really made me think about how and what I spent my money on. With several adjustments to our spending habits my wife\'s and my savings soared.
We were quickly able to put together a sizable down payment for our next house. We also paid off our credit cards and our vehicles freeing up even more cash. When we purchased out new hose we were in position to rent our old house and derive cashflow from it.
David provided us with a wealth of practical information that made a difference in our lives immediately. We are huge advocates of David\'s audiobooks and give them regularly as gifts.

Thanks for your wealth of knowledge David!
Henry and Paula
Clermont, FL

- Henry K.

July 7 2009

Where were you when I was 20? I am a real estate agent in upstate (way upstate) New York and found your book the Automatic Millionaire at our Real Estate convention last year, WOW! I am going to be purchasing it in gross for my clients but the first 3 copies go to my children, all in there 20\'s. What an eye opener for 1st time home buyers. I know I will be a great hit because of you!

Thanks for your straight talk, easy to understand format. I will keep you posted on my sucess and feedback from my clients.

Thanks again,

Patty Pagani
Associate Broker
Spencerport, NY

- Patty Pagani

July 7 2009
My husband and I married 5 years ago and had tried budget after budget only to fail miserably each time. I\'m a CPA, so you can imagine my frustrations when I couldn\'t get my own household spending under control. Two years ago we listened to \"The Automatic Millionaire\" while on a long road trip. We then realized that we weren\'t alone and that few people can make an actual budget work. Since then, we set up an automatic draft twice a month to put money into a high interest earning savings account at ING. In a matter of months, we had our emergency fund set up and soon started an account for vacations and a new (used) car. We bought that car with cash and soon paid off my husband\'s truck. We have also taken at least 2 nice vacations a year, and these have been paid for with cash! We also gradually increased our 401K from 4% to now 15% and now we are working on paying off our house, which we hope to have paid off in 15 years. We are also giving to the local United Way (through automatic payroll deduction!) and to our church. Thank you David! We are finally proud of ourselves and our spending habits! And this was all accomplished in 2 years!!

Angela Dunn
Mobile, AL

- Angela Dunn

July 7 2009

I received the Automatic Millionaire as a High School graduation gift but have never read it until now. . . I am 23. I can now say it was the best gift ever given to me; I just wish I had read it sooner.

Growing up money was never discussed in our house. My parents kept it a secret and never taught me or my siblings about money. I had a job throughout high school but was never held financially accountable for anything. Not only did I spend my paycheck but I also spent my motherís money. I didnít move out of my motherís house until I was 19. But up until that point I hadnít been responsible for balancing a check book (nor was I taught how to), paying bills, saving money or having my own checking account. Thatís right; I never had my own checking account!! You can only imagine the damage this had done to me. Up until the day I moved out of my motherís house money wasnít an object and it did seem to ďgrow on treesĒ because it was always available to me. I donít know why my mother never stopped my frivolous spending habits. Iím not blaming my mother but I do believe she could have taken a few small steps to teach me some important lessons.

So when I was 19 I opened my own checking account, never worried about how I spent my money or even saved for that matter. I just figured I would always have money, just like I had all my life. Money was never a comfortable subject with me because it was never something I had to discuss. I moved in with my boyfriend and struggled paying even the smallest of bills. I didnít understand why I was always struggling when the bills I was paying were not large amounts. I didnít have any credit speak of either.

So fast forward a few years to 23Ö

Here I am with a very poor credit score, a failed relationship and a 5 month old daughter that I need to set a good example for. Because I was always struggling so much I kept falling deeper and deeper into a hole. I wasnít comfortable speaking about money, not even with my boyfriend who I shared an apartment with! I couldnít ask for help financially and I was not ďwillingí to change how I lived. Because I hid my money problems from my boyfriend it destroyed our relationship and any trust we once had. We have a daughter together and as parents we both need to set a good example for her and teach her, early on, how to be smart with her money. I decided I needed to change my lifestyle and get in the driver seat because soon I would be going off a cliff. Needless to say I knew this would be a struggle because I do not have the strongest of willpower. This is where I went through a box in my garage and found your book. I havenít even finished the book yet but it has taught me more than enough valuable lessons already. I plan on having the book finished by the end of this week but thought you should know how quick someone can learn from even the first few chapters of your book.

I found out my Latte factor. . .which ironically is latteís! I get Starbucks almost every day! Yes, I just realized there is no justifying $5.65 per day for a cup of coffee that I could make in my own home for just a few pennies a day. Because I seem to have a Starbucks addiction, I never worry about taking my checking account into the negatives because I have always felt I deserved it. Yes, this is honestly how bad it is. To give you a good idea, from February 2, 2009 until March 12, 2009 (I went through bank statements) I have spent an amazing $476.77 in useless spending! I have spent, in just one month, $136.77 in Starbucks, coffee shops and eating out. Please keep in mind this does not include any purchases I have made using cash. I have had to pay $315 in NSF fees to my bank and have had to pay $25 to an office for having bounced a check. Based on my gross income, $476.77 is almost an entire paycheck for me! Can you believe that! I am basically wasting 80 hours worth of pay! And I never realized this until I figured out my latte factor. I am completely shocked by this. I canít believe I didnít open my eyes to it sooner!

I hope to learn much much more from your book and get my life on track to be an Automatic Millionaire! I will keep you updated when I have finished the book. But until then I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to a very nasty habit. Your book might have just saved my life!


Ann, Colorado

- Ann Griffin

July 7 2009
I came to the US in 2005 from a country in southern Africa where we hardly have financial literacy lessons. I first knew of David Bach in 2006 when I \'stumbled upon\' and bought the Latte Factor book. A few months later David Bach visited DC and I attended his conference. He had a whole host of different speakers who spoke about making or saving money in a variety of ways. I was hooked on David Bach\'s tips from them on and have built on them by reading several other articles, but the bottom line is that I now always watch my Latte Factor which for me, was buying breakfast and lunch at work. I now make my own breakfast and lunch and I have saved a lot of money. I also moved house to a less expensive area and I am saving $700 a month on rent alone. Imagine!! My savings are up to about $8,000 already not to mention the regular remittances back home to support my family as is our culture. I now have no stress thinking about how I can meet my bills. Thank you David, for being my gateway to finacial wisdom.

J Zulu

- J Zulu

July 7 2009
I just wanted to write to say thank you. I thought I was doing more then enough to have a secure retirement. With my job I had a great pension plan (however I always figured seeing as how im only 27 and wont retire for close to 30 yrs, that it's a long time for politics and politicians to get their hands on my hard earned money). So, I also set up a ROTH IRA. I thought that this was more then enough but after reading your book I went a step further. I also set up a pre tax contribution so I made sure to "pay me self first" It's only at 3 percent but its way better then the 0% I was doing before. I am also making the extra payments to my mortgage to save all that money in the long run. I also am making automatic contributions into an "emergency" fund that I didn't think I was able to save for before. As soon as I finished the book I told my girlfriend to read it and have contacted my sister to make sure she reads it as well. Setting up everything and making it automatic was SO easy I actually felt like I had missed something, that It hadn't been as trouble some as you would expect to ensure a nice retirement. I Just wanted to thank you and let you know I feel so much better knowing I don't have to worry about how I'm going to save, it's already been done.

Dave Waters
Belmont, CA

- Dave Waters

July 7 2009
My girlfriend's mother just bought her your book " Start Late Finish Rich" for Christmas. She is really only just starting to get into the whole make money, save money, spend less thing. We are both only 19. I knew she would not read it for a while so I decided to borrow it. I am now just getting to the part that talks about credit cards and decided to tell you about my credit card use since I think you will appreciate it. I have had my Mastercard for about a year now and have not been hit with a fee or interest charge yet. I only charge to my card what I know I have for cash and then once I get home I pay my bill to the company online so I do not forget to and will not spend more than I have. My card also gives me cash back bonuses and for every 200 dollars in cash back bonuses they will give me a 250 dollar check. As a result so far I have been able to build my credit and actually make money from using my credit card and staying on top of my payments. Not to mention all of the trips to the ATM I have saved myself from not having to go get cash. Its not really a success story but I thought I would share it.

Lincoln Blackie
West Springfield, MA

- Lincoln Blackie

July 7 2009
Hi David,
I have to tell you that your books have completely changed my life. I was 20 years old when one of my military friends lent me your book, Start Late Finish Rich. Well I have to tell you that it inspired me to save as much money as I can and I bought my first condo right before I turned 22. I was a single mother at the time, but I was in the Marine Corps so I had a steady income but it was still pretty scary. The good thing was that I got a great real estate agent, who helped me understand some of the things that I didn\'t know. I set up automatic billing and was able to make my mortgage payments and pay all my other bills. A year later I got married, and my husband and I accumulated some debt because of the wedding and some trips we took, but we are putting all the extra money into paying it off. Our debt totaled to about $10,000. By October next year, we would have paid it all off except for a loan he has and would only owe $1,500 by then. Now, we\'re saving for our trips and are looking into buying a single home. I have also changed my major from Accounting to Finance and I graduate with a Bachelors degree in May. I have to say we feel very empowered to take control of our financial future and it\'s all because of your books!

Ana Alba
Oceanside, CA

- Ana Alba

July 7 2009
David, first I want to say thank you for the inspiration you give through your books. I am a truly a huge fan. I am a 32 year old single mom of an 11-year old son who was diagnosed last year with Progressive Hearing Loss and suffers from asthma in addition to being allergic to everything under the sun.

I read your book, Smart Women Finish Rich a few years ago and got really inspired to start taking control of my spending. I had a credit card for every store in the mall along with karate tuition and hospital bills just piling up. After really applying your DOLP system, I started feeling really good. I recently read The Automatic Millionaire and decided that it was time to really start making moves.

In May 2006, I decided to move in with my parents and start making my dreams reality. I attended the learning annex in NYC where you spoke and I was inspired even more to started writing everything down with a goal to buy my house by the end of this summer. I managed to pay off $45,000 in credit card debt, paid off my son\'s karate tuition and even saved for a down payment. I just closed on my first condo August 8th and cannot begin to tell you how excited I feel.

Thank you for the inspiration and guidance you provide.

Joann Guzman
Hartford, CT

- Joann Guzman

July 7 2009
Dear David,

Thank You.

My name is Kim Aswani, I am from India. I saw your show with Oprah a few years ago, That night I could not sleep. I thought to myself, I want to be Rich. So I took the next day off from work, went to my local bookshop and bought your Automatic Millionaire. I packed up some Lunch and rode down to a local park and sat myself down and started to read, I\'m not a fast reader and I also wanted to get to understand everything you said in those few minutes that I saw on TV. I started at about 11:30 AM, I was through by about 3:00 PM, I read a few pages a couple of times. When I reached home, I spoke to my wife, as she tried calling me at office. She was worried. I just told her that I have read something that is going to make us rich.
She was not at all interested, she is the old fashioned type who only works for her money and does not even try to believe that one can get rich any other way.
Anyway that weekend, I took her back to the Park and made her read your book, She had a smile on her face that told me that we were going to get to where we want to be soon.
We had about $18,000 in debt, not only credit card debt but personal debt too, now I must tell you in India, thats a lot.
We set your principles in motion, I can go on for pages, to get to the point, I fast Forward 4 years.

Today I have NO Credit Card Debt, I dont use any credit cards anymore, I pay only with Cash, or I dont Buy, No Personal Loan, I bought my own house with very little down payment,and I have only about $14,000 in Mortgage to pay in the next 6 years, but the best part is my house today is worth over $165,000. Thanks to the Boom in the Property market in Bangalore, India.

We have moved to Dubai, UAE. We are very happy and have got great Jobs, we live very comfortable lives, I have now got Insurance coverage both Medical & Life for myself, my wife and daughter who is almost 15 years.

We pay ourselves first, by saving 5 days of our monthly salary every month towards our retirement plan, even though we have 100 times more than we expected, we still save so that when we do retire maybe 10 years from now, we both want to tour the world and enjoy every minute as we have earned it.
Both my wife and me are ONLY 40 Years Old.
I have to say before I thank you again David, I would like to thank God, for bringing you into our lives, with just One Book, who in turn has fulfilled every dream that we both had in such a short span of time, which would have never happened if we had continued without any direction, which we got from your book. We worked hard at every aspect and cut corners at every step to get where we are today.

We remember you and mention your name as if you are family to all our friends everytime they ask us, how come we are always happy and content with life. I also have helped a few of my friends with your plan and they are thankful to me and I am to you.

To end it David, we pay back 1 Percent of My Monthly Salary to my Local Temple as Donation. We are God Fearing people. Without his Will Nothing can be done.

Thank You David. God Bless You and Your Family.


Kim, Jitu & Aarpita Aswani.

- Kim Aswani

July 7 2009
So I did the Double Latte Factor Challenge and was I amazed. I figured I was spending or wasting maybe a couple hundred a month.
Well it opened my eyes. I calculated from 08-25-08 to 09-20-08 I wasted $566.63, on nothing. Just eating out and getting a coffee or pop here and there. I could be using that money in paying off me debt, savings and investing.
I just want to say thank you.....

P.S. I also signed up for the AM challenge.

Thank you again,

Alva Songer

- Alva Songer, Vancouver, WA

July 7 2009
I just wanted to write and tell you how your books have changed my life. I am a 26 yr old single mom of 2. I love your book the, Automatic Millionaire. I find that it helps to have everything set up automatically. I have direct deposit. I have set up all my bills to be paid automatically. Right now, I have all my bills charged to one credit card every month. I do this because I earn rewards points. These rewards points will be redeemed for gift certificates towards clothing for back to school shopping in August. My bill is always paid in full every month. I have also had my employer set up an automatic deduction every pay period to send money to my savings at my credit union. At my credit union, I have set up about 9 savings accounts. Each one is for something different like: emergency fund, vacation fund, school shopping, summer camp, holiday, car fund, house fund, my personal fund, and birthday fund. I decided on how much I need every year for those goals, and I allocate $25-$50 a month towards each thing. It is empowering. I feel more in control. I plan to buy my first home early 2009. I plan on taking trips with my kids because of my savings. Saving automatic has saved my life. Without it, I probably wouldn\'t have saved at all. I feel better in the midst of these tough economic times. I just want to add that I have been able to save a lot more because I have gone through my budget line by line and cut out all the excessive spending. I pack our lunches everyday and I cook dinner every night. I use gift cards from my rewards points to go to the movies. Life is great.

~Jackie Morris
Montgomery Village, MD

- Jackie Morris

July 7 2009
OK, I didn\'t really think it was possible. A bit like going on a diet, you try and try to get a handle on your finances, but you always slip back into old habits. Well, it must have been more than 4 years ago that I stumbled across the Automatic Millionaire, and it hasn\'t been easy, but today, November 11, 2008, I AM DEBT FREE! I could not have done it without David. I bought an audio copy of Start Late, Finish Rich, and every time I got discouraged, I tossed in a CD and listened to it again, and again. I\'ve made a lot of changes over the past few years (though I didn\'t give up my Latte - I gave up dry cleaning instead), increased my savings, looked more seriously at my investments, but the most startling change has been using David\'s advice to get out of debt. I\'ve been carrying the same old debt for almost 30 years (that\'s not an exaggeration) and I can\'t tell you how incredible it feels to finally be rid of it. Now all of that money that was going to paying interest of \"things gone bye,\" it will go into savings. Thank you David! Oh, and David, when are you writing that book about losing weight?

- Pamela Berardino

April 16 2009
Hi there, Just a quick story -- I'm usually on the skeptical side of the spectrum so I approached The Automatic Millionaire with an air of caution and hesitation. I considered myself to be fairly knowledgeable on matters financial and thought that spending too much time and energy focusing on these topics would make me materialistic and steer me away from the passions that I spent four years at Stanford cultivating. I found by the end of the few hours I spent perusing the book that instead, by automating my life's financial strack, I would have the time and peace of mind to focus on my life passions. I read the book last year. In that time, I have bought two houses in one of the country's most expensive housing markets, the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula, and rented one out, grew my IRA significantly, consolidated all credit and debts and found an innovative and 'automatic' way to fund my upcoming wedding. Thank you for ensuring that I don't compromise my life's dreams for fear of financial unresolve and for giving me the chance to become well-established monetarily as a side effect!

- Lily Sarafan

March 11 2009
Just wanted to share with you a couple of thoughts:
I am just starting the coaching program (finishrich coaching) next week. Our orientation call is on Monday and I just finished reading FFYM.
I just hung up with my cable and phone providers and because of your book:
--I am now saving $25 per month on home phone,
--changed plans on cellular and saved at least $30 per month just on the monthly portion, also got unlimited texting in the plan which I was paying about $20 a month for text over usage.
--The cable company cut my rate by 50% at $49 a month for six months then $20 a month cheaper after that without cutting service at all. We do like our HBO.
Total yearly savings are at least $1320

While I am very glad to be saving I feel like an idiot for allowing it to go own in the past. THe good with the bad you know.

The book also helped me update our wills, verify social security earnings, spend all of our gift cards, roll over an old employer\'s 401k to my fidelity account, and validated my buying my car that is two years old, lease trade in for 50% off the new car price (Cadillac DTS for $27,000) (this was a few years ago and I have preaching the practice to everyone)

All from reading your book the last couple of days. I would read it and then go to the computer, read some then to the computer. My wife thought I was nuts until I showed her the work I was doing. She still thinks it but not due to this behavior.

This really explains people dislike \"the system\". Banks, credit cards and just big business in general are all inherently bad and need to be regulated. As a small business owner I was more of the less regulation the better in the past but....

I really look forward to the coaching sessions and just wanted to thank you for helping us and many others.
Tom and Wanda Kennedy

- Tom Kennedy

February 19 2009
Three years ago my husband and I listened to The Automatic Millionaire for the first time. We were in our mid 20s and each lead a lifestyle of excessive consuption. Our credit card debt totaled over 17k, we each had student loans, and were making two car payments. At this time, we hadn't even considered funding our retirement.

Fortunately, that all changed. Though it took us about six months to go from recognizing we had to make a change in our spending habits to actually carrying out the actions required, we finally did it. Since June of 2006, we haven't used ANY credit cards -in fact- we have paid off all of our 17k in credit card debt! We own one car and plan to own the second by the end of the year. We contribute 15% of our income to Roth IRAs and we recently bought a house. Right now we are on track to have it payed off in 16 years by making an extra payment to the principle each month.

It is absolutely amazing what a simple shift in your mindset can jump start. The best part is that the journey has not been all that difficult-by making a little progress each month, we have come leaps and bounds from where we started!

Thanks for all your insight David!

Sarah Garst

- Sarah Garst

February 19 2009

I employed your methods on getting a raise from "Start Late Finsih Rich". The normal raise that people in my company get is about 2% to 2.5% because my boss tells us that if we want to make more money go and sell more, (bonus). I decided to look at the other people in my company and I decided that I was in the top 20%. I went to my boss in November and laid out all of my reasons for a 4.2% raise. Toward the end of the year I got my review and my raise and it was exactly what I asked for and I got the highest rating I had ever recieved before. Thank you very much for showing me the way to ask and recieve. I am also placing all of my raise into my 401K as well.


Don Rice

- Don Rice

February 19 2009
Hi David,

It's your friendly tapas-waitress, just writing in to share my story and say Thank You! At the start of last year I made a financial goal to get out of credit card debt and start saving for my future. I am your typical actor/waiter in NYC and had accumulated about 15,000 in debt over the course of 10 years or so. Every time I left town for a job--touring, or regional theatre--I would spend way more than I was taking in--and thus, I dug myself into a deep, deep, hole. Not to mention the extreme amount of money I seemed to spend living in NY and funding my career (pictures, classes, coaching, etc.) Well, I had no idea how to get out of debt. No financial education or smarts at all. Even my family always seemed to live outside of their means, so I suppose my habits were inherited.

I started working like crazy, gave up on acting, and just threw money at my debt, when a friend suggested I read "Smart Women Finish Rich". Your book was encouraging in ways I never expected. The idea of using your own personal goals to amend your financial behavior was refreshing! After doing the "goals" section of your book, I looked for part time artistic work that I could do to bring in extra money. I wound up in a kid\'s show here in the city on the weekends, then picked up teaching artist work through the same company and now I do part time casting!!! All fun and fulfilling for me and extra money to pay off that nasty debt. Also, I've been away twice this year for shows and I saved before I went, and budgeted, so I wouldn't spend what I didn\'t have!

The outcome: On December 31st, 2008 I mailed in my last Credit Card payment!!! What a great New Year present. AND I have contributed monthly to an IRA which I started at the beginning of 2008! I have never felt so in control of my personal finances, and I am relieved that I didn\'t have to sacrifice my own crazy artistic goals to make it happen.

It was an extra surprise to get to meet you at my restaurant! A little reminder that I was definitely headed in the right direction with my financial future. Thank you again for your guidance and your encouraging and inspiring book. Come in for tapas anytime!

New York, NY

- Holly Buczek

February 19 2009
I just finised Start Late Finish Rich and I see it was published in 2006. Has your advice changed significantly since the current real estate and wall street disasters? I\'m wondering if you feel the plan presented in this book will work in these times or have recent events changed your thinking on any aspects of your approach?

- Rita williams

February 19 2009
I first started reading "Smart Women Finish Rich\ when I graduated from college in 2004. Then I read "Smart Couples Finish Rich" and right now, I am re-reading "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner". Thank you so much for writing your books. Since I started reading, I have put $100 away each week and was able to make my dream of owning my own home a reality! I first started looking in 2005, but we just could not afford anything. Both my husband and I were patient and we had to make huge sacrifices, but on December 1, 2008, my husband and I closed on our house! Living in a very expensive area of the country where prices are still skyrocketing (Larkspur, CA), we decided to move a little further north and found a home we could afford. I am so grateful to you: because of your books, I was able to purchase my home at the age of 26, which is before most Californians! What a wonderful Christmas present!
Thank you and Happy Holidays!

- Abigail Black

February 19 2009
Hello David,
I was introduced to your book, GO GREEN, LIVE RICH, at the "Women's Health and Environment" Conference in Pittsburgh this year. After immediately implementing some "Green" cost saving ideas from you book, and seeing the difference, we walked to the library (to save on gas) and picked up THE AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE. I do believe your book will change our lives! Soon after, we read START LATE, FINISH RICH. I am now reading SMART COUPLES FINISH RICH.
In just a few months we have made many positive changes. To name a few; we set up our mortgage payments to be "automatic", with extra being paid each month. We managed to pay off several high interest credit cards.
We have analyzed our "Latte Factor" and found many areas where we reduced our spending. With that savings, my husband plans to increase his 401K contribution from 4% to 10%, and I plan on opening a new IRA, with "automatic" contributions of course!
Thanks to your books, we have much less stress!

- Rebecca Kroll

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