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February 26 2008
I have been reading David Bach for a long time now and it has really impacted me! I was flat broke and came from a family that didn't have much and at the age of 25 I have become financially independent and have a net worth of over a million dollars now. I'm a motivational speaker and real estate investor. I owe a lot of my success to David Bach and his team for helping me think the way I do!


Shane Powell

- Shane Powell

February 20 2008
David, your book changed my life!

I am 16 now, and when I read your book for the first time I was 13, earning 100 dollars a week mowing lawns for my neighbors. Since the first time putting the Automatic Millionare in my hand, I have read it at least 5 times more. I ended up creating a ROTH IRA after reading your book, and started putting 50 dollars a week into it. Now I have a higher paying job and put half of the money I make into it. I feel extremely secure now that I have a nest egg, that is just growing without any money coming out, only going in. I would just like you to thank you for your help from the Automatic Millionare.

Thanks again,
Evan Wasser

- Evan Wasser

February 13 2008
Hi David,
I found your book Automatic Millionaire by accident. Wow! I have now read three book, Automatic Millionaire, Automatic Millionaire Homeowner, and Start Late Finish Rich. I live in Hanoi, Vietnam and work for the US Embassy. After reading your books I have increased my retirement deductions, placed all my bills on automatic bi-weekly payments and increased my mortgage payment with the increase going towards the principal. As I read your books I thought this is to easy. You know what, it is! When I called my mortgage company the person was very helpful to explain options I had to speed up the payoff. With what I set up with her we will save $26000 and pay the house off four years earlier. The best part is the rent covers the mortgage so my renter is paying for my house. My other bills will be paid off within four years by going automatic. This is working so good I am talking to my real estate agent back home about buying another rental in 2008. Thanks David we are well on our way to retire as millionaires.

- Donald Tilley
Tacoma, WA

February 13 2008
My fiancť, Kevin, and I borrowed your ĎStart Late, Finish Richí book from Kevin's mother and never took it back Ė for good reason!

I started out as a single mother at 18 years old. The one thing I had going for me was 2 years of college. I went on to finish my master degree with the help of student loans. When I met Kevin, we were just able to make ends meet and together we had $8,000 of credit card debt. Then we read your book. We ditched our 'double lattes', turbo charged our savings, and started getting familiar with real estate. We now have one rental property making positive monthly cash flow, we own our town home, we have zero credit card debt, and we have $75,000 in equity already.

Today, we made an offer on a loft downtown to rent out and we are looking to make an offer on our dream house next week. We never would have thought we could afford a house this quickly, but with some creative stimulation from your book, we realized we could buy a house with a detached mother-in-law apartment and have tenants help us pay our mortgage! Now that we have extra income each month we have also been able to plan my dream wedding for this July.

By the way, even though the book that introduced us was your ĎStart Late, Finish Richí version - I am 22 and my fiancť is 26.

- Emily Wall
Draper, UT

February 7 2008
David, I have read your "Automatic Millionaire", and am in the process of reading "Start Late, Finish Rich" and "Smart Women Finish Rich". I have found a great deal of inspiration and common sense in your books.

I am 57 years old and am just now getting serious about my finances - better late than never. I do own my own home - so at least I am on track, there. But I have just got to share with you that today I started an automatic investment account, purchasing a few selected stocks and an ETF. I also purchased a few shares of a medical-oriented company that has just completed its IPO. Now I realize this is after-tax money, but my company\'s 401K is in flux, and as soon as we can get that under control (maybe 2 months) I will be investing in that as well through payroll deduction. If we can\'t get the 401K fixed (it is losing money for everyone in it right now, because of the lack of adequate funds available), I will fund an IRA.

David, I am so excited. I just had to say "Thank You"!!!

- Pam Williams

February 7 2008
Two years ago I was 39 years old had no plan for retirement and I was FAT- 220 lbs. I decided I needed to change my life because I wanted to live a long healthy time in my retirement. I started a diet and it was going very well for the first year (lost 55 lbs) when I started thinking more about retirement. I got your book The Automatic Millionaire and as I was reading I started to cry. You see, at the end of that first year, I realized that I had more money that I normally did in my checking account - like $4000 more! Thanks to your book I know that it was my latte factor! I bought coffee and a muffin for breakfast every day at work ($5 and 500 calories), had a candy bar for a snack ($1 and 275 calories)etc, etc. After reading your book, I increased my 401k payments to 12%, and I have a 5% match. I also started a high interest savings account, and I just opened a Roth IRA. I'm 41 now, I've lost a total of 80 pounds, I'm healthy, and I'm set to retire at 62 with $1.5 million even if I never get another raise.

My lesson to myself- convenience foods will get you conveniently broke and FAT!

- Reilly Gallagher
Austin, TX

February 7 2008
Thank you so very much for writing such an inspirational guide to managing finances! My husband and I have been together for over six years (married for two), and it wasn't until about about five months ago that we began having "financial conflict" and disagreements about our money management (or lackthereof). It is so refreshing to know that every piece of important mail has its own folder/file (and if it's not important, it's trash!). Furthermore, my husband and I had some of the ugliest arguments we've ever had in our six years together; but, we've worked through our issues and now feel resolve thanks to your financial guidance!!! My husband has always been "money-saavy"; but, it was really exciting for me to actually see where all of our money goes and to know that we actually do have money to invest and to pay off bills that have been lingering for far too long! In fact, we are only months away from paying off THREE major bills that will free up nearly $800 more a month to be put toward other bills. Additionally, since we are in the military, we have already begun to invest in the TSP and in a Roth IRA, money market and stock funds (and we began at age 23 -- we're now 26) -- Anyway, I can go on for a while about how your book has changed our life and the way we communicate with each other -- but, I'll end this with a final "Thank You"! You have saved our financial future! Sincerely,

- Erin and Adam Medina

February 7 2008
David-I just finished listening to "start late, finish rich". I was impressed hear that you read your own email. While mentoring my 30 year daughter about the Latte factor-we discovered that she "BUYS" books for her book club-wasn't that why the library was invented? We calculated how much she could save in a year-and we were flabbergasted!!!! Thanks,

- peggy weldin
Millsboro, DE

February 7 2008
Mr. Bach,

As a college student, a daily coffee fix seemed like something that was just part of the routine. My friends and I would go to Starbucks or the local coffee joints on an almost daily basis, and I confess that I would spend around four dollars each time for my favorite iced coffee concoction. However, after using the Latte Factor calculator, I realized just how much I was spending!

After finishing my undergraduate studies, I plan to attend medical school, which is by no means an inexpensive proposition. By investing the money I spend on coffee (according to the calculator), in five years I can have an extra $5855 to put towards my tuition. Once this fact was made apparent, I went to my local grocery and bought my OWN coffee and flavored syrup (which, by the way, costs about as much as two coffees at Starbucks, and makes many times more).

Now that I make my own coffee, I can't imagine paying for each cup anymore. Plus, I know that it will always be made PERFECTLY; that, plus the savings on gas and paper waste makes it the obvious choice for the money-minded student or consumer.

Thank you for saving me from some future student loan debt! Your article opened my eyes.

Best Regards,

- Alicia Fuhrman
Waco, TX

January 22 2008
I use to buy fast food, eat out all the time, but since I have been on a diet I almost always bring my lunch, which consists of fat free yogurt, bananas, and some other fruit. For dinner I usually have a salad that I make at home which consists of healthy greens, veggies, any and all and I use 2 grams fat dressing by wishbone. This is been a total turn around for me as I said I really enjoyed eating out day and night, but I am proud of the changes I made not only in my diet but also in my spending. After reading about your "Latte Factor" I didn''t realize how much money I spend carelessly in a day. My credit cards are almost maxed out but I have decided to refinance and save money with a lower interest rate, pay off my credit cards, make home improvements that will increase the sale of my condo when I decide to sell and invest in an IRA or CD. I am also going to increase my 401k investments. I am 48 and will qualify for retirement at age 56. I need to start doing and stop wasting time as I will need all the help I can get. I almost always buy 1 cup of coffee daily which is 1.40, but I now plan on bringing one from home.

- alice chavez
Hayward, CA

January 22 2008
I am so very grateful for the insightful information pertained in your "Start Late, Finish Rich" book. Before I started reading the book, I felt lost and hopeless. As a single woman with no dependents, living in an apartment, college loan debt and no assets to speak of, I felt that I wasn't living...just existing! During the time that I started reading your book, I began implementing some of your ideas, such as the "Latte Factor," and I even started participating in my company's 401K (now putting away 16% of my income monthly). Not believing that I had the credit to apply for a home loan, you inspired me to "take the plunge." At least I would be able to see what my current credit score was. Once again, to my surprise, I was approved by one of your recommended lenders (ELoan) ASAP!!! I have closed on my first home less than 60 days and now the sky's the limit!!! I can't stop there. I plan on purchasing my first income property in 6 months to a year. Look @ me!!!?! Who knew I had it in me? Thanks for redirecting the life that I knew that I could achieve. Watch my smoke!! I ain't done yet! Updates to follow. ;)

- Monica Ruffin

January 22 2008

The Automatic Millionaire and TAM Homeowner were the first of your books that I purchased and I must say it was one of the best decisions of my life. I was fortunate enough to come out of college debt free and instead of buying a nice new car or other young 20-something products your books motivated me to buy a house. After finding my first full time job I bought a condo in a college town just after turning 24!!

I can only imagine what becoming a homeowner so young will do for my future family and my grandchildren and others I will help throughout my life. One of the things I love most about all of your books is that you never forget to mention tithing and the amazing results it can have for the lives of others, and your own. The hole that you give through is most certainly the hole you receive through and I wish more people would take those words to heart.

So David thank you again, if it weren't for you I probably would have bought a sports car like most of my friends did after school but instead I made an incredible investment in a college town that I will be able to reap the benefits from for a long, long time.

I have to admit though I do love chocolate milk. It is my latte factor and I'm not quite ready to give it up just yet!

Thank you!!

- Jake Shellenberger
State College, PA

January 22 2008
I sure wish I had a success story for you. I did purchase a couple of the books and even an audio series; but I have learned (THE HARD WAY) that I am the type of person that learns best by someone, right there with me; teaching me, showing me, even doing it for me until I get the hang of it. I am VERY sorry to say, I didn't get much out of (ESPECIALLY) the audio "The Automatic Millionaire", except that you might not want to actually SAY "AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE" 3,000 times.....we've already bought the book (audio book) it really felt like you were trying to sell me something, instead of TEACH me something????

It DOES sound REAL GOOD, though and I thought I'd let you know that.


- Denise Riedl
Orland Park, IL

January 22 2008
Hi David,
Thank you so much for "Start Late, Finish Rich" The words at the beginning were so encouraging at a time that I had given up hope, hope that I could ever really live the life I want..the freedom you spoke of really hit home as recently I have realized that I walk around living from the truth that I am a victim of my circumstances! Really that there is NOTHING I can do to change where I am or the choices that I make daily! After I realized this I came across your book "Start Late, Finish Rich" and realized that I had already read The Automatic Millionaire and had done nothing! The definition of insanity right? So where am I today?
Well because of your program I now know where I am and you are RIGHT, no matter how much we (my husband and I) make we pretty much spend every penny and more! SO as I have learned recently I need to stop the bleeding. My goal is to make July a break even month!!! That is how far behind we are...we are working really hard everyday to pay for yesterday and last year and last Christmas!!! Yikes! But as I do this I am 100 percent committed to following EVERY step in your program.

So thanks again for the blueprint to freedom!!!

Regards and be well,

- Cheryl Bagangan
Plymouth, MA

January 15 2008
Dear Mr. Bach,

This may be quite a stretch, but Iím hoping this letter makes it into your hands. With that said, I guess Iíll introduce myself, my name is Erin Barry Iím 21 years old. Having first picked up your book at the age of 17, with dollar signs in after seeing you on Oprah, I was determined to carry out the plan outlined in Automatic Millionaire. Iím happy to report that Iíve invested wisely and am in good shape for the future, although this hardly skims the surface of what your lessons have given me. With maturity those dollar signs have been replaced by a mission of philanthropy, which wouldnít have been the case if I hadnít learned how to apply the ďpay yourself firstĒ philosophy in all areas of my life. I was reminded of your lessons a couple of weeks ago I picked up a copy of your book ďStart Late, Finish RichĒ that I found lying around a friendís parentsí house. I opened the book to page 297 and read something that sent chills up my spine. You wrote about the latte factor as it could apply to charity. Within that paragraph, a dream I had had just a couple nights before became a solidified plan of action. You know it too, I thought to myself. Everyone has a dollar to give; they just need to be reminded of the power of those dollars together.
In addition to finishing college and working part time in real estate (a passion you played a hand in molding) I volunteer at a homeless shelter once a week playing with children. Itís a wonderful program, and Iím truly honored that these little people allow me to share in the rare moments of joy they experience due to a life they had no say in creating. Iím fortunate that the program that I volunteer for, which places volunteers throughout Massachusetts homeless shelters for the sole purpose of playing and engaging these young minds, is able to supply books for the common play areas. I realize this is not the case on a nationwide scale, therefore after reading page 297, I realized that the dream I had a few nights prior was nothing less than irresponsible, without action to bring it into reality. Iíve decided to start a website where a two dollar purchase of space to write your name, link to website, or advertise for your company would raise enough funds to send a box of childrenís books to over seven hundred homeless shelters throughout the US. My half million dollar goal would be enough to give 50,000 homeless children a possession, their first in most cases. The importance of books in a communal play room cannot be understated, but to give each child something to call their own, books in particular is my goal. The bond that is created when a child plops down in your lap eager to flip the pages wherever they see fit, regardless of the progress made on that particular page, is nothing short of magical. Those that Iíve told of my goal are weary, saying Iím asking for far too much to be done with far too little of a price tag. Thankfully, I tend to be relentless and put the website up two days ago. 250,000 painless latte factors is all it will take I hope to see this plan rise above the confines of demographics; to see a little given by a lot, instead of the reverse.
Yesterday I attended a womenís breakfast in Boston put on by the organization I volunteer for, Horizons for Homeless Children, there I had the opportunity of a lifetime to listen to Dr. Maya Angelou speak. She told the room of 1600 women, myself included, that her hope is for us to look in the mirror and see what we truly are, rainbows in the clouds of others. She went on to tell us how she stands before us the woman she is today, only as a product of the rainbows in her clouds. At the very least, I hope to get across that you are one of the rainbows in my clouds. A ray of hope that has inspired me to achieve what I know is achievable, reminding myself that you know it too.
Around the same time I first picked up the Automatic Millionaire, I lost my father. In doing so gained the strength and desire to deplete every ounce of potential I was blessed with; to leave this earth with my tank on empty, because what echoes my soul the most is knowing his was still full. I understand your mail may come in truckloads, and perhaps itís even a clichť to note that, but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for not pleading ignorance to your purpose in life, because if you hadnít been a rainbow in my clouds I may not have had the courage to act on mine.

In gratitude,

"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities."
- Dr. Maya Angelou

- Erin Barry
Worcester, MA

January 15 2008
My husband and I were up to our eyeballs in debt, making good money and really watching our latte factor, but still paying for mistakes from our past (run up credit card bills, car loans, student loans, a HUGE mortgage, and loans from friends and family), it was horrible! We were slowly making progress on our debt(REALLY slowly), but we listended to Davids advice and did whatever we could to dig ourselves out of our financial hole.

One thing David said was that becoming landlords is easy, and really helps to put you on the path to financial freedom. We didnt have the money to buy another house, but we did have a third bedroom in our house that we were just using as a junk room. We decided that we shouldnt wait to become landlords just because we couldnt afford to buy another house, so we put an ad in the paper and rented out the room to a university student for $500 a month not including groceries. After all the extra bills from having our tenant here are paid, we still have about $400 extra dollars a month to use to pay down our debt. In only 4 and a half months, we have seen such a huge difference in our financial situation, its really inspiring to see our debt being reduced so quickly. When you add together the money that we get from our renter and the money that we were already using to pay our debt down, we're paying almost $900 a month! Within a year we will be halfway there, and in two years when all the debt is gone, we are going to take the money that we were using to pay it down and save it as a down payment on an investment property.

Our best friends were in the same situation as we were, except they had two kids and lived in a 3 bedroom. They talked to their kids, explained the situation, and the kids agreed to move into the same room for a year so their parents could make a dent in their debt. Because they live in a ritzier part of town, they are able to charge $800 a month for their exta room, and they also are in a way better financial, and consequently, emotial state. Thanks David, your words of wisdom and encouragement really helped both our families

- Megan Wilson

January 2 2008
First off, I am a Chiropractor with 2 kids under the age of 3. In 2005, I was saving some money, but was obviously wasting way too much before I read your book, The Automatic Millionaire. You see, although my wife Jackie and I own a home, we were simply just paying interest on it and had very little in our emergency fund. We also kept using my college loans as an excuse for not putting money into a ROTH or SEP Ira. Then, I was recommended your book and started watching you on t.v. and then saw you at the learning Annex. My wife and I the day we read your book started "The Automatic Millionaire". Since then in 1 1/2 yrs, we have maxed out both our Roth's, invested 15,000 into a real estate deal, put 500 a month into another online savings account at 4.2%, pay extra on our car payments each month, pay an extra 500 per month on our mortgage, and have eliminated all credit card debt. We dont know where this $40,000 or so came from but it is safe to assume our latte factor was a bit out of control, and we dont even drink coffee!! So, my advice is this "Money does not make you wealthy, it is what you save and do with your money to have it work for you that makes you wealthy." So, even a doctor needs advice and David, I want to thank you for making us FINANCIALLY HEALTHY.

- Dr. Darren Kreitman
Plantation, FL

January 2 2008
I picked up your book last weekend at work when we were slow, and started reading. I finished it by the next day. Now I'm currently reading "Start Late, Finish Rich".

I never really thought about my Latte Factor. My wife and I are careful about spending our money, and I assumed we were living and saving the best we could.
Well, today I got to thinking...I'll just do it for fun. So, I sat down and figured what we spend each month on certain unnecessary things, and here's what I found:
Text messaging between our 2 phones was about $16 a month. Insurance on our phones was $14 a month. "Premium" cable service (a few extra channels) were costing us $28 a month. Also, we take $25 per week out in cash to use on whatever we want. If we reduce that amount by only $5 per week, we'd save $520 a year.

All those things combined (and I honestly don\'t even think we'd miss them!) will save us over $1200 per year. For newlyweds saving for a house, that's a lot of money!

I appreciate your sincerity. You sound like you're really pushing for me, and everyone else to become financially free, and to be able to enjoy life without worry!

When I retire around the age of 50, hopefully I can devote some of my free time to counseling young people like myself, helping them to become Automatic Millionaires just like I'm going to be!

Thanks David!

- Cameron Ziegenfuss
Bellevue, NE

December 20 2007

I recently found myself in a finacially impossible situation. I went from being married to single in the blink of an eye. my expenses stayed the same but my household income was now less then half. I've never been money wise but my best friend Jyll is. She took me into her home and helped me to pay off my immediate debts to avoid anything else going into collections. part of the agreement was I had to read her money books (which I dreaded more then cleaning!)I am now almost done start late, finish rich and I can't wait to read smart women finish rich. What started out as something I had to do has become a life changing experience.

If you ever come to Nova Scotia I will definitly be buying her tickets, and I'll even go with her.

- Mel Donovan

December 17 2007
Me and my wife Deborah who have been dating since Apr 2003 and got married in Dec 2005. She gave me the automatic millionaire book just before we got married in Jul 2005. This book changed our life. We were and still are two people madly in love with each other. Although we had no finincial plans in life and retirement was not even on the radar. Both of us had good jobs but we were living pay check to pay check with no saving. Reading this book was a wake up call and simple to understand. I first kicked myself for not starting early. I was 35 and my wife was 36 when this happened. We then started following Mr. Bach's advice and now we not only have a house we have started a emergency fund and also have some savings in just one year after we got married. We are now two exicted people who look forward to hit the million mark and aim to be debt free and have saving fo retirement. This month we went a step further and initiated the process to enroll in one to one coaching. We both like to thank you David for making such a huge difference in our life. I wish I had your advice much earlier but still no harm done got it has all happened just in time. Thank you

- Hardeep Gujral
Richmond Hill, NY

December 17 2007
David, you changed my life.

I haven't said that to very many people in my life, but you without a doubt have saved mine and my familys financial future.

I saw your book (The Automatic Millionaire)sitting in my dads bookshelf two years ago when I ws 20. I read the back cover and then put it down again. I had read finacial books before and let's just say they were more effective at putting me to sleep than a sleeping pill. A couple of months later the book was still sitting there, so I asked my dad about it. He said that it had changed his life, and he had been waiting for me to get to a point where I was ready to change mine before he gave it to me. I decided, what the heck, it couldn't hurt. So I read it, and your advice was actually pretty interesting. Unfortunatly for me, I just didn't want to change my spending habits. I figured that I was young enough that I could start later and just play a little catch up. Man, I kick myself for thinking like that.

Fast forward to two years later, I'm 22, I have no savings, no retirement fund, and I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. My boyfriend and I were earning almost 40 grand each a year, but we owed almost 20 grand in credit card debt, car payments, and personal loans. The icing on the cake was when we found out that we were expecting our first baby (SURPRISE!!). We sat down and talked about it, and we decided that if we were going to be parents, we needed to first be grown ups, so we made the decision to start taking our financial futures seriously. But it was all so overwhelming! We read books and talked to a financial planner, and nothing seemed to clear up for us what we really had to do to get ourselves into a good financial situation.

Then one day when we were cleaning out the second bedroom in our apartment to turn it into a babys room, and I came across your book. It seemed vaguely familiar to me, but I couldnt really remember it. So right there in the middle of a room filled with chaos, I sat down on the floor and started to read. Three hours later when my boyfriend found me, I was still sitting there, completely absorbed in your book. Suddenly it seemed that everything made sense! If I just followed your simple and easy to understand steps, we would be ok. As soon as I finished it, I made my boyfriend read it too.

Almost a year later, we have paid off two thirds of our debt, bought a townhouse, started a retirement fund, and are almost done filling our emergency fund!

I may have never met you in person, but you have touched my family's life in a way that only a handful of other people have. Thank you for using your knowledge to help the nation.

- Megan Wilson
Victoria BC Canada

December 17 2007
My success story is yet to come. But I feel like it is already here. My husband and I are 55 and 54 years old with no debt except for school, and that one is rather large. We own no credit cards. However, we have never managed to save a dime.

My daughter just bought me "Start Late Finish Rich" and it has given me renewed hope and excitement for our future.

We basically have 20 years to do this. I don't really care to be a millionaire, but when I sat down and figured out what we could actually HAVE in 20 years using the guidelines in that book, I was so excited.

Other than my husband and I eating out, we really don't have much of a Latte factor. There are no utilities we can cut, no magazine subscriptions, no health club memberships, nothing like that. But when I figured our "eating out" costs for ONE MONTH it ran up past $650.00! I was shocked. No wonder I never had enough for groceries.

I had recently decided to just pack a 5 dollar bill into savings every time either one of us got a paycheck.

Due to our age, we have decided to make that a "double latte" and we are now planning to automatically put into savings a total of $400.00 per month. Through very simple investment, we should have at least $300,000. in the bank in 20 years. I thought time had run out for having anything saved for our children to inherit.

I am soon to inherit enough money myself to give us a down payment on a house.

I really believe we can do this and look forward to writing you in a year to tell you our true success story. I feel like it has already happened.

- Carol Black
Indianapolis, IN

December 4 2007
This does not sound like much but it provided some important assistance to me. I recently retired from the US Navy and after some time searching finally got a job working in the Bahamas three weekends a month. I commute from my home in Jacksonville, Florida, to West Palm Beach and then they fly me over for the weekends. Everything is paid once I get on the flight. Thinking about what you said in your book about getting a raise applied directly to me. The salary is ok, @$32,000.00 for about 9 days a month. The only problem was the drive. Just under 5 hours each way. I worked the numbers and when I was interviewing for the job, although I was a bit nervous, I took the leap and said it would be very important to get some assistance for my driving as you can see from the numbers explaining what it will cost me. He gave me an additional $3000.00 on the spot! Thanks so much for your books...! Our first 50 years are full of wonderful memories with lots of travel, experiences and benefits with the family. Unfortunately, I realize it could have been done while saving and getting rich along the way. Now my wife and I are determined to catch up and finish rich! We are working on your plan and making changes already!

PS: Oh, and I am using my paid time there, meals and room and board, as a Latte Factor and putting some of that saved money for good use for the future!

- Michael Craig
Orange Park, FL

November 27 2007
Mr. Bach,

My father gave me "Automatic Millionaire" for my 25th birthday and as a 28 year old I have been able to invest $275 bi-weekly to amass over $11,000 in mutual funds, continue to pay a mortgage, completely pay off my $14,000 owing on a student loan and still have room to pay for a big screen television and a trip to mexico in cash. David, there isn't anything I can say that will thank you enough for the guidance and support I receive from your books when I read them over and over and over again. I even have my grade 7 students talking about RRSP's and saving babysitting and paper route money. Thanks for everything!

- Tyler Gallagher

November 26 2007
David, I made a lot of positive financial changes in my life since reading your book The Automatic Millionaire last year. I paid off my car($6000),lower my credit debt by $2000 and recently opened a $500CD and an automatic savings account with ING DIRECT. I also opened a mutual fund account with American Century with $500 that I saved and automatically add $100 a month. I will be reading Smart Women Finish Rich in the next few days. Thanks

- Elaine Tejeda
Bronx, NY

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