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Do you have more debt than you want?

Have you had enough of the worry and burden that debt creates?

Are you ready to be debt free for life?

If so, you are not alone. Millions of people feel the same way—and like you, they are ready for a life free from debt. A life where you own your life—rather than lease it.

Right now, debt in both the public and private spheres has reached epidemic proportions in America and is a major social issue. Americans today carry $12 trillion in consumer and mortgage debt – which translates to $49,000 per family. As of early 2010, 54 million American families owed a total of $866 billion to credit card companies – an average of over $16,000 each.

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We deserve better!

With this in mind, I am now on a mission to inspire America to shed its debt. I believe it is time for us to buy back our freedom, and I know that together we can do it. This is why I have written my brand new book, DEBT FREE FOR LIFE, to give you the plan and the tools you need to become smarter about your money, pay off your debt faster than you would have ever thought possible and achieve financial freedom.

Debt Free For Life comes out December 28th, but I want YOU to be the first one to hear about it, before the public. We want to spread the word by asking you to help get Debt Free For Life to #1 on and by ordering your copies today. And in return, you'll receive free bonus downloads, of my 2010 BESTSELLING book, Start Over Finish Rich and other exciting bonus gifts valued at over $1,000!!

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The Debt Free For Life promise: Why you should read this book and act on it!

In our new economy, getting out of debt fast is the most important financial move you and your family can make.

It's easy to get into debt. Getting out is another story. Some so called debt-settlement companies will tell you, “We can cut your debt in half in minutes and save you thousands of dollars.” Sorry, but that's just nonsense!

This book is about the truth. This book is about REAL SOLUTIONS. It offers an honest plan that will work—if you work it! I know some of you are really drowning in debt and are looking for a life preserver. If this is your situation, I believe this book can be the life raft that gets you back to dry land.

But let me be clear: You don't need to be in over your head to benefit from this book or the Debt Free For Life Plan.

This book is about a totally new approach to building financial freedom that stresses “paying down your debt” so you can buy back your freedom.

Most people who apply the Debt Free For Life Plan will be able to get themselves out of debt an average of 15 years faster and save themselves at least $30,000 in the process.

You are ready to take action—smart action—that will help you become financially free and secure.

Here's some food for thought:

  • Did you know that if you are carrying $10,000 in credit card debt and your card is charging you 25% interest, and you're making minimum payments, it could take you more than 22 years to pay off your debt?
  • Did you know that if you have a $250,000 mortgage with a low fixed rate of 6%, paying it off over 30 years would cost you just under $540,000?

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Do these numbers make you mad?

I'm sure they do -- and they should! But rather than throw your arms up in the air and surrender to the insanity, I encourage you to join our movement of empowered Americans who will use the strategies and tools in this book to take control of their finances once again and achieve debt freedom.

DEBT FREE FOR LIFE offers a revolutionary new approach to personal finances that teaches you how to eliminate your debt and adopt a whole new way of living-debt free.


  • Tricks & traps that credit companies use to imprison you with debt
  • 4 simple ways to lower your interest rate on a credit card
  • How to get late fees waived & annual fees credited back
  • How to use my simple DOLP (Done on Last Payment) system to prioritize debts, pay them off quickly, and save thousands of dollars in interest payments.
  • New online tools that help you track and pay down your debt
  • Mortgage debt: How to protect your home and pay off your mortgage early
  • 12 step action plan to improve your credit score
  • Debt settlement: solution or scam?
  • How to get non-profit credit counseling- and a professional to guide you out of debt – where to go, who you can trust.
  • 9 ways to crush your student loan debt
  • How Bankruptcy works, when to use it, how long it will take to recover
  • How to calculate your Debt Freedom Day- the actual date you will be completely free of debt.
  • FIND THE MONEY – 7 ways to find hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands) in less than an hour
  • And much, much more!

Eliminate your debt -- and buy back your freedom

For the better part of two decades, I have devoted myself to helping people just like you live better by being smarter with their money. So spend a few hours with me as your coach and advocate and together lets start your journey towards DEBT FREEDOM!

Order Debt Free For Life today, and as a thank you, I'll give you instant access to over over $500 worth of free bonus gifts! But don't forget this special offer ends January 14th, 2011!


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In times of economic uncertainty everything can feel a bit out of control, including your personal finances. Now is the time to rid yourself of your financial burdens and take the first step towards a stress-free way of living. This book will be your guide.
David Bach

- David Bach

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