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November 14 2007
I would like to thank you for the book "The Automatic Millionaire". I have been saving money for over 10 years using the automatic system and right now I have close to 70,000 dollars in savings, bonds, IRA, mutual funds etc. Without this method I would be no where close. We have taken a couple of hits during the past ten years but we kept going. Take David's advice you will definately see results!

- David Marshall
North Charleston, SC

November 14 2007
Hi David,

I found your book in the National Library in my town in Singapore. I got hooked on the book and took the day off from work to finish reading it... "Start Late Finish Rich". I'm 38 yrs old and my wife is only 24. I'm sharing this book with her and we are seriously going to plan to Spend Less, Save More, Make More. Renting out our flat.. and Live Rich thereafter. We are taking action right now.. Thanks a Zillion!


- Samat Matsuari

October 29 2007
David Bach,

I wanted to thank you for your book, Automatic Millionaire. My sister gave me the book for Christmas close to one year ago. After reading it herself, she felt it necessary to share with someone about to enter the work force. My only regret is that I wish I had read the book sooner. I read it in May of this year while on vacation before entering the US Army as an Infantry Lieutenant. I could not stop myself from devouring the book while on vacation and penning notes in the margins on what my plan of action would be. Upon return from vacation I followed your steps all before my first day of employment. 5 months after beginning my duty to the Army and enacting your fool proof plan, I am confident to say that I am well on my to financial success. I have managed to pay off my $6,000 student loan, save $2,000 for retirement (and will reach my goal of maxing out my Roth IRA contributions by the end of the year), possess $1,000 in emergency funds, and possess multiple automatic money market accounts to save money for vacations home and Christmas. I have managed to do this all while obtaining and furnishing my first apartment. I attribute my ability to avoid the debt trap that many of my peers have slipped into to your book.

I could not keep this bundle of information to myself. I passed the book on to a fellow Lieutenant. I have purchased Smart Women Finish Rich and Smart Couples Finish Rich for my girlfriend. And I have already convinced two 18 year old Privates (soldiers) to start saving their money according to the plan you provided. I even made the phone calls to USAA to get them started. I hope to share the valuable information you have provided with my family and my platoon.

In a few months I will be leading 42 of America's finest. One of my duties is to look after them, which includes their financial wellbeing. I plan on sharing the information I have gained from your book with them. If I could convince one of my 18 year old privates to invest, he'll be one step ahead of me when I started at age 21.
Thank you very much. The simple and clear writing style of your book has prevented your book from alienating any audience. Because of that simple style, I am able to share the book with anyone.

- Matthew Nihill

October 18 2007
Dear David,

I would like to share my success story with you and all of your readers. I'm an immigrant and arrived in this land of opportunity in 2000. In August 2006 after reading your book "The Automatic Millionaire", I was inspired and I read your book day and night. The guidance and coaching you showed me was a tremendous wealth of knowledge that I've never found before. No one tells about finance, let alone about Fico score and et cetera.

I followed your guidance exactly the way you said in your book. When I got pumped up, I told my partner that we could own something. My life partner said "no way and we live paycheck to paycheck". I told him that it is possible if we follow exactly what David showed us. I told him that we could do it-- together as a team. With your guidance finally in July 2006, we purchased our first condo and now we're homeowners.

It's a year now since we became homeowners. Now the best is yet to come. About a month ago, I purchased another book of yours "Start late Finish Rich". Again, I read your book over and over . I was so much impressed with the details on how to get a pay increase.

David, I followed your advise accordingly. Guess what? Recently, I got an increased of 10% for my annual salary. I'm so excited and I want you to know that both me and my partner are so grateful and thankful for your guidance and great coaching method. Thank you David for showing the way and we need more people like you. You're my hero and source of inspiration. Perhaps when we buy the next property I will write to you again.

- Murray Givens
San Francisco, CA

October 18 2007
Serveral years ago I picked up your book, Start Late, Finish Rich. It took me several attempts to read it, as every time I did I would get into a panic about facing my finances. I finally got through it and started putting the things you suggested into practice. It's now 5 years later -I'm 31 years old, own my own home and aside from my mortgage (which I am working on paying down quickly) am completely debt free.

I recommend your books to everyone who asks me how I managed to pull myself out from under such a huge debt load.

I am not writing to inspire. I'm writing to thank you. Your books and advice have honestly changed my life and have given me a sense of complete control and financial freedom.

- Emily Wood

October 18 2007
Hi, David--
I'm reading your book--Start Late, Finish Rich-- even though I'm only a third into it, I followed your advice to check my credit card interest rate. I was shocked to see 32% due to a returned check. I called the bank; they agreed to change it back to 19.2% which I still felt was too high. I told about other credit card offers I was getting. The supervisor, to whom I was transferred because the first person said she could not help me. Guess what? the guy lowered it to the current prime rate plus 3%-- Now, my interest rate will be 11.4%!

I followed your tips and voila!

Thank you!

Also, I just bought REIT mutual funds from Vanguard, so we'll see what happens. My investments have been very conservative, so i'm putting some in REIT and Corporate funds, i.e., junk bonds...

- Erick Mata
Los Angeles, CA

October 18 2007
Dear Mr. Bach,This may be quite a stretch, but Iím hoping this letter makes it into your hands. With that said, I guess Iíll introduce myself, my name is Erin Barry Iím 21 years old. Having first picked up your book at the age of 17, with dollar signs in after seeing you on Oprah, I was determined to carry out the plan outlined in Automatic Millionaire. Iím happy to report that Iíve invested wisely and am in good shape for the future, although this hardly skims the surface of what your lessons have given me. With maturity those dollar signs have been replaced by a mission of philanthropy, which wouldnít have been the case if I hadnít learned how to apply the ďpay yourself firstĒ philosophy in all areas of my life. I was reminded of your lessons a couple of weeks ago I picked up a copy of your book ďStart Late, Finish RichĒ that I found lying around a friendís parentsí house. I opened the book to page 297 and read something that sent chills up my spine. You wrote about the latte factor as it could apply to charity. Within that paragraph, a dream I had had just a couple nights before became a solidified plan of action. You know it too, I thought to myself. Everyone has a dollar to give; they just need to be reminded of the power of those dollars together. In addition to finishing college and working part time in real estate (a passion you played a hand in molding) I volunteer at a homeless shelter once a week playing with children. Itís a wonderful program, and Iím truly honored that these little people allow me to share in the rare moments of joy they experience due to a life they had no say in creating. Iím fortunate that the program that I volunteer for, which places volunteers throughout Massachusetts homeless shelters for the sole purpose of playing and engaging these young minds, is able to supply books for the common play areas. I realize this is not the case on a nationwide scale, therefore after reading page 297, I realized that the dream I had a few nights prior was nothing less than irresponsible,without action to bring it into reality. Iíve decided to start a website where a two dollar purchase of space to write your name, link to website, or advertise for your company would raise enough funds to send a box of childrenís books to over seven hundred homeless shelters throughout the US. My half million dollar goal would be enough to give 50,000 homeless children a possession, their first in most cases. The importance of books in a communal play room cannot be understated, but to give each child something to call their own, books in particular is my goal. The bond that is created when a child plops down in your lap eager to flip the pages wherever they see fit, regardless of the progress made on that particular page, is nothing short of magical. Those that Iíve told of my goal are weary, saying Iím asking for far too much to be done with far too little of a price tag. Thankfully, I tend to be relentless and put the website up two days ago. 250,000 painless latte factors is all it will take I hope to see this plan rise above the confines of demographics; to see a little given by a lot, instead of the reverse.Yesterday I attended a womenís breakfast in Boston put on by the organization I volunteer for, Horizons for Homeless Children, there I had the opportunity of a lifetime to listen to Dr. Maya Angelou speak. She told the room of 1600 women, myself included, that her hope is for us to look in the mirror and see what we truly are, rainbows in the clouds of others. She went on to tell us how she stands before us the woman she is today, only as a product of the rainbows in her clouds. At the very least, I hope to get across that you are one of the rainbows in my clouds. A ray of hope that has inspired me to achieve what I know is achievable, reminding myself that you know it too. Around the same time I first picked up the Automatic Millionaire, I lost my father. In doing so gained the strength and desire to deplete every ounce of potential I was blessed with; to leave this earth with my tank on empty, because what echoes my soul the most is knowing his was still full. I understand your mail may come in truckloads, and perhaps itís even a clichť to note that, but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for not pleading ignorance to your purpose in life, because if you hadnít been a rainbow in my clouds I may not have had the courage to act on mine. In gratitude,Erin Barry,, -If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities.- Dr.Maya Angelou

- Erin Barry
Worcester, MA

October 18 2007
PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP!!!! I know how frustrating it can be to try to save enough for a house, pay off your debt and get approved for a mortgage. Four years ago, my divorce was finalized. I was left with over $20,000 in debt and wasn't making much more than that for my yearly salary. I had my cell phone shut off a few times (I didn't have a home phone), and one of my credit cards had a minimum monthly payment of $160. I was feeling completely stressed out and then I found David's book. It completely changed my life. I started saving for a house after figuring out my Latte Factor, even though I had no clue when I would be able to get one. I also started paying down my debt. In 2006, I completely paid off my $20,000 debt(using David's advice about getting your interest rate lowered). About 6 months after that, I started dating my current boyfriend. We decided to save as much as possible every month (at least 10%). When I tried to get a mortgage, I was turned down because my credit was about 550 and my boyfriend's was even lower. I was devastated. It took 6 months before I got the courage to try again. I was turned down yet again. Then, I went to the FinishRich website, and decided to give Wells Fargo a try. Bill at Wells Fargo called me the next day and I was approved. We put an offer on a townhouse, but a few weeks before closing, the deal fell through and I lost $1200. I was upset, but didn't give up. Well, everything happens for a reason, because we ended up finding a house (instead of a townhouse) in a great area. My company finally got a 401K and I am up to 12%. I got engaged 2 weeks ago, and my fiance and I are closing on our house in 10 days. I finally have my own piece of the American Dream. For those of you who think it is impossible, please don't give up. Sometimes, it feels like you will never reach your goal. In the end, if you are consistent, you will be able to achieve what you set out to do. Thank you David for changing my life for the better!!

- Heather Brown
Matawan, NJ

October 9 2007
I've never been big on spending $3 on a cup of coffee, but I did figure out my Latte Factor a few months ago. My hobbies as a artist and 'tinkerer' were causing me to live paycheck to paycheck. An old technical manual here, electronic components there, or a really good deal on older electronic and mechanical gear that 'just needs a little work'. After voraciously reading your books I tracked what I was spending and I was shocked! I was spending sometimes more than $75 a week on junk! I had had enough.

So now I sell all my parts on eBay that I was saving for some odd project I was probably never going to finish anyway. I haven't bought a single resistor or hardware item for two months and instead divide it between my IRA and money market fund. Now I am feeling a lot better about my future with the my IRA growing every month and my first down payment becoming reality sooner than I thought. I also gave Smart Women Finish Rich to my niece who is just starting college telling her if she follows this book she will never have to scramble for money like her crazy uncle did!
David,I can't thank you enough!

- Bill Burnard

October 9 2007
Dear David,

I first want to thank you again for having the teleconference and taking my call last evening. It was inspiring to listen to and take to heart the advice given. I can personally testify that following the steps laid out in Smart Women Finish Rich changed my financial and personal life for the better.

My FinishRich story started in February 2007. I was very sick and stayed home from work. That day, the Oprah show was a rerun of the Debt Diet program. I watched it, I was inspired by the stories there, and in your personal coaching of the Eggleston Family. It made me stop and reassess my life and financial situation. In May 2007 (just 6 months ago!) I bought your books, "Smart Women Finish Rich" and the "Finish Rich Workbook", borrowed your other books ("Automatic Millionaire," "Start late Finish Rich", "Smart Couples Finish Rich", "Automatic Millionaire Homeowner") from the library, and read all 5 of your books in one weekend. I was hungry for financial guidance and knowledge, and your advice and common sense approach struck exactly the right chord for me.

I began changing my life and my behaviour on May 22, 2007. In the six months since then, I have:

ē Increased my 401(k) contribution from 5% to 15%, with a goal (written down!) of increasing that to 20% on January 1, 2008
ē Opened a Savings Account, earmarked for a downpayment for an apartment, with an automatic 5% of my net pay distributed to it monthly(once my debt is paid off, this will be upped to 10% or more until I reach my goal)
ē Opened a separate Savings Account for my Rainy Day money, with an automatic 5% of my net pay distributed to it monthly (once my debt is paid off, this will be upped to 10% or more until I reach my goal)
ē Taken my bonus money and my IRS refund and applied the entire amount to paying off debt ($5,500!)
ē Given myself a cash allowance of $140.00/week ($20.00/day) as walkaround money for food, entertainment, etc., thereby helping me to keep to my savings goals
ē Negotiated all my credit card rates down and use your DOLP system to keep the debt reducing
ē Written a will
ē All my financial paperwork in one place, organized and easy to use
ē Written down my 1, 3, 5 year financial goals
ē Worked on my Values Ladder
ē Written down my top 50 dreams
ē Written down a list of all the people and things I love and am grateful for
ē Asked my boss for a raise and a promotion. We developed an evaluable plan and I am being re-evaluated in January 2008 (wish me luck!)

As I mentioned, I lost my job 5 years ago. I was out of work for a year and a half and accumulated almost $50,000 in debt. Although I was able to get freelance work, it really hit me that I had nothing in savings to draw from for this life crisis. I made it through and realized I would never be homeless or hungry as long as I could work, but it strengthened my resolve to try and be smarter about the way I earn and use my money.

Your books and advice have helped put me on the right path to meet that goal. I am building savings and reducing debt.

For the first time I see very clearly my financial future, and whatís possible Ė and it seems the possibilities are limitless.

Until I can meet you in person and shake your hand and give you my heartfelt thanks, I thank you here, very sincerely.

- Kelly Hong
New York, NY

September 25 2007
Hi David--I discovered your website yesterday and was so excited that I went to the library and checked out your book The Automatic Millionaire. I also printed out nearly every free chapter on your site that I could find. Reading those got me more excited, then I downloaded your podcasts and those plus your book and your samples pushed me over the peak and finally motivated me to log onto Vanguard, which manages the profit sharing/retirement plan where I work, and to set aside an initial 5% pre-tax income into my retirement account. (I already set aside 3% in stock, and my employer contributes around 10-15% annually for profit sharing.) We have also taken steps to start the home purchase process in January, after 15 years of renting apartments. As soon as I get done here, I am going to take some of the money which I have received for my birthday and purchase "Start Late, Finish Rich" AND "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner" as gifts to myself and my family. After years as a complete financial ignoramus, earning a low income, I finally see it coming together. My wife and I are now taking stock of our "Fast Food Factor" (which costs us around $250/month) and are supporting each other in severely cutting back there. Thank you for your infectious enthusiasm which has finally taken the drudgery out of financial planning and made it FUN!

- Terry Foraker
Valley Park, MO

September 25 2007
This is an update to the success story I had published in the updated version of Smart Women Finish Rich published in 2002. In my story I had said that I wanted to go back to college to become a financial advisor and now, 5 years later, I am finally doing that. I left Bloomington and the more expensive Bloomington campus of IU and moved to Indianapolis to enroll at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis which offeres the same curriculum for less money. I am majoring in Accounting and Finance with a minor in Forensic Accounting and plan to work as a financial advisor when I graduate. It's been a difficult road to get to this place, and even now I am working full time (and still contributing 7% of my pre-tax income to my 403(b) and 6% of my take home pay directly into a high-yield money market account!) while attending school full time, but it is so worth it! Thank you, David, for helping me find the courage to do it! I never could have done it without your book!

Thank you again,


- Katie Killian
Indianapolis, IN

September 25 2007
I am about to cry I am so happy. I finished your book last night and I thought I need to do one thing today. And, since we are in the middle of building a house I was thinking about our duplex. Today, I called to see about adding $60 a month to our mortgage payment. (We have a 1st and 2nd - the 2nd has an interest rate of 10.8%) Just the extra $60 a month applied to the principal, I cut our payment by 18 years! We bought the duplex in January, 2007, so my goal is by next year this time, I will be paying more until that 2nd is paid off and then starting applying the same or more on the 1st. This is only day one after finishing your book and I'm just getting started. Thank you so much. You have reinforced my goals and I really will and do sleep better knowing my dreams will come true. Thank you again for sharing and I look forward to reading all of your books.

Very grateful,

- Nichole Brower
Livingston, MT

September 25 2007
Since reading "Smart Couples Finish Rich" I've been working hard at organizing our finances. In just six months we've paid off all credit card debt, built our cushion account and set up our living trust. I even found some "hidden" treasure - insurance companies that gave us stock shares due to "demutualization" back in 2000/2001. We've never received statements or updates and were unaware we owned this until I got our paperwork organized. Over $9000.00 in stock was found!

Everyone should check if any insurance they've ever held has "demutualized".

Thanks for your books and your advice on Yahoo! finance.

- Nona Kloecker
Glenview, IL

September 13 2007
My work commute is 10km (6miles) each way; I am a ultramarathon runner; on nice days I bike; on rainy days I walk or run - at least one way - (I can't always run because there are not always showers avaialable at work). This saves me anywhere from $130 to $60 a month!!! And my training for my ultra's is incorporated in my daily schedule!

I just started reading your book and for the first time in decades I feel optimistic about my future!

Your newest fan,

- Sylvie Jorger

September 13 2007

First and foremost I would like to start out by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me and millions of others to "PAY YOURSELF FIRST".

I was watching the Oprah show and you happened to be on and I was really inspired and motivated to follow your game plan of action.

I have listened and read all your books along with many other financial experts and I have to say that I really feel very confidant in my financial future.

I would like to share my story with you and your readers.

Iím a single 26 year old women that has followed your motto since I was 20 years old.

Now keep in mind that my income has been between $30,000 - $38,000 per year, so this can be very achievable but you have to make some sacrifices along the way.

So at the ripe age of 21 years old I opened up a 401K account at my company and each paycheck was taking out $50.00 along with my company matches and each pay raise I would gradually increase it more until recently paying off my car, now Iím able to sock away 15%.

Following your strategies at 22 years old I was also able to purchase my first home back in 2003, I was fortunate that at the time the market was still affordable in the Orlando area. I purchased a 2bd 2bth condo that has already doubled in value. I plan on owning my home out right in the next 10 years.

Some people think that because their young that itís impossible to save for a home and to save for retirement in your early twenties but I am living proof that with some determination, motivation and making some small sacrifices such as not wasting your hard earned money on frivolous things you can change your family tree and have a very bright and prosperous future.

One more thing... This is for the ladies.. Ladies donít count on prince charming to come and rescue you! - (I think thereís a book out on this).

Be empowered to live the good life now and in your golden years! I have spread the word to all my family, friends and even strangers!

Thank you very much for your words of wisdom!

God Bless You and Yours,

- Vanessa Creado
Orlando, FL

August 24 2007
I started to read "Smart Women Finish Rich" back in 2003. At that time I had an IRA that wasn't invested, no savings, four credit cards, living month to month and had just come out of a long period of unemployment. I was working fulltime and doing school fulltime and was accruing debt from school.

In four years, I was able to grow my IRA from 500 to 5000 by 2007 (not including my 401K). I opened an interest free checking account at the same place my IRA was at so I had no minimum balance to meet and fees were waived. I got my cards down to two cards so far. I consolidated some of my debt using my car loan as my car I paid for most of with cash. I lowered my car insurance by combining my insurance policies with one carrier. I started to establish a savings plan and I even invested in some CDs. I lost my job last December and I was gratful for the money I had saved so that I could survive. I then found a job making 11K more a year - simply by sking for it. I am still having to regain territory I lost from being unemployed, but now I know what to do.

Although the amount of debt I still have can seem overwhelming, I know I have made progress. I have found a ton of ways to save money such as getting my magazines subscriptions through airline mileage programs, free movies and books at the library, making my own latte's, utilizing all the employee programs at work, and even a website where people exchange "time bucks" where you can, for example, write someone's resume, get 15 time bucks and then exchange it for someone else fixing your car stereo for free.

I learned all these things because of you and your books. I learned about stocks and all the financial lingo. I joined the NAIC. I got a free subscription to the Wallstreet Journal. I could go on and on.

Now I am empowering others to do the same. I send out information with the link to your website to friends via email. It is important for women to know how to invest!

Thanks for helping me get on the road of success.

- Aimee Montgomery
Bothell, WA

August 24 2007
Hi David,

My mother gave me your "The Automatic Millionaire" book a couple of months ago. Last night instead of going out with some friends I decided to stay in and save some money. I noticed your book on my shelf and said to myself, 'what the heck, I can't watch Sportscenter again!"

After only reading the first 2 chapters, I was already thinking of ways to automatically increase my savings. When I woke up I knew what I could do and immediatly went to the computer.

My company offers a 401K match which I contribute too. They match 50% of my contribution up to 4% (basically a 2% match).

I decided to increase my contribution to 6%. A very small step indeed. However, using your Latte Factor calculator this will increase my savings by $220,000 in 30 years and that doesn't include any salary increases along the way.

Thanks for the motivation and I can't wait to finish the book!

- Francesco DiPaolo
Fort Mill, SC

August 24 2007

The FinishRich series has already begun to change my life. My latte factor was a bit more difficult to find as I work from home remotely so I don't really spend 'small' every day.

I searched and searched and then realized that hey, I'm an impulse buyer. Trips to Best Buy, or Costco or whatever would add up.

Along with taking your advice on increasing my monthly contributions to thr RSP account, I have set up two online savings accounts. One, transfers $350 a month automatically. Once it is out of my chequing account, I forget about it. The other, is my online "impulse latte savings". Whenever I get the urge to spend my money on something, I stop, think and decide whether I really need it. If I don't, I take the money O WOULD HAVE spent on it and toss it in my latte fund.

It's fun to track what I WOULD have spent in a high interest savings account rather than just leaving it in the chequing account. This way, I physically move the money out just as if I had bought something.

It REALLY works.

Thanks - I look forward to finishing rich.

- Joe Ragona

August 24 2007
Hi David,

Just finished reading The Automatic Millionaire, and I have to say it was a great read. Right now I contribute less than 10% of my income in our 403(b)plan. I'm going to increase it by another 5% and I just opened up an IRA account,because of the book I'm also eating more at home too. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! NOW, I'm ready to purchase THE AUTOMATIC MILLIONAIRE HOMEOWNER book.

- willie morales
New York, NY

August 24 2007
David, I am reading your book, "Start Late, Finish Rich", I've also read "Smart Women Finish Rich" I have gotten an awful lot out of both books. But, I just completed the Double Latte Factor Experience and though I know I spend a lot of "extravagant" things, I did not realize that with just lunch, cell phone, cable/internet, land line and dinner I am spending close to $10,000 a year and that isn't even adding in any the 10% annual interest I could be earning if I were saving this money. That has totally taken my breath away. I may not be able to cut out all of these things, but, I have already lowered the monthly cell plan and got a pretty good land line phone plan. And, I am brown bagging lunch more that one time a week and dinner, well, I can cook dinner at home for myself, I love to cook anyway. I am a single 40 year old woman. I am living on my own and I make pretty good money in California. I have always been a spend thrift, but since reading Smart Women and now this book, I am becoming a little more money wise. My boy friend is living on the East Coast and I told him that one reason I don't want to get married is that my finances are a mess. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement in your books, that even if I never marry, I will be able to take care of myself and the baby I am planning to adopt and not rely on any man. I was speaking with a good female friend (30 y/o) today and we agree that as women we need to invest in real estate (soon) and we need to really think of saving for retirement. This book, all your books seem to be great motivators. Thanks and keep up the encouraging work!!

Mary Speight
Lancaster, CA

- Mary Speight
Lancaster, CA

August 24 2007
David -
I first read "The Automatic Millionaire" in 2004 when I was preparing to teach a class about the benefits of contributing to a 401K. What began as research quickly turned into my passion - becoming mortgage-free. At the time my mortgage stood at $174,000, and when I looked at the past 4 years of payments I couldn't believe that only about $3,500 had come off the original note. I was determined to pay it off completely. For 3 years my husband and I submitted extra payments per month while also putting bonus checks right on the principle (rather than blowing bonuses on a new car or a vacation). At the same time, I left my corporate job that I hated and started my own business so that I could spend more time with my kids who I barely saw due to commute time and travel for work. Surprisingly I found that cutting back on little things made it possible for me to work 20 hours per week, and we didn't even notice a large impact on our lifestyle. Today I made the last payment on my mortgage, and I'm only $38K away from being completely debt-free (and we own 2 fairly new cars and a new camper). My daughter enters school this fall, and I was so delighted to be able to choose a local private school for her, as I do not have to worry about where the tuition will come from. In addition, I feel more confident about investing and making my money grow now that debt isn't weighing me down. I would not be in this position today if I had not stumbled across your book and put your methods to work, and it has changed my life. Thank you David.

- Tina Thompson
Bourbonnais, IL

August 21 2007
My name is Jerry and I am a 60 year old Life Skills instructor at an Iowa State Prison. I was introduced to your book "The Automatic Millionaire" through the preselected curriculum for the class. I have since changed my financial life by starting a mutual fund of $200 per month in addition to the retirement fund available through my employer. I have never saved as I should have so am changing that now so that I may live a more "relaxed" retirement.

Your book has been an inspiration to me and my wife. Now for even more exciting news! I have offenders in my class(es) that are so excited about your book that they requested me to bring in an investor from a local bank and one student has already entered into a 401K and another is about to do the same. You see, having some financial backing is of extreme importance to getting out of prison and staying out! To go even further I have other offenders involved in this type of thinking and have inspired a "lifer" in our prison to start-up an investor's club. He just informed me this morning that he may have as many as 60 men interested in the club. This has the Warden's blessing and is really catching on.

I read your email newsletter to my class each month and then pass it around for each student to read at their own pace. Of course, The Automatic Millionire is read at each class and a great deal of discussion ensues. For the older offenders I offer "Start Late, Finish Rich" as an additional incentive to invest in their future!

Any encouragement you could offer to the men in my classes would be greatly appreciated and would help to further motivate them it continue planning for and improving their financial futures!

Thank You So Very Much For All That Your Writings Have Done For Me And My Students!


- gerald waldrop
Lake View, IA

August 2 2007
May 17th 2007, I retired at age fifty. Health reasons? Absolutely not. I never had ONE sick day in my entire 35 year career. I am a millionaire. I paid myself first. Know what? I have IRA savings equal to my life earnings. (The Secret? Compounding).

I agree with David Bach's pay yourself first concept. Budgets are not the way. Yuck. No fun. My spouse and I just agreed on a split of the expenses, he had his money, I have mine and we live well within our means and enjoy life.

I went to the library today to research some books on investing and find David Bach's DVD Pay Yourself First and come home to find him on TV.
I can tell you the pay yourself concept works. I did it. On very limited income.

How did I do it? Started saving early. One of my friends in college was a doctor\'s son. He got me interested in Gradison Cash Reserves. Then, as an employee I put money in GMAC demand notes. When I had enough to diversify, I began with GE stock and some mutual funds.

Always put the maximum into 401K plans and got the employer match. Always rolled over to IRA when left employment. For many years I saved about 33% of my income. Yet I had enough cash so I never bothered to balance my checkbook. Last year I set up to contribute $20,000 maximum in 401K as well as $5,000 maximum in Roth IRA. We never paid interest, we earned it.

We paid cash for our retirement home (on private airport), cash for both car/truck.

So David Bach, now that I am a MILLIONAIRE..that was very EASY...

Central Florida

- Linda Spears
Ocala, FL

August 2 2007
I first heard about "Finish Rich" when I checked out the book How to Start Late...on CD at the library. I listened to it over the period of two weeks while traveling for work. I was amazed at how I could relate so much to the information. My Latte Factor has always been a huge problem for me. I have made excellent money but nothing to show for it. I have made many changes as a result of listening to the CD's. Thank you so much for the help. I will continue to make the necessary life changes to pay off credit cards, pay off my mortgage sooner. I just finished setting up some automatic payments on my bank online bill pay! How exciting!

- Karen Bostick
Lubbock, TX

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