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Consumers can round-up debit purchases and put the change into savings; Bank matches customer contributions for the first three months.

Aiming to help Americans save, Bank of America teams up with David Bach to introduce Keep the Change, a unique free savings feature tied to a debit card that will revolutionize the way people collect loose change. David was there to kick off the Keep the Change program by speaking at their launch event at the historical Grand Central Station in New York. Included on this page are pictures from this monumental event; you can also click here to read the press release (PDF).

Keep the Change is a quick and easy way to start saving immediately. When a customer signs up for Keep the Change, the amount of every purchase they make with a Bank of America debit card is automatically rounded up to the nearest whole dollar and transferred from the customer’s checking account into their savings account at the end of the day. For example, when purchasing a coffee with a debit card, the difference between the $2.85 cost and $3.00 – or 15 cents – would be transferred electronically. In addition, Bank of America will match 100 percent of the Keep the Change transfers for the first three months. After that the bank will contribute five percent a year. The maximum match is $250 annually.

Keep the Change comes at a time when the personal savings rate is at an all-time low. The U.S. Department of Commerce reported that personal savings was negative $61.8 billion in August, compared to negative $100.9 billion in July. Personal savings as a percentage of disposable personal income was negative 0.7 percent in August, compared with negative 1.1 percent in July.

"Keep the Change is a simple way to help you save every day, plus you get a contribution from the bank. This is a great plan to make your savings grow," says financial expert David Bach, #1 best-selling author of The Automatic Millionaire. "People should take every opportunity they can to save money, because it really adds up – and the best way I know to do that is to make your savings automatic!"


Bach offers the following tips to help consumers save:

  • Find your Latte Factor® -- the small ways you spend money on little things like coffee, bottled water, etc. -- and re-evaluate daily purchases.
  • Assess how you can redirect spending to personal savings.
  • Use a debit card for most purchases. The money comes right out of your checking account.
  • Make your savings AUTOMATIC by participating in a program like Keep the Change that helps you save while you spend.
  • Decide today to pay yourself first!

Available coast-to-coast by the end of October*, new and existing customers can activate Keep the Change by visiting one of the bank’s more than 5,800 banking centers. Customers will need a Bank of America checking account, savings account and debit card. The bank pays the rewards annually. Customers can watch their savings grow by viewing their accounts within Online Banking at For more information, customers can also go to

Bank of America is the largest debit card issuer in the United States, with 27 million cards issued.